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Oct 19, 2004
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Hey guys these are my stories about a place called Nicole City, Here's the first chapter of the first story which will (hopefully) become a film someday.

Also see: "The Body collector" By WeaponZ2

"Vintage" Another fan fic by Karem-Knight/Tom Ebbs/ ME!



Tom Ebbs/ Karem-Knight

Welcome to Niecole the city
where’s it’s hard to be a bad person.

Private Detective Claude Downing was possibly the best detective in Nicole city. He had defeated a few of Nicole city’s worst criminals, Now he was on his biggest case yet Don Franco Zano of the Zano family.

Claude had been troubled investigating Zano’s drug trafficking with who he had a partner more powerful then him (Zano), Until a snitch from Zano’s family told Claude which Harbour and where.

Nicole City 11.00pm December 2005.
Claude arrived at Portland Harbour, “Pier 23” the scrawny man said in a weasel like voice,
He walked in the sewer like smell of the area. Homeless people and corpses of their friends were at the place. Claude held tightly to his revolver, until he reached the pier, slowly making the door do a screech heard around the area, This place is the centre or Predator’s blood. Claude thought to himself, He had his flashlight looking for anything new, taking a few pictures with his camera.

Claude then accidentally knocked over a crate on the label with the word “Charon”, Claude took a photo then put his camera down thrusting to open the crate.
“There’s nothing there.” said a through Italian accent Claude put his flash light to wear he heard it from, he saw none other then Don Zano

“You…..” Claude said gritting his teeth, “You wouldn’t expect that I would find out of your preaching to my job, my good will, MY LIVILY HOOOD!” Zano said with a angered face turning into a grin, Two built men stand next to Zano “Boys I think our friend would like to see a closer look of our nice package, show him a fresh one.” The one man grabs Claude the other Opens the crate. “THEY’LL FIND ME ZANO” Claude shouted in desperation “SOMEONE WILL GET YOU FOR THIS ONE DAY!” The man stuffs Claude’s head into the charon. The bodyguard screamed as he saw his hand burnt, the other takes out Claude’s head to reveal a burnt skull with red eyes and dissolved tounge and hair which once was gelled back scruffier, The Bodyguard let go and let Claude’s body lay down with a huge thump.

“Let’s go,” Zano said

“But Boss” said the bodyguard holding on to his burnt arm, Zano took out a revolver and shot the bodyguards chest twice. "Let’s go".
Chapter One

A man named Mark

Nicole City, Bracken road (The Dragon‘s nest), November 2005

A man is seen wearing black shirt and black leather jacket in a dark alley , Cold as hell in this place, Still I’ve seen worse epically here I’ve been living here for 2 years now and it feels double like that, This ghetto makes me want to throw up just by looking at it. It’s not as bad, could be one of the safest places in this town, The man spots a thug taking a purse from an old lady, The Thug runs for another few seconds then collapses in the dark alley.

“Give the purse back” said the man

“F*(&% off Mother%&)&” The thug takes out his gun

“Or I’ll blow your brains out.” The Man punch’s the thug in the stomach then in the nose breaking it. “AAWWW SH*@!” People hear his screams, he deserves it, but the cops won’t fight him, won’t even try.

The man hands the purse back to the old lady

“Hear you go mham.”

“Oh Thank, you” she said Smiling with no teeth "Whats your name?"

“Mark” the man said, and then walked off.

I enter my building and walk up the stairs till I reach flat 6H,Enter it, the breeze leaves my skin.
“Sandy?” Mark said, until he sits on the couch taking off his jacket and puts it on a coat hanger. He turns on the TV “POLICE FUTHER INVESTIGATIONS ON THE DISAPRANCE OF PRIVATE DECTECTIVE CLAUDE DOWNING…..

Bulls@*^(, the cops never care if a good person died they know who killed them, They only care about beating and money. I used to be a cop once, Not much but a rookie I was 25 when I joined and two days before my year anniversary got kicked off the force because I didn’t kill a under welling of Sony Corleo’s, What happened? They blamed me for the killing but the chief wanted me to suffer instead of death row, so I can’t get a job in the city. Being a cop was hard epically being a good one, Nothing good out of it except two people my best friend Johnny who was a nark for the nitro’s, and the love of my life Sandy, and they both lost their jobs because of me. Sandy, the only good thing to come out of my life, words cannot describe her beauty, or her kindness. I’ll never know why she moved in with me. I live because of her,
The phone rings, Mark picks it up,

“Hello?” “Yo Mark want to get a few beers at Rafael’s? said Johnny

“Yeah sure, I’ll be there 10 minutes.”

Nicole City Rafael’s November

Rafael’s is the bar people always go to because their friends are there. I’m just a regular because people never believe me that I didn’t kill anyone. Faces stair at me I’m not surprised.

Mark sits next to Johnny

“Hey man how are ya doing?” “Good you?” “Meh can’t complain, Want anything?” “Water please.” Johnny “Hear ya go man” “Thanks” a silence between the two occurs till Johnny breaks it “So How’s Sandy? “She’s fine, what about Mycelia? “Ummmm rather not say” Johnny gives a sad look to the bar desk, “What happened?” “She…..she left me.” Johnny sinks his head even more to the bar desk, “Oh right sorry ” “Awwww it’s ok man she’s just another girl.”

An hour passes things go by as usual the ex-nark and the ex-cop talk, Not unusual as people would think, another hour passes I tell Johnny I’ll see him later and walk to my place.

“Sandy?” I yell it and this time she answers my heart pounds and a smile come to my face. “Hi sweetie” Mark sits in the couch and caresses her, “After all I’ve done you lost your job in journalism, your apartment because of me and you still stay with me, why…..” “Because” she interrupts, “No matter what happens you’ll be there for me forever, You’re my guarding angel, my lover, my soul mate.” “Did you make that up yourself?” “Of course”

Her body fills my arms with excitement, I feel it coming I’m gonna giver her night she’ll never forget…………never…………
Chapter Two

Bad things happen to good
And bad people

Nicole city, Delfino Mansion, November 2005

Tony Delfino was a small time drug holder for many crime rings, The Dark hawks, The Zano family, but the major one was from the new owner of Nicole, who is good friends with Don Zano, and ships drugs to the Nitro’s and Renegades, Tony Delfino was just one in a hundred for him.

But him and Tony weren’t on good terms, Tony used some of the money the man needed his ingrates for his drug called Charon. But the man knew about this and he wanted to talk to Tony at his mansion,

Tony was sitting down near his fire place in the couch with a small revolver in his pocket waiting for them,

Delfino’s maid went to him

“Senhore Delfino treze hommens e aqua uma ou nome du o “The Maker”

“Elese poss vai entra, Gracias.” The maker came into the room, he was a man in his 30’s with lots of scars in his faces and long curtain hear wearing a roll neck, trench coat and jeans

“Tony my dear friend” The Maker’s Body guards entered the room, their names “Zacko and Longo” one was a tall Russian with blond spiked hair, a checker shirt and jeans, the other a short Japanese samurai wearing a casual samurai out fit.

The Maker let out his hand to Tony, Tony shook but was acting like a volcano about to erupt.

“Siiit down” Tony said with a fake smile hiding his fears. The Maker sit’s down but his bodyguards don’t

“They can sit down to” Tony said

“No they stand” The Maker said in a demanding voice

“Ok..” Tony said
“Anything to drink?”

“What wines do you have?”

“I’ll get you my best, Rose vai ou melohore vito nossa tem.”

“Anyway, Ray…I me-me-mean Ssiirr” “You can call me Ray.”
“Ok then Ray, I just want you to know, I-I-I I’m sorry for what I did but I thought…..”

“You thought that some how you would oh I don’t know get some of my Charon and make deals with other gangs so you could rise above me, Didn‘t cha?”

“Yeah well….”

“Well, what you’re sorry sorry that I gave you some money to do something for me and you blow it all trying to destroy me, ha ha, Believe me Tony people have tried to kill me, destroy me you name it, and I have owned Nicole city for only 2 years and all ready everyone fears me. Some have failed me and you what happened to them?”


“Let’s just say they went through hell to get to hell.”

“B-B-But come on, I-I-I…….
Tony turns on the TV, The news is on “POLICE HAVE JUST FOUND THE BODY OF MICKEY DELFINO…..

“Well?” Tony said , “You did do me a favour Tony but that was small…..


“And?…..” Ray said with smirk, Tony in a fit of rage aimed his revolver at Ray.

“OH YEAH RAY, OH YEAH YOU WANT THIS NOW YOU WANT THAT BULLET IN YOUR SKULL HUH YOU PIECE OF S*(@!” Ray sighed, and clicked his fingers “Zacko” The short samurai got out his swoard and cuts deep into Tony’s back, “ARRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” “Longo” The Russian hit Tony in the face. Tony laid on his desk in pain with blood around his face and back and staining his suit and carpet

“Next time you will be will hurt more, and by that I mean it’ will be loud and nasty especially for you last experience with life” Ray left the room and entered his limo.his limo.
Chapter Three


Nicole City, Mark Wades apartment November 30th 2005, 9:00pm

Late night, want to get a early night tonight so I can figure out what to do when I wake up and have time to do it. I just get my self a glass of water White t-shirt and I’m off.

Mark gets the water, Ahh Nice and cold sooths my thought, even on a cold winter night, Mark takes off his cloths just keeping his vest and underwear and falls to the bed, The pillow feels so soft after all what I’ve done today just go to the gym eat something watch a bit of TV, And persuade my landlord to give me the month’s rent off,

2 Hours later………

I hear banging on the door, my eyes are blurry my mouth is dry. I can hear voices but can’t make out what their saying. Seem important. I put on a pair of Jeans and socks and I reach for my short knife. Just in case it’s a bunch pf stupid gang bangers, I put on my leather jacket if the weathers worse.

“Right that’s it boys blow off the door” says a man with a dark toned but jive voice,

WAIT, I know that voice…

The door is blown open and kicked down, four cops three with Shot guns the other with a suit and tie and a revolver, The middle one says

“MARCUS WADE YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR THE MURDER OF MICKEY DELFINO! Anything you say blah blah you used to be a cop so you know, And you know how real cops deal with things SO MOVE YOU AND YOUR SMALL DICK OVER HEAR!”

Detective Blunt the son of the bicth, He’s one of the worst Cops, the one who set up all that sh*** to put me in hell. He sure as hell wants me dead, This flat is small but I’m to far away from the fire escape, One guys coming over with a shot gun. He could be Sgt. “Jello” or Sgt. Jameson, I just have to wait, I get one last thing named “Julia” and with that I get behind the door, waiting in the shadows, my knife in my hand ready for the kill.

Sgt. “Jell-O”, walks into the room, I was ready to slit someone’s thought, but he’s so fat and short all I got to do is just drop the knife on his egg shaped head. “Hey Marcy guess who’s here”

“Hi Jell-O!” Mark says stabbing Jello in the head, taking his gun.

That was a close one, Blunt and Jameson are looking in the kitchen and bath room, the other guy’s in the hall, The fire escape, right next to Blunt,

Mark shoots out all the main lights,

“WHAT THE F***!” Blunt yells out, I run towards him, hit him with the handle, and spit on him, a slight smirk reaches my face. I jump out the fire escape, and check for more cops, none in the area, Just their car. Walk slowly on the fire escape, I look up to see Jameson starring me right in the eye and aims for me, I run, the wind burns my face in an iceey way, the Shot gun bullets get even worse, I dive into a street and hit my own brick wall and the grovel creates needles in my back.

I hear a scream of pain from Jameson. I get up and run with the shotgun. I can’t check what kind it is, I just run. And hear footsteps, no one that can judge me on the street with a shotgun while there are hookers and perverts around the place. I run for another minute or two until I collapse, I look at a local bar, I must be two blocks away from my flat I get in there, It just opened at 5:00, I go in, check the time to it’s 5:30 no one hear just the bartender and me, I put my gun on the table and collapse on the wooden chair. “Can I get you anything” He says, I say just if I can use the pay phone,

“Sure” I point to the shotgun, I don’t mean it but still.

“Oh sorry” He gives a fake smile and puts enough change for an hour call, I just need 2 minutes, The change is in and put the number on the keypad, praying the god he picks up.

Nicole City, Johnny’s apartment 1st December 2005

Johnny is in his bed, sleeping with the angels, untill the phone rings, “Aw hell man” he walks to the phone like a zombie,

“Hey this is Johnny, and if you have the wrong number I’ll hunt you dow….”

“Johnny it’s Mark”, Mark interrupted, “Why the hell are you phoning me no..” “The police are trying to arrest me for killing Mickey Delfino!” “WHAT THE HELL” Johnny said his voice rising, “MICKEY DELFINO WHY THE F*(@ DID YOU KILL HIM YOU KNOW THE GUY IS A MADE MA……” “Johnny SHUT UP!” I say making it clear he needs to pay attention, “I didn’t really kill him, the person who did it obviously is trying to blame someone else, And that son of a bicth is goanna pay, I need you to come here,”

“Where?” “Ummm let me check!”, I put the phone to rest and ask the bartender what the place is called and what street it’s on,
“ The Revolver’s bullet, Harwood road.” He says I repeat it to Johnny, hang up the phone, sit down and wait.

End of Part One.
Promising start. You've created some interesting characters, and clearly have a solid idea of the mythology of Nicole City in your head.

All that's needed now is depth. More description of locations. Make us really care about these characters. Also, break up your sentences and paragraphs more - make your chapters easier to read.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks guys, I'm working on the next chapter (Another short story) and then on to Part two of "The main event"
Not bad so far, but try to keep speech from different characters on seperate lines. That way its easier to read.

Keep it up

Nicole city 8:00pm, Main road, November 30th 2005,

Max Baker was a simple Taxi Driver, Flunked school ended up in the car for a job. The man only had him, his dog, his home and one big temper that only gave him bad things. He was driving on the main road done his last fair going back to the “Dragon’s nest” in which he lived, feed his dog and cry to sleep.

But traffic was stopping him, People kept asking for fairs and he was on his fourth cigarette and the car hadn’t moved a mile on this road, “COME ON MOVE YOU STUPID IDIOT YOUR BLOCKING THE ROAD!” Max yelled to a person three cars away from him, He didn’t like doing things like that but he couldn’t help it. He made money by diving around the places Nicole city has to offer, which isn’t very much.

What felt like an hour 10 minutes later the traffic started to move freely, Max was relived and so he got a cigarette and put it in his mouth, All he had do now was just send the car back allow one of his friends to drive him home and then another day would be gone. Max was taking a free lane until a big stretch Limo cut him off, “What the ****!?” Max yelled honking, the limo didn’t respond, Max put his head out “HEY YOU *********** WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!!!!”, The limo didn’t respond. Max drove his taxi another few lanes, made him and a lot of other people dizzy. Until finally he managed to cut off the limo, He gave his middle finger to the people he could barley see.

Then when Max put his head back noticed more traffic, he stopped the car in anger and got jumped by it. Max took one long smoke of his cigarette, As he was enjoying it something hit the back of the cab and made Max’s jaw hit the steering wheel. Max yelled in pain as his mouth lost nearly four teeth, cursing, yelling all he did but this time for a reason.

In the limo

“Excuse me a minute” said a man in a suit and red tie clearly bald but his head hidden from the shadows got out the limo. As he walked over to Max’s cab he got out a silenced 9mm Beretta and was right in front of Max, “Ya might want to listen to me!” he said in a dark grizzly voice, “In your next life learn to keep your mouth shut,” And with that he shot Max twice in the head, the blood filled the wind screen, And the man just walked back to the limo,

“Sorry about that,”
SapphirePrima said:
It's a pretty cool story. I love the name Nicole City btw

ditto, thats why i clicked on this thread in the first place

can't wait for more chapters/parts.
Part Two

Chapter Five

The Beginning

Nicole City, Harwood, The Revolver’s Bullet, 5:31 A.M

I’m nearly sleeping, the shot gun has my sweat all over it, I want to get something but I have no money. Johnny will be here any minute, I ask the bartender to turn the TV so I can get my mind off things he says sure and I watch the 24 hour news,

“Police have just found the body of Nicole city taxi driver Max baker, shot twice in the head in his own cab, As they are also trying to find the serial rapist Bobby Sure……”

Police this, police that, most of these murders are always deemed unsolved as well as over a hundred every month, 20 people are either killed, raped or tortured everyday, The police can’t do anything about this. Not even the good ones and threes a minority. I check the time Johnny must be in his car driving like a maniac. I take my hand away from the shotgun and wipe it on my shirt

“Can I get you anything else to drink?” “Nah I’m ok.” All of a sudden the door opens and I hear Johnny’s voice. “OK MARK YOU IDIOT LETS GO!” He’s frustrated, I don’t blame him. I go out carrying the shotgun in one hand and straight into Johnny’s car he’s on the wheel and I’m on the passenger seat I put the shotgun in the back. Johnny drives like hell and I just sit back and relax,
“Where are we going?” I ask “A place the Nitro’s use to lay low, they only give it to good friends and I got the guy who owns it out of trouble one time so he owes me a favour.” “ You helped the Nitro’s?” “Well yeah, I mean…I was there you guys told me to blend in with them and…” “YOU WERE A NARK!” “Look do you want me to help or not,” “Take me to my old house,” “ But that’s in the slums now…” “I don’t care, the cops won’t know I’m there they’ll think I’m to “nice” to survive down there.”

“Ok, then” Johnny turns the car around,

Nicole City, “the slums”, 6:00 am December 1st 2005,

Johnny stops the car, I tell him to come by tomorrow he says fine and drives off. I turn around to see the old place, used to look like the average American home. Now looks like the average American Garbage can, the place barley has a door, I walk over there, Thank god the door, is locked. I check under the stairs for the key and blow the dust off it and open the door, a loud creek echoes across the house, Threes no furniture, no TV just a matrices then I notice something, I walk over to see it, I notice my old Berretta, my first gun. I named it “Julia” after my mother, Then I see the pack of gold bullets my dad gave to me before he went to Miami. I open them up, I named each one after my brother and my friends, I take them out and put them in to Julia, First one’s me, then Joey, Matt, Joe, James, Sam, Sandy and Johnny. I close Julia the click brings something to me, and now I remember,

Nicole City, Cumberland Walk, November 1987,

Mark Wade age twelve, Mark was shooting a 9mm Berretta, seen with his Father helping him aim it, “Whoa There we go son, now just lower it and fire!”, Mark and his Dad hit a bulls eye. “Ah right did you see that!” Mark said smiling taking away the hair from his eyes, “Yeah ya did, son ya really did.” Mark’s father said smiling, “You’ll need it for a town like this.” he said sighing, “What do you mean Dad?”, “Well, it’s just that I…I picked the wrong town, to raise a family in. But HEY we can move any time RIGHT.” Mark’s father said with a fake smile, “Yeah” Marks said nodding,

Mark’s father bent down, “Listen I want you to have something,” He reached out for his pocket. “My Uncle gave this to me back when he was in Vietnam, he said he wanted a family are loom for the Wades, and since were all good with guns he thought that bullets would be good idea .” He said with a chuckle, Mark laughed as well.

“Now if you ever use the gun and the bullets, only use it for me, your friends and innocent people, only for the scum that walks the earth. I know you want to be a cop, and just encase someone does stuff like they do in the movies to you kill use one of these bullets, pure gold they are.”

“Thanks Dad,”, “Ok then, Lets get something to eat.

The next day Jonathan Wade died in a plane crash

I never forgot that day, Rage burns my blood, what my father said, is right. There aren’t enough good people to make this city right, If you need something done right do it yourself.

I stand up, Gun in my hand I raise my hand, no one in here but me. But the redemption of Nicole begins today, December 1st 2005! I fire the gun, in mid air, to many people right now it’s just another bullet. But for everyone else who’s willing to do something, it’s a calling.

For me, for my father, for my family, for my friends, for Nicole……

And for Sandy.
Chapter Six

Nicole City, The Malibu Club, 12:00pm, December 1st 2005,

Tony Delfino was sitting on a table drinking a glass of Scotch with messed up hair and an Amrita suit drinking away in a club he co owned, A waitress came over “Anything else Mr. Delfino?” “No I’m ok, When Carl coming?” “Oh he just entered the building,” “Ah ok Thanks.” Tony got off his table and looked for Carl as the waitress wearing playboy bunny cloths, and flashing lights every where people dancing until finally He noticed his African American colleague, Carl More wearing 80’s like cloths, Tony ran to him

“Hey Tony man what’s u..” Tony pushed Carl to a seat and sat down with him. “What the hell ma..!” “SHUT UP!” Tony said. “I’m in some bad blood with the maker, And he’s out for me UNLESS. I give him 5 Million to him by Friday, so that’s in four days from now. Now I need all the earnings from the past six months and your weapon deals,” “Whoa what the hell man, we need to go up stairs.” “ok”

Tony and Carl went up the stairs to the main office, Carl sat down on the computer like chair and Tony on the leather one.

“Anyway Tony if I could I would help you but, most of my weapon deals I earned got smuggled and most of the earnings go to the Zano family.” “Yeah I know, But you’ve all ways had six million some where.?” “well” “HAVEN’T YOU!” “Yes but.”

“Tell me where it is!” Tony said in a threatening way. “I can’t tell…” “WHERE!” “I can’t tell you whe…” Tony got out a Semi automatic hand gun. “Tell me where it is!” Carl breathed heavily, “Please man, I’ve..I’ve sa.. saved your life man!” Carl said with tears filling his eyes, “WHERE IS IT!” “I can’t tell yo….” Tony shot Carl in the chest, Carl screamed in agony, Tony shot again, Carl still standing, Tony shot him a third time and he finally fell down.

“If you were in trouble your all ready dead!” Carl tried to tell Tony something, “Itttttttttttttttttt’ss in……” Tony shot Carl twice in the head.

“OH ****!!!!!!!” Tony fell down on the ground “OH **** **** ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Ok ok don’t panic you can think of a way out.” Tony thought to him self and he rushed out of the club with a blood stained suit.

He shat down on the steps pulling back the hair on his face. He needed a way out, he couldn’t run from the maker, not even out of the country, Ray would get the Russian Mafia on Tony’s ass, The South American drug lords to chop him up the Yakuza to hunt him down. He had connections every where, As someone went out he heard the TV briefly for a moment..

“A mentally unstable Charon addict as escaped his local Mental intuition.” “Charon” Tony said to himself, Ray said his Charon supply was having troubles with of another crime figure called “The Wale” smuggling the crates. Tony knew one of The Wale’s close allies, he memorized his number. Walked over to the nearest phone booth and told himself the number,

“Hello” Tony said on the “Yeah” Hey Sikes it’s Tony, “Oh hey what do ya need?” “You know that Charon crate you have?” “Yeah” “I’ll buy 1 million’s worth of it. “Liquid or the powder kind,” “err Both.” “Ok then when and where should I send it?” “Tomorrow After noon, Portland Harbour 3pm Be there.” “Ok then see ya”

The following day, Nicole City, Portland Harbour, 3:00pm:

Tony Delfino and some of his men armed with AK 47’s were in front
of Pier 23, They noticed a 4x4 pull over Sikes in the passnger seat, two men armed with shot guns in the back sitting on the crates, and the driver. The Driver and one of the men at the back got out and Sikes went over to Tony,

“Hey long time no see,” he said. “Ditto” said Tony, “Hey I really appreciate this.” “hey no prop, I give you some lethal drug that melt your ass and dick you give me some money whats the harm?” “Yeah oh here the money.” Tony picked up a brief case, one of his men came up next to him. Sikes walked, back “Hey see ya next time huh Tony?” “There won’t be a next time, VAI!” Tony yelled out taking out his hand gun, the two of his men n the pier killed Sike’s men and The man next to Tony shot Sikes.

The man in the 4x4 shot the man next to Tony, as he (Tony) dashed away with his hand gun,
“MATOR ELLE, MORE!” Tony said and his two other men shot the guy at the back from his head to his torso.

“Tambein vai o e carsa em o Pier,” Tony picked up the brief case. And went into his car and drove off.
Chapter Seven


December 2nd, Mark Wade’s apartment 1:50 pm,

Early afternoon, Johnny’s just arrived. I’ve been preparing for the entire day, went to the local gun dealer and bought a few rounds for the shotgun I stole. I load up the gun lots of clicks echo in my ears and finally stops, the gun is fully loaded. Johnny’s out of his car
“Hey what the hell man?” He says, “I’m goanna get the guy who killed Mickey Delfino, And send a message to **** that walks on Nicole City that redemption is coming, No Mob Boss, No Drug dealer, No THUG will be safe from my wrath.” “What? I mean yeah Mark it’s a nice thought but we’ll be killed.” “We won’t,” “How do you know?” “I don’t,”

I’m in the car putting the shot gun in the back, relaxing thinking how I’m going to pull this off. Then Johnny asks the same question, I know one place Mickey owned with his best friend and his brother. I ask Johnny to take us there, Mickey had problems there two weeks ago, I know I hear he gave his brother a black eye and kicked him repeatedly, then went running. Sand told me. SANDY! Oh god. I’ll ring her at the club. After I find my answers.

An hour passes and where there, Johnny stops complain and I go to the fire exit, Noticing the club’s closed, because of some problems,
“Wait here” I say to Johnny, I go to the back alley climbing on the fire exit, it’s about to rain, I continue noticing an open window.

I don’t hesitate, I check if anyone’s there. I hold Julia in my hand, Knowing I won’t use her so I grab for some metal object, this place is dark and smells terrible, I hear foot steps , I hind behind the door way the metal object in one hand Julia in the other, a fat bald guy comes in. Looks like he’s in his 20’s walking slowly, I shut the door, click Julia, she’s on his head and I get to the point.

“Who killed Mickey Delfino!” His head becomes his heart as it pounds, “I….I don’t know.”
I can’ t tell if he’s lying or not, I ask again

“Who killed Mickey Delfino!?” he hears me, “I’m telling you I don’t know…….” I still don’t know I click the gun. NOW one wrong move and he THINKS I’m goanna kill him.
“Don’t hesitate tell the truth, when I asked the first time the safety was on.

Now tell me who killed MICKEY DELFINO!” “ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT!’ he says “Two guys had a part in it, Carl Hutchings and Mickey’s brother Tony.” “Where are they?” I ask “Carl was killed by Tony last night but Tony is with my friend Rodrigo said something about a deal he had to go to.” “Today ’s Friday, millions of deals would go on today.” he’s trying to say something but I interrupt him

“How about you call this Rodrigo right now?” he goes Ok, reaches his cell phone. “oh hey Rodrigo, um listen…no of course my voice hasn’t changed listen um.” he puts his hand over the phone to tell me something. “What do you want me to ask him?”

“When will the deal start?” he asks his friend, puts his hand over the phone. “There are two one in five miniutes and one at night.” “what time is the night one?”

I ask, he asks his friend. “8:00 at Portland Harbour Pier 23” “Thanks” I say reach for the metal pole and hit him on the head, I check his pulse, he’s unconscious, I leave the pole here and get back down on the fire escape, Run down it. Landing on my feet hurting my ass a little run back to Johnny.

“Give me one minute ok?” Johnny nod, I notice a phone box. Run towards it, I don’t even notice the lights green, I check what change I have enough left for a dollar, I enter it all in. And dial Sandy’s number. I pray to God she picks up, While I stare at the numbers, I hear her voice finally. “Sandy it’s me” “Oh god Mark,” I hear that despair “SANDY WAIT, Listen to me!” “What?” “You know I wouldn’t kill anyone, Don’t you?” “Mark” “Please, I promise meet me hear behind the Malibu 9:00pm. It’ll all be over then. Please….”

A Silence beckons, she says something that I never thought she would, “Ok, I’ll see you there.” “I love you.” I know that isn’t natural it’s what I feel and she knows it. “I love you too.” I hang up the phone, a tear hits my eye but I let it go. I nod to Johnny he gets in the car. I follow him and I get straight into the car.
“What was that about?” Johnny asks, I say

“Nothing”. “We’ve got 5 hours to get to Portland Harbour.” I tell Johnny, “How come?” he says I tell him why, he clears his thought and says ok in a mousy voice. I take out Julia, and check the bullets and turn the safety on, 8 bullets to use, A thousand crooks and thugs to kill.
Chapter Eight

Pier 23

Nicole City, Portland Harbour, 7:30pm,

I’ve just finished having a lunch, breakfast and Dinner with Johnny in 3 different restaurants, Encase the cops were there. I check the back seat I have my shotgun, Bullets, Dagger, and Julia.

“Only half a mile now.” Johnny says, I make sure the shotguns ready, I put the spare bullets in my pocket. I get out an Uzi, and throw it to Johnny, “What’s this?” he asks “Protection.” I say. He stops the car “Here you are man, I’ll make sure No one ya know.” “Thanks I say grabbing the shotgun And walking out side the car.
Inside the Pier,

Tony Delfino was preparing the stash, sitting down on a wooden chair drinking a little Martini, “Are you ok Mr. Delfino?” Said one of his men, “Yeah I’m ok” he said, Mean while one man at the top looking over the mirror noticed something. “Hey Boss some guy with shot guns here.? Do you want me to take the sucker out?” “What does he look like?”. “Brown hair leather Jacket. “OH ****!” Tony said picking up his M16.

“KILL THE PIECE OF **** NOW, EVERYBODY NOW!” Ton said in rage and horror, he knew who it was. It Mark Wade, Tony thought he would be dead but he thought wrong.

“Boss he doesn’t looks so tough.” said the man at the top

Mean while….

I know they know that I’m here, I don’t hesitate, The guns in my hands aiming at the top guard distracted.

Mark shoots the guard at the top, Perfect I shoot the doors open ,
Tony’s men fire “TAKE THAT YOU PIECE OF ****!” as the waste there bullets. “What?” Tony said to himself as he heard another gun shot heard, as one of his men was shot in the head.

I got another clean shot. They’re watching, looking around. One guy comes with an AK 47 to the right of me. I put the shot gun to his head. “Don’t move” I say and thrust the shot gun hitting his head. Falling to the floor.
“OH ****!” I can hear Tony and his big mouth, I walk slowly so I can take out the other guards. One bald guys near something called “Liquid Charon” I distract them shoot the shot gun near the floor, They all look around, I shoot the box, some fluid comes out, I don’t have time to look, I fire at another guy just to the left of me shot him right in the leg, I look around only me a guard and Tony.
I look at the guy with the box, OH god, He’s burnt his legs. I look away refusing to accept it, I go down the stairs without making a sound, The one guard concretes, I hit him in the back with the gun, Fire the guns last shot and point it at Tony, “Out side you son of a ***** and run!” Tony drops the gun and runs for it, I drop my gun and grab Julia, Walking outside, the breeze feels my skin I aim Julia,
“FREEZE!” Tony’s near the end of the pier, I’m in the middle, “Please Mark, please This other guy that I’m about to meet he.” “SHUT UP!” I yell aiming Julia for Tony head slowly, slowly. All of a sudden metal hit’s the back of my head. I miss fire Julia she falls to the ground.
I notice who it is, that last guard of Tony’s picking up the shotgun, wanting to hit me a second time, I kick him where it hurts, I get up crouching as I punch him in the chest, then standing up finally in the jaw, he’s trembling, and he’s near the edge of the right of the pier, I stamp on it and he falls over, I don’t want to know what I’ve done, I tremble.

Sandy……… thought enters my mind. Oh god what am I doing. I have to no, I pick up Julia, put her in my jacket pocket. And walk over to Tony, I shot his hear clean off, I hear his screams in his agony, I know threes only one thing to do, Threes a boat lower used by chains I go to the switch lower the chains until there above Tony’s head,

I tie Tony to the chains, cover up the bleeding with his tie, and go back to the switch putting him high up, “TONY!” I yell, He regains conscious with a fright, notching how high he is.
“LET ME DOWM PLEASE, I CAN EXPLAIN IT WAS THIS GUY CALLED, THE MAKER. HE’S A PSYCO!” “SHUT UP!” I yell, “You do me a favor when the NCPD come you did the flowing, killed your brother, your business partner, your body guards and burnt down a pier.”

“Why?” he says “Or my face will be the last thing you see!” I walk away, Tony cries for help but I walk back into the pier, Picking up gasoline and spearing it all around the place, finally I get my lighter lighting it up, and throwing it up on my art it starts a blaze, I walk back to Johnny.

“It’s over man we can go.” I tell him, he gives a smile as the car starts. It’s finally over,

Chapter Nine


Nicole City, Portland Harbour, Pier 23, 11:55.

Ray the Maker, Some call him “the psycho with friends”, Some call him the unofficial Mayor of Nicole City. He was a complicated man, a powerful man and especially a athletic man. And right now he was going to give an under dwelling another chance, the under dwelling’s name was Tony Delfino.

Ray, his body guards Zacko and Longo and the chauffer were in the limo,

“Stop” Ray said to his chaffer, who had a hat and bandaged ear,

“Wait here, and don’t move anything or Zacko might have to play with your ears again.” Chaffer cleared his thought and nodded.

Ray and his body guards got out the limo to notice a blaze at the last pier, Pier 23. Ray and his emotionless body guards calmly walked to the ware house with his trench coat on

Ray sighed, “I liked this ware house.” Ray walked to the side of the pier as it wasn’t caught a light yet.

As Tony dangled on the chains nearly dead waiting for someone to show up, The only person he didn’t want to show up walked to his length,


“Oh come on,” Tony said nearly dieing. “I had a million’s worth of Charon in thereeeeeee……”, “Oh yeah it’s brilliant when it’s all gone and caught fire huh Ton boy?”

Tony struggled. “come on Ray, I tried really. Please. I…….” Ray checked his watch.

“Nearly the end of the day Tony only 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3” just when Ray said 3 a pocket knife appeared in his hand. “2” another knife “1” the final knife appeared.

“It’s Saturday Tony, whereas my money?” ,

“Ray please…..” Ray threw one knife at the left chain, another on the right and a final on the thin rope that held it all together and with that Tony fells to the water and all the weight made him fall to the ground. Ray gave a smirk as Tony drowned to his death.

“Lets go.”

Nicole City, Behind the Malibu Club, 8:30pm

Sandy Hunt was a bright, indelicate and especially beautiful young woman, She could have any rich man she wanted. But she had another good quality, Kindness and was only loyal to the man she loved, Mark Wade,

It was quite a warm night Sandy wore a blue shirt, Jeans and a belt, all she wanted to do was to see Mark, she wanted to say sorry to him. And just see him again, she would kill for him, steal for him, DIE for him.

As Sandy leaned on a wall, a skinny hand held her by the shoulder,

“Don’t scream” said a disturbing, strained voice, Sandy panicked for a moment, she was about to elbow him,

but saw in the shadows something so horrific, up close Sandy wanted to scream. But as she looked down she saw a blade to her stomach and it took the blade away from the right cutting most of it off. Sandy collapsed blood filling her eyes, she saw a light, but held back as she saw the gritty back alley and a homeless person.

8:30, it’s all over, I get out the cab. Give the driver some of the money I found a long the way, and walk to other side of the night club. Warm night for tonight, But one thing on my mind tonight, One thing. I reach the Malibu look to my right and don’t see my angel.

I walk to the left I notice a black alley walk over there and oh god. Oh god now SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bend down hoping she see’s me with those blood filled eyes.
“Sandy” I say, holding her head, “Sandy it’s me Mark.”, she looks at me and smiles “Mmmmm” she tries to tell me something, I don’t hear it. “Mmarrkkk, I llllllloveeeeeeeeee yoooouuuuuuuuu…………” Silence beckons her, I see her pulse go dead, Sandy the only thing that I cared about, tears fill my eyes,

I want to scream but I can’t. I hold Julia, My hand fills with rage,
I swear I’ll find who killed you Sandy, with every last bullet I have, Every last bit of Crime and Corruption that surrounds me I’ll do it, for you…

For you.

End of part two.

Nicole City The Slums, December 1st 9:24pm:

The Dark hawks are a powerful gang, punk Mohawk psychos, who wouldn’t care how badly they cut you up, They always stayed in dark alleyways, very rarely came out at day time,

In this Dark alley which few people entered, a man who looked busy and obviously if you looked in his eyes was a very mysterious and focused man, he was Hispanic, had long hair, wore a leather trench coat, jeans and a black shirt. As he walked along he noticed two Dark hawks, walking fastly towards him, when they were face to face with him one with a red Mohawk stopped him in his tracks.

“Excuse me, Do you have any money?” the dark hawk asked, the Hispanic man didn’t reply, “Maybe you didn’t hear me,” the dark hawked nodded to his fellow

gang member who was behind the Hispanic man, they both drew out knifes

“Now we wouldn’t give two ****s about cutting your little dinky and…..” a

ll of a sudden they heard a gun shot, the dark hawk in front of the Hispanic man noticed his college had a bullet that went through his skull, “Oh ****!” He screamed, the man drew out his gun, “No sorry I don’t” said he said, and with that he shot the teenaged dark hawk 5 times in the chest and twice in the head.

The man reloaded his gun and calmly walked away
I like your story because you really get a feel of the city. Like it doesn't just seem like the reader is supposed to follow the characters, it feels like you're there and the characters are just people in this city. And things go on....mysterious things. Detective things.

I like it.
ChineseFooD said:
I like your story because you really get a feel of the city. Like it doesn't just seem like the reader is supposed to follow the characters, it feels like you're there and the characters are just people in this city. And things go on....mysterious things. Detective things.

I like it.

Thank you, :)

And if you liked "Corruption" part two of Mark Wade's story is coming up called "Life of Death"

By Tom Ebbs/ Karem-Knight


Kansan Industries

Jin Kansan was a bright investor who owned one of the biggest machine works in America, it devolved software for Microsoft, AOL, Apple and soon rise to a software empire, Television, Computers everything that people take for gradated Kansan industries had big part in every aspect. But these weren’t how President Jin Kansan made his empire, and certainly not why he chose Nicole City to work in, oh no.

Kansan Industries secretly owned “Grand kill” a weapon dealership, they had some of the most advanced weapons in the world, they transported a few to the government, but one of their major investments were from The Zano family, the Nicole City Yakuza, Boss Wale’s crime ring and of course Ray the Maker’s crime ring.

They each found out their enemies had investments in Grand kill, but they were to vital to their plans, but one crime lord knew he would rather not have anything then to share,

Nicole City, Downtown ,December 23rd 2005 , 11:00pm:

Jin Kansan had just came back from one of the biggest balls of the year he was with Jean Bien possibly one of the biggest supermodels in the world, when the party finished they both went to Jin’s limo, he was short and skinny Japanese man but with his money he could have any woman he wanted.

In the limo

Jin and Jean were both drinking wine as Jin wore a black silk suit and roll neck, and Jean wore a red dress,

“So Jean,” Jin said “wei” June said, “I understand that you have a shoot tomorrow?”

“Yes why do you ask?” , “Well” Jin said, “I could come to da shoot tomorrow and you know what?” Jin said, as the both chuckled

Mean while:

A man in a black suit and tie wearing a green mask had a M16 with him, with a wakie talkie, “Yo this, Eagle come in Walrus,”

In the truck in front of limo:

“Yeah” said a fat truck driver in his truck, “Stop the truck,” said “Eagle”
, “Roger that”, the man stepped on the reverse exlserator, and Kansan’s limo hit the truck head first.

In the limo:

&#8220;<DOO HO! WHAT THE ****>&#8221; Yelled Jim as the limo trusted forward, &#8220;DOO HO!&#8221; Jin went to the font of the limo to see his chaffer bloody head wounded on the steering wheel.

On the hill side near the road:

The man in the black suit and mask was now crouching with his Automatic M16. He fired his gun all the way across the limo, as Jin and Jean screamed in agony as life left them, the hit man got his walkie talki,

&#8220;Get out of the truck now! Make sure no one sees you.&#8221; he said, &#8220;Roger&#8221; said his college as he carefully got out the truck,

The hit man got out a mini rocket launcher and aimed for the limo, as the blood filled bullet holed limo exploded, the hit man dropped the bazooka. And ran. From the hills.
Nicole City cemetery, 2:00pm December 25th 2005:

A man is standing in a long coat, as it snows he’s seen smoking a cigarette, I shouldn’t be here it should’ve been me, oh god I’m sorry. I drop the roses the second my hand makes a fist, I swear whoever put her here, I hold the steal in my pocket knowing when I find who did it my anger will release. Someone comes behind me and notice my best friend

“Come on Mark we have to go before the cops come.” I nod and we walk to his car,

The funeral was last week, but the cops would’ve found me, My plan would’ve been ruined.

We finally reach Johnny’s car and we drive to my old house, an hour passes and were there, It’s snowing and cold as hell in this place, I enter the building walk to my old room and sit down on the bed, I reach for my photo album, just to see her face, I flip the pages. A part of me dies a little,

I fall to the wood built floors my eyes go dead, my body follows

Im enjoying the story so far. I liked all the stuff with Mark investigating.
Keep it up.
Chapter Two


Johnny Slater was Mark Wades best friend, He was an average guy just wanted to go to parties, have fun get a job. But this was of course AFTER he vandalized public property and was caught doing so with his fellow homies of a gang called the &#8220;Nitro&#8217;s&#8221;.

It was then that Johnny was assigned to work with Mark Wade, Johnny would give Mark leads. Soon enough the Nitros lost influence through a team of 3 good cops, Officer Mark Wade, Detective Claude Downing, Officer Shan Salamanca, One died, one got fired and one became a normal cop, aka Bad. But Mark and Johnny stayed good friends.

Raphael&#8217;s Brackon road (The Dragons nest), Nicole City, 7:30 pm

Johnny Slater, was sitting on his stool in the bar with a bottle of beer drinking and thinking what to do in life, Life. That was a waste of time for him, Sometimes at night he would reach out for a revolver and end it. Sometimes a ******** would call him a ****** and Johnny would beat the crap out of them, Sometimes, Johnny would go to the Malibu hoping to meet a girl. Sometimes Johnny wished for happiness.

But most of the time he would be wondering the streets, smelling the sewage hearing the sirens seeing the dirt.

Tonight was one of those nights, where Johnny drank away.

Johnny&#8217;s apartment, Nicole City 7:40pm

Johnny entered his apartment. Bored and depressed as hell, Not evening checking his mail went to the fridge got out some food and fell down his couch watching the TV. He fell asleep watching.


Johnny woke up, with his eyes wide shut, noticing his mail (Finally), he grabbed them and went to the table,

&#8220;Bills, Bills Bil&#8230;&#8230;..&#8221; Johnny paused for a moment noticing an envelope saying &#8220;Give this to your friend.&#8221;

Johnny opened the envelope his eyes intense, to find it hand written.

&#8220;Give this to your friend Mark Wade, we know who killed his little bicth,

Tell him to go to the payphone in Glaring Park, 8:15pm,

He better be there

Ricardo Zano&#8221;

Johnny dropped the letter, &#8220;Wow&#8221; Johnny got a letter from the son of possibly the biggest mob boss in Nicole. But Johnny had to tell Mark tomorrow, Knowing Mark as well as he did Mark would march to the Zano mansion and get himself killed. Johnny put the letter down and went to his bed.
Chapter Three

A deal

Mark Wade’s house, 7:30pm December 27th

I wish I was dead, I’m lying on the bed, Holding Julia with it’s cold steel. I’m watching the news, Telling me there’s another one of those Serial Killer’s victim.

“The victim was said to have his eyes cut off and bleed to death. Authorities are trying to find any tracks to the murderer”

I hear knocking on the door, I finally get out the bed. My legs feel like crouches. I walk to the door like a robot, finally reaching and opening it. It’s Johnny,

“Hey what’s up?” I say,

“Mark” he says meaning it’s important, “I know someone who knows who killed Sandy,” I grab Johnny by the collar.

“WHO!”I yell in desperation “TELL ME!, NOW!”

“OK OK!” He says rising his voice with mine. “We need to go to Bellville Park, and go to the pay phone there.”

“Why?” I ask “They sent me a letter, I don’t know if we can trust…”

I rush into Johnny’s car trying to opening the door notching it’s locked, he runs over unlocking it and getting in.

“I need one thing.” I say, Johnny nods saying ok, I run back to the house pick up Julia and leave.

Nicole City, Glaring Park, 8:14pm

We arrive at the park, “I’m goanna take the phone call, Stay in the car.” I tell him “Ok” I get out the car, calmly walking to the pay phones, Watching my back. This place is dangerous, Things happen here, People die……..the wrong way. I notice one of the pay phones ringing. I run to it picking it up

“Hello?” I say it naturally, “Mark Wade?” Says a dark greasily voice almost Italian, “This is Don Franco Zano……” “WHAT!?” I say to him, with rage, I know who he is, everyone does but no one does a thing, Which is good for him.

“Calm down, my boy. I understand if you hang up,” “Ok then” I say, About to hang up but something holds me back.

“Ok then, but we can’t let that awful psycho who killed your girlfriend go around non guilty now can we?” I sigh knowing he’s right, right now he’s the only one who can help me “What do you want me to do?” I ask

“There’s a drug deal, they have Cocaine, Charon, Marianna, Dope, the works, It’s between a group of Colombians and Boss Wale’s men. I need you to steal all the drugs, They’ll be a vehicle in the garage on The Callahan bridge, The deal will be taking place on Portland Harbour Midday, get the car to my mansion in the river of June, Get all the help you need, Just get those drugs!”

I know what I’m going to say and I’m regretting it all ready, “Ok then”

“Good Have a nice day.” He hangs, up I walk away back the way I came from, I reach Johnny’s car.

“Well?” he says “Ok, listen……..” I’m telling him everything. And I hope he excepts.

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