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Nightwing (Spin-Off)


Dec 2, 2003
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Is there going to be a Nightwing (Spin Off) ? For Dick Grayson The Boy Wonder appears in his own Motion Picture on the Big Screen like "Catwoman"


Casting Ideas: (Who shall play "The Newest Boy Wonder of Bludhaven" ?)

Jeremy Jackson

Henry Cavill

Josh Hartnett
Honestly, I'd love to see a Nightwing spin-off movie but only after Robin has been introduced in the current Batman franchise & only after he has left to be on his own. If they do it prematurely before Robin is even introduced in the current Batman franchise, the movie will probably end up being really bad.
Like the above, I wouldn't want to see Nightwing until he's done his time as Robin in the Nolan version, and that won't be anytime soon.

Henry Cavill's quite the upcoming star. He was supposedly second choice for the new James Bond, third for Batman (?) and has yet to get his major role. He would be alright, but I'm not sure he's my first choice yet.
I dunno, it's a dangerous one, does Nightwing truly have the international recognition and appeal to carry his on movie? Doubtful.

I'd like to see a smaller, more personal movie with him, kind of a Narc or Buffalo Soldiers. A good solid movie, but one that isn't expected to perform at the box office.
I'd rather have a teen titans movie with them against the terminator...

actually i would love to see a judas contract trilogy...
A Teen Titans movie would be cool, if done correctly.

Sadly I think most of these movie ideas will only ever get realized in animation form.
Teen Titans or Nightwing?

Care to elaborate?
I don't really want to see a Teen Titans movie just yet but a Nightwing movie could work in a few years.
I can agree with that, however I don't see it happening.

Robin/Nightwing won't be in Nolan's movies, never gonna happen.

So does that mean they drop a Nightwing movie on the public without any warning? Or do they do something else?
If there was to be a Nightwing movie, I could totally see Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli in Heroes) doing the role. If I remember correctly, I think he even said if he was to be in a Batman film, he'd do Nightwing.

But that's just me, there might be more actors who could do a better job.
How about bringing Chris O'Donnell back?
Hell no, he's too old & he wouldn't fit in this franchise. I loved his Robin but we need someone new for the role. It'd be stupid to bring back someone nearly the same age as Christian Bale for Robin.
Ok fair, point, I'd not seen him recently and forgot he got older!

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