The Dark Knight SHH Post [Insert Movie/Role Here] & what do u think of Milo V. as Robin/Nightwing?

sucha racist movie hahaha

I don't know how anyone could bring robin into this series maybe another one

He looks just like a young Dawson.:csad:

Agreed. I think that would be extremely cool.

**** all you haters. :oldrazz:

hey welcome back :yay:

Last time, I just wanted to clear something up.

I'm going into spoiler-hiding. I honestly wouldn't trust anything that comes out until you see the film.

uh... ok bye :csad:

Miranda Fox said:
The Joker is definitely white though - since every thread has to contain a mention of that. :oldrazz:

thanks for that last tidbit.

Poor Haley. I hope he doesn't go down the Edward Furlong road.:csad:
damn that would be an extreme waste of talent.

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