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Nothing More Important in America Right Now Than The Wrestling Thread! - - Part 23

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Not only are they rehashing Mysterio v. Del Rio, but if Rey keeps the belt long enough, they'll be rehashing Mysterio v. Punk as well.
I was just going to say... Punk and Mysterio have history... so...
ole punk ass threadbot. I hadn't posted so long that I forgot about that thing.

Though hopefully this one will be interesting after the events of last week and the weekend.

Unless someone else comes out to verbally spar with him I'm not expecting much. When Hunter has someone else to play off of he's great, but put him in the ring by himself and it's the most mind numbingly boring **** ever.
And random appearances by the NXT guys and Reks.
Music reminds me if the hall scene in the first resident evil game.
The only time WWE fails with these promo packages is when they get all soap opera-y
Did I see "If you wanna win............make it a win!"? :woot:
I'm the best wrestling thread in the world!
Ugh, here comes Kings fat jokes even though Vickie lost a CRAPton of weight.
Vickie gets more reaction then Zigglers and Bourne combined.
Anyone else think WWE might actually do Cena vs. Mysterio first time ever at Summerslam?
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