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The Wrestling Thread Has More Hype Than WrestleMania XXIX - - Part 92

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This is my problem with Cena...he kisses his opponent's ass in his promos. Why do that?
The Wrestling Thread is talking about Dwayne's Johnson
Another heel turn tease? He said on Sunday we're gonna see something we'd never thought we'd see in our lifetime.
Boring chants for Cena eh?
This is one case where WWE really blew it. Mickie had it all. She never got the super push because as you say she didn't fit Vince's mould.

Vince's hang-ups over the country girl Southern thing hindered the chance for Mickie being used to her full potential.

Yeah I think the muscular look held them back. Especially Nattie. Beths at least a little taller and more well proportioned. Natties a bit more compact.
With Nattie I've always got the impression her being a Hart was held against her to a degree.

Thats what I like abotu the main event right now. They can go in a number of exciting ways. I didn't even think about Joe but Bully vs Joe could be a good title match.

WWE has guys with potential but they don't have as many with the credebility yet. Or they do and WWE has been letting it ebb away in midcard comedy stuff like Bryan. Any number of opponents could be ready to dance with Bully Ray for the belt within the next week if TNA had to change something. Roodes a heel but like you said it could still work. Who here who watches TNA would brush off Bully Ray vs Roode for the belt? Thats a great match waiting to happen.

Roodes in a tag team/midcard role but at least he's a champion and they've kept him looking good. He and Aries are gold together. I feel he and Aries are being kept much stronger as serious stars in their team than Daniel Bryan is in Team Hell No.
I agree, TNA has managed their roster really well and set the table for a varied and competitive title scene, the way it should be, not everyone put on the backburner while the sole focus is on one or two guys.


Donnie Yen?

Yeah, the stooges interfered near the end, if I remember correctly. Yeah, I agree on the latter, I was actually discussing that exact same scenario a little while back with some buddies. :D :up:

:D :up: I guess we can add Ken Shamrock to the missed opportunities list lol, I still think even with the crowded roster there must have been other reasons he never broke into the main event.

Punk/Taker is unpredictable? I don't know, they haven't done a good job of creating uncertainty, and with the way Punk's lead this feud, he almost has to lose.

Then again, HHH beat Booker T in an angle that was practically set up for him to lose. So who knows.

Glad to hear Punk and Taker aren't happy with the booking, they deserve better.

I think that only happened because Goldberg signed just prior to Mania.
I smell a heel turn for Kaitlyn at WM 29
This is very intriguing. They really seem to be playing up everything that people who hate Cena hate about Cena in that promo. That was arrogant. They might actually be doing this.
Oh look, The 3 Job Jobbers.
If Cena turns heel, the Wrestling Thread will officially retire
What the hell, 3 WM main eventers can't put away a team Roidback put down himself in less than 5 minutes?
I can just imagine Vince Screaming into Lawler's earpice "TELL THE JOKE! IT'S FUNNYYYYYY!"
:D :up: I guess we can add Ken Shamrock to the missed opportunities list lol, I still think even with the crowded roster there must have been other reasons he never broke into the main event.
Sometimes you need those guys in the mid-card that consistently put on good matches and good programs. As much as I like Shamrock, I never saw him as a main eventer. But what he put out there for the fans was great, and he was a talented wrestler who did his job, building up other wrestlers. He worked where he was.
Raw's got 20 minutes left. 20 minutes to pique my interest before I watch something else.
Cena rubbed it in the fans faces tonight. Really teasing that arrogance for a heel turn.

I can't believe some dumbasses in the crowd chanted "boring" to The Shield. What do those people want? They gotta sell the feud. Not everything should be a brawl. Some of these WWE crowds are worse than the Impact Zoners as far as putting themselves over with stupid chants.
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