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The Wrestling Thread generates more income than Darren Young - Part 76

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There's a shortage of goats around here right now, would the chicken I ate for lunch count?
Did you kill it, ritually drain it's blood and dance around a fire before eating it?
I would hate it if someone sent me a link to a stream.

I wasnt being serious about it anyways. IMO, there is no good way to turn Cena heel.

They had a good chance last year when Punk rose to the top. I had thought they were going to play up him being a corporate company man, with HHH turning heel also and teaming with Cena. Could've had Punk and Rock teaming up against them. That could've been tag team main-event at Survivor Series instead of Rock/Cena vs Miz/R-Truth.
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII am the tag team champions!!!
Interesting ending to the Tag Team match......

I'm the Tag Team Champions!
Terrible finish. More Dr. Shelby on the way?
Dear Miz,

Neo wants his coat back.


The WWE Universe.

I love using this for an avvy over at http://horrorsonline.proboards.com
Miz's rape eyes on his trunks are kinda creepy....
seriously with the way they fight, you'd expect team hell no to start making out
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