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Opening this weekend: May 5th-7th...

Oct 18, 2005
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So what are you going to see?

FINALLY the summer monthes are here!
Back Door Girls 6.
Nothing interesting this weekend.

But I'll be paying for a different movie instead.
I saw the movie I wanted to see, Silent Hill.

None of the recent movies interest me.
Nothing. I'm only going to see Superman Returns this summer and thats it.
I rather be beaten to death then give Tom Cruise money. And Chud's Devin Farci didn't care for it. I agree with his reviews (to a certain extent) 75% of the time.

His Batman Begins review was pretty dumb though. I pretty much agree with it, but I just didn't feel that the flaws killed the movie.
E. Bison said:
Back Door Girls 6.

Back Door Girls 6! That movie makes Horny Housewives 4 look like Biker Chicks in Chaps 2!

MI 3
Darth Elektra said:
I didnt say he was the best, I said that he's good.
Nor was I implying that you said he was the best. All I said was "I can think of better"
You guys who are going to see An american haunting, Please start a thread or something and give a little review, Im debating whether or not to go see it.

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