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Revenge of the Fallen Orci Wants Favourite Starscream Quotes!


Avan a Good Time
Aug 28, 2006
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"Busy writing the sequel to the 2007 blockbuster Transformers Movie, Roberto Orci has dropped by producer Don Murphy's message boards, and has asked fans to tell him some of their favourite Starscream lines!

See his original post by clicking here here.

does anyone have any catch phrases of Starscream's that they particularly remember and love?

Let him now by discussing the topic and sharing your favourite Starscream quotes by clicking here."


"How do you feel almighty Megatron"
"I nominate myself as new leader"
i nominate myself?

just some megatron loving and hating all in the same scene...

starscream is a great character to nail. But i feel they need to redesign his robot form to make him sleekr, he's far too wide and his legs are tiny...
It really doesn't matter to me if they put my favorite StarScream quote in the movie if the movie StarScream doesn't look or sound like he did in the cartoon at all. Here's an idea...how about writing lines for this new StarScream that might become my new favorite StarScream quote? For me, the nostalgia worked for movie Optimus Prime because he sounded and kinda looked like the classic Prime. I don't think it can work for any of the other TF's since, at least to me, they don't really resemble their G1 counterparts enough that taking quotes from the cartoons and/or comics would give me the feeling I felt when I heard and saw Prime in the movie.

Maybe Orci should get off the messageboards and get back to writing instead of trying to get the fans to help him write the script.
Starscream: "Oh, how it pains me to do this."
Megatron: "I still function"
Starscream: "Wanna bet?"

"I'm stupid, I'm stupid" :woot:
More a thought bubble from the the comics more than a quote, but i would love to hear it spoken aloud:

"The power of Optimus Prime! He grabbed me in mid-flight!"
"I swear, Skywarp was just giving me mouth to mouth!"
"............get on with the ceremony!".
"cries and screams are music to my ears"

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