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Jan 30, 2011
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I thought I would have a shot at trying to plan/plot the series for the next two films for maximum success and good storytelling. I thought it'd be fun for us to throw out ideas for all the wannabe producers/ writers like me and perhaps hope that the team read these forums!!

Amazing Spider-Man 3- Peter Parker is now 21 years old and he is attending college. Perhaps as a twist Alistair Smythe should be his professor, working undercover. Peter is focusing on his science studies and his work in order to get over the death of Gwen. He is still Spider-Man but he is often haunted of her death everytime he goes out and stops criminals.

He goes to the Daily Bugle and sells photos of Spider-Man as well to get his mind off it. Seeing that some good can come of being Spider-Man. J.J Jameson could take really well to Peter, but the problem is that he sees Spider-Man as an enemy. Peter is wondering if this is true, since being Spider-Man and rushing to save the day is what encouraged Gwen to rush to her death.

News reports have it that Harry Osborn is now out of jail much to Peter's surprise, but he is put in counselling to sort out his issues. Aunt May gets a new man in her life and feels shes moved on somewhat from Ben. She sees Peter lonely, detached and beating himself up and suggests he go on a date with the girl who's moved in next door. Peter of course doesn't know who this is. But they eventually meet and sparks kinda fly. Peter sees Mary Jane as a bit shallow and MJ sees Peter as a little boring and they would seem quite mismatched if you didn't know they were meant to be a couple.

Peter is on a new assignment to cover a festival/ party/ show thing going on. Mary Jane Watson is there, working as a model. She did not go to college like Peter did but is a model as it lets her get by easily enough. The two bump into each other and are somewhat surprised to see one another. Their interaction is somewhat warmer than before, but Peter sees that she is really popular to others in the community and does not consider anything romantic between them. Quentin Beck is also there doing some kind of performance thing to an audience. Peter has heard a little about him that he does magic tricks and illusions. He puts on the suit and one of his illusions goes horribly wrong, so wrong that Peter is forced to become Spider-Man and step in to help. Mysterio seems unable to stop and seems as though he is under the impression he is doing no harms. Spider-Man subdues him and Quentin becomes pretty bitter at Spider-Man, while MJ is impressed by Spider-Man and the way he controlled the situation. She has been a fan of his ever since she saw firsthand the way he defeated the Rhino two years ago.

One night when Spider-Man is patrolling the streets out of nowhere the Spider Slayers attack him. Spider-Man is pretty shocked and of course defeats them but wonders where they came from.

The next day Aunt is leaving for a short trip, perhaps a weekend away with her boyfriend and Mary Jane is well aware of this, so much so that she is seen watching Aunt May depart from her window. We also get some homelife scenes from Mary Jane's family and we see she is treated pretty awfully by her father. Although she is not weak in this scenario and she gives back as much as she is given. It's just more stressful than anything else being in an environment where her parents are constantly arguing. Peter is alone, at home when Mary Jane turns up at Peter's door, holding everything someone would need for a party.

"Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot!"

"Really, why?"

"Because we're having a party tonight!!"

She doesn't take no for an answer and sets up a party in Peter's house. Before they know it people are turning up, mostly all of Mary Jane's friends. MJ sent an invitation out to all 2000 of her facebook friends. It gets very crowded in the party and Peter is pretty overwhelmed. He doesn't feel right having a party or having fun, and he says he is going up to his room to study. MJ is like, what the hell dude?! Peter is in his room and MJ goes up, she says someone his age should not be stuck studying on a saturday night. Peter snaps and says she wouldn't understand. She is like whatever dude and almost leaves before Peter totally breaks down about Gwen. And how he thinks it was his fault. Of course he doesn't reveal he is Spider-Man but mentions how she was always trying to save the day and how he didn't stop her enough. She is the first person he has told about Gwen's death besides Aunt May. MJ thinks its time he stopped beating himself up and they both go downstairs only to find Harry Osborn has turned up at the party!!

Of course Peter is fuming and almost starts a fight until Harry reveals he is a changed man and didn't want to start trouble. Peter is angry and kicks him out.

Next we see Harry go home and to his shock and surprise he finds out his father wasn't dead!! Norman lets him in on the secret and how he will use Oscorp technology in order to kill Spider-Man. Harry is 100% against it but Norman says that if he doesn't go along with his plan without a fuss he will have him killed.

Peter is at the Bugle when the alarm bells go off that the Green Goblin is back!! JJJ demands that someone get on that story immediately. Peter gets on it right away and assumes that Harry has turned into the Goblin. Peter gets a few snaps of Goblin gliding though the streets and then becomes Spider-Man and tries stopping him. They get into a fight and this is big news. Peter still thinks that it is Harry who is behind it. (It is Chris Coopers Norman.)

Quentin Beck catches on that the Green Goblin has a vendetta against Spider-Man and tries to meet up with GG to see if they can go something together. They agree to work together.

Alistair Smythe is behind the Spider slayers and is planning to attack Peter when he is in civilian mode at school, no less. Aunt May is coming to meet Peter at college and they are both attacked by the spider slayers. It is at that moment that Aunt May finds out Peter is Spider-Man. Peter puts two and two together and finds out that obviously Alistair Smythe is behind it. He tries to get info out of him about what is really going on but he refuses to say anything.

Next scene is Mysterio, in teaming up with Goblin has decided to frame Spider-Man. He has himself filmed committing crimes but looking exactly like Spider-Man. Obviously JJJ is thrilled by this news since it proves all along that Spider-Man was a crook. Peter is totally confused by it all.

Harry, against all odds tries to find Peter, he knows he'll be killed if he tells Peter what is going on. The two confront and Peter assumes Harry is GG but he isn't. Harry tells him Norman is back and Peter believes him. Harry apoligises for killing Gwen but Peter says no matter what he can never forgive that.

With Peter clued in he tries to get to the bottom of it. (Add in some boring stuff about his parents which I honestly have no time or interest for.)

Mysterio now has the city turned against him and Aunt May thinks something should be done about it. She finds out everything Peter has gone through and she holds a group called WE LOVE SPIDER-MAN. To try to get back the support that he once had. More and more people are being turned against Spider-Man because of the incriminating videos Mysterio has done pretending to be Spider-Man. Some even go as far as drawing anti Spider-Man graffiti. Mary Jane joins the pro SM group, she loves Spider-Man from all she has seen of him. Harry also joins, he does not care what his father could do to him, being in that group. (Harry may start taking some drugs to cope with the stress.)

Peter is pretty happy the group has formed at it consists of quite a few number of people around 50 or so. They have a meeting, or try to do a video appeal to get people to believe in Spider-Man again.

This goes on for a week or so when Green Goblin and Mysterio find out where this 'group' hang out and bomb the place. All members are kidnapped and taken to the Bridge. They're all webbed up and they ask for Spider-Man to come out to fight, or they'll all be killed. Obviously Harry is there and Norman is quite happy to kill his own son as he went against him.

Peter at first doesn't realize this is going on, but soon finds out and Spider-Man comes out of hiding. There is obviously a giant battle on the bridge. It is one against two so it is pretty difficult. For all we know a new costume could be introduced like the Iron Spider amour suit. (Peter could find the suit on the doorstep and it could come with a note that simply says, 'It looks like you'll need it.' As a nod to the Marvel universe implying that Tony Stark sent it.) Never say never.

So the fight breaks out. It is top news and Spider-Man manages to get Mysterio weakened and then Spider-Man and Green Goblin battle it out. Perhaps during the battle Mysterio re-gains consciousness and then uses his skills to taunt Spider-Man into insanity. He replays Gwen's death scene over and over and over in Peter's head. Along with other hallucinogens such as Uncle Ben's death. He manages to grab all the members of the Spider-Man support group, he doesn't kill them, but he does drop them all into the water. This group does consist of Harry, Aunt May, Mary Jane and 48 others just so you know. The Green Goblin and Mysterio think they have their way now. Peter is now standing on the bridge driven completely insane. There are people drowning in the water and he can't do a thing about it as he has been driven THAT mad. The hope is that he'll be given so much guilt that he will kill himself. Green Goblin and Mysterio think this will be better than killing him themselves. Goblin thinks it is pretty funny.

For a while in the movie you will think it will be it. Spider-Man will nearly kill himself and all those people will die. It almost seems likely. Until one of them manages to swim to the surface, possibly MJ and tells him to not give up. Perhaps they all eventually do and Spider-Man finds the strength to snap himself out of it and defeats both Mysterio and Green Goblin. Goblin is killed for good this time.

Everyone is saved and after all this is said and done Spider-Man forces Mysterio to admit that he framed Spider-Man to the media to which he reluctantly agrees. A press release is put out and people have begun trusting Spider-Man is a good man again. Peter then realizes he IS a good man. While he had stopped all his human connections he realises that during his life he CANNOT control who is hurt and who isn't. All he can do is try his best to make sure people are safe. It does not mean he should stay away from people thinking he will get someone hurt.

Peter is impressed by Mary Jane and the way she pulled through for Spider-Man when he needed someone the most. He realises there is no way he can get over Gwen, but he is glad there are people who believe in Spider-Man so much such as MJ.

I'm not sure if MJ should find out Peter is SM or not, perhaps not, but he will pay her a visit and does ask her out on a date. You see a blossoming romance there. OR if it is too soon Peter simply acknowledges he likes her.


Casting characters- In my opinion Mary Jane should be played by Jane Levy. I think she could seem cool enough to play her and obviously has the looks. Nuff said.

They will need to cast for JJJ, I think Hugh Laurie should play him. To give a different vibe from JK Simmons. I think Betty Brant should be there, but only for a three second cameo, to show she is there.

I think Flash Thompson should be there, as a cameo when the party is held. To show perhaps he and MJ were previous friends. There is zero bad blood between he and Peter.

I also think Felicia Hardy should be in this movie, as she was the last time. But for a cameo as short as in ASM2.

In between I hope the Venom movie will come out and establish Eddie Brock in the role.

Amazing Spider-Man 4

I haven't thought about a detailed synopsis for this one but I hope it will be Eddie Brock and Cletus Cassidy in the role of villains. Eddie is in jail and Cletus is a serial killer on the loose. This will be the first time Carnage will be shown on screen in his full potential. I want him to be as bloody and scary as possible.

I also would like Black Cat to be in this movie. As the other villain. But she eventually teams up with Spider-Man in order to defeat Carnage. I don't think Venom should be a villain in the movie, but Eddie Brock should play a part. I also think Harry Osborn should still be present in this movie.

Also Kingpin should have a presence in this one. The Norman arc will be truly over so we'd need someone to be the 'big bad boss' if you will and I think he should be it. Sort of a Lex Luthor type of deal.

Peter and Mary Jane will move closer into a relationship, start dating and by the end of the movie see a future together.

I think its best if we stick to one villain since often stories are more focused that way. Black Cat will be seen as a threat at the start of the movie, but she never becomes a full scale villain.

As for the Sinister Six movie, I haven't a clue what is happening there. That might come out after ASM4, who knows.

So that's it! I'd love to hear your ideas!
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I'd love for Peter Parker to be dealing with his guilt to what happened to Gwen, George and uncle ben. Mysterio would be the main villain of the movie using inspirations from famous movies and directors like the speech orsen wells gave in war of the worlds. The symbiote would be a good choice to see how far Peter would come across if mysterio reached his breaking point and would be a best display of art seeing the monster(venom) harming mysterio in a dark frame while the music is silent.

Any thoughts
One of the movies, possibly 4, should be a more contained, introspective story. I feel the movies are all being city-ending plots and I don't think that's necessary for a good Spider-Man film. Just open the movie with Kingpin or someone else (preferably not related to Oscorp) hiring some villains to kill Spidey and/or execute a heist of some sort. The plot is a simple one - Spider-Man has to stop them - but it would allow for a more character-focused story and focus on developing his personality and relationships.
That's a great story warrior dreamer.

I'd like to see Pete not yet moved on from Gwen, not having dated anyone since her death but have MJ as this Bubbly, spontaneous friend who likes Peter but isn't preassuring him into anything. She be characterised as the friend who pulls him out clubbing and generally tries to get him to be more social

I'd like to see Flash return this time as Pete's best friend who has returned from a tour of duty having lost his legs. And have Pete have a roommate at College, basically just widen the cast to induced more friends
Great ideas guys!!!

That's a great story warrior dreamer.

Thanks!!! :woot:

I'd like to see Pete not yet moved on from Gwen, not having dated anyone since her death but have MJ as this Bubbly, spontaneous friend who likes Peter but isn't preassuring him into anything. She be characterised as the friend who pulls him out clubbing and generally tries to get him to be more social

I'd like to see Flash return this time as Pete's best friend who has returned from a tour of duty having lost his legs. And have Pete have a roommate at College, basically just widen the cast to induced more friends

I completely agree, it'd be nice to widen Pete's circle of friends a little. So that even though he is grieving Gwen, there will be people around him to help him out of his funk. I think in this one he'll finally have learnt about responsibility and caring for others, but it will take a horrible affect on his social life, which allows friends and family to step in more. We haven't had a great deal of genuine friendship scenes in the two movies. He only really has Aunt May at this point.
As much as ASM2 world built for villains it cut it most of Peters social life. He only had Gwen and Harry and lost them both, now all he has is Aunt May. For storytelling purposes he needs more people in his life
While I did enjoy ASM2, it really painted the series into a corner, the natural progression for the series was for Norman to become the goblin in part THREE and kill gwen there in the finale to the trilogy. They blew their load early, just like SM3 did by ruining the natural progression of the story.
They should erase TASM 2 out of continuity and just pick up from the first movie.

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