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Poll: Who came the closet to destroying TEEN TITANS



That should say Closest
I think that it was Slade. he had the titans at the end of Season 1 but didn't kill them because of Robin. In season 2 his plan was near- flawness, if terra hadn't been scared of the titans, his plan would have suceeded
I say the creators of the show came closest.
War Lord said:
I say the creators of the show came closest.

lol agreed :up:

but seriously Slade
Slade, the rest of the shows villains were rather lame :o
Slade, that is pretty obvious. There wasn't really any other villian that actually posed much of a threat to them, they were all lame.

I probably would never have been interested in Teen Titans with out him, when ever he is in it the show gets interesting & alot darker. He kind of creeps me out, I think it is his voice.
I really liked the shows with Trigon. I guess I would have to pick Slade since he's taken quite a few shots at them. But I think Trigon was the more dangerous enemy.
I have to say Terra and Slade on this one. Working together they made a really good team.
Slade forced the team into hiding for a while when he was using Terra who single handedly took each member down one at a time.
Slade, just because he's that good.
He should've been on a Justice League episode.
The first time I saw the Brotherhood of Evil, they totally annihilsted the Titans, one by one.

Slade kept being beaten by them in each episode.

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