POTC = The new SW?

Oh pillaging and raping isn't genocide so that makes it acceptable. :huh:

Heh, I'm sorry that's your "Star Wars".

*Even though as Matt said, there is no new Star Wars.*
For pirates to be star wars, it needs a director so obsessed with his movies he constantly keeps changing the fx and re-editing them until everyone on earth doesn't care about them anymore.
Star Wars made the idea of being a Jedi Master cool. It made Darth Vader cool and he killed quite a few in his prime.

POTC has made the idea of being a pirate cool.
Not at all-its just the lesser of the evils.


Anyway, that's a big NO to POTC being the new Star Wars. I am very biased since I've been a Star Wars fan since my whole life, but POTC is one boring set of movies. The first one at least was boring, the second one was just awful. Haven't seen the third one, but I doubt I will think differently of the trilogy once I do.

For example, the worst track from the score of SW is infinitely better than that terrible main theme from POTC. That has to be the worst, most overblown, most generic theme I've ever heard. And I cringe when I hear it and some lame action scene occurs. POTC = :down:down
Not at all-its just the lesser of the evils.
Um, okay. :huh:

Yeah, are you "reading" what you are typing?
Star Wars made the idea of being a Jedi Master cool. It made Darth Vader cool and he killed quite a few in his prime.

POTC has made the idea of being a pirate cool.
Uh, Jedis regardless of the religion out there aren't real.
Yes I am aware that Jedis are not real. You dont come across to many pirates these days either. Yes I know Pirates do still exist(in some form or other) and I am aware of what they do. The idea of being able to go where you want, do what you want, and take what you want is enticing.

Maybe not right, but enticing just the same.
Um, sure. :whatever:

Yeah thanks for proving how being a pirate is cool. Now regular pirates won't have to hide in shame anymore thanks to these movies. :up:
None of that really broke ground that changed cinema forever.

What are you, high? The technology used to create Gollum and the armies are being used all over the place. LOTR kind of brought everything to the next level.
I watched tv this weekend. Few examples, Naked Gun 33 1/3 they did the police car going down the Death Star Trench. On Scrubs, Billy Dee Williams guest stared and Turk kept calling him Lando. Not to mention the 30th Star Wars Celebration on G4 or the documentary on the History Channel.

Let me know when Pirates achieves that sort of pop culture status.

If you think Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow hasn't reached pop culture status, you need to have some better thoughts. :o
I'd say so far, if anything is having the same impact on its generation and medium that Star Wars had on its...it would be the Harry Potter Books. They have single handedly made the fantasy genre main stream again and brought an entire generation of children back to reading. See, that is how you know something is having the similiar effect as Star Wars, you can see the cultural impact.

Name one way any of the movies stated in this thread have gone beyond fad.
There will never be a "new Star Wars".
It's not like there is seriously a title out there called "The new Star Wars", anyway.
Considering every movie and their mother is considered the "New" Star Wars, i.e. (LOTR, Matrix, Pirates, Serenity). I'm sure there will be a new movie next year compared to it.
I saw a t-shirt like last year that said "Whedon is my master now" written in the Star Wars font.
People won't recognize how great Star Wars really was to pop culture.
It's now just a label to stick on big movies, nowadays.
Oh I know...I just don't recall it being compared to the Star Wars saga...

Ohh my bad. I dont remember it being compared to the SW series either.
get ready for people calling avatar the new star wars in a couple of years, they're already saying that on the imdb boards, its pretty funny
perhaps. I just think there's a clear difference between upgrading from windows 95 to xp and actually inventing dos.

I see where you're coming from. I just don't think we'll be seeing anymore of these "clear differences". The jumps have been getting smaller and smaller since the mid 90's. You have to look a lot harder to catch these advances. I'd be surprised if a movie came out utilizing newly invented technology never seen before. Especially, if it were relatively low budget film like SW.

If there is going to be another Star Wars, I would be looking for other clues of that besides the technology.

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