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Remember, remember, the Marvel Solicitations for NOVEMBER (2012)

I'm gonna give Captain America, Indestrucible Hulk, Iron Man and Thor: God of Thunder a shot. Maybe Fantastic Four and FF.

X-Men, WATXM, Gambit and X-Treme X-Men look cool too.
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I'm excited for when "Avengers Assemble" gets a new creative team. The story with Stark and Banner pretty much having a nerd-off sounds fun.
Yeah, so these things tick me off. I've been working my butt off to get my buy list down and what does Marvel do? They freaking double ship 6 of the 9 books that I buy and one of those 6, X-Men Legacy, is being relaunched at $4 instead of the $3 it was previously. So this month I am paying an extra $24 to continue the monthly titles that I buy. That is so sickening, and yes, if this is what is to be expected then more freaking drops will be made.

And here I was a little excited about trying a few new titles, like Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Gambit, Indestructable Hulk, and Captain America. Well, I'm not even bothering with Hulk or Cap, I'm dropping Captain Marvel, and I'm going back and forth on Hawkeye.Gambit I was going to get the first issue of this weekend when I head to the shop but now I'm not bothering. It looks like I might also be finally squeezed out of reading X-Factor. I've not been enjoying it that much of late and if I have to drop a Marvel title or two that'll be one of them. X-Men has been hit and miss on my buying for a while now but I planned on getting caught up. I'm iffy on it now. Fortunately, Defenders is ending that month so that'll be one more done as well.

Speaking of ending... the book casualty list for November is: Defenders, Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers Academy.

And it looks to me like A+X is basically just a renamed Marvel Team-Up featuring X-Men and Avengers characters (which is a majority of the Marvel Universe these days anyhow). That doesn't interest me so, fortunately, that's one I won't be bothering with.
Soooo We've gone from the Incredible to the Indestructible Hulk now? I may give it a look but I doubt I'll commit too it.
Indestructible Hulk is actually the book I'm looking forward to the most in Marvel NOW.
Well, it looks like the only Marvel Now book I might read is Deadpool, and that's going to depend on its reception. I won't buy the $4 books in monthly issues, so that leaves out everything but Deadpool and the Fantastic Four books. Since I don't want to collect two books for Fantastic Four anymore. The FF books, Cap, Thor, Hulk, Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers are all things I'd potentially read in trades, though.
I don't know yet whether I'll be getting Deadpool, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers yet, due to funds.But those are the ones I'm interested in so far.For now I'll just stick to Secret Avengers, Uncanny X-force(which I feel will be relaunched soon. Seems Rememder is finishing all his plot lines in this last arc.) and Daredevil.
The Mighty Thor and Indestructible Hulk look and sound cool. A little peeved that they're both 4 bucks, but that's to be expected. I'm glad that the Punisher: War Zone mini isn't 4 bucks, though.

WolverineMAX would be cool if Jason Starr wasn't writing it. He sucks.

Speaking of MAX books, what the hell happened to FuryMAX? It wasn't in October's solicits either. I hope it wasn't canned.
I'll end up getting Indestructible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor: God of Thunder, Captain America, and Deadpool for sure. I'm intrigued by Fantastic Four but I have no desire to get FF, especially since it isn't a continuation of the Future Foundation. I love it how Marvel is continuing with Journey into Mystery. And I'm leaning towards All-New X-Men because I'm intrigued by the premise. X-Men Legacy and Uncanny Avengers look terrible and I still plan on dropping Avengers Assemble.
I planned on continuing with Avengers Assemble through the Thanos storyline and just test out the first couple of issues post Bendis. With all the double shippings though I'll likely just drop the title entirely. I was sticking with this arc for the cosmic angle but it's becoming obvious with their shipping that I won't be able to afford whatever cosmic comics they release so I don't see a point in investing in it now. If the double shipping calms down after November that might change but we'll see.
Doc Ock learns Spidey's identity?

HELL YEAH :up: :otto:
Captain America, Daredevil, Uncanny Avengers, and Wolverine and the X-Men for me. Thank God only WATXM is double shipping that month.
I'm going with...

Captain America
Indestructible Hulk
Wolverine and the X-Men

Thor looks awesome, but for 4 dollars, I'm gonna skip it.
As of right now the only books I'm def not getting are the 2 FF books, Bendis' X-Men and Deadpool.

Titles I'm gonna "test drive" to see if they're any good or not are Hickman's Avengers, Waid's Hulk, Aaron's Thor and depending on what direction they take it....New Avengers.
Just skimming through those solicits, because I'm really behind on my ASM reading and don't want to be spoiled, all I got out of it was that Marvel seems to think that everyone who buys comic books is super rich.

It was enough seeing them double shipping books but now they're double shipping books at 3.99 each.

I'm really enjoying Daredevil, Punisher, Scarlet Spider, and ASM so I really don't have much of a choice but if those books even drop in quality or Waid, Rucka, or Slott leave their books I'm dropping Marvel completely. I'm not going to support a comic book company that seems to go out of their way to rape their customers anyway they can think of. :csad:
I'm excited for a lot of these. A+X in particular sounds like something I would love. I've been enjoying Avenging Spider-Man and Captain America and... lately, so a more universal team-up series sounds right up my alley.

Can't wait to see Journey Into Mystery tackle Sif. I'll miss Kid Loki, but I doubt anyone could've followed Gillen's brilliant run with him anyway, so I'm glad the series is switching gears to focus on other Asgardians.

Thor: God of Thunder sounds good, but it still troubles me that Aaron's introducing Gorr the God Butcher as if he's this entirely new thing when he's essentially identical to Dan Jurgens' Desak from Thor vol. 2. Following Thor from three different eras in his long life sounds novel and intriguing, though.

I'll be ditching both FF series once Fraction comes along, but I'll be trying Waid's Indestructible Hulk and Remender's Uncanny Avengers, so no net difference there.

Saddest departure for me will be Hulk. F*** Red She-Hulk, she's horrible in pretty much every way. Avengers Academy will be missed, but I kind of figured it'd be ending soon anyway. Slott only followed two classes of Initiative kids, and now Gage has had two classes (kind of) of Academy kids.
I'm still bummed over Avengers Academy but it went for over 30 issues with a slight status quo change so that was a huge accomplishment as far as I'm concerned. I was hoping that it might had lived on as a new West Coast Avengers title since most of the pieces were already in place but I guess it doesn't really fit into the Marvel Universe post AvX.

We still don't know what the post-AvX Avengers series will look like, other than the new Uncanny Avengers' essentially smushing an Avengers team and an X-Men team into one. New Avengers is supposed to have a new direction, and the title kind of makes it a perfect place for a younger generation of heroes to wind up...
I'm hoping New Avengers becomes a new Young Avengers book with some other young characters joining The team was a little understaffed as of the end of Children's Crusade and I'm wondering if some Runaways, Academy, or other young ones will join, as the Point One teaser hints. I'd buy a Young Avengers book anyday. With them taking over New Avengers means I'm not actually paying for a new book, as I'm still budgeting for New Avengers despite not knowing it's future.
I'd love to see them merge Amadeus Cho's team with the Young Avengers. Thunderstrike, Spider-Girl, and Power Man would fit right in with the Young Avengers if they're going to make them more of an "official" junior Avengers team, I think.
I think they should really include a couple of the Academy kids...like Finesse and Reptil. Definitely Finesse. :up:

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