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Remember The Oregon Trail?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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I think every school had this game available for kids to play on their PC. Basically one of the first RPG's, where you are a family in a covered wagon and you have to make choices about hunting, resting, fighting indians :p, etc. Who else remembers this classic?

Isn't that the one where you could trade in gold? I remember an old trading post or something like that.
man I loved that game. You got malaria. Die
I loved Oregon Trail. I remember they came out with a sequel that was good too, but after that the series kind of died. I loved giving the kids stupid names and then letting them die just so I could see stuff like "Idiot face" on a tombstone, LOL.
loved it, all subsequent versions paled in comparison. I was the first one to beat it in my class in 2nd grade, here's why. I would get in a lot of trouble, so they set up this system that if I behaved I'd get a gold star. Enough gold stars on Friday and they'd let me stay in for recess to play the game. Thus I had extra time and beat it :up:
I loved Oregon Trail, especially the hunting

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