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Remember those times when Hideo Kojima...


Mar 7, 2005
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...said he was going to hand over the director reins to someone else on the next MGS games? Well, and I know this is a stupid question, but he must've been pulling our legs right? He does say that the reason why he did MGS3 was because no one that he offered that game to wanted to do his work, and I guess his reason for doing MGS4 was because he has a co-director. But I'm replaying MGS2, and I gotta say, he must've been pulling our legs because there are times in this game that I don't think he would've just left without answering those questions (like the Patriots) or just having things like Snake getting dizzy because of his wound, but it may be because of his old age that he will get to in MGS4's time, or Olga's child.

What do you think?
He probably intended to move on but the fanbase just kept on begging and begging him to make the next one instead of someone else. He even received death threats if he didn't do it.

That's why I think he'll kill Snake in this one and put an end to it so that when they do make another Metal Gear title, it'll be more like Portable Ops or Ac!d where the fanbase won't be begging him to make another one and he can have someone else do it.
yeah Snake is so dead in this game, BUT that means nothing when they can always get another clone to take his place. Naked Snake from MGS3 was not the Snake we played and loved but he was portrayed exactly like Solid Snake and there wasnt any difference. I hope Konami doesnt go there but they could if they wanted to
there's a long history of people saying their time is up and later carrying on. a trilogy and a prequel for the solid series seems like a fitting end tho.
directing doesn't mean writing.

he can still write the story while having someone take creative control of the series

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