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The Avengers Renner Talks Hawkeye, Suit, and Black Widow

Had 'em in his first appearance
Hawkeye's mask is my biggest problem. The pointy tips make it look like a Halloween costume. Given what the rest of the Avenger costumes look like, they'd laugh him out of the room.

OK, I have to ask. Do you think that Batman's mask with it's pointy ears also looks like a Halloween costume?
I don't like that costume all that much. It's too Blade looking.
The trenchcoat isn't part of the costume. He just wore one for the mission.
OK, I have to ask. Do you think that Batman's mask with it's pointy ears also looks like a Halloween costume?

I think they're different. Batman is trying to look like the human form of a bat to scare stupid criminals. What's Hawkeye trying to look like with that costume ball mask?
I think it depends (and I'm sure I've said this numerous times, so please indulge me) on how the mask is worn/drawn. Slap a masquerade ball mask on the front, and yeah it look daft. But wrap it around a bit, make it more integral to the rest of the headpiece without turning it into a wolverine style wing mask, and it can look good. But it kind of has to be done with some other elemts of the 616 costume - bracers, chest guard, loin flap thing. If you slap the 616 mask on the Ultimates volume 1 costume - then it looks ridiculous
the all black look is very movieverse nick fury / black widow. but it's just been done so many times, i don't think it's interesting anymore. ultimates look very 90's and 00's to me. i did a comics influenced design based on the movie cap look over in the manips thread i'd be curious to hear your thoughts on. kind of a 'steve looks good, while you're at it, make a suit for clint'
I kinda liked it, though a bit too identical to Cap's (assuming yours is the WIP one - and yes, I realise the Cap concept art is the basis). The main thing I would change (aside from making it a bit unique to Hawkeye) is the mask, because its reminiscent of this:
, which I think has unamimously been voted Hawkeye's worst outfit of all time outside of the skirt and headband one.
thanks for your feedback.

^ never saw that version of the mask ^

i was going for classic 616 hawkeye meets modern cap.
I don't mind that the Hawkeye costume isn't 616, as long his personality isn't from the Ultimates series. However, as a homage I do hope they will add some purple into his "uniform", as Renner calls it. And I hope they will work Bobbi/Mockingbird into the SHIELD somehow.
As Far as making a costume for hawkeye make sence, it doesnt take much. He is joining a group of super heroes who all are wearing something inspiring. Why wouldnt he wear a costume too. Obviously the government will give cap an updated costume why not hawkeye so he can blend into the team
Because he's not joining a group of superheroes. He's a SHIELD agent that at some point may become a member of the superhero team.
I am confused how it's a FACT that it sucks!,What makes your OPINION right while he is wrong??.

Hint. It is the same universally, scientific, fact that guarantees grown, single men who wear crocs never getting laid.
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Because he's not joining a group of superheroes. He's a SHIELD agent that at some point may become a member of the superhero team.

Coulson is a SHIELD agent - he wears a suit
Natasha is a SHIELD agent - she wears a skintight body suit
Nick is a SHIELD agent - he wears whatever the hell he wants
There doesn't seem to be a lot of standardisation for SHIELD agents now does there, for people to be pushing his wearing "special agent attire"

Why can't Clint also wear a skintight bodysuit for what he does? He's not a liaison, or a pencil pusher, or even an investigator. If anything he's a special field agent like Natasha.

Question - why do the armed forces wear baggy-ish clothing under their equipment when in the field?
An image of Scarlett Johannson and Jeremy Renner having sex is almost as awesome as an image of Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds having sex.
"According to Renner, it's that decision to stray from the classic look that's helped the Marvel movies connect with mainstream audiences."

That's the most stupid public assertion in quite a long time.

Hey, Renner, have you watched, like, Spiderman? Iron Man? Small movies or mainstream audiences?

That's freakin' reeeeediculous, Renner.

And, Marvel: let's do it right. Fetch him a goddamm decent costume and no cheap excuses based on complete nonsense.

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