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Jan 30, 2007
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Hello to all

The only Batman books i've read are Dark Knight returns and Year one. When I get back to the states I plan on getting Long halloween, hush, and dark victory.

I have yet to read any Tim Drake/Jason Todd/Dick Greyson robin stories. I loved the animated series growing up, and I want to read something that has some good batman/robin teamwork.

I'd recommend A Lonely Place of Dying. You'll likely have to root around to find it, but it's top-notch and greatly illustrates the dynamic of Batman and Robin. It's primarily Tim's story, but there's good attention paid to Bruce and Dick as well.
Dark Victory is a Robin origin, and a good place to start...but read it after Long Halloween, as it's a direct sequel to it.
If you liked the Animated Series look for some back issues of the Batman Adventures and try to find The Lost Years (which introduces Tim Drake and Nightwing).
You should read Batman The Cult. It is the best Jason Todd as Robin story.
If you read Dark Victory, then keep an eye out for The Gauntlet, which picks up from the end. Following that immediately afterwards is Robin Year One (if you ignore Gordon's changing position).

Robin Year One has an impact on Dick's life and is later referenced in Batman Prodigal.

Nightwing Year One shows what happens when Dick quits being Robin, and Jason takes over.

A Death in the Family is... well... definitely a Jason story lol

A Lonely Place of Dying picks up on A Death, and introduces Tim Drake.
Death In The Family is cool, I mean, for its significance...

Personally, I think the best Robin story is actually Under The Hood...

I mean come on, the final three chapters are incredible, exactly what comic books should be, just the pure emotion in them...

It's the bit where Joker asks to take pictures, and he's like we'll get one of me and Batman, one of me and the boy, one of us all together, then one with me and a crowbar.

Gets me every time!
The Gauntlet is great. I should go find that I haven't read it in ages.

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