Rogue and Wolverine


May 27, 2003
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It was quite obvious to me that Rogue and Wolverine had formed a very real bond in X-Men. I also saw this connection once again when Rogue and Wolverine had scenes together in X2. It is evident that there is something very powerful between the two of them. Something that I hope grows and becomes stronger in X3. They seem to share something that is honest and runs deep. I would love it if they became even closer in X3!!!

Rogue and Wolverine
Someone stop the Goddamn pain already!
Hey honey,

You and me BOTH! Hugh and Anna's chemistry is incredible and there was an extreme love and bond in the movie. I'm looking forward to more scenes between them in the third movie. If you want some Logan and Marie fixes, go to! :)
They Make A Great Team....

Theres Only One Team Thats Better Than That......

Anna Paquin & Nick Richardson*Hint Its Me*
Originally posted by Needia
Someone stop the Goddamn pain already!

Seems a bit masochistic of you to keep reading threads devoted to them. It's not that difficult to avoid them. I don't know why you bother to add your two-cents because nobody wants to listen to your incessant negativity or cares about your opinion. You don't like the thought of them together - WE GET IT. I suggest that you stop wasting your time on this issue and find a new hobby.
Originally posted by comicgirl
that thread was closed, son..........
1) I'm a chick :p
2) Notice the date I last posted in this thread?
Forget the Haters! I pose the question, who is the greater loser? The Newbie or the Jack A$$ with 345675432553422 posts. LOL

But I have to Agree with the Veteran Posters. The premise of the thread totally sucks. Read a comic dude, movies aren't everything. Logan Ends Up with Storm, Or like In Earth X he fattens up and ends up with Jean. Either way he kicks A$$.
I'm going out on a limb and other Naysayers can say they want. The movieverse will dictate alot of the future comics. I have seen some of this trend going into XMen as they have made some comics more Rogue/Wolverine ship'ish. Notice Ultimate Xmen 35 and many others.

Whatever they decide to do with the X3 movie, in terms of Wolverine/Rogue relationship will greatly affect the comics. No matter what has happened in the past Marvel will customize their comics to reflect the movies to some degree.

I can't blame the many others like myself for loving this couple. It breaks the mold. Their relationship is new and inviting it breathes new life into the old adage of comics. The characters seem so perfectly fit an compatible. They compliment each other well.

Its definately something different and I think could be very beneficial for the comics. It consistantly reminds me of Leia/Han from the Empire Strikes Back ship.

Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman have tons of chemistry so....

Why not ?

I love the Rogue/Logan chemistry!
I'm a hopeless romantic after all!

I don't think it will ever be taken further in the movies though.

But to be honest, I don't really mind too much as I'm quite happy with all the great fanfiction I've been reading recently! :)
There are some fab fanfic writers out there, and I've been really impressed by the writing standard. Too often the writing quality in fanfic is dire, but I haven't come across much of that so far.
I'm actually going on holiday next week and because I'm not going to have internet access, I'm going to download about fifty Rogue/Logan fanfics onto my hard drive to read during the week!!

:p :p :p
It maybe for one element that I noticed. The Characters compliment each other so well.

The Feisty Southern Belle and the Grumpy Canadian.

The regional opposition is glazed over with their similarities in character which appears as they have more in common and also
makes alot of the fic believable.

In the world of used up Comic couples, these two are truly Fresh Air and it would be a shame for Winter and Donner-Shuler not to cash in on the Paquin/Jackman chemistry.

:wolverine gina:wolverine
Originally posted by UKLoganFan
I don't think it will ever be taken further in the movies though.
Yeah, neither do I. Considering the way the two connected in X1, I was a bit surprised their relationship wasn't touched on in X2. It was just kinda dropped in a way. Then again, like you say, that's where fan fics come in.

And Venus, your right about the chemistry between the two. Personally, I prefer Jean and Logan together :D , but I have to admit, the way their relationship was handled in X1 coupled with all the resulting fan fics (Wolverine/Rogue Fanfic Archive, for example), Rogue and Logan certainly works as well.
You can't discredit the fact that Wolverine is always there when Rogue needs him and vice versa. The moments they share are very intense because they are filled with raw emotion. This couple could make things in X3 explosive.:)
I think they make a cute couple, but it's just not practical or possible. In the movies, any love intrest they have in each other is that Rogue has a crush on Logan. And that's why there's fan fiction. :) I'm a fan of X-men: Evolution, and I like Lance and Pietro as a slash couple, but fat chance of that happening. :(
Just comparing. :D
I see potential slashes for St. John/Bobby from X2. Their relationship seemed much more intense than Bobby's with Rogue.


Just thought I'd put in a few Rogue/Logan pics and if you haven't yet and you care, sign the Rogue/Wolverine Petition! :)


WE BETTER GET THEIR KISS ON THE DVD! I wanna see that scene where he grabs her and kisses her!


Don't you know that was a comfortable position to be in for several hours at a time while they set everything up? LOL.


Could they look any hotter? YUM!


Awwwwww. Had I known, I would've become an actress!
I ran my compatibility with Hugh Jackman and found we make a pretty good couple... YAY! :D HEY! a girl can dream.... ;)


How Did You Post That????

Please Tell Me.....

I Tried....

Damn Your Good At These Things
You guys do know it will NEVER happen EVER in the movies... Logan is more of a father or a big brother to her, at least that's all he sees it as.
<<You guys do know it will NEVER happen EVER in the movies... Logan is more of a father or a big brother to her, at least that's all he sees it as.>>

Thanks so much for your opinion, we really paid attention to it. :)

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