Running question for the guys.


Feb 15, 2006
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Gentlemen ...

So question, fellas. What do you guys wear to run in, because one thing that really frustrates me is having your package bouncing all over the place. Especially because sometimes the friction of all that movement can chafe. You get my drift.

What do you guys wear to keep everything in place to ensure a comfortable run?
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haha, reminds me of juno. uh. yeah, sorry, i really dont have any answers. :csad:
Wear some damn boxer briefs. Is this seriously an issue for you? Sheesh.
Wear some damn boxer briefs. Is this seriously an issue for you? Sheesh.

Boxer briefs don't work, dude. It is an issue. I often have to wear boxer briefs with tight briefs over them. It's a waste of laundry, and annoying.
You might need some bungee cord for that monster. Shoot kevinpenni a PM. He has stated a similar snake problem before.
Uhh...I dunno. Its not my turn to keep track of the snake charmers.
Duct tape? Okay that's funny, mate. Haha. I'm surprised none of you blokes can relate to this issue. It's not the end of the world or that dramatic, so I'm not making it out to be like that. Just thought I'd ask, because I definitely didn't think I'd be the only one at an international message board like this.
Banana Hammock. Best results with the ones that cut off circulation.

Suggestion: Keep man-junk questions to yourself. Unless you jog naked, I don't understand how it'd be a problem. But I wouldn't know. Damn genetics.
a jock maybe? that is what they're for...
I thought jocks were for holding cups... But they're pretty strappy anyway.
Jocks, briefs, or boxer briefs should all work no problem.

No "man junk" swings so much in those to throw off any pace of running, unless it's somehow excited.
Just cut it off.

Problem solved.
wear either boxer briefs, a speedo, or some spandex trunks....
I just wear a jock with boxer briefs when doing any sort of exercise, especially if I'm out jogging.

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