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Secret Santa?


Aug 30, 2003
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Hey there guys.....does anyone want to do a Secret Santa on the Hype here this year?

It's something that kind of gets talked about and kicked around a little every year....but we've yet to do it......

Anyway, we'll discuss it here for a day or two and decide if there's enough interest to do it.

I'll take care of orginizing and name picking and stuff......unless there is someone who doesn't want to participate that will do it....simply because I'd be in and if I pulled names my santa woulnd't be secret.

So basically it's just that, someone puts names in a hat and pulls them out and said person buys a gift or fig for the other person.

We'd se the rules here, like ten dollar limit or 20 dollar limit, or something from your collection or something like that, something we can all agree on....so it would be a nice little gift for christmas.....I'm proposing it simply be figs or fig related.

So yeah......let's discuss it here and see if we can't maybe decide something.
You guys are welcome to send me free stuff. But I'm currently unable to do the same in return. I messed up and and got a PS3 and now it's made me broke. But I'm having a great time for a poor guy.
Sounds good idea rough but time i sent anything over seas it bumps the value right up same iwth all the other uk guys unless we dumped all us in the same hat.
I'm in...But with the arch restriction. Guys like him and uchi, and others from that side, may be in a different hat...so they don't have to spend that much on international shipping.

For me, I can ship to US and Canada and it's ok!

Well, $10.00 or $20.00 limit?

Let's see!
yeah im in as long as i have some one to trade to i bet i end up sending uchi somethign and him me something if hes game for it. Just not fair if anyone has to ship to us or vice versa takes the fun out of it.

Comic scenario:

Rough: "Weeeee I got to send a $10.00 figure to arch and the shipping will be...$40.00"

Arch:" Cool I will get a $50.00 gift from Rough"

Yeah sounds like a good plan we do it at work im throwing in a blo up sheep with handcuffs a bottle of wine and a edibale sweetie thong. Its all for the banter but im sure that will cause some trouble
i may be in lol it depends on my money situation when we do this lol

i dont even know what im getting my GF yet....might just give her a hug..
I'm doing a fake santa secret soon for Hype.
I figured you meant a fake secret santa wherein you give everyone your name.
I'm in. Let's just make sure I don't get stuck with Scar. :)

I agree with the $10-20 price limit. My only worry is getting someone something they already have!
i know....I was wondering about that as well.

Maybe if we'd each post 5-10 figs we don't have.....that way whoever picks us could come here and find the list and see if there is something on the list that we can find....and buy that.
indeed man. hope i have the cash though :csad: lol i should do ...

my list is rather large lol
If we do this next year, and I get Rough, he's getting a Dark Knight Joker.
I'm stoked for the movie, but I have to say the new Bat-suit is by far worse than this incarnation of the Joker.

That said, I can EASILY come up with 5 toys I want that I don't have.

-HML Silver Surfer
-HML Doom
-Batman and Son Joker
-Darth Malek
-Last Son Supes/Bizzarro (can't decide)

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