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SHH! Presidential General Elections


Apr 13, 2006
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Note: since Kritish and warhammer tied, Kritish is the vice presidential candidate for the Communist Centrists, if you want to vote for Kritish for Vp vote for Warhammer for prez
Warhammer for Socialist party.
If people vote in this thread, it will be for Darthphere.
If not, then prepare for a thread hijack.

*Heads for cover*
Someone tell me, do I want to win this?
This thread will be closed in a few minutes...
none of FBP's threads die. they shall rise on the third day
This thread is ******ed. Soundwave was already declared teh winner!
well its nice to know that youre not ******ed. that was the PRIMARY, look it up. also, he was NOT NOT NOT NOT put on the poll by me one of the bastardious mods did it
So what? This is democracy. Soundwave handed your ass in the primary and you're just angry he ran away with 50% of the vote.
so youre telling me if you wrote your name on every single ballot in '08 and if the majority voted for you, who never declared his candidacy, you would win? wrong, soundwave was added without my consent, I am the moderator, i can disqualify anyone. but i decided not to since what happened last year without a really good reason, whoever put that there gave me reason enough for disqualification. deal with it
This thread just got 175% better.
Now somebody change it again so we can see more of 'Pants screaming like a ninny.

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