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Shows that Should Be Remade


Mar 17, 2007
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I've been watching Animorphs' episodes a lot on youtube, and I think that this show could be pretty good if remade. With newer effects, a cast of unknowns, following the premise of the books, have each episode narrated by one of the 5 main characters. I've read that the show itself was cancelled for being too dark, but this show could definitely fit on SciFi. Maybe just have the kids older, or if they wanted to stay with the junior-high/high school kids as the characters, then have it on E-WAM or something like that. Maybe even The-N.
Wow... a liscenced book-based thing? No one was a bigger Animorphs fan than I back in the day. I loved me some Cassie, I'll say that.

ABC Family might be your best shot. Maybe ABC straight, depending on how it was written. I don't think the books work with older teens, even the way the show went was too old for my taste... they might as well have been grown at that point. The books did a lot with their fragile young minds and psychology and without that, the themes of the book fall flat, and you'd just have an empty show.

My suggestion?

Lost in Space
(it could be like "Lost"... in SPACE!)

Expand the crew to include more than just the family, give them an interesting enigmatic ship, some interesting and versatile races to go up against and some really painful, powerful family dynamics and you might have something people would love to watch.
Yeah, I'm with Will C. There's so much potential in the Animorphs property, but the technology wasn't there back in '98 to make it happen. I don't even know if it's there today for a TV series, but a feature film adaptation of the first book "The Invasion" would be the awesomeness.
raven and /or the master
i'll agree on Animorphs. definitely could be done right now a days.

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