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breakfast, eggs, milk, juice and bacon
Chicken roast with rice, salad and a drink: beer.
More of what I just had: a sausage and egg McMuffin.
ben_thuggin said:
i agree completely.
If you cook a steak too much its a waste.

Anyway, I just put Pizza in the oven. Easy and Im having a lazy day.... cant be arsed cooking.
Peanut Butter Twix isn't new, they've just had a revival lately.
I had them the other day and loaded it with peanut butter on top. I ate 3 packs!
musclesforsupes said:

Is it just me or does anyone get alot of food at the movies? My favorites our the hot dogs, nachos, goobers, and popcorn dripping with oil. One day LOL I ate all four. What is you guys favorite food there and why? Also does anyone else eat all there food before the credits are done?

lmao your gonna die at age 30.
Supes post count should be bronzed until he posts again....then that post number should be bronzed.

Is there such thing as canola oil bronze? Or how about deep-fried bronzing?
We'll have his heart bronzed when it attacks.

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