Some Creepy Super bowl Coincidences

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Aug 14, 2002
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I was just reading this CNN article about the Superbowl when a few quotes in the article jumped out at me:
The New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII with a last-minute touchdown, upsetting the New England Patriots' hopes of becoming the first team since 1972 to complete a National Football League season undefeated.

The year 1972, when the Miami Dolphins went undefeated for that season is the year of my birth.

The Giants beat the Patriots 17-14 in Sunday night's championship game, giving New York its first NFL title since 1991.

Oddly enough, this was the year I graduated from High School.

I'm starting to think that maybe the Patriots were destined to fail because of a complete twist of fate coinciding with a few dates that are quite significant in my life. If you Patriots fans want to blame someone for your team's loss last night, you might as well just blame me. :p
See if you can work in the number 23 while you're at it.
WoW G-Zill, that's what you call "Stretching"
If you add the numbers in 2008, you get 10, Eli Manning's number!!!!
In an attempt to save this thread from complete ignominy:

1988's Coming To America. Eddie Murphy predicted the NFC Championship

source: said:
you can scarcely believe the improbable journey that led Oladele Brendon Ayanbadejo and Israel Idonije - who were toddlers in Lagos, Nigeria, a few years apart - clear across the world to Winnipeg, where both must have thought their football careers would end ingloriously . . . and finally, this week, to Miami for Super Bowl XLI

It's been 17 years since NY won a Superbowl, a Bush was in the White House and a war was being fought in Iraq.
I to have had deja vu with this Super Bowl. The Giants scored 17 points, I had to spend $17 for a bucket of chicken to watch the same game with my fat arse friends! :cmad:
Man, I thought this was actually something interesting. Some paranoid shizo's rantings.:cmad:
See if you can work in the number 23 while you're at it.

Take the score and add it together, then take away the difference of Burress and Manning, and finish by subtracting the Patriots 1 loss. And, what to you get? 23!!! :wow:



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