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Jun 17, 2006
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What do you think of the casting so far ...


Justin Chatwin as ...




James Marsters as ....



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Jackie Chan as Vegeta - nuff said
Wow I'm not asian but if I was I would be upset that Goku is not of an asian... I'm kinda of upset now...
why the japanese artist don't draw them were they look asian, eveen when they power up to super saiyan mode they have blonde hair and blue eyes, I think the creators may think the "white man" is all powerful, which I think is sad.
i think its pretty good considering, and im very glad to hear stephen chow is producing, VERY glad.

Chatwin has that wide eyed innocence about him that i think Goku has and he is obviously going to buff up a ton
It´s awful casting, but I wasn´t expecting anything great anyways.
This movie is gonna be so bad it will give it's viewers cancer. Dragon Ball Z DOESN'T work in a live action setting, its too out there to be based in reality.
While in my mind I cant see Dragonball Z working cause as a poster before had said, its just to out there. I think that you have to take into account your gonna be seeing justin chatwin in character not in that picture posted here. And I do think that he has the face to play Goku, that innocent type of look. James Marters is gonna be drowned in makeup. This whole thing is a giant question mark. We have no idea what its gonna look like or how it'll play out, it just seems like theres a much greater chance of it failing then succeeding, but right now, we known next to nothing. We shall see.
I think the casting is absolutely amazing.

He looks exactly like Goku in this pic:



I found this, don't know where it is from but it kinda looks like James Marsters... And it looks cool...


Maybe not the best idea for Vegeta, but just a thought.



i think its pretty good considering, and im very glad to hear stephen chow is producing, VERY glad.

Chatwin has that wide eyed innocence about him that i think Goku has and he is obviously going to buff up a ton

Producers mean nothing to me. Yes, I know, important, but I still feel they have nothing to do with the overall quality.

So it means nothing to me, now if he were DIRECTING, or writing the script or something heck even a character in it... I would love it. But Producer? Meh.

Either way this movie will suck, hard. And thats not dissing anyone in the production, it's just a story that should have never been adpated.
Thanks! I knew I seen him somewhere before. He was pretty good as Darth Maul with the double lighsaber.
Now you did that manip of the guy doing Goku, I think it could actually work. My opinion on the movie though is that I don't expect it to look much like the cartoon, unless they give some serious CGI power and a huge budget. But I have a feeling the only thing they may take from the cartoon is the story line and some of the signature moves (Special beam cannon, Kamehameha, etc.) But I'm really anxious to see how they are going to have the characters look like those in the cartoon. Anxious to see if they could pull it off. Of course to get close they going to have to do something about the hair styles.

I have a very open mind on this I don't know what to expect.
This guy in the other thread showed an example of hair:

But it would look on real people totally ridiculous. Spikey hair is fine, as long as it has got a reasonable size.

Maybe it could look like this.

It's definitely not what I was expecting, but at least Chatman has that boyish, innocent quality that is so essential for Goku.
I was more thinking of a custom made hairpiece or something wig-like. You know something that can be worn as a hat that would have the shape of the different dbz hairstyles but look "as real" (meaning hair-like) as possible. If they can pull it off without it looking corny then kudos to them. But that's my imagination, like I said I don't know what to expect
I think Chatwin s a pretty good choice still not sure how they going to do the hair.
I'm a purist when it comes to Dragonball Z and I'm having a VERY hard time coping with the fact that they are creating a live-action movie. I just feel its stories are too fantastical to be a live movie.

Here's to hoping I'm wrong. At first I was totally again Chatwin against Goku namely because I have no idea who he is but after looking at the manip, its not bad.

I just wonder how they'll have the hair style.
God this is going to be one of the worst movies of all time. It's going to be laughably bad.

Chatwin's no Goku. The guy is a fresh-faced pretty boy teen kid.

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