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Spider-Man 4 Script


Mar 10, 2008
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This is my first time writing a script so it's probably not that good. I'm not sure if I have the right format or anything but any feedback would be great. Positive or Negative, just trying to learn.

Spider-Man 4 Screenplay


Eddie Brock : They thought we were dead, we told you Parker, never wound what you can’t kill.
(voice becomes raspy and sounds as if two voices are speaking at once)

-Fades into the New York City skyline-

Spider-Man: The city has been quiet lately, maybe I am finally getting the break I deserve. Yeah, like that would ever happen.


Spider-Man: Yeap, I had to open my mouth.

-Spider-Man swings over the many cop cars over to the First Municipal Manhattan Bank. Where a man in a yellow suit and strange devices on his arm, is using those devices to blow cars out of his way-

Spider-Man (Landing Behind Him): I am under the authority of the fashion police to take you in on various charges. As you can see I’m kind of an expert myself.

Shocker: It was only a matter of time spider-man. (shooting a sonic burst at Spider-Man. Spider-Man jumps out of the way ) I’m the Shocker and I’m gonna rock your world.

Spider-Man - well ya see, I have this rule, You gonna need to take me to dinner first before you start rocking my world.

(Spider-Man webs up Shocker’s Sonic Devices as soon as Shocker starts another blast, the blast is redirect at Shocker, knocking him out)

Spider-Man - Well, I’ll see ya lata Shocky. (Suddenly remembers something very important) DAMN IT!

-Cut to a Church, surprisingly the same Church in which Eddie Brock was turned to Venom. Enter Mary Jane Watson in a wedding Dress-

MJ: God…is he here yet Aunt May?

Aunt May: He’ll be here, you know Peter, he’s probably more nervous than you are right now dear.

MJ: I don’t think that’s possible right now Aunt May.


-MJ hears the sound of Spider-Man’s web and smiles to herself, Peter is here-

-Cut to Peter Parker hastily getting his wedding suit on-

Peter P: The day of my dreams and I’m late. Just great.

-Runs through the church doors and up the alter-


Peter P: (mumbling) Thanks for the great support Jonah

-Betty Brant and Gwen Stacey are chatting in the seats of the church-

Gwen - Remember that Green Goblin guy, I keep having this dream of him throwing me off the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man tries to save me but then I wake up. Isn’t that the weirdest thing?

Betty Brant: (with a smile) I think someone has a crush on Spider-Man. Ohhhh spidey!

Gwen (blushing): Shut up Betty.

-The Wedding Starts-

-Camera passes a newspaper stand; headline reads “DAILY BUGLE: KLETUS KASSIDY ESCAPES FROM RYKERS.” Below it reads, “Capt. Stacey Hero Is Kassidy capture.” The camera shows the shadow of a skinny yet cut figure-

Kassidy: Here comes the bride…Captain Stacey’s gonna die!

-Cut back to the wedding-

Priest: Peter, do you take Mary Jane to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day on?

Peter P: I Do

Priest: And Mary Jane, do you take Peter to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day on?

Mary Jane: I d-

Kletus Kassidy: (singing) here comes the bride, all dressed in white, I wish it were red, then she’d be ddeeeaaaadddddd! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (Quoted from Maximum Carnage)

-The whole audience turns to look at Kletus Kassady. There is something about Kassady, in his eyes that make you fear him from the moment you see him, the eyes of a lunatic. Kassady has fire red uncombed hair and is wearing a hole ripped tank top and ripped jeans.-

Kassady: Whoa, don’t let me spoil the party, mannnnn. Ahahahahahaha.

-Captain Stacey jumps to his feat, gun drawn-

Kassady: oohhh hot crowd, and me without a date. (Grabs Gwen Stacy, holding a knife to her throat). Hey baby, any chance that you give out on the first date?

Gwen: Leave me alone creep! Ugh.

Kassady: Toooo bad, I don’t deal with rejection well.

-Kassady ***** his knife arm back, ready to impale Gwen, when a web line grabs his arm, but Peter is still on the stand, the camera follows the web line back to a black figure, with an teeth filled grin. The figure has the size of a body builder.


-Cut to Peter and MJ at the alter-

Peter: It can’t be…(Turns to Mary Jane) I’m sorry Mj…I-

Mary Jane: Go get em’ Tiger.

Peter: Get out of here.

Peter runs off to get changed, camera goes back to Kassady and Venom-

Kassady - Whoa man, you hit every ugly branch didn’t ya, ahahahahahaha.

Venom: You’re nothing but our appetizer.

-Venom disarms Kassady with his web line and leaps at him. Venom scratches Kassady, Venom obviously overpowering Kassady, throws him into a wall, Kassady is knocked out. Spider-Man breaks through the church windows-

Spider-Man: Wuddup smiley? (Thinking: Jesus, I thought he was dead)

Venom: Spider-Man! Our main course has arrived. This time we will win!

-Spider-Man lands in front of Venom in his signature pose-

Spider-Man: If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that line I’d-

-Venom punches spidey in the face, knocking him against the wall next to Kassady-

Spider-Man: (Rubbing his head) Yah know, it’s very rude to interrupt people, especially if they‘re in the middle of a lame joke. (Thinking: Has he gotten stronger than before? If that’s possible?)

-Venom leaps at Spider-Man and they start wrestling on the ground, Spider-Man is in defense the whole time, meanwhile, the church is in panic, debris from the fight is falling everywhere-

Spider-Man: (Thinking) I have to get this fight away from innocent people, someone is going to get hurt)

Spider-Man shoots a web and dodges Venom’s leap at him, Venom crashes into the wall leaving a dent in it-

Spider-Man: The bell! (Flashback to Spider-Man ripping off the black suit in church tower). If I can just lead him up the tower.

-Spider-Man forgets that Venom doesn’t trigger his spider-sense and kicked in the back by him, spider-man goes flying against the alter. Before Venom can lunge again, spider-man zips to the church tower and proceeds to climb up, Venom follows until he gets to the bottom steps of the tower and realizes what spidey is doing-

Venom: HA! Do you find us stupid Parker! Our other remember this place!

Spider-Man: aw, come on Brock, we’re having a banging good time.

-Spider-Man punches out the chain that is holding the bell and it falls, crashing through the staircases . Venom dodges it but still catches the thunderous ring of the bell, the symbiote goes berserk in pain. The symbiote senses defeat and quickly retreats from the body of Eddie Brock before it can be captured-

Brock: No! Don’t leave me, I need you!

-Spider-Man wraps Eddie in a web for the police-

Spider-Man: You’re a loser Brock, I don’t know how you survived, but now there is nice padded room waiting for you in Rykers, send me a hand basket.

Brock: I’ll kill you, I swear to God Parker! You’re dead!

Spider-Man: (making a “big talker” hand gesture) yeah yeah yeah, Heard it all before.

-Spider-Man webs up Brocks month-

Spider-Man: That bell already gave me a headache enough without your babbling Brock. Later.

-Walks out to damaged church as Peter Parker-

J.J. Jameson: Wrecking churches now! I told you Robbie, he’s a menace! A MENACE! PARKER! You better have some pictures!

Peter (straightening his hair with his hand) Yeah Jonah, I just happened to have a camera in my suit pocket.

Jameson: Don’t get sly with me Parker! You’re fired ag-

Mrs. Jameson: (slaps Jameson on the back of the head) watch your blood pressure.

Jameson: (defeated) yes dear…

-Camera goes back on Peter Parker as he walks towards Mary Jane-

Peter: Is this what marriage is going to be like for her? Constantly in danger, always looking over her shoulder. She doesn’t deserve that, hell, she doesn’t deserve me.

-Peter meets up with Mary Jane by the sidewalk, still in her wedding dress, but the dress is torn and wrinkled-

Mary Jane: (trying hiding her sadness and anger from her wedding being ruined) …hey tiger.

Peter: Mary Jane, I’m so-

Mary Jane: (Puts a finger to Peters lip) shhh…don’t worry about it Tiger, we can always arrange another ceremony, but I can’t arrange another Peter, I’m just thankful you’re all right.

Peter: I love you so much

-They kiss-

-Camera cuts to Kletus Kassady and Eddie Brock being arrested-

Eddie Brock: I could expose him right now, in front of the world. No, someone else might get to him before me, before us.

Kassady: Dude, you’re ccrrrazzzzzyyyy, and coming from me, that’s saying something, man! Ahahaha.

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