SPIDER-MAN 4 - Script by thejon93


Forever Haunted
Dec 31, 2007
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SCRIPT BY: thejon93

(Opens with)

Peter standing over Harry Osborn's gravestone with Mary Jane.

Peter Parker voice-over.

I never imagined it could happen, or maybe I just kept convicing myself that it couldn't. My best friend. He finally understood his father's death, I thought our friendship would return after the battle. It did, but the man who taught me to forgive died right before my own eyes. What was there left? Who would I lose next? That's what I fear the most. I was given a gift to share with the world, but there wasn't nobody out there like Harry. Only Mary Jane remained, the only one I ever truly loved. But still, here I am. Somehow still standing as more and more people die right before me. I never learned to really ever adapt to it, I don't think I ever will. I will always fear this, always - Peter

Peter struggles to open his apartment door as Mary Jane tries to help and finally they get it open with the door knobs on both sides of the door falling to the floor. Peter and Mary Jane pick one of each up off of the floor.

I really have to fix this - Peter laughs and put the knob on his desk and picked up an envelope from Aunt May.

Mary Jane put the other knob on the desk beside the other and noticed Peter opened an envelope from Aunt May.

Aunt May was here! Probably for the birthday you probably forgot about, again - Mary Jane leaned over Peter's shoulder to read the birthday card that Peter pulled out of the envelope. It was a simple little card for a special occasion with her signature as well which read: "Happy Birthday Peter, Sorry I Couldn't be There. Love You".

Peter smiled and set the card on the desk as he took off his coat, Mary Jane noticed part of Peter's(Spider-Man) suit and looked down at the floor. Peter noticed.

I had to bring it just in case - Peter

Mary Jane looked up at Peter.

So you're saying that you couldn't spend ten minutes of your time honouring your best friend without the worries of another mugging going on in the streets? - Mary Jane

Anything could happen out there, Mary Jane - Peter

Mary Jane got up from the bed and grasped Peter's shoulders.

The world could wait - Mary Jane

Peter shook Mary Jane's hands off of his shoulders and walked over to the window.

The world can't wait, Mary Jane. I know you told me not to wear it there but... you don't understand... it feels as if the world is weighing down on my shoulders - Peter

Mary Jane walked over and stood beside Peter.

I'm here for you, Tiger. You know that - Mary Jane put her hand on Peter's face and they hugged each other.

The police radio came on and reported that there was a robbery taking place at a nearby bank. Mary Jane looked back down to the floor again while Peter and Mary Jane still hugged, knowing that Peter would have to leave sooner or later. Mary Jane let go and Peter put his(Spider-Man) mask on and left into the washroom and came out with his(Spider-Man) suit on. He quickly hugged Mary Jane and left off the balcony.

Get down on the ground! - Herman Schultz

Herman Schultz held a pistol up in the air threatening to shoot it at somebody. He pointed it at the woman behind the counter. And throws a bag onto the counter.

Fill it, lady! - Herman Schultz

The lady began to fill it up with money. The man who was crouching down in fear stood up.

Why are you doing this? What do you earn from this apart from getting wanted by the police? - Man

Herman Schultz turned towards him as his goons pointed their guns at the man who confronted Schultz. Herman laughed and pulled out his gun at pointed at the man's head.

Every penny I earn gets me one step closer to glory, in the form of cash. People like me, have that to live for. I'm the new form of Toni Montana, baby! - Herman Schultz

Herman pulls the trigger on the weapon and shoots the man in the head. Schultz began to laugh as the remaining people screamed in fear. Herman shot the ceiling.

Shut up! If anybody else wants to confront me, I have a nice little tip for ya, DON'T! - Herman Schultz

Herman Schultz threw bag of cash into the car as his goons started it up, once he got inside the vehicle he told his goons to take off and they shot forward in the car as Spider-Man began to catch up behind them.
Vehicle speeds around corner and continues speeding forward while avoiding traffic. Spider-Man then swings around the same corner following the vehicle.

The Web-Swinger is on our tail - Goon driving car

Yes, thanks for varifying that, speed up - Herman Schultz

The goon had the car move at a faster rate as Spider-Man struggled even more to keep up with it.

You(Schultz points at goon who was sitting in front with the driver), make yourself useful, kill the bug, insect, WHATEVER IT IS, SHOOT IT! - Schultz

Goon picks two machine pistols from the underneath the dashboard, opens the door and begins to shoot at Spider-Man but he dodges the bullets as he pushes himself towards a nearby building wall and begins to run down it as he spins a new webline towards a building across the street and pushes himself off the wall and swings towards the vehicle as the goon ran out of bullets and stopped shooting as Spider-Man swung towards him, Spidey landed on the hood of the car and dropkicked the goon in the face as he was thrown off the vehicle as he flew into the car door of an already parked vehicle. Man(Stan Lee) walks up to check the damage on his car.

Holy crap! - Man(Stan Lee)

Spider-Man was about to punch through the hood of the car when all of a sudden it came off thanks to Herman Schultz as he released the hood from the vehicle. Spider-Man landed on his feet with the hood as he saw Herman was ready to fire a rocket from a rocket launcher at him.

Whoa, these guys came prepared - Spider-Man

Spider-Man kicked the hood up to his arms from off of the ground and leapt up into the air with it as Schultz shot the rocket at him when he began to slow down in the air, Spider-Man then held the hood of the car in front of him which the rocket had hit and exploded onto the hood blasting Spider-Man higher up into the air but still unharmed, but knocked unconscious while falling. Schultz grinned as he watched Spider-Man fall. But finally he woke up as he spun a webline towards the building in front of Herman as he caught him in a headlock on the roof of his car and swung him up to the building wall. Herman headbutted Spider-Man and the dropkicked him in the stoamach as he fell off the building risking his own body to hurt Spidey, but Spidey saved him with a webline; just as Schultz predicted as he grinned once again. Schultz's driver snuck off into the alleyway unnoticed by anyone as the people on the streets focused on Spider-Man as he held Herman Schultz from death(which had now been up to the point of a minor/serious injury if he had fell), but Schultz then turned towards Spider-Man and fired two shots at him, Spider-Man sensed the first and avoided it but was shot in the shoulder by the second as he dropped Schultz who fell right on his back with a thud on the ground. He got up as quick as he could and ran off in the same direction as the goon and ripped off the webline from his jacket. As Spider-Man was left, with a bullet-wound for his service to the people of Manhattan.

Herman Schultz saw the goon running down the alleyway and he ran after him in rage, he finally caught up to him as the goon was gasping for breathe.

Herman grabbed the goon by the neck and pushed him up against the building wall.

Wh...what are you... doing...? - Goon

Herman looked down at the bag of money the goon held. He laughed.

You really think I was going to let you get away with my cash? - Herman Schultz

The goon studdered.

...don't... kill me, Herman - Goon

Herman grinned and gripped the goon's throat tighter.

Why would I do such a thing? - Schultz
How did this happen, Peter? - Doctor

Doctor trying to pluck bullet out of Peter's shoulder while he firmly grasped the bed pan in pain stopping himself from screaming in pain.

Some guy Spider-Man was chasing... shot me in the shoulder... - Peter gasped as he gripped the bed pan even harder as the Doctor pulled out the bullet.

Never thought I'd see the day Spider-Man's own photographer getting shot. Can't wait 'til the Daily Bugle does a story on this, probably give the blame to Spider-Man himself - Doctor

Peter look up at the Doctor in pain.

Dear Lord, Peter! What are you a vigilante?! - J. Jonah Jameson

No, the man Spider-Man was after shot me - Peter(arm in a cast)

JJJ rose from his chair in rage. Robby looked at Peter as if he was worried about something.

How dare Spider-Man let something like this happen to you! - J. Jonah Jameson

Betty Brant walked into office.

Mind the rage, Mister Jameson - Betty Brant

Where's my coffee? - J. Jonah Jameson

What kind do you want? - Betty Brant

Dark, which ever cup comes cheaper - J. Jonah Jameson

So you want the small? - Betty Brant

No, a large! Make sure you get a discount for New York's finest Editor-in-Chief - J. Jonah Jameson

Hoffman peered through the doorway.

Not exactly, Sir. Recent studies show - Hoffman was cut off when JJJ threw a mug at him.

Hoffman avoided it as it broke when it hit the floor.

You're paying for that - JJJ pointed at Hoffman

Yes, Sir - Hoffman

GET OUT OF HERE! - J. Jonah Jameson

Hoffman left JJJ's office.

Didn't I fire him? - J. Jonah Jameson

Not yet, Sir - Robby

Well that guy better smarten up before he gets a real good wake-up call - J. Jonah Jameson

What about Peter, Sir? He's injured! - Robby

I'm not blind, Robby. I can perfectly well see that! - J. Jonah Jameson

Anger, Sir - Peter

Hey, do I look like I'm turning green? - J. Jonah Jameson

No, your turning more crimson than you are green - Robby

JJJ blankly stared at Robby as Peter tried to hide his laughter.

Peter walks up apartment stairwell but as he's about to open his apartment door, Mr. Ditkovich comes out of his apartment.

What have you done to yourself, Boy? - Mr. Ditkovich

I was shot - Peter

Ursela peered around the corner.

You were shot? - Ursela

...yeah, I was - Peter

Have you told Aunt May, or Mary Jane? - Ursela

I'm about to - Peter

Peter tries to walk to his apartment, ending the conversation but Mr. Ditkovich steps in front of him.

Here's what you do, you tell her: 'Hey, I am a man. You are my spouse(claps hands together twice). Now, make me dinner!' Hey? - Mr. Ditkovich

Thanks for the advice, Mr. Ditkovich - Peter

Peter walks away as Ursela is shoved back into the apartment by her father. Peter stops at his door, thinking of what to say to Mary Jane.
Peter opens apartment door, Mary Jane turns towards him from her view out the window and right before she could talk, she notices Peter's cast.

...Peter?! Wha... what happened?! - Mary Jane

I was shot - Peter

Peter walks over to the fridge and pulls out a carton of milk, opens it and begins to gulp it down.

Who did this? - Mary Jane

How do I know anymore? - Peter

Peter continues to drink from milk carton.

What's wrong with you, Peter? You seem... - Mary Jane

Frustrated? Is that the word? Well yeah, I am - Peter

Peter sets down now empty milk carton.

Why? Tell me I... I want to help - Mary Jane

Peter turned away from her feeling bad for the way he was talking to her. Mary Jane moved in closer to him.

Let me help - Mary Jane

No, I can't... - Peter

You can't what? - Mary Jane

I can't lose you like I did Harry! - Peter

Peter faced Mary Jane and they hugged each other.

I'm sorry, Mary Jane it's just... I just can't lose you - Peter

We both lost something with Harry's death, Peter... it's just something that we all have to learn to live with - Mary Jane

Peter was about to talk to her when the phone in the apartment rang. Mary Jane let go of Peter so he could get the phone. He picked it up.

Hello? - Peter

Hello, is this Peter Benjamin Parker? - Caller

Yes, yes it is - Peter

Could you come down to the police precinct for some questions about your involvement with the bank robbery comitted by a man named Herman Schultz? Do you need directions to the precinct? - Caller

Ahh, no. I know where it is - Peter

Peter peered at Mary Jane.

Ahh... sure, I'll be right over - Peter

Peter hung up the phone

I guess it's time to take a ride on the crap-mobile - Peter

Peter begins to walk towards the door but Mary Jane stops him.

How are you going to do that with your... cast? - Mary Jane

Mary Jane on scooter with Peter in the back.

I can't believe this, just don't crash, I don't have the luxury of gaining another disadvantage - Peter

Don't worry, just keep that head of your's protected and you'll be fine - Mary Jane started up the scooter and left the garage.

Okay... okay, WATCH OUT! - Peter

Mary Jane got in between the two vehicles to cut through the traffic.

I know what I'm doing - Mary Jane

Please don't run a red light, please don't - Peter said as Mary Jane persumed forward on the scooter but stopped at the light.

Ahh... thank you, I love you - Peter

'Love ya too - Mary Jane

Please don't talk like a bad-ass, I might mistake you for a crazed biker-chick - Peter

Mary Jane looked back at Peter and smiled.

Herman Schultz pulled the goon along with him in a headlock as he kept yelling.

You should've thought before you screwed with me! - Schultz

Herman Schultz threw the goon down into the basement as he rolled down the stairs. The goon began to climb back up the stairs but Herman closed it right in his face and locked the door.

Another goon came up behind Schultz and Herman turned towards him.

We'll beat the hell out of him later on, but for now I'm hungry. Order some pizzas or something - Schultz

How many? - Goon

Herman looked deeply into the goon's eyes and stepped in closer to him.

What do I care, I'm not the one who's paying for it - Schultz

Schultz walked away into the living room with the remaining goons as the goon stared at Schultz angerily.
Peter and Mary Jane walk into Captain Stacy's office. Captain Stacy get's up from his chair to greet Peter and Mary Jane. Peter shakes hands with Captain Stacy then Stacy shook Mary Jane's hand.

Seems we've had one too many encounters already, Mister Parker - Captain Stacy

Captain Stacy and Peter stopped shaking hands and let go.

Good to see you again, Sir - Peter

Good to see you, after all you're the one who gave us that tip on Cletus Kasady, thank God he's in prison - Captain Stacy

Thank God he's staying there - Peter

Anyhow, Peter. How's it going? - Captain Stacy

Well, I'm doing fine I guess apart from the fact that I was shot. But, how's Gwen? - Peter

Mary Jane slightly peered at Peter as he looked directly at her.

Wha... Gwen? She's fine. She's on vacation in Malibu - Captain Stacy

Hey, that's funny because my Aunt's on vacation too - Peter

In Malibu? - Captain Stacy

No, she's on vacation in Florida - Peter

Well, hope she's enjoying herself - Captain Stacy

Peter nodded his head.

Unfortunately, now we got another nasty customer, Herman Schultz; appears to be another petty crook but, never underestimate the man - Captain Stacy

Yeah, sure has a dead eye - Peter

Dead eye for the innocent; double homicide, and his most recent robbing a local bank and killing the security guards. This man's as shallow as the bottom of the ocean - Captain Stacy

What does this have to do with me? - Peter

Well beyond the fact that you were shot this doesn't have much to do with you - Dr. Connors

Peter and Mary Jane turned around to see Dr. Connors standing at the doorway.

Dr. Connors...? What are you doing here? - Peter

Well I'm currently under the position of DNA analisis which is the very reason you're here - Dr. Connors

Peter and Mary Jane quickly peered at each other.

What's wrong with my DNA? - Peter

We collected some of your blood from the point where Spider-Man and Herman Schultz were battling along a building wall and it is - Captain Stacy stopped himself and looked at Dr. Connors.

...unique - Dr. Connors

Are you getting to the point at where you tell me that I'm some sort of... mutant?! - Peter

Not exactly, you see Peter, your DNA contains very unusual characteristics that at which compared to your earlier DNA samples they seem to be very unusual - Dr. Connors

...I was called on the count of my possible involvement with the bank robbery and now you've come up with some kind of different story about my DNA? There's nothing wrong with me. If I had some kind of "unique" ability I'm sure that I'd know about it. I can't crawl alongside building walls, I can't fly, hell, I can't even swim! How could I have some kind of unique characteristic? - Peter

Apart from your smarts it could something as simple as infection from the gunshot wound, we just thought we should warn you - Dr. Connors

Why? Are the 'Men in Black' going to come for me in my sleep now?! - Peter

I'm sorry for calling you in like this, Peter. You can go now - Captain Stacy

Peter and Mary Jane left the office.

Mary Jane was asleep in his apartment as he took apart the cast on his arm and wrapped his injured shoulder in gase. Peter looks back at Mary Jane and smiled as he continued to wrap up his arm.

Dr. Connors in DNA labs at the police precinct gathering Peter's DNA up in his backpack in a container.

Dr. Connors opens his car door and closes it as he gets into the car, as he's about to put the car key into the ignition he stops in his tracks. Dr. Connors witnesses a flashback from his past; it features a young Dr. Connors hugging his wife Martha, Dr. Connors smiles, but then it jumps to him serving his country in the war of WWII and then after trying to save one of his fellow soliders, a mine sets off in front of him and he flies across the field and his shoulder is thrown right into a light post which completely tears it off. Dr. Connors gasps as he puts the key into the ignition and rears out of the garage.
Dr. Connors walks into his laboratory and sets his backpack on the counter and pulls out the container, sets it on the counter, opens it and pulls out Peter's blood vial and examines it.

Dr. Connors mixes a bit of Peter's blood in with another vial filled with lizard blood. He closed the lid and shook it up a bit then he placed it in a needle. He was about to use it on himself when he gasped and put the needle back on the counter and put his head in his hands.

Dr. Connors then pulls his car into his driveway at his house which had been near an industrial laboratory. He walked up to the front door and unlocked it with his key. Dr. Connors took off his shoes and coat as he hung it up on the hanger and one at a time put both shoes on shoe-rack thanks to his missing right arm. He walked upstairs and opened a bedroom door which had drawings of Dr. Connors, his wife Martha and son Billy. It was his son's room. He walked over to his son's bed and sat down on it, he tucked his son in and then kissed him on the forehead and left the room afterwards. He then walked into the room his wife and he had slept in every night together. He got into the bed with his wife and kissed her on the forehead.

I thought I told you to wear your PJs to bed from now on - Martha

Well I'm breaking the rules - Dr. Connors

Well don't break them again, Mister - Martha

Yes, Honey - Dr. Connors

How did that job at the precinct turn out? - Martha

It was alright, the first day of work and I got a DNA sample of one of my favourite students - Dr. Connors

Peter... right? Peter... Parker?... - Martha

Yeah... it's unbelieveable, I've known this man for so long and now... he seems to be the answer I've always been looking for... - Dr. Connors

What do you mean, Curt? - Martha

His blood was retrieved at a crime scene earlier on today, they gave it to me to examine and... his blood... it's... unlike anything I have ever seen before, I don't know what it is but I've studied blood before and it is nothing compared to this - Dr. Connors

What makes it unique? - Martha

It stipulates supernatural characteristics, it's almost as if he could be a... mutant. I could use the blood to help modify my formula to begin testing on myself - Dr. Connors

Curt, you can't do this. I know this has been your dream for so long but putting your own life in jeoperdy won't help it succeed - Martha

I will never know unless I try - Dr. Connors
Peter watched the alarm clock on his shelf and waited for it to go off, it finally did. He rose out of bed as Mary Jane moved around a bit as she appeared to still be very tired. Peter quickly got changed but then fell over while trying to put his pants on. Mary Jane lifted her head to look at Peter.

What are you doing, Tiger? - Mary Jane

Ahh... getting dressed, nothing wrong here... - Peter

Where's your cast? - Mary Jane

Peter clenched his teeth together and then stopped to face Mary Jane.

I took it off - Peter

Why? - Mary Jane

'Cause I didn't like it on, I didn't need it. I'll just be more careful than I usually am - Peter

You can't just be "more careful", Peter - Mary Jane

Mary Jane, I don't know if you noticed right at the moment but I'm Spider-Man. Injured or not I still have to protect the city - Peter

You could die, Peter - Mary Jane

Mary Jane... I risk that everytime I go out there, and quite frankly I'll always be willing to do it again - Peter turned away from Mary Jane and put his shirt on.

That's great, just great, Peter. But this time it's your disadvantage... don't you think your enemies will capitalize on that the most of all? - Mary Jane

Peter gasped.

I'm going out - Peter walked out the door and closed it behind him after getting his shoes on.

Dr. Connors and Martha sleeping in the bed, Dr. Connors turned over when he heard the door open. His son sat next to him on the bed by leaping up onto it which woke up both Martha and Dr. Connors.

Morning, Mom and Dad - Billy

Ahh, good morning, Billy. What's for breakfast? - joked Dr. Connors

His son smiled and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it.

Look what I made! - Billy

It was a picture of Dr. Connors as Spider-Man.

Are you Spider-Man, Dad? - Billy

Dr. Connors smiled and hugged his son but he noticed that when he tried to hug him with both arms one wasn't there, it was as if he forgot all about his missing right arm. Martha joined in with hugging Dr. Connors and Billy.

Yes, Son... I'm Spider-Man... - Dr. Connors

Peter walking across the street in the Downtown area when he notices a man(Bruce Campbell) asking people for money who looked familiar. He ran over towards the man.

You've hit a new low haven't you? - Peter

Man looks up at Peter.

Oui... - Man

What happened to you? - Peter

I was career cruising - Man

Then why didn't you stick with one of the jobs you had? - Peter

Because... I never really liked them! - Man

It's hard to understand you, Mister - Peter

I like to be mysterious - Man

That's funny, I always am - Peter

Then we understand each other(stands up from ground), we should be partners. We could be like The Blues Brothers but instead... we should be like the Ghostbusters or something like...(snaps fingers) Scooby Doo - Man

"Scooby Doo"?! - Peter

Yeah, we're those dirty little kids - Man

That reminds me(pulls out wallet, pulls out ten dollar bill and hands it to the man), get cleaned up - Peter

Man grabs money.

Thank you, I will never forget this, Mister Peaker - Man

Peter gasps.

Never gets the name right - Peter tells himself
Herman Schultz punches goon in the face, his face is bloodied from repeated blows. Another goon held his arms together so he couldn't put up any defense. He punches him again.

Don't you EVER run off like that again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! - Schultz

Yes...(coughs up blood) - Goon #1

Let him go - Schultz

Goon #2 let #1 go. Herman then kicked him in the gut. Then knelt down to his knees.

Yes "what"? - Schultz

...yes... Sir...! - Goon #1

Have you learned you're lesson? - Schultz

...yes... - Goon #1

That's what I thought! - Herman smacked the goon's head

Schultz! The shipment is on it's way - Goon #3 turned around from computer to face Herman Schultz.

Good, get the cash, we're going to the docks - Schultz

Peter lying in bed with Mary Jane when the police radio came on and identified an unknown cargo headed down to the docks. He got up from the bed and walked over to the closet. Mary Jane leaned up from bed.

Be careful - Mary Jane

Peter looked back at her quickly then opened the closet and stared at his Spider-Man suit.

I can't guarentee I'll make it back in one piece, hell whether I could even make it back at all. Just know that I love you(Peter stared at her again), I always have - Peter

Spider-Man stands up on roof of his apartment with the moon shining behind him, he then leapt off the building and then began to websling towards the docks.

Cargo stopped at the docks and Schultz's crew arrived in a vehicle escorted by another. One of the men on the cargo met up with Schultz as others unloaded the cargo off the ship. Spider-Man watched on top of a storage shipment as Schultz and the dealers spoke.

Goon #1 gave briefcase to one of the dealers while trying to hide his bruises, the dealer with the briefcase looked at the goon curiosly but then focused his attention on Herman Schultz.

How much? - Dealer #1

One mil', as promised - Schultz

All in one briefcase? - Dealer #3

You can count it if you like, it's all there - Schultz

Spider-Man spots a Dealer goon head away from where most of the baddies were he followed him by crawling alongside the storage. The dealer goon pulled out a cigarette and a lighter but then Spider-Man grabbed him by the neck in a headlock and pulled him up the storage.

What's in the cargo? - Spider-Man

...weapons... - Dealer #2

What kind? - Spider-Man

...you've never seen anything like it, the one that's here tonight has a shock-like attack-wave in two gauntlets that fit around your wrist - Dealer #2

What?! - Spider-Man

When charged they vibrate around the blast radius and can cause an enemy to become disoriented or blast him backwards like the person was a sac of potatoes - Dealer #2

Wow, usually it's a chore trying to get information from guys like you... thanks - Spider-Man kneed the dealer in the face and he fell to the ground below.

Dealer #1 turned around as Schultz and his goons reached into their jackets, pulled out guns and shot the dealers, they were all dead as they never stood a chance to defend themselves.

Always come prepared, boys. Remember that next time - Schultz noticed Spider-Man leap towards a lamp post in the corner of his eye and then began to shut at it as his goons began to join in once they realized who was there.

Spider-man leapt off of it backwards and kicked one of the goons square in the jaw as the remaining goons shot at him while trying to hit Spider-Man. Spider-Man then noticed they were out of ammo, he ran towards Goon #2 and dropkicked him down to the ground and then spun his webline at the two remaining goons and pulled away their goons and then went for Schultz's weapon and threw it across the yard. The two goons ganged up on Spider-Man.

One trying to punch Spidey but missed as Spidey leapt backwards out of the way, the other goon tried to hit the top of Spidey's head with his fist but Spidey saved it, rolled out of the way and kicked the goon to the side of the head as the other goon speared Spidey while punching him in the gut on the ground. Schultz recovered one of the goon's weapon and told the goon to hold Spidey steady so he could shoot him, but Spider-Man pushed the goon into the line of fire and was saved from being shot in the head as the goon was shot in the back of the neck.

The other goon got back up and went to punch Spidey but Spidey kicked his arm, grabbed it and threw the goon down to the ground and stomped on his head twice. Spider-Man stared down at Schultz as he was about to shoot him but Spidey dodged the oncoming bullets by cartwheeling out of the way while moving in repeatedly closer to Schultz so he could attack him. He finally reached him when Schultz ran out of bullets as he kicked the gun out of his hand.

Herman then punched Spidey in the head twice with both hands but Spidey moved out of the way the second time he tried it and dropkicked him in the kneecap. They began repeatly punching each other but Spidey then punched Herman with his injured arm which allowed Herman to get up and kick Spidey across the head. Schultz then rolled towards the cargo which contained the weapons and tried to open it but Spidey got up and leapt towards him and kicked him in the back knocking over the cargo where the two gauntlets rolled along the ground.

Herman turned back towards Spidey, punched him in the head then kicked him to the ground. Spider-Man then leapt back up and punched Herman in the back of the head as he was trying to pick up the gauntlets, Schultz swung a fist towards Spidey but missed and Spidey kicked him in the kneecap again; which brought Herman to his knees, spun around and kicked him in the head which knocked him back to the ground but then he tripped Spidey and kicked him across the ground with both of his feet which sent Spidey sailing across the ground a bit which allowed Schultz to grab the two gauntlets, put them on his wrists and begin to charge him up as he rose to his feet, they were both at 76% when all of a sudden Spidey tackled Herman which caused the gauntlets to set off and the blast, blasted Spider-Man high up with his back hitting the lamp-post above, he fell right back down with a thud and began to helucinate as his back bled and blood began to pour from Spidey's mask as he had flashbacks from the past that sailed through his head.

Herman grabbed the remaining gear once he heard the police sirens and fled leaving Spider-Man to try and crawl away from his fears and the police as he was still a wanted felon. He spun a webline to one of the storages and pulled himself up to it as he tried to pull himself to the top of it so he could hide from the police who were now in the area.
Mary Jane opened her eyes while lying in bed and sat up with tears in her eyes as she walked over to the window to search for any sign of Peter.

Spider-Man lied on the storage system as it rained on him, he took off his mask and his face was pale white with blood pouring out of his mouth. He sat up and spat it out next to him. He then faced his back towards the clouds so the rain could wash away the blood from where his back had hit the lamp-post overhead. He then looked up at the clouds in the sky as raindrops fell onto his eyes. He then stood up and put on the mask preparing to leave the docks.

Mary Jane continued to wait for Peter to arrive as he presumed up the stairs but then he fell down was he reached the top and continued to try and crawl towards his apartment door when he noticed Mr. Ditkovich's apartment door opened and he and his daughter Ursela came running out as Peter gripped hold of his mask which he held in his hands. Mary Jane then heard the two trying to help Peter and she rushed out the door and knelt down beside them and over Peter's fallen body.

Dear Lord, he is Spider-Man? Did hoodlums do this to the poor boy? - Mr. Ditkovich

Mary Jane began to cry. Ursela held her hand as Mr. Ditkovich tried to wake Peter up. Peter stared blankly towards the ceiling wall as everything around him began to blackout.

Dr. Connors pulled into his driveway and stepped out of his car and walked up to the front door and stepped inside the house. As soon as he stepped in through the front door he noticed his son was kneeling over his mother in the kitchen. His son then noticed him and came running towards him and hugged him as he moved forward to the kitchen he then began to run towards her. He slid down to the floor and picked her up to bring her head to his knee. He began to cry over his wife's pale, life-less face, his son looked down to the floor boards but then Dr. Connors pulled him in and hugged him while they both cried.

Mr. Ditkovich and Mary Jane talked in the kitchen about Peter dressed as Spider-Man while trying to cheer her up at the same time. Ursela walked into the other room where Peter lied on the couch and presumed towards him. She knelt down beside him and looked at him then picked up his hand and held onto it as then she kissed him on the forehead. Tears began to cross her eyes as she got up and began to leave the room until she heard Peter turn over on the couch and grunt.

...Mary Jane... Daddy... Peter, he moved!... - Ursela

Mary Jane and Mr. Ditkovich came rushing to the room. Mary Jane sat beside him and grasped his hand and kissed it. Peter then opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Mary Jane. She then hugged him as he then hugged her back. Mr. Ditkovich looked like he was about to cry as Ursela smiled.

So, Peter... you "superhero"? - Mr. Ditkovich

...I guess so, yeah. I am - Peter

So...(Mr. Ditkovich leaned in closer to Peter) how much do you charge per hour? - Mr. Ditkovich

...I'm sorry?... - Peter

Well you have to make a living on being this... "Spider-Man" don't you? - Mr. Ditkovich

Not exactly, but if you take my position at the Daily Bugle under thought then I guess you could say that I make a wage after all as to being "Spider-Man" - Peter

Mary Jane came into the room in a rush with teh phone from their apartment.

Peter, Dr. Connor's wife is dead... - Mary Jane

Peter was shocked to hear the news as he rose from his chair and followed Mary Jane out of the apartment.

Peter and Mary Jane opened the doors to enter one of the sections of the hospital where they saw Dr. Connors's son, Billy sitting. Mary Jane and Peter walked towards him as Peter noticed Dr. Connors in the room in front of Billy arguing with the doctor. Mary Jane sat next to Billy.

Hi, there - Mary Jane

...hello... - Billy

What's your name? - Mary Jane

Billy... - Billy

Do you like to colour or anything like that, Billy? - Mary Jane

...yeah, I always colour for my dad and... mom... - Billy

Mary Jane felt sad for mentioning it as she looked down to the floor. Peter knelt down in front of Billy.

You listen to me, Billy - Peter

Billy looked up at Peter.

Don't you dare even think to yourself that it is all your fault... don't you ever... it was nobody's fault she died, okay? - Peter

Billy shook his head.

She loved you, Billy... and she died with that little piece of mind. She loved you and your father both so very much that if I poured all of her love for you two in a swimming pool, it would overflow - Peter

Billy got up from the chair and hugged Peter. As he was about to hug back he heard something break in the room in front of him and Billy, Dr. Connors threw something at the wall and grabbed the doctor by the shirt. Peter got up and rushed into the room as doctors all around including patients came out of their rooms to see what was happening. Dr. Connors noticed Peter.

What do you want, Peter?! My wife is dead, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?! - Dr. Connors

This won't solve your problems, Dr. Connors - Peter

Then what the hell will?! - Dr. Connors

...your son... you're the only one he has left, Dr. Connors. Everybody loses somebody they love Dr. Connors, everyone dies and none ever really deserve to. You ask me me what will solve your problems, when all along the answer was right in front of your eyes - Peter

Dr. Connors slowly let go of the doctor as Peter made his speech and then finally let him go and looked down to the floor to try and hide his tears. His son then came into the room.

...Dad?... - Billy

Dr. Connors directed Billy to come and give him a hug as so he did when he ran towards him and Dr. Connors caught him in his arms.
Peter and Mary Jane sat outside room where Dr. Connors and his son were being tested for any sort of disease. Peter and Mary Jane looked at each other and Mary Jane leaned her head onto Peter's shoulder. He then moved his head through Mary Jane's hair back and forth as if petting a dog or cat. Mary Jane then looked up at Peter and they kissed.

Well, you're fine, Curt. It's unusual because you said although you haven't spent much time at home you still slep there so it wouldn't make a difference. But your son... - Doctor

Dr. Connors grabbed hold of his son's hand.

No... - Dr. Connors

Tears began to spread across Dr. Connors eyes.

I'm sorry, Curt. Your son has cancer - Doctor

Dr. Connors held his son up in the air and then hugged him as he held him up so both of their heads could reach. Peter noticed this and looked down to the floor.

What is causing this? - Dr. Connors

Well, your wife died after experiencing the affects of carcinogens, have you and your family been living near a power plant or industrial laboratory? - Doctor

Dr. Connors was about to give a response but then he thought about it and slowly set his son back down to the floor.

Yes, we lived near an industrial lab for about a few years. Ever since Billy was born - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors and the doctor continued to talk as Peter began to think: 'It felt like everything had changed that day, and it did. Too many painful tears were spread as we prayed that it would be the end of the tears of pain, and instead replace them by tears of happiness, love and respect. I could think of nothing better at that moment. We were all connected to one another that day, more than we've ever been before, the only way to outlast it, is to play along with it. To accept that everyone has a destiny, and we all live to fulfill that destiny, we just have to listen to our hearts and we'll find the answers.'

Peter and Mary Jane walk out of hospital.

Dr. Connors sits beside his son as he lays in hospital bed, he holds his hand as he looks on.

Peter calls Aunt May from apartment and puts the reciever up to his ear. Aunt May picks up, but it's her answering machine.

Ahh, I thought you'd be home by now Aunt May, I guess not. Anyways, I just wanted to say that me and Mary Jane hope you enjoyed your little vacation and well... we'll see you around. Okay, bye - Peter hung up the phone

Peter turned to face Mary Jane who looked saddened.
Dr. Connors rushes into his laboratory, picks up a metal pipe and smashes some of his equipment, he finally stops and throws the metal pipe at the wall as it crashes back down to the floor. He then sits down and puts his head in his hands. Then all of a sudden he rose from the chair and look at the needle with the formula he mixed earlier on using Peter's blood. He rushed over towards it, picked it up and stared at it.

For Billy - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors then ejected the needle into his arm where he could spot a vein. Once it was all in his arm he threw the needle to the ground and was about to walk out of his laboratory when he suddenly stopped because he was dizzy. He then blacked out and fell unconscious.
Peter and Mary Jane lied in bed to get some rest but then somebody knocked on the door, Peter got up out of bed and answered the door, it was Aunt May.

Aunt May! - Peter

Peter and Aunt May hugged as Mary Jane sat up from bed.

Oh, I'm sorry if I woke you guys up - Aunt May

No, it's alright. How was the trip? - Peter

Ohh, it was lovely, the only part that saddened me was knowing that you two weren't there - Aunt May

Well you were there with Mary Jane's aunt so it shouldn't have been that bad - Peter

Ohh, half of the time that women was hiding like a scaried cat! - Aunt May

That sounds like her - Mary Jane

Mary Jane and Aunt May smiled.

Well, it's good to see you back - Peter

It's great to be back, Peter - Aunt May

Aunt May put her hand on Peter's cheek.

Ohh! I brought you two back a little something - Aunt May

Aunt May reached into her purse and pulled out a pack of taffies.

Well, I'm sure going to be munching on those things tonight - Peter

Peter smiled at Aunt May and then they hugged again, Mary Jane got out of bed too to hug Aunt May.

Thank you again, Aunt May - Mary Jane

Well, I'll see you two later - Aunt May

Peter and Mary Jane opened the door for Aunt May and escorted her down the stairs. But then Mr. Ditkovich came out of his apartment.

Rent?... Ohh, hello, Madam - Mr. Ditkovich

Hello there - Aunt May

Peter and Mary Jane glanced at each other. Peter walked over the close Mr. Ditkovich's door so he would stop bothering them but he walked out right before Peter shut it on him.

So... do you know? - Mr. Ditkovich

"Know"? "Know" what? - Aunt May

Mr. Ditkovich, I'll get you your rent as soon as possible, good night - Peter

Peter shoved Mr. Ditkovich into his apartment then shut the door right in his face. Peter turned back towards Mary Jane and Aunt May.

He's a bit crazy - Peter

I know what he meant - Aunt May

Aunt May stared into Peter's eyes.

"The Friendly Neighborhood, Spider-Man!" - Aunt May

Peter looked down to the floor.

I never planned I revealing this to you... - Peter

Come on, Peter. There's a reason why two people who need a break from this world most of all would decline a little break from it all. You stayed behind to protect the city, a challenge you were not willing to turn down even for the world itself - Aunt May

...I made a choice once... to live a live of responsibility... I was even a gift, to share with the world, to protect it... I wasn't willing to let it go... not even for a second - Peter

Aunt May smiled.

Uncle Ben... he taught me that under any circumstances... anyone can stand before the people and give them hope... give them a chance to make the best of the lives they live. Uncle Ben taught me that... one man can make a difference, for better... or worse, I am Spider-Man... and that is what I have to live for - Peter

Peter looked back up at Aunt May. She walked over to him and hugged him, Mary Jane smiled.

You have many more reasons to live, Peter. You are a hero, yet again you are even more that even a blind person could see... you have a heart that is as pure as gold, and that is your defense... you are more than a hero, Peter... you are more. You give the people hope, and you give them reasons to live that they never thought of before - Aunt May

Tears jerked from Peter's eyes, Aunt May pushed them away.

I love you, Peter - Aunt May

I love you too, Aunt May - Peter

Peter and Aunt May hugged each other again.
Dr. Connors wakes up after falling unconscious, he sat up and went to wipe his face with his hand but that's when he noticed, he now had two arms!

...it worked... haha, it worked!... - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors got up and felt his new arm which grew back in the same place he had lost it. He then ran out of the laboratory.

Dr. Connors pulled into his new driveway at an apartment building and ran up to his door, opened it and walked inside. He called out to his son and he came running towards him. The babysitter walked behind him in a rush, Dr. Connors hugged his son and the babysitter gasped above the two of them.

I'll need to be paid an advance - Babysitter

Dr. Connors pulled out his wallet and paid the babysitter as he then told her to leave, she did.

Dad, you have your arm back! - Billy

I do, I do. I'm back, Billy... I'm back... - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors hugged Billy.

I'm back... - Dr. Connors

Spider-Man web-swinging through the city streets when all of a sudden there was an explosion at another bank, Spidey leapt off the webline and flew towards the area of the explosion, right when he was about to hit the ground, he saved himself by spinning a webline towards a lamp-post. It was Herman Schultz, he had robbed another bank after blasting a vehicle into the building. Herman noticed Spider-Man running towards him so he began to charge up his gauntlets but as Spider-Man was in attacking range, he leapt into the air and his jet boots were activated as he flew over Spider-Man and then he blasted him from behind with his charged gauntlets but Spider-Man leapt out of the way, jumped at Schultz and punched him in the face. Schultz's jet boots malfunctioned and he flew all around the area with Spider-Man holding onto his arm. Finally they stopped by crashing into an office building where a couple of buisness assosciates sat. Spider-Man got up as Herman slid underneath the long table thanks to his jet-boots. Then he came back up and again and flew towards Spider-Man.

Excuse me! - Spider-Man

Schultz speared Spider-Man out of the window and continued and presume forward.
Spider-Man and Schultz flew all around the area throwing repeated punches and kneelifts at one another until Spider-Man released himself from Schultz's grip and kicked him in the stoamach which sent Schultz flying, while Spidey falling. Spidey spun a webline towards a building to save himself but before he hit the ground Schultz kicked him across the street where he almost got hit by an oncoming truck. Spider-Man rolled along the ground and finally stopped at the edge of the building with the area where Schultz kicked him burnt thanks to Schultz's jet-boots.

Spider-Man limbed back up to his feet with Schultz ended towards him, Schultz caught Spider-Man and blasted him through the wall of the building. Schultz disabled the jet-boots and walked into the building using the hole in the wall that Spider-Man caused. He punched him in the face and then knelt down beside him.

Where have you been, Spider-Boy? I missed 'ya - Schultz

As did I - Spider-Man

Spider-Man pulled his legs up and wrapped them around Schultz's arms and began to punch him repeatedly in the head. Herman finally got out of it after kicking his own body up and pulled his arms out from underneath Spider-Man's legs and punched Spider-Man in the face, which caused Spider-Man to roll away from it's impact. But before Herman could get up Spider-Man got up and dropkicked him in the face which also caused him to roll back up to his feet as he and Spider-Man exchanged punches, up until Spider-Man caught Herman's fist, leapt into the air and kicked him in the jaw which sent Herman back out of the building(via same hole in the wall).

Spider-Man came out of the building(via hole in the wall) and dropkicked Herman again in the face but Herman got back up and then kicked Spider-Man in the gut which sent him back towards the wall and then he clotheslined him.

Herman quickly activated his jet-boots and once Spider-Man got up and was about to attack him, he threw an uppercut towards Spider-Man's jaw and they flew up the building up until they reached the roof. Spider-Man landed on his knees as Herman landed on his feet as he kicked Spider-Man in the stoamach, he rolled over to his back in pain but when Herman went to kicked him again but Spider-Man caught it, Herman however thought quick and stomped on Spider-Man's head with his other foot. Spider-Man yelled out in pain as he rolled around the rooftop. Herman laughed over Spider-Man's pain.

What's the use of unmasking you, when I could easily kill you? - Schultz

Spider-Man continued to roll around.

Get up, Spider-Man! - Schultz

Schultz began to charge up the two gauntlets up to 100%.

This time, I'm going to make sure you die for sure - Schultz

Spider-Man struggles to stand up but continues to do so, as Schultz continues to charge the gauntlets.

You've killed enough people already, Schultz - Spider-Man

One not enough, Spider-Man - Schultz

Schultz swung both gauntlets towards Spidey's head but he ducked out of the way causing destruction in the path of the vibration. Spider-Man then charged himself up for an uppercut attack on Schultz which had successfully hit. Schultz stumbled along near the edge of the roof as Spider-Man ran towards him Herman grabbed Spider-Man and now he and Spider-Man were at the near-edge of the roof.

I know you, Spider-Man... you won't let me die. You've had enough of that even through your own existance - Schultz

You may be right, Schultz(Spider-Man grabbed Herman's shirt and pulled him in closer to his face). But I know I could live with yours - Spider-Man

Spider-Man tackled Schultz off of the building. Spider-Man turned away when all of a sudden Schultz(via jet boots) appeared again; Spider-Man's spider-sense sounded off and Spider-Man caught Schultz and threw him back up into the air, he watched him carefully as he tried to turn back around but he couldn't and the jet-boots shut down causing Schultz to fall to his ultimate fate; death.
Mary Jane turns on TV and immediately there's a report on Herman Schultz's death. Mary Jane shakes her head and then Peter walks into the door. She turns towards him.

I thought you were out for a nice little "run" - Mary Jane

Peter looks at the TV and it shows Herman Schultz uppercut Spider-Man and then flying to the top of the building, and then a cut to Spider-Man chucking Schultz into the air and then crashing back down to the ground.

He started it - Peter

Peter walked into the washroom. Mary Jane shook her head again but then grinned a bit.

Dr. Connors lied on his back in bed and looked at the ceiling in depression, his alarm clock rang and he got up and rubbed his face then walked into the washroom.

Dr. Connors brushes teeth then spits out toothpaste and washes his mouth out with a glass of water, he then looks up at the sink quickly then washes his face and whips off the water with a loose towel. He then looks up at the mirror again but instead of seeing his face he saw somekind of Lizard-Man replaced with his reflection. Dr. Connors fell to the ground in fright and hit his head on the wall then put his head in his hands.
Peter knocks on Mr. Ditkovich's door, he answers it right before Peter could knock again.

Rent? - Mr. Ditkovich

I gave it to you last week - Peter

Well... do you have rent for next month then? - Mr. Ditkovich

No - Peter

Ohh, I see - Mr. Ditkovich

Mr. Ditkovich tries to close the door but Peter puts his foot in-between the doorway to stop Mr. Ditkovich from closing it, Peter leaned in closer to the door.

You can't tell anyone else about who I am, if my Aunt hadn't had a clue about it before you could've gave her a heart-attack - Peter

I'm sorry, alright? - Mr. Ditkovich

Mr. Ditkovich tries to close the door again but Peter still had his foot there.

That's not enough, Mr. Ditkovich... - Peter

Huh?... - Mr. Ditkovich

Next month's rent, free of charge - Peter

No, no, and no! - Mr. Ditkovich

Mr. Ditkovich looks around the corner at Peter as Peter stares blankly at him.

You don't have X-Ray vision do you? - Mr. Ditkovich

What?! No! - Peter

Okay... you have a deal - Mr. Ditkovich

Mr. Ditkovich is about to close the door but then peaks around the corner at Peter as he stood there waiting for the door to close. Mr. Ditkovich almost closed the door but then opened it wide again and Peter scaried him by turning towards his door then turning back towards Mr. Ditkovich. He finally shut his door.

He's the demon-child.... - Mr. Ditkovich

Mr. Ditkovich hears Peter's room door close shut and he looks out the door again with the key-hole to make sure Peter wasn't out there still. He stood back up and rubbed his face with his hand.

You alright, Daddy? - Ursela

AAHHH! - Mr. Ditkovich

Mr. Ditkovich fell backwards into the door and then it fell down into the hallway. Ursela gasped in fright.

Dr. Connors sat at the table thinking to himself, he finally stood up and picked up the phone and dialed a phone number.

Peter's phone rang, Peter was about to get it but then Mary Jane picked it up. Peter gave her a sarcastic dirty look.

Hello? - Mary Jane

Hello, this is Dr. Connors. I was wondering if Peter was there? - Dr. Connors

Mary Jane pulled Peter over towards her.

It's, Dr. Connors - Mary Jane

Mary Jane handed him the phone as she then exchanged with him another sarcastic dirty look. Peter smiled.

Hey, Dr. Connors. How are you, Sir? - Peter

I'm fine. Peter, I'm doing some research at my lab and I sent Billy to day-care for the day so I was wondering if you could come down to my lab back at the university, can you make the time? - Dr. Connors

I'll be there - Peter

Well, see you there then, Peter - Dr. Connors

Peter hung up the phone.
Peter walks into Dr. Connors lab. Dr. Connors turns towards him and walks towards Peter.

Hey, Peter - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors and Peter shook hands.

How are you holding up, Dr. Connors with?... Never mind - Peter

Peter looked down at the floor. Dr. Connors puts his hand on Peter's shoulder.

It's alright, Peter... now, come - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors walked over to another seperate room, Peter walked behind him but then he noticed Dr. Connors had two arms now. Dr. Connors turn towards Peter.

You alright, Peter? - Dr. Connors

...your arm... how did you?... - Peter

Come in here, I'll explain everything - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors walked into the room as Peter followed behind and walked into the room with Dr. Connors. Peter looked around the room.

...I was lucky enough to get my son out of the hospital, he's at day-care today, I promised myself that I'd do everything in my power to help them cure my son - Dr. Connors

Peter turned towards Dr. Connors.

How do you intend to do that, Dr. Connors? - Peter

Dr. Connors stared angrily at Peter.

Are you questioning me, Peter? You don't believe I can do it?! - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors began to walk towards Peter.

No, I just want to know so... - Peter was cut off by Dr. Connors

For your information I can very well save my son, Peter. (Lizard voice)DON'T STAND IN MY WAY! - Dr. Connors

Peter looked into Dr. Connors eyes as they began to glow yellow.

What's going on with you, Dr. Connors?... What have you done?... - Peter

Nothing, I'm perfectly fine - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors turned away from Peter and tried to hold back his anger, he looked into the glass-shelf in-front of himself and noticed his yellow eyes, he smashed the glass and cut his hand open. He screamed in pain as Peter knelt down beside him to make sure he was alright.

Dr. Connors, somethings really wrong with you... - Peter

Dr. Connors grabbed Peter by the shirt and pulled him in closer to his yellow-glowing eyes.

There... is... nothing... (Lizard voice)WRONG WITH ME! - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors then throws Peter into the shelf and all of his formula vials fell to the floor. Peter looked back up at Dr. Connors.

...lizard's blood... must... st... (Lizard voice)AARRGGHHH! - Dr. Connors

Dr. Connors began to transform into a man-sized lizard, a large tail grew out of his behind, scales began to cover his skin.

Dr. Connors... DON'T DO THIS! - Peter

The scales on his skin, as well as the skin itself on his body began to turn green. Peter looked frightened at Dr. Connors as he began to transform into The Lizard.

Peter slowly begun to stand up as Dr. Connor's jaw began to mouth out of his mouth and form the shape as a Lizard's mouth, his nose drove into his face and the two nostrils were there. Peter finally stood up all the way and Dr. Connors had been completely transformed in The Lizard. He growled at Peter.

...Dr. Connors...?... - Peter

The Lizard stopped snarling for a moment then screamed at Peter and threw him out of the window inside the room. Peter's face was cut open a bit as he was sent head-first in-through the glass. The Lizard leapt out of the room and landed beside Peter and kicked him across the room where he flew into some more lab equipment held up by a shelf. Lizard quickly paced towards before he could recover and picked him up by the neck and put him on his feet and kicked him into the wall but Peter began to crawl up the wall as Lizard was about to kick him again but Peter shot a webline towards the ground and shot himself towards The Lizard and kicked him with both feet in the stoamach and landed on his back(Peter) as The Lizard stumbled away from Peter thanks to the attack. Peter began to stand up as The Lizard turned towards him again and leapt towards him, Peter fell backwards in fear out of the way of his attack and The Lizard flew right through the wall but leapt right back up to his feet and ran like a mad-man towards Peter and tackled him which sent him right threw an office desk. The Lizard again rushed towards him as Peter struggled to get back to his feet, The Lizard was about the stomp on Peter's head but he rolled out of the way and kicked The Lizard quickly in the head as Peter tried to get back to his feet but fell right back down and hid underneath a counter to try and catch a breathe. The Lizard looked around for Peter. Peter gasped for breathe deeply and as it was getting a little better for Peter to breathe The Lizard smashed his fist through the counter and Peter leapt away before The Lizard could attack him and finally rose to his feet, The Lizard peered towards Peter and snarled as he pulled his arm out of the counter with a force and successfully got it out the first try. Peter gasped as The Lizard ran towards him and tried to throw a heel kick at Peter but he leapt a little bit over it and punched The Lizard in the head. Peter then landed on the floor but The Lizard's tail caught him and blasted him into the ground as The Lizard turned around and kicked Peter in the head which knocked Peter out, The Lizard then grabbed his leg and threw Peter through another counter. The Lizard grinned and then leapt out of the lab leaving Peter for dead.
Peter bloodied and battered walks out of Dr. Connors lab and looks around for The Lizard then presumes forward.

Peter walks into JJJ's office at The Daily Bugle. All of the employees looked at him with shock of his appearence.

Peter what happened? - Robby

Are you in the 'Fight Club', Peter? - J. Jonah Jameson

Peter slammed his hands onto JJJ's desk.

Hey, you're getting all of my documents covered in blood! - JJJ

Listen! - Peter

Everyone stopped moving and JJJ looked up at Peter.

You have to warn people about this... THING! It's a giant-lizard... it's a man-sized lizard that attacked me!... - Peter

"A man-sized lizard"?... - JJJ

JJJ paused for a moment and then started to laugh but then again quickly stopped.

Robby, turn on the news - JJJ

Robby turned on the television and there was immediately a report on a giant lizard and it showed helicopter footage of The Lizard running chaos in the downtown area and then it cut to a reporter downtown examining all of the damage done when all of a sudden the camera-man zoomed in on The Lizard who was running towards the reporter, he dropped the camera and ran off as the reporter screamed and she fell to the ground as The Lizard began to attack her, they turned off the clip and it was back to the anchors who looked frightened.

JJJ was about to say something to Peter but he wasn't there when he went to face him.

That's right, Parker!... You better come back here with some decent photos! - JJJ

Peter ran upstairs to his apartment and opened his door and got his Spider-Man suit out. He didn't have time to notice Mary Jane was talking to him as he was also frightened.

Peter, what's going on? Peter... Peter?... - Mary Jane

Peter walked into the washroom and quickly tried to put on the suit.

Would you just talk to me, Peter?! - Mary Jane

Peter walked out of the washroom and turned on the TV for Mary Jane and there was an up-to-the-minute report following 'The Lizard Attack'. Mary Jane was speechless until she saw Peter about to leap off of the balcony. She ran towards him and stoppped him from jumping.

I have to do something... - Peter

I love you - Mary Jane

Mary Jane began to cry as Peter was about to put the mask on but he stopped and threw it to the ground and went back inside to get something from the drawer. It was a little black box. He walked out onto the balcony with Mary Jane again he knelt down on his knees and opened the box.

Will you marry me? When we do we can get away from all of this, I promise. We won't need to bother with the cake and fancy decorations we'll just get married. This ring, is my life insurance... insurance that I will be granted the wish of spending the reason of my life with you. You don't have to answer me now, I just thought I should let you know - Peter

Peter stood back up with the box as Mary Jane cried even harder, she tried to say something but couldn't quite do so. Peter picked up the mask and finally Mary Jane cried.

I do, I do, I do - Mary Jane

Peter got up and left the mask on the ground to kiss Mary Jane as he pulled the ring out from the box and slipped it onto Mary Jane's finger. Mary Jane let go of the kiss and hugged Peter as he picked up the mask and put it on.

G... go get 'em..., Ti...t... - Mary Jane

Mary Jane looked down to try and hide her tears but then Peter raised her head so she was looking at him through the mask.

"Go get 'em, Tiger" - Peter

Peter smiled through the mask and Mary Jane could see it and then she finally let go of Peter who leapt off the balcony and headed towards where The Lizard was attacking. Mary Jane fell to her knees as she looked at the ring, she smiled and held it up against her chest and began to cry all over again as she looked up at the clouds; the sun blazed through the clouds onto her face.
The overall story is ok. The formatting is wrong and you need lots of work on the dialog! My suggestion to you is to go back and watch the three movies again then get right back into watching this and pay attention to the dialog of the character's while you watch the originals.
The Lizard grabs a civilian by the throat and throws him through a restaurant window and then looks for more civilians to attack. He spots one and leaps towards him. The Lizard kicks him to the ground and begins to laugh as he spread his fingers away from each other to scratch the man's face but then Spider-Man lands on the lamp-post in-front of him, The Lizard looks up at him and yells. Spider-Man leaps off of it and lands in-front of The Lizard, Spider-Man slowly stands up and meets The Lizard face-to-face, eye-to-eye(although The Lizard was slightly taller). The Lizard yelled at him again then snarled and prepared to attack but Spider-Man spun away from his attack and kicked him in the gut and he stumbled into the lamp-post. Spider-Man looked up at it and spun his web at the lamp and pushed it down towards The Lizard who couldn't move out of the way in time and it smashed against his face, The Lizard pulled it off and threw it down to the ground; his face was bloodied from the attack. The Lizard then ran towards Spider-Man in an angry rage and began to swing his sharp claws towards Spider-Man's face but Spidey kept avoiding them. The Lizard got frustrated and then finally hit Spider-Man with his claws across the face; he smirked and wrapped his hands around Spider-Man's neck and lifted him high into the air, Spidey gasped for breathe but then finally used a kneelift up to The Lizard's jaw to break to grip. Spider-Man landed on the ground coughing on his knees then he got up and began to punch and kick The Lizard with everything he had. The Lizard tried to avoid Spider-Man's fist but was caught with the other and he kept throwing them at him until The Lizard caught Spidey's leg before it could hit his stoamach and went to punch Spidey but he saved it with both hands and used his other leg to kick The Lizard across the face where again he stumbled into the direction of the kick. Spider-Man landed on his stoamach but got back up and tackled The Lizard in the back as he continued to stumble in the same direction, Spider-Man kept attacking him so he would keep going into that direction until finally The Lizard caught one of the attacks and threw an uppercut at Spidey. He flew in the air a bit but fell back down right on his back. The Lizard tried to kick him in the stoamach but Spidey rolled out of the way and dropkicked The Lizard through a window which lead to a large skyscraper.

Spider-Man got back up and looked at The Lizard while he had troubles getting back to his feet. He walked towards him but The Lizard was tricking Spider-Man and picked him up and threw him towards the ceiling, as he came tumbling back down and before he hit the floor The Lizard kicked him in the rib-cage and sent him flying across the room where the desks were all lined up in rows, The Lizard walked towards Spider-Man while throwing the desks out of his way until he finally picked one up and threw it at Spider-Man where he just barely leapt out of the way. The Lizard then picked up another and threw it at the civilians who were looking through the window, The Lizard laughed. Spider-Man then got back up, ran along the desks, leapt into the air and punched The Lizard across the face where The Lizard fell into and through the desk he was about to pick up and throw across the room. Spider-Man rose from the ground to see what happened to The Lizard who was out of sight, then all of a sudden he came up behind Spider-Man and threw his hand at Spidey's face and wrapped his fingers around Spider-Man's face. Spider-Man tried to get out of the grip as he gasped for breathe. He finally got out before The Lizard could wrap his other hand around his head by kicking The Lizard in the face with both feet. Spider-Man tried to gasp for breathe but didn't have time to as The Lizard was still standing over him. He kicked Spider-Man in the gut. The Lizard then grabbed Spider-Man's leg and threw him towards the fleet of stairs, he landed with a thud and cried in pain as The Lizard began to walk towards him. Spider-Man then began to crawl up the stairs as The Lizard moved quicker towards him, Spider-Man then got up to a new level of stairs and stood to his feet and when The Lizard came around the corner he dropkicked him and he fell right back down the stairs.
The overall story is ok. The formatting is wrong and you need lots of work on the dialog! My suggestion to you is to go back and watch the three movies again then get right back into watching this and pay attention to the dialog of the character's while you watch the originals.
I'm not a professional screenwriter, A-Man; just so you know. This is like the first ever script I ever wrote and really stuck with. You may not like it, A-Man, but I don't care. I'm writing this for me as well as anyone who enjoys reading fan-written scripts. I can't say that it's the best of all time, but just know that I'm trying and that I've seen Spider-Man 1-3, I've changed some of the characters personalities like Mary Jane's(tried to make here more suitable for audiences to like her a bit more by not making her involved in any kind of love triangles, jump from one guy to another, etc) for the main one. Dr. Connors, I wanted the reader to get to know the character a little more deeply(which is the reason for the flashbacks at the begininng), in Spider-Man 2 & 3, we got to know Dr. Connors as a teacher, mentor, role-model for Peter, etc. In this script I wanted to make the character a little more fragile then he appeared to be in the other films. And as for your opinion, I could care less about your opinion. Your opinion means nothing. The only thing that pisses me off is your errogant attitude. I edmit, I'm not at all good at action sequences and I'm doing my best to try and limb through it all, writing an action scene is hard when you have no clue of the location, where you would be shooting, etc. If you don't like it, don't bother reading it. But when it's like this, I say you should try writing one. Put up or shut-up, A-Man.
The Lizard got back up to his feet and walked back up the stairs, Spider-Man wasn't there but The Lizard spotted the door to the second floor just close, he continued to move up the stairs when Spider-Man came around the corner again and went to kick him down but The Lizard caught Spider-Man's leg and threw him back to the ground and went to smash both of his fists into Spider-Man's head but he moved out of the way. When The Lizard was about to attack Spider-Man, he spotted a skyscraper cleaning the window, The Lizard grinned and kicked Spider-Man towards the skyscraper and he flew out the window and landed in the skyscraper with the two cleaners. Spider-Man got up and watched as The Lizard ran towards them.

Hold on to something! - Spider-Man

The two cleaners fearfully stared at one another as they then knelt down and held onto the bars on the skyscraper as The Lizard leapt towards Spider-Man he speared him and the skyscraper malfunctioned and began to climb the building wall.

Spider-Man fell down as The Lizard ripped a bar off of the skyscraper and swung it at Spider-Man but he stopped it with both hands and kicked The Lizard in the stoamach as he let go of the bar, Spider-Man picked up the bar as The Lizard began to rip off another bar. Spider-Man swung his overhead at The Lizard but he whacked it out of Spider-Man's hands using his own and went to hit Spider-Man across the head with the bar but Spidey avoided it and grabbed onto it and then dropkicked The Lizard and he dropkicked The Lizard and he dropped the bar, Spidey picked it up and swung it at The Lizard's face and he fell off the skyscraper pulling Spider-Man along with him.

The Lizard and Spider-Man both exchanged punches until The Lizard kicked Spider-Man across the face which sent the both of them threw a window. Spider-Man the first to get up as he rolled to his feet. The Lizard got up and raced towards Spider-Man. He swung a open-handed swing at Spider-Man to try to cut him but Spidey leapt out of the way and grabbed hold of a barrier for the fleet of stairs above, he swung around it and kicked The Lizard in the head and then stopped swinging around it and climbed up to the fleet of stairs. The Lizard snarled and whacked the barrier out from the floor and leapt up to the fleet of stairs with Spider-Man. They fought each other by throwing punches and dodging once in a while as they quickly paced up the stairs(as if they were dancing).

The skyscraper once it hit the top malfunctioned again and one of the wires broke, the two workers held on as the skyscraper then began to fall down the remaining wires.

The Lizard kicked Spider-Man but then Spider-Man rolled back to his feet and dropkicked The Lizard and he fell right back down the stairs. Spider-Man was about to follow him back down but then he spotted the skyscraper falling and ran towards the window and leapt out of it. He spun two weblines at the men and successfully hit both and pushed himself up against the wall to stop them from falling. One floor above Spider-Man, The Lizard leapt out of the window and caught Spider-Man's head with both of his hands and threw him back into the building(but still not letting go of the guys).

We're fine now so you can let us go!.............. - Worker #1

Spider-Man slid along the floor but as The Lizard walked towards him; in between the two weblines, Spider-Man looked up at him and tripped him up in-between the lines and then dropped to the floor and slid along it towards The Lizard.

The two workers screamed they fell towards the ground.

Spider-Man kicked The Lizard along the floor in the head and he rolled out of the window.

Right before the workers hit the ground, Spider-Man put his feet up against the edge of the window and then slowly began to let them down.

The Lizard got back up from the ground and there was a helicopter overhead that began to shoot at The Lizard. He yelled at the helicopter then ran up alongside the building wall and then leapt towards the helicopter and grabbed onto the edge of the helicopter door and threw the shooter out of the helicopter. The shooter began to scream but then Spider-Man caught him and spun a webline towards the building again to pull the shooter to safety. Spider-Man looked back up at the helicopter as it kept on spinning higher and higher up the building. Spider-Man then began to run up alongside the building towards the helicopter.

The Lizard tried to enter the pilot's area and began to punch at the door.

Spider-Man reached the top of the roof and stared at the helicopter and worried that he wouldn't be able to reach it. But ran back along the rooftop to get a good running start and finally began to run towards it and leapt off and just barely made it to the edge of the helicopter. He pulled himself up and The Lizard turned towards him as he had driven his fist threw the door of the pilot's side of the helicopter. The Lizard pulled out his hand and went to kick Spider-Man but he stepped out of the way and hit The Lizard's leg with his arm which shot it back down to the floor of the helicopter and then threw an uppercut at The Lizard's jaw which sent him right threw the pilot's door, he was knocked out and pushed up against the wheel which caused the helicopter to head down towards the top of the roof. Spider-Man held himself up in place while The Lizard struggled to get to his feet again. Spider-Man clenched his teeth together and leapt towards The Lizard and he was thrown out of the window and fell down to the roof where he landed on his tail and he screamed in pain as it was squished by the impact of the fall. The Lizard continued to scream in pain.

Spider-Man helped the pilot out who was now dead after what had happened. Spider-Man carried him on his shoulder as he climbed out through the window the him and waited for the helicopter to come in closer to the roof and once he did he leapt off of the helicopter with the dead body of the pilot. Spider-Man quickly looked around for The Lizard as he set down the dead pilot.
I'm not a professional screenwriter, A-Man; just so you know. This is like the first ever script I ever wrote and really stuck with. You may not like it, A-Man, but I don't care. I'm writing this for me as well as anyone who enjoys reading fan-written scripts. I can't say that it's the best of all time, but just know that I'm trying and that I've seen Spider-Man 1-3, I've changed some of the characters personalities like Mary Jane's(tried to make here more suitable for audiences to like her a bit more by not making her involved in any kind of love triangles, jump from one guy to another, etc) for the main one. Dr. Connors, I wanted the reader to get to know the character a little more deeply(which is the reason for the flashbacks at the begininng), in Spider-Man 2 & 3, we got to know Dr. Connors as a teacher, mentor, role-model for Peter, etc. In this script I wanted to make the character a little more fragile then he appeared to be in the other films. And as for your opinion, I could care less about your opinion. Your opinion means nothing. The only thing that pisses me off is your errogant attitude. I edmit, I'm not at all good at action sequences and I'm doing my best to try and limb through it all, writing an action scene is hard when you have no clue of the location, where you would be shooting, etc. If you don't like it, don't bother reading it. But when it's like this, I say you should try writing one. Put up or shut-up, A-Man.
I did put up. I gave you constructive criticism... :huh: but I mean if you're gonna act a fool whenever a fellow writer gives you advice, then I'm just not gonna read this stupid thing!

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