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World Spiderman/marvel mini playsets


Jan 9, 2002
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Does anyone remember the old Marvel mini figures and playsets? they were based on the spiderman and the xmen cartoons from the 90's I remeber for spiderman I had the doc ock lair, kingpins tower, punishers car that opened into a base, the xmens blackbird jet and a few others

I just wondered if anyone knows a website that has all the minisets released listed with pictures and stuff and weither they made sets based on the Iron man and fantastic four series?
OH my god those things were AWESOME!! My favorite "mini" things were the little comic book covers one that opened up.. One of them was the Brooklyn Bridge and had Black costume spidey comic cover.. and it had venom and spiderman inside.. so awesome.
^^^ i had that one....then my venom broke in half. the things weren't that solid. i had an xmen one too that broke. and it was a pain in the ass to get the comic ones to stay open.
I had a mini one of some building that popped up and it came with a small Spidey and Hobgoblin. I believe that's Kingpin's tower one.

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