World How to make the spiderman web shooters.

White_widow, if you had most of our help in doing this, i don't think that you really cam patent the fluid without their agreement.

A. He came up with his own formula.
B. White_widow left just under 2 years ago from this forum, so he's not going to see your post anyway.
Hey guys ive been following this for a while. I may mot be much help considering im only in 9th grade but id love to hsearch things or help outvin any way i can ^-^
Seriously, I know you've read those posts, my question is why won't you listen? And why is this thread still active?
Ok, I don't know wat happened but, today I'm going to hopefully revamp, and retake this forum, to the beauty it once was, I may be in only 9th Grade, but I believe we are going into the future, technology among other things is a lot better and more advanced that two years ago, and I Hope, that we can very soon bring a real life (for lack of a better word) super-fiber shooter, I have been reading this thread, and have seen so many years of research and trial and error which is going to better help us so much, first I need to know if anyone is still here?
Now, my first Idea is this: 3-D Printing

It's a form of homemade manufacturing that is super precise and efficient, and can be tested within a program before creating the end product, so you don't have to waste money on failed attempts but test them within a program, and print the successes, create, draft, and repeat, and keep creating these pre-prototypes until a good enough functional prototype is made.
remember back in the day? when people used to read? I loved it back then. you i didnt have to keep explaining **** over and over, because people could just read it the first time you wrote it. ah, those were the days. im not going to say it again. i refuse to remind anyone why they arent getting legitimate replies on this thread. go back and look why the people before you didnt get answered.
Hello, I'm new to this forum but not new to your thread. I've been reading it the past few months and I must say your work with the other people is fantastic. I have started to build one of my own. I am good with Mechanics but not so good with Science/Chemistry. But I would love to get into Chemistry starting with the "Web Fluid" and "Web Shooter" concepts. I Would love to help and don't know if you got it but I requested to see that "Google Document". It is your choice whether or not to let me in but would love to help in some way as I am fascinated with the "Web Shooter" an I actually think if we all work together which is what you guys have been doing, we can pull this off! I mean look how far you have come... Its incredible to think that we are so close. I Would love to help. Thanks for your time. Adam McGuigan- aka Adamepm.
Man! These old forums are popping out of the wood works like no one's business! Hi Adamepm. We can use all the help we can get here! Sure thing. I'll send you an invite to the google doc. In the meantime, check out my web site: Look mostly at the blog, as I am saving the mechanical part and chemistry part for when I finish my next prototype:

Start at the bottom of the page and work your way up. It's not comprehensive, but it gives a good overview of the basics. Feel free to email me or send me a pm here on SHH.

Welcome aboard.

(Hey, can you pm me your email address so I can add you to the doc? Adam Mcguigan doesn't seem to show up for me.
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Someone has permission to slap me if they want to. Despite all of my talk of wanting to simplify everything, I missed an easy process that would have made the process easier from the beginning.

So I've taken the extruder/ wrist unit as my own personal challenge. Pressure vessels are easy enough, making it portable is difficult (though attainable), and the circuitry is easy. The part that I haven't been able to entirely remain satisfied with is how to hold pressure and heat the fluid over a longer period of time. The problem that needed to be solved is how to seal the fluid in an extreme heat environment.

Does anyone here know what "Flare" is? If so, I wish we would've talked about it earlier. Flaring or flanging is the process of making a copper or brass tube into a specific funnel shape at the end. This allows for the tubing to make a metal to metal seal with specific pieces called flare-nuts. It can withstand high temps and very rough solvents and fuels. It is extremely air tight. I think this detail might be what I have been missing.
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Alright, so after doing a little bit of research on how to make timers, I finally was able to make one for my website. In order to keep myself accountable, I added a timer on my website for my first official extrusion style web shooter to be complete. The date is slated for a little less than two months from now. It should be complete on July 15th. Here is the timer portion of the website. This is where I will add pictures and videos, as well as a countdown timer to give myself the challenge:

I'm currently working on the wrist unit and I am almost done with that. I'll post a picture sometime this week.
Hey White_Widow, I have been following this forum(reading it) for a while now, and I got a point in it and you said the formula, but as you said, you want people to privately contact you, so, how could I do that😁
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if anyone still goes on here, i have an idea for the fluid. The formula isnt strong and won't support very much weight if any at all, but it might be able to form a strand. Its water mixed with spray adhesive, a little bit of corn starch. I tried it and i used a pencil to stir it and I pulled it up and a strand came up out of the mixture. I will try to test in with my shooter but I need to make a pressure vessel and figure out a way to propel it.
i have been reading this forum and i am curious to know if there is any recent happenings with this project of it there was a successesful prototype to come from all of your hard work and reseach. if so i would like too see pictures, maybe even video of the results because i am very interested. thank you :D
hi guys im new here and im curious if there i a formula that will hold weight because all i see is acetate (dash dash dash)---- so i dont know if the website is blocking the full words or what. but if there is an official formula please email it to me at [email protected] PLLEAASSEE.
So what's going on! I heard people have made spider-man threads that work almost like the film! Please can I have the formula!!!

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