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General Trek Talk STAR TREK: Where do we go from here?


Amazing Amazon
Jun 4, 2005
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I love Star Trek and actually miss it now that it's not on the air. However, I was also getting tired of the predictable storylines and the ineffective characters.

What can the "Star Trek" franchise do to reinvigorate itself. Should it take a page out of "24" and "Battlestar Galactica".

Which Star Trek series did you like the best?

Who was the best captain?

Should they make an 11th movie? and who should be in it?
I personally liked Deep Space Nine the best. As for a new series, I had this idea:

Do a series about characters who aren't in starfleet. Every singe series has been about starfleet officers. There is alot more to this universe than starfleet. I'd start with meeting a character in a Klingon bar. He's human, or at least looks human. He's very sarcastic and whitty, and a bit full of himself. He's a sort of hitch hiker. Eventually, we discover that he's a former member of the Q continueum who got kicked out. He eventually meets other outcasts who join up with him in his wanderings. They are:

A Klingon who, after a major military campagn that went sour, became a pacifist.

Hugh, the Borg who atained sentiance in TNG. The borg were unable to asimilate him back into the colective for some reason, so he was ejected like a cancerous cell.

A Dominion changeling who is on the run for crimes she commited in the gamma quadrant.

The series would basicall follow them as they wander around the Star Trek universe, occasionally stopping off at well known places such as Deep Space Nine and The Enterprise.
I like your ideas The Question. Very interesting, great premise. I would also like to depart from the Star Trek crew for a while.

I am very interested in Section 31
and how far they would go to accomplish their objectives.
... i still want to see a starfleet academy series.. ooh, i can see the pitch now.. "it's like grey's anatomy.. with aliens!"..
I think they should do anew movie and then another series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Enterprise/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:down

PS: You forgot the animated series on that poll:)
They need to really shake up the foundations of Star Trek. Wasn't there a rumor of a series called Titan, with Riker, and the fall of the Federation? I know that Titan is a book series now, but something like that would make a kick ass basis for a TV show, or even a trilogy of movies much like Star Wars, the fall of the Federation, the Federation makes a come back, the Federation wins, or something like that.
Dead-ville is where it needs to be right now. And when the time is right, hopefully it will come back with some better material.

Enterprise sucked and was lucky to get as far as it did.
I voted for DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. But DS9 is the best, followed by Enterprise.

TOS=POS and TNG=meh.
Where do you go from here?

You fire the existing production team.
You put the franchise in drydock for eight or nine years.
You hire new, energetic writers and designers.
You draw on current events for story ideas.
You set the new show hundreds of years AFTER the existing crop.
You focus on aliens instead of humans.
You keep check on the FX budget.
You whittle the show down to a half-hour.
You minimize all references to the previous shows.
You keep check on the skintight catsuits.
You scale back the technobabble.
You limit yourself to ONE time-travel story.
You end production after four or five seasons.
You make ONE movie per series.
You get rid of the 'supervillain-of-the-week' movie scripts.
You then start the next series, repeat the process (five seasons, one movie, etc.) twice, then start all over again.

This way you won't exhaust creative energies trying to balance out producing a series and a movie at the same time; plus staying in line with current events will keep the show relevant; and by reducing the number of spinoffs and taking eight-year 'breaks', you ensure the longevity of the franchise without burning it up.

You also get bonus points if you can resist the urge to slap the brand name on every kind of product imaginable; keep the merchandise high-quality without focusing solely on filthy-rich geeks or without going so far as to produce Star Trek Cheese Straighteners, and you're set.
DS9's last few season were the best in my opinion the Dominion War was just excellent.
I watched a few episodes of the original and STNG but haven't the foggiest idea what the hell was going on, maybe a lack of action on the show had somthing to do with it.
I loved Voyager so much, even though DS9 was just as good or better. Those costumes were so HOT. I loved the new little Dax girl during her first few eppies, and, as a whole, the series was just great. I LOVE the idea of Star Trek: Wanderers that was displayed above... I thought it was a bit power heavy, but I like it a lot. A non-military vessel... who'd have thunk?

My Idea was a Star Trek: Academy. It would follow 5-7 young cadets as they advance through Starfleet Academy (like Grey's Anatomy with aliens :) ). They would be involved in several 'routine' or 'practice' missions where things would go awry and one of them end up being they key to survival or victory. They would re-enact a few Star Trek battles/moments on the Holodeck as part of classes, take part in competitions and training exercises as well as have a hefty slice of personal drama, with the standard Star Trek jury rigging that allows us to re-route the warp nacelles to ANYTHING to get the job done.

I would focus on three seperate 'captain' style characters. The first being Admiral Victor Reynolds, an older man who is the Headmaster of Starfleet Academy. He's wise an unbeleivably hard on his students, faculty and staff. He leads by demanding. The second being Cadet Mason West, the all-american boy looking kid who is a by the books overacheiver and the few times he is wrong, he will not admit it. He leads by teaching. The third being Cadet Takrn Shoret, a half-Klingon guy who is intensely intelligent, crafty and a bit unorthodox. He leads by fervor and emotion.

Other students include the manic, overstressed Medical Cadet Holly, the wiry spastic supergenious engineer, Arthur, party animal wanna-be Helmer, Christina, viciously sarcastic Vulcan tactician girl, Liena with Lt. Ezri Dax as a guidance counselor, Comander Geordi Larforge as a Science teacher and Voyager's EMH as the main Medical teacher.

I had an episode guide already developed, to be honest...
As interesting as Star Trek *once* was, I think it's dead now, possibly to be revived at a later time. For right now, it just kind of feels like beating a dead horse.
I love the original series and have since I was in single digits.

For a new Trek series, I would get rid of the "reset button". Characters would grow throughout the series and that at end of each episode, they're not entirely the same as they were when the episode started.

I would also like to see a new Trek series take risks and not play safe. I like stories that don't provide a clear answer to a problem, stories that tackle the big questions and allows the audience to find an answer that's meaningful for them and don't have a character say "This is the right way for everyone".
Right now,
I think Trek needs to be on hiatus. When it returns, with a new creative team behind it, it needs to get back to its roots: talking about contemporary social, political issues in a sci-fi setting. Right now the new BSG is doing what Star Trek used to do.

Though Trek also did a lot of action adventure shows and science based shows, the social commentary component of Trek was a large part of its success and helped set it apart from other science-fiction shows.

TNG moved away from that, but the hunger for Trek after a twenty year draught on TV, the excellent TNG casts, the good stories made up for it. DS9 returned more to talking about contemporary issues-nation building, terrorism, war, genocide, racism, etc.

VOY and ENT largely moved jettisoned the social aspect for more action adventure episodes. And Trek lost its relevance. The Stargates, Andromeda, Babylon 5, etc. could do action just as well or at times better than Trek, so what made Trek stand out. What made it different?

My prescriptions for Trek:

-Star Trek 11: Give TNG casts, with a few cameos from DS9, and VOY. Maybe even include Phlox from ENT-who knows how long Denobulans live? Have them wrap up the Romulan/Vulcan unification storyline-the largest loose end from the TNG series. With Spock guest starring. This would be the swan song TNG movie that spins off into the new series Star Trek Titan.

-Star Trek Titan headlined by Johnathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. Both have shown a willingness to return to the Trek fold several times. I'm sure there are still TNG/DS9 uniforms, props, and maybe even some sets still around so that could cut down on cost.

-If you throw one or two DS9/VOY people: Nog, Harry Kim, Tuvok, Ezri Dax, Ro Laren onboard, but have the rest of the crew be all new, you might be able to bring along some DS9 and VOY fans as well as TNG fans. Maybe bring Reg Barclay back as well.

-I see Titan as incorporating the best of TNG with its exploration, science based stories, but DS9's focus on social issues and great use of ensemble cast to make a relevant, perhaps little gritty Trek series.

-In addition to charting its own course, Titan can answer some of the questions left by TNG-Nemesis, DS9, and VOY. What happened after the Dominion War? Were the fates of Seven, Chakotay, etc. altered by Janeway's actions in "Endgame"? Did any of the VOY crew face charges? When, or how did or would Benjamin Sisko return? Gender of Sisko's child? What was the fallout of Shinzon's assassination of the Romulan Senate?

The DS9 and VOY relaunch books, in addition to the TNG "A Time To..." book series, and the Titan and Articles of the Federation novel all show that there is a lot of material still left to be covered in the 24th century.

I also like the Academy idea. So long as its based in the 24th or 25th century.

And I think a modified version of Peter David's New Frontier book series would make an excellent Trek TV series, or movie series as well.
I found this a while back. Hope you like it.

JMS on 2/15/2005 12:25:46 AM from the "rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated" boards said:
I'm trying this via google to see if I can access the groups, since I've been offline since AOL stopped carrying newsgroups.

I don't normally do this...in fact, I don't think I've ever done this in any group before, because I've always kind of waited to make sure it was worth doing, and that it would make a difference.

I'm sending this to both the B5 folks reading this and any Trek fans looking on.

Bryce Zabel (recently the head of the Television Academy and creator/executive producer of Dark Skies) and I share one thing in common. We are both long-time Trek fans, from the earliest days, who felt that the later iterations were not up to the standards set by the original series. (I'm exempting TNG because that one worked nicely, and was in many ways the truest to the original series because Gene was still around to shepherd its creation and execution.)

Over time, Trek was treated like a porsche that's kept in the garage all the time, for fear of scratching the finish. The stories were, for the most part, safe, more about technology than what William Faulkner described as "the human heart in conflict with itself." Yes, there were always exceptions, but in general that trend became more and more apparent with the passage of years. Which was why so often I came down on the later stories, which I did openly, because I didn't feel they lined up with what Trek was created to be. I don't apologize for it, because that was what I felt as a fan of Trek. That's why I had Majel appear on B5, to send a message: that I believe in what Gene created.

Because left to its own devices, allowed to go as far as it could, telling the same kind of challenging stories Trek was always known for, it could blow the doors off science fiction television. Think of it for a moment, a series with a forty year solid name, guaranteed markets...can you think of a better time when you take chances and can tell daring, imaginative, challenging stories? Why play it safe?

When Enterprise went down, those involved shrugged and wrote it off to "franchise fatigue," their phrase, not mine.

I don't believe that for a second. Neither does Bryce. There's a tremendous hunger for Trek out there. It just has to be Trek done *right*.

Last year, Bryce and I sat down and, on our own, out of a sheer love of Trek as it was and should be, wrote a series bible/treatment for a return to the roots of Trek. To re-boot the Trek universe. Understand: writer/producers in TV just don't do that sort of thing on their own, everybody always insists on doing it for vast sums of money. We did it entirely on our own, setting aside other, paying deadlines out of our passion for the series. We set out a full five-year arc.

But when it came time to bring it to Paramount, despite my track record and Bryce's enormous and skillful record as a writer/producer, the effort stalled out because of "political considerations," which was explained to us as not wishing to offend the powers that be.

So on behalf of myself and Bryce, I'm taking the unusual step of going right to the source...right to you guys, fueled in part by a number of recent articles and polls, including one at www.scifi.com/scifiwire in which nearly 18,000 fans voted their preference for a new Trek series, and 48% of that figure called for a jms take on Trek. (The other choices polled at about 18% or thereabouts.)

See, if somebody doesn't like a story, doesn't want to buy it, that's all well and good, that's terrific, that's the way it's supposed to be. But when "political considerations" are the basis...that just doesn't parse.

So here's the deal, folks. If you want to see a new Trek series that's true to Gene's original creation, helmed by myself and Bryce, with challenging stories, contemporary themes, solid extrapolation, and the infusion of some of our best and brightest SF prose writers, then you need to let the folks at Paramount know that. If the 48% of the 18,000 folks who voted at scifi.com sent those sentiments to Paramount...there'd be a new series in the works tomorrow.

I don't need the work, I have plenty of stuff on my plate through 2007 in TV, film and comics, so that's not an issue. But I'd set it all aside for one shot at doing Trek right, and I know Bryce feels the same.

If you want this to happen...it's up to the Trek and B5 fans to make it so.

The rest I leave to the quiet turning of your considered conscience.

J. Michael Straczynski

Then, 3 hours later...

JMS on 2/15/2005 3:03:38 AM from the "rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated" boards said:
Actually...belay everything I just said.

In the 24 hours between the time I composed the prior note, and sent it, and it made its way through the moderation software, two things happened:

1) I heard from a trusted source that Paramount is giving the Trek TV world a rest for maybe one to two years, depending on circumstances, no matter who would come along to run it. So it's not right to have folks putting in time doing something that ultimately would be pointless, I don't think that's a proper use of anybody's time.

2) At the same time as the above, an offer came in to run a new TV series for fall of '06, and since there's no way anything Trek can happen in the interim, I've said yes (now we have to negotiate the deal, but that should be fairly straightforward).

So on two counts, the whole thing is kind of moot.

We can reconvene a year or two down the road to see where this takes us, but in the interim...my apologies for waking everybody up in the middle of the night.

As you were.

Thanks and with great chagrinedness --

About the only place left to go in the Star Trek universe is post federation, where after a huge civil war that tears it apart. I could see a show where we see the consequences of that civil war from the perspective of various groups in the ST universe and see how they cope.
Good to see DS9 get some love in the poll, it's one of my all-time favorite TV series.

As for a new show, my only contribution at this time that they should return the theme song to the orchestrated glory of the "Next Gen" era shows, and leave the corny ballads behind.

Ugh, I could never stomach that god-awful "Faith of the Heart" song.
Obi-Ron said:
Good to see DS9 get some love in the poll, it's one of my all-time favorite TV series.

As for a new show, my only contribution at this time that they should return the theme song to the orchestrated glory of the "Next Gen" era shows, and leave the corny ballads behind.

Ugh, I could never stomach that god-awful "Faith of the Heart" song.

Yeah, it was pretty corny, but the montage of aviation history, up to the Enterprise was pretty cool - change the song, and the opening montage would have been so much cooler.
I have several ideas for Star Trek....
1) Star Trek Special Forces...we follow a specwar unit in the ST universe as they do secret missions behind enemy lines and fight the bad guys.
2)Star Trek Top Gun....the continuing adventures of a strike fighter wing
I was always a Voyager fan as it was the episode I saw from start to finish.

I'd like to see another Star Trek set further in the future ...maybe with this Enterpise.

roach said:
I have several ideas for Star Trek....
1) Star Trek Special Forces...we follow a specwar unit in the ST universe as they do secret missions behind enemy lines and fight the bad guys.
2)Star Trek Top Gun....the continuing adventures of a strike fighter wing

I've had the same Fighter Wing idea, too. I've always thought the Star Trek's fascination with big vessels was reminiscent of Naval theory back in the early part of last century. Roach, you're a Navy guy - you familiar with Alfred Thayer Mahan?

Mahan's tactical and strategic use of Naval forces was the universal model until Bill Mitchell came along and proved the small, versatile aircraft could destroy Naval vessels easily.

If Star Trek could make it work, it would be a great idea.
Cap1970 said:
Yeah, it was pretty corny, but the montage of aviation history, up to the Enterprise was pretty cool - change the song, and the opening montage would have been so much cooler.

Yeah, I agree it was a cool opening. They could have even used the same song, just without any lyrics.
Trek is done. The audiences don't seem to want to connect with the idea of space exploration anymore and I'd rather not see it become some military Babylon 5 rip-off.
Upset Spideyfan said:
Trek is done. The audiences don't seem to want to connect with the idea of space exploration anymore and I'd rather not see it become some military Babylon 5 rip-off.

I disagree. That's all.

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