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Stand-Alone Movies Star Wars Anthology Film II - The Replacement Director Awakens

I feel this tends to go through a lot of Fett fans heads...

I love it when he's drunk and thinks that Luke is Jodie Foster. :funny:
I like the purple rain joke best. That or the one when he tries to make out of with frozen Han. :funny:
SNEAK PEEK! A scene from the "Boba Fett Origin Story":

Hopefully this movie makes me give a poop about Boba Fett. :)
I hope the rumors of how they planned on going about this a year ago is true. Or at least keep him somewhat mysterious, and have something happen to him where we get the original voice back. Something like that. Bring back the original Boba voice.
I have a theory that if, and only IF they go down that 'mantle' route, is that Boba suddenly gained advanced aging prior to A New Hope. He gets sick. That way, he doesn't get killed like a fool, and then a faceless man takes over the Boba guise.
Boba Fett as a mantle works with how Boba took up Jango's mantle. Though I prefer the idea of each new Boba killing the last.
Or he's basically a mysterious badass ala Clint Eastwood's "The Man With No Name." And if this is a Bobba Fett movie, then Joe Johnston is my #1 choice to direct. He's wanted to make a Bobba Fett movie for years and he helped to CREATE the character for goodness sake.
^ I empathize with that... but he's just such a mediocre director...
Yeah he wouldn't be my first choice either. Or second. Or third. Or remotely near the top.
Joe Johnston has made two of my favorite films, and I wouldn't put him near the top of the list. He just isn't that good.
Manu Bennett for Boba
I always liked Boba Fett because it seemed like he was the protagonist of his own story and just happened to briefly step into the main Star Wars saga. He was cool because he was mysterious and left you wondering what he was about. But as often the case the question is more interesting than the answer. It would be very tricky to do a solo movie like this and retain that mystique. Especially after the prequel nonsense.
Manu Bennett for Boba

Physically he would look quite a bit different in the armor. I doubt he would even fit into the Boba Fett armor from the OT. Not unless Manu slims down some. But I do like him so I'd be willing to overlook the inconsistency.

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