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Star Wars: Battlefront

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Next gen Stormtroopers. Being expendable has never been so advanced.
I was never crazy about Battlefront. My issue with the series has always been that it felt like a cheap Battlefield knockoff. Maybe with DICE themselves doing this one I'll like it more.
I'm really excited.Is it for this gen?
It's been so long, but this is the best time to do it with Episode 7 around the corner. I can't wait.
I'm really excited.Is it for this gen?

Considering its still more than likely 2 years off, im gonna say it'll be a PS4/XB-One title. Its very possible it could have ports to the PS3 and 360 though
I'm beyond excited. Hopefully I can get it for current gen consoles also.
Its such a teaser but its also such good news to see anyways! :D
I am so excited, I can't actually get excited. I've like, broken my excitement bone. I'm not even smiling, I'm so thrilled.
Finally a new Battlefront. I'm so happy. :woot:

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I've been waiting for this moment for almost a decade!!!!

Oh your god! This is the best news of E3 I reckon. How can they top this?

My sister and I loved the first two. My other two friends adored it and played it for years!

Can I be honest? I like the Star Wars games better than the Star Wars movies
Yay! I'd just like an option to turn off the playable jedi. I found that the only change from BF1 to BF2 that I really didn't enjoy that much. I loved the unstoppable monsters you could only kill through luck or good planning. When you had them chasing you around the map it was sheer terror just to stay alive.
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