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    Be creative and give your ideas here:
    Here's Mine

    Outline for SHADOW OF THE BAT story
    Credit to ViciousValentin for some plot points

    ACT I
    Location -Eastern Mountains- Ras Al Ghul is training what appears to be Bruce. Instead a past Ras Al Ghul apprentice is revealed.

    Location -Gotham Shipping Docks- Batman Ambushes Human Trafficking ploy by the Mob, (Cobblepot’s boys) ,using new bat boat vehicle.

    Location -Wayne Manor- Bruce is working in his new high tech bat cave investigating Human Trafficking increases in the city. Alfred reminds Bruce about a Court Hearing for the Joker.

    Location -Court Room- Joker stands trail for crimes. New D.A. Talia Head, and Lt. Harvey Bullock are introduced. Colman Reese Testifies not really knowing Batman‘s Identity. Rachel Dawes’s Name mentioned. Joker awaits punishment.

    Location -R & D Department- Wayne Talks to Fox about new Tumbler Model and damages to the boat.

    Location -Ice Berg Lounge- Cobblepot talks to man over phone. Man tells Cobbelpot about a business proposition to partner up, take down batman, and become the leaders of Gotham’s underground.

    Location -Restaurant- Bruce goes on date with Talia. They talk about innocence and those who are truly guilty Batman is mentioned.

    Location -Apartment- Colman Reese is kidnapped.

    Location -City Hall- Colman Reese’s body is found with a note attached “Catch me if you can -Batman ”.

    Location -Wayne Manor- Bruce sees the news on T.V. While getting Ready for date with Talia.

    Location -City Streets- Wayne is on date with Talia walking the streets. Joker’s Punishment discussed. Wayne Tries to convince Talia to take off the death penalty for joker. That killing for any reason is wrong.

    Location -Forensic Office- Forensics finds a tattoo on Reese's body that says "Join My Society". Public believes Batman killed Reese to cover up identity.

    ACT II
    Location -Batcave- Wayne’s batcave computer is hacked. Two photos are shown to Bruce. One is a known crooked cop, the other is a board member of Wayne Enterprises. Also a message - “The Innocent or Guilty? Who shall live? It’s your choice.” Two buttons are presented to Wayne (one for each person) and a timer of 3 minutes. Bruce does not press either button. Tries to locate the hacker, but cannot. New Message- “test failed!”

    Location -Wayne Enterprises- Bruce discovers body of the board member in his office. Sees news of a body discovered in a police cruiser, the crooked cop. Wayne Realizes what he’s into. Tells Fox to be careful.

    Location -Court Room- Joker is receiving punishment news. The Judge decides on Life in the newly built Arkham Correctional Facility.

    Location -Wayne Manor- Bruce comes home to find a package waiting for him. Photos of Talia with Ra’s Al Ghul and the man training with Ra’s at the beginning of the story. A message - “Do we deserve a second chance?”

    Location -Iceberg lounge- Batman is investigating cobblepot for human trafficking evidence. Sees Cobblepot meet with man from Ras photo. Cobblepot and Man talk about the assassination of the new D.A. Talia Head. Cobblepot mentions the name Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot.

    Location -Talia’s Apartment- Talia comes out of the shower and gets ready to meet Bruce for a date. A red dot is placed on her head from outside. Deadshot is about to kill Talia when Batman interrupts and Fights off Deadshot. Deadshot accidentally falls into the crowded streets and Batman is seen.
    City has proof that batman truly is a murderer.

    Location -Wayne Manor- Talia is with Bruce in his mansion talking about her past. Talia lies. Alfred interrupts and tells Bruce he has a message downstairs.

    Location -Batcave- Bruce’s computer is hacked again. This time the photos of Oswald Cobblepot and Lucius Fox are shown. The same game is played, only this time its “who dies” with 2 hours to choose. Bruce successfully locates the location of the hacker and leaves to find him. While Talia waits for Bruce to return she stumbles upon the Batcave.

    Location -Narrows- Batman successfully finds the hackers location. He enters the room and doesn’t find anyone there. only a Large Painted sign that says “Join the society” and a computer on with a webcam showing the Batcave. Bruce sees Talia in the Batcave. Talia sees the game on the batcave computer and gets curious. She scrolls over Cobblepot’s Photo and proceeds to click on it. The room batman is in Lights up and two hanging bodies are reviled. Cobblepot’s body is released before his neck breaks and Lucius is killed. Police sorround the building and batman is Trapped. Swat teams takes him into custody. They Cant remove his helmet or it will shock them. Gordon sees Batman as they take him away.

    Location -Swat Truck- Gordon asks everyone if he can be alone with Batman for a second. Gordon and Batman exchange words. Gordon lets batman escape.

    Location -Interrogation Room- Gordon and Bullock Interrogate Cobblepot. They ask Cobblepot if he remembers who did this to him. Cobblepot tells them he only remembers a black mask.

    Location -Wayne Manor- Bruce and Talia Talk about the photos, her true identity, her past, and the murders that her Father made her do, and the identity of the man in the photo with Ras and her. Roman Sionis is revealed to be the man in the picture. Flash Backs of Roman and Ras are seen. Roman’s back-story is revealed.

    Location -Wayne Enterprises-While Talia and Bruce are talking, Roman secretly plants evidence on Wayne Enterprises.

    Location -Batcave- Bruce finds another package. The package contains photos of helpless women that are part of the Human Trafficking by Cobblepot. A message- “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me”. Bruce gets phone call about sufficient evidence that Wayne Enterprises have been involved with the human trafficking in the city. Cops arrive and arrest Bruce at his mansion. Police find the photos.

    Location -New MCU- Bruce is brought in and locked up in the MCU along with other board members of Wayne Enterprises.

    Location -Various Houses- A Judge, Mayor Garcia, and Gordon are Kidnapped from there homes.

    Location -Interrogation Room- Talia interrogates Bruce in private. Tells him about the missing Gordon, Judge, and Mayor and that everyone thinks it’s batman behind it all.

    Location -News Room- Mike Engel Reports of a renegade masked man who claims to be Gotham‘s New Savior. And that He has taken over city hall and is holding a judge, they mayor, and commissioner Gordon Hostage. He says that it is time for Batman to come forth and be Judged by the city for his crimes. He says that judgment day has come for Gotham. Gives batman 1 hour to come forth.

    Location -MCU- Talia and Bruce talk, She tells Bruce that she has destroyed the evidence planted by Cobblepot which linked Wayne Enterprises to the human trafficking. Lets Bruce leave the MCU. Talia wants to help Bruce.

    Location -Batcave- Talia and Bruce talk about a plan. Bruce notices that time is running out. Unveils Lucius’s New Tumbler Vehicle. Rushes to City Hall.

    Location -City Hall/Court Room- Roman has created a fortress out of the city hall. His false face society members surround the infrastructure. Cops and Swat teams Surround the outside. Batman drives right into the building with only minutes left. Roman gives Batman an ultimatum. Reveal who he is to Gordon, the Mayor and, the Judge or he let them all die. Batman Takes off his mask only to reveal Talia underneath the mask. Roman is outraged and is flanked by the real batman in his other suit before he can kill the 3 victims. Talia fights off the False Face Society Members, and frees Gordon, the Mayor, and the Judge.

    Location -City Hall Rooftop- Bruce and Roman end up on top of city hall. Roman tells Bruce about how he was supposed to be the one to save the city, through its destruction. It is revealed through flashbacks that Ras Al Ghul originally choose Roman (a wealthy descendant of Gotham) to lead the League of shadows to Destroy Gotham. But because Roman was too much of a sadistic killer he was exiled. Which then led Ras to find and use Bruce instead. Bruce asks Roman why he gave him all those tests. Roman tells Bruce that it was all “part of his” plan, referring to a third party. Bruce believes Roman to be referring to Ras. When Bruce asks Roman who he was working for, Roman tries to answer but has a brain Aneurysm (Like in MI3) and dies. Bruce Flees, While Talia is caught by police.

    Location -Court Room- D.A. Talia Head is being questioned about her involvement with batman. Talia exclaims she knows the batman is innocent of all his accused murders. She Denies to give up Batman’s Identity. She talks about the true justice Batman gives. She is about to be taken into contempt of court, but Gordon steps up and testifies. Gordon reveals the truth about Dent and why he covered it up. Gives a speech about being innocent and guilty.

    Location -Grave Yard- Wayne is visiting his Parents Grave. He gets a phone call, “unknown caller”. He answers it and hears the voice of a man. The man thanks Bruce for being part of his social experiment and states that Batman’s War over Gotham is far from over.

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    Good stuff man, hey i personally like the idea of DEADSHOT & DEATHROKE THE TERMINATOR in Gothan city hired to hunt down the on-the-run Bats! Maybe BLACK MASK and/or RIDDLER in the background! Oh and when BALE has finished with the cape, MATT BOMER should take over, even if its just for the JLA movie, anyways great work man! ; )
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    Does anyone else think that it might follow the story line of legacy?

    Maybe Bane doesn't start out as a villain, maybe he approaches batman and works along side of him. I'm not saying that Batman will agree to this, but this will help Batman somewhat.

    This story line also involves a priest.

    I could see a lot of that being worked into the film.
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    TDKR smells a lot like Legacy.

    Bane + League of Shadows
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    I agree.

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