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Subtext of Man of Steel


Jun 18, 2005
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I personally enjoyed the film and upon looking at the subtext of the film I like it even more now. I wasn't even thinking about the implications of things like the drone scene and libertarianism when I was watching the film. The first time I watched it I was mainly viewing it through the prism of Christianity. Man of Steel is not only a great action/sci fi film (with some real grounding acting by Kevin Costner); it is a great film with subtext and it's a positive subtext (as opposed to something like Avatar).

Below is a video of a review by Alex Jones concerning the metaphors and symbolic imagery in the film. It does contain spoilers.


What did you guys think of the symbolism? I think that much of the negative criticism from journalists/critics has been because they pick up on the anti-totalitarian and pro-Christian metaphors here and they are actively engaged in a fight against films like this (and also recently Oblivion, which is even more direct with its Illuminati imagery).
The embedded video isn't showing up properly. Broken link, perhaps?
Actually, I have been thinking about this since the first reviews came out. This movie is overflowing with political and religious subtext.

I have casually observed over the years that some mainstream media critics will dislike a movie if it doesn't line up with their own political views. I truly believe this is why some critics gave the movie a rotten review even though they said the movie wasn't all that bad.

I think Goyer and Snyder unwittingly hijacked their own movie in regards to the critics by addressing some of those themes. Personally, I think it is pretty gutsy.
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The movie is filled with "subtext", there is so much of it but nothing works.

That's the problem. Pretentious ****.

C''mon, it's Goyer and Snyder, not Kant.
See, you just proved my point. Those who disagree with the subtext find it pretentious and tend to be very harsh, even hostile towards the movie. Those who don't disagree with the subtext or just don't care one way or the other seem to find it more enjoyable.

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