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Suggestions and Feedback

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I got a rock.
Jul 26, 2003
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Welcome to YOUR thread! We recognize that each and every one of you plays a significant role in shaping Community Forum this entire forum. Therefore...

The purpose of this thread is for you to let your voice be heard, to make meaningful suggestions that will improve the quality of the Community Forum. If there are any criticisms, please be constructive. Identify a problem and provide possible solution(s) that we can look into and consider. This thread is not to be used for incessant complaining, bring up long gone bannings, joke suggestions or to flame/bash moderators/admins or fellow Community posters.

So let's put our heads together and turn Community this forum into a fun place to visit, a place we can call our cyber-home, something we can be proud of.

Thank you.

List of changes this [and the last] thread brought around:
  • New Smileys
  • Changes in aquisition of avatars and sigs
  • A new forum skin [as of 10-26]
  • 10 Images per post [Up from 7]
  • Social group discussions
  • Social group categories
  • Private message sorting and filtering
  • Private message history
  • Quick edit for newer types of content (visitor messages and picture comments)
  • Social group icons
  • Private message quick reply
  • Private message reporting
  • Profile privacy (limit blocks to a subset of users)
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And I got the greenlight on the other thing Drakon. Should help as well.
Sweet. :D

Also, if anyone remembers anything specific that the last thread brought to the table and was enacted, lemme know so I can add it to the first post here.
This is a thread that needs to be started by a staff member.
I have a suggestion.

Let's de-sticky the old thread. ;)
I have some feedback!

The 'DJ Hero' gimmick on the front page makes me dizzy! :cmad:...:csad:
Making a new addition to my list of useless suggestions..

I'd change the avatar sizes. Instead of 50x50, 100x50. Instead of 75x75, 100x75.. Wide is better :up: Plus, it's original. And catchy. OK, maybe not catchy but.. original it is.
Suggestion: Fresher donuts at staff meetings. None of us fall for the "green donuts are mint flavor", routine anymore.
Why are so many people annoying on so many levels for?

Can the be taken out behind the wooden tool shelf and beaten until less annoying?
I have a suggestion. Get rid of forums for movies that came out when I was in high school. I'm looking at you Batman Begins, Superman Returns and X-Men 1-3.
i have some feedback, Bring Back the Watchmen section :argh:
I have some feedback!

The 'DJ Hero' gimmick on the front page makes me dizzy! :cmad:...:csad:

Agreed. I clicked away to another browser for about 20 seconds, came back and it was still spinning. I have a major headache now.
How about a Greatest Hits Forum, that includes classic closed old threads, such as the original unOFFICIAL DC Boards Lounge.
I still vote for a gender opinion. Twice this month I've mixed up people's genders.
I still vote for a gender opinion. Twice this month I've mixed up people's genders.

And absolutely no one will abuse it by putting the wrong gender down....no one at all.
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