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World Supergirl Movie - Why so much hatred?

my biggest issue with it was the villains sucked balls....did Faye Dunaway even READ the script,what her characters lines and motivations were, before signing on?

also,Jimmy Olsen....that's fine and great as a tie-in,ut,dammit,USE it then! "Wow! another Supeman! Or,I guess, SuperGIRL?!" something like that to tie it in...instead,the character acts like this whole thing is new to him....

I think I heard somewhere that the director wanted the movie to stand on it's own, which is also why we never hear about the origins of Argo City. It's just.. there, a disembodied city floating in some void for no reason.
I remember the film growing up. And I remember wanting to see Christopher Reeves grace the film with his presence as Clark/Superman. Other than that, it was a forgettable film.
At its best, it's no more than an ok tv movie - not worthy of a theatrical release IMO... the money should have been put into another Reeve movie.
Helen Slater should've been young and 20 now (or maybe slightly younger so she'd be the right age in a few years time) as I'm sure they'd do a much better job these days. The only thing is that she might not have had such a classic costume as they would've probably given her something similar to the overly-textured costume from Man of Steel.

They really are digging at some points there. Why does Supergirl know Kal is on Earth? Perhaps she was told of her uncles plan? Not far fetched. If she knows Kal is on Earth why doesn't she know he's Superman? Because she hasn't seen Kal since he was a baby, if ever? If she knows about Earth why doesn't she know what a tree is? I know about saturn's moons but I couldn't tell you about geographic features beyond 'they're cold'. etc...
Your memory's good Metropolis Man. He definitely walked away with the worst acting honors. I don't want to be harsh but it was a surprise to see such an average actor making it to a big budget movie as Supergirl, where had all the good actors gone, were they locked away in the phantom zone?

Remember Ellis from Die Hard? He's been in bigger movies than this. :oldrazz:
I could take or leave the movie but one thing that bugs we to this day is that they never managed to bring Chris in for a cameo. Sure, there's a Superman reference in there [the poster] but you'd think that characters would have met at some point. It would have been great.
It's funny. I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. As a kid I really enjoyed it, but even then I remember not liking the villian and the guy who played the love interest. Something about them just struck me as off. While I loved Slater and felt she did a good job, those other elements always kept me from really liking the movie as well as STM and SII. In fact, I rate this movie after SIII (which I like). Though it's not all that bad and has some enjoyable parts.

I think people like to hate on the movie because that's now the cool thing to do. Also, IMO, some superhero movies don't wear well and suffer with age.

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