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    Kory finishes sewing up the cut on Nightwing's cheek.

    NIGHTWING: I should go see Raven.

    KORY: No. She's with Cyborg. I'll do it.

    NIGHTWING: Seems like everyone's getting together except us.

    Kory begins to take off Nightwing's mask.

    NIGHTWING: Oww, oww...

    KORY: Shhhhhh... This place is very... what's the word... Spartan? The others have made their rooms more... homey.

    GRAYSON: I have a home. This is a place to sleep... if I need it.

    KORY: Just sleep?

    Kory sets Grayson's nose. He grimaces in pain.

    GRAYSON: (making smalltalk) Well, this is bad luck.

    KORY: How?

    GRAYSON: Last time I was being treated like this, my girlfriend broke up with me. (beat) And here I am doing my damnedest to break precedent by talking about my ex-girlfriend to my current... friend who's a girl... an extremely attractive girl who I would really like to take out for Thai food sometime.

    KORY: Your words are actual, but their sequence confuses me.

    GRAYSON: Yeah, I get that a lot.

    KORY: Tell me, is this verbal awkwardness an important mating ritual?

    Dick sputters a moment, then...

    GRAYSON: Yeah, I guess.

    KORY: When does it end?

    GRAYSON: When we start making out, I guess.

    KORY: So... now?

    They kiss. Kory doesn't turn her head enough and bumps into Nightwing's nose. He winces.

    KORY: Sorry. Do you want to keep going?

    GRAYSON: Yeah... before we start, there's something you should know. In the heat of the moment, I might... resist. If that happens, I want you to go through with it anyway, ignore me, hold me down, do whatever you have to do. But don't let me back out of this.

    Kory is already undressing Grayson, who passively allows it.

    KORY: Why?

    GRAYSON: I don't suppose they have Direct Therapeutic Exposure on Tamaran. Just... trust me. You trust me and I'll trust you and we'll work our way through this.

    KORY: Good! Let us have many of the orgasms!

    She rips his pants off.

    KORY: ...You only have one?


    Brother Blood stares at a VIDEO MONITOR on which Senator Hardy's image is projected.

    BROTHER BLOOD: What do you have to report, Senator? And be certain you do not waste my time.

    HARDY: Brother Blood, the motion to recognize your church as a true organized religion is coming to a vote tomorrow. Our followers in both the House and Senate are having a difficult time convincing the others. We need help.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I have supplied you with millions. Have you squandered them already?

    HARDY: N-no... it's just that since Abramoff, things have been touchy. It isn't as easy to offer bribes.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Hmm. Listen to me, Hardy. Tell your fellow Senators that since General Zahl was assassinated, our new president promises to insure democracy in Zandia. Tell them any lie they will believe. My church has already grown throughout Europe, yet I need America if my plans are to succeed. Sister Lucille, call our representatives in the media. Arrange for an interview with me, tonight. Hardy, perhaps I can allay the fears of your compatriots.


    Kory and Grayson lie in each other's arms, blissfully dead to the world.

    KORY: That... felt better than it probably was. Strange. But good. I am still not used to going without a gra'k'ar in my hzxx-phar, but I can make do.

    GRAYSON: You know, we can work on that.

    KORY: I would like that very much. (beat, offhandedly) I think I will keep you as my mate.

    GRAYSON: That's not how it works here.

    KORY: Oh?

    GRAYSON: Here we only... mate... when we're in love.

    KORY: What is love?

    GRAYSON: Well, it's... it's hard to explain. Love means that you're happy with having just one person, through the good times and the bad.

    KORY: Sex with only one person, exclusively? How perverse. And thrilling!

    GRAYSON: Ummm... okay.

    KORY: Is love when your hearts beat faster when someone enters a room? Is love where you enjoy being with one person above all others and want to do things with them, even when they're not fun? Is love holding someone else's life in more value than your own?

    GRAYSON: (shocked) Yeah, I guess.

    KORY: Then I love you.

    GRAYSON: That's it? No soul-searching? No angst?

    KORY: No. Now we move on to more sex.

    A-Ha's "I Have Been Losing You" starts up, cuing a montage, as she crawls on top of him. But his eyes are faraway.


    Wally sits next to Barbara. She rests her head on his shoulder. He has an arm around her.


    Linda unpacks her things. She comes upon a framed picture of her with Wally. She drops it in a wastebasket.


    Wally moves to twist his Flash ring. His fingers brush over the wedding band. His face twitches for a moment before he walks away.


    Barbara rereads an old love letter from Grayson. She's quite surprised when a tear falls on it.


    Wally's clique walks into the atrium. Across the gap we can see Donna. Beast Boy tries to smile at her. She looks away.


    Dinah does a little target-practice with Helena's crossbow.


    Grayson gets dressed.


    Raven reads a spellbook under the chapter marked "Love spells."


    Tarantula stares out the window of her cell.


    Robin, in a fight with multiple thugs, grabs a crowbar and brings it down on one's arm. We see bone snap.


    Slade ties his bandanna on, securing his mask. Song comes to an end.


    Grayson, back in his uniform, sneaks out of the room with Kory. Only to see Flash is waiting, arms crossed, leaning against the wall.

    WALLY: Can't fault your taste in women, Dick. Must say, though, the sneaking around is strictly amateur hour. I mean, you didn't even come out at different times. I would've gotten bored after five minutes. Less, if the first one's denial had been convincing.

    Grayson says nothing.

    FLASH: So, screwing one of the team... that another leaf from the Big Bat's playbook?

    Grayson takes a step towards him. Kory puts a hand to his chest.

    KORY: He's happy for us.

    FLASH: Sure I am.

    He leans in close to Kory, whispers to her low enough that Grayson can't hear it.

    FLASH: If the cuddling was the best part, he wasn't doing it right.

    Kory laughs that tinkling-chime laugh as Flash makes his exit. Grayson stalks after him. As he passes Kory...

    GRAYSON: Never laugh at his jokes.

    He sees Flash walking away.

    GRAYSON: West!

    He grabs Flash by the lapels and throws him against a wall.

    FLASH: Dick, you're violating my personal space.

    GRAYSON: Stay away from me and stay away from my girl.

    FLASH: Whoa! Mite bit overprotective, aren't we? Some of it goes with the territory, but the rest... ah, I get it. This isn't the first time some young filly has run off with your heart and forgot to put it back in its proper container, huh?

    Grayson draws back his arm to attack. Wally shoves him back.

    FLASH: Dick, the only reason you touched me is because I let you. (beat) Oh, and since you have firsthand experience, no pun intended, you mind giving me the inside scoop on Kory's cup size?

    GRAYSON: What?

    FLASH: You know, the ta-tas, the cans, the funbags! I'm thinking 38DD myself, but I have been fooled. That armor might have a kind of Wonder Bra effect...

    GRAYSON: You made a betting pool... on my girlfriend's breasts?

    FLASH: No, no... yes.

    GRAYSON: You're a bastard.

    FLASH: If people knew how much a bastard could get done, everybody would be one.

    Kory walks around the corner to look at them.

    FLASH: (parting shot, to Kory) Oh, and if you get a little thing on your lip, just put some antibiotics on it, thing'll clear right up.

    He zooms away.

    KORY Do you really have to go? Please say you can stay...

    GRAYSON: I want to, but I can't. There's some things I have to take care of. Things I should've taken care of a long time ago. I'll see you tonight, though.

    KORY: I can't wait to tell the others.

    GRAYSON: No, please don't. Not until I can be there with you.

    KORY: Okay, I promise. But hurry back.

    He leaves.

    KORY: X'Hal. I no longer envy friend Donna. I'm in love!


    Kory flies upwards.

    KORY: I'm in love! LOVE!


    Flash blurs in.

    FLASH: What'd you want to see me about?

    Basma looks at him.

    BASMA: I didn't. He did.

    He follows her gaze... all the way to BROTHER BLOOD.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Hello Flash. It's time we talked.

    He walks towards Flash, his gait slow. Throws a xiangqi piece to him.

    BROTHER BLOOD: What we have here is a failure to communicate. Our entire conflict stems from your inability to grasp one simple truth. God speaks to me.

    FLASH: Does He tell you to burn things? Don't listen to Him if he tells you to burn things.

    BROTHER BLOOD: No, Flash. He doesn't tell me to burn things. He tells me of His creations. He tells me of the world. He even told me His true name. Would you like to know it?

    FLASH: I already know it. I already know the name of Trigon.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Very well... Trigon, if you prefer, told me he never set out to create a paradise. Why would a perfect god set out to do such a thing and fail? No, the world was always meant to be this way. Savage. Cruel. No beauty, just ugliness and efficiency. Speaking of which...

    He reaches out, grabbing Flash's hand, feeling the imprint of his wedding band through the glove.

    BROTHER BLOOD: How's your wife?

    Flash yanks his hand away.

    FLASH: You touch me again, I'll kill you.

    Brother Blood chuckles coldly.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You don’t understand a country like Zandia. It’s not soft, like America. It needs a leader with an iron hand.

    FLASH: And you use that iron hand… on women and children?

    BROTHER BLOOD: When necessary.

    FLASH: You’re a monster.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I’m a visionary. (beat) And a monster.

    FLASH: I need a drink.

    He crosses over to a small cabinet.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You know what I'm saying is true. You caught a glimpse of it when Trigon allowed his servants to take Keystone City. The scales have been removed from your eyes, yet you refuse to see the light.

    FLASH: I won't buy into your pragmatic bull****, so you can stop trying right now.

    He holds out a glass of water.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I don't drink.

    FLASH: It's not for drinking.

    He throws the water in Brother Blood's face. It SCALDS him.

    FLASH: Holy water.

    Brother Blood shoves his hand out and a GASP OF HOLYFIRE shoots out from it, hitting Flash in the chest and blasting him backwards. He stands up after a few moments.

    FLASH: Alright, Lord Voldemort, now I'm gonna kick your ass all the way back to Hogwarts!

    Too late. Blood's vanished.

    FLASH: Basma, get on the horn with Jesse. Tell him that I'm going to need a file opened on Blood now. He's an unregistered metahuman, that's got to...

    He suddenly sees that Basma's THROAT HAS BEEN RIPPED OUT. He kneels down next to her.

    FLASH: No... no, you were never supposed to... I'll avenge you, my friend. I swear it.

    He closes her eyes. And stands up, raging at the heavens...


    Next: Reckoning
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    As for the bet on the traitor, I don't think there is one, and it's only a figment of Flash's imagination.
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    Linda is on a pay-phone.

    LINDA: Yeah, it's me. Of course it's safe, Chloe. It's not like I'm undercover with the Mafia. But I do think there's a story here. I'm sure this is a con. Everyone here is desperate, gullible, or wacked. And they threat Brother Blood like he was the second coming. We're kept isolated, constantly observed, "re-educated," and, in a very nice way, told to forget logic and reason. It's an ideal situation for brainwashing.

    Racine taps on the glass. Linda hangs up.

    LINDA: Yeah?

    RACINE: They're getting ready for the live broadcast. You should probably be there. It's shaping up to be quite a show.


    The Titans are all gathered, Wally's on one side, Grayson's on the other. Grayson calls the meeting to order.

    GRAYSON: Any new business?

    WALLY: Yeah. I move for an immediate vote of no confidence in Nightwing.


    Bethany Snow stands outside the clinic. We can see cultists exercising in the background.

    SNOW: This is Bethany Snow for WUBC News. We have all heard about religions which suddenly seem to spring up out of nowhere, religions that have grabbed the attention of our youth, but one such 'new' religion that has just recently come to America is actually a very old religion. We went to Central City's local Brotherhood clinic for answers which may shock you.


    KORY: This is outrageous! If it weren't for Dick, this entire city would be a radioactive crater in the ground!

    WALLY: Yeah, but what has he done lately? I still don't see any progress on the "catch Deathstroke" front. Your leadership's been ripping this team apart. It's time for a firmer hand.

    GRAYSON: Yours, I suppose?

    WALLY: Why not?

    GRAYSON: Because you're psychotic.

    WALLY: Now, now. Name-calling won't help anything. Let's get down to the vote, shall we?

    DONNA: I vote for Dick to retain his position.

    WALLY: (low) No surprise there.

    DONNA: Gar?

    BEAST BOY: I...

    He looks away from Donna.

    BEAST BOY: I think Dick should step down.

    Wally claps him on the back.


    Bethany stands beside Brother Blood.

    SNOW: I am here at the church of Brother Blood, a church that dates back almost seven hundred years.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Exactly seven hundred years, my dear.

    SNOW: Brother Blood, some have commented upon your name. They say it frightens them.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Bethany, blood is the life-fluid that flows within all mankind. Blood gives life and I stand for life. My name should no more frighten people than my traditional ceremonial garb.

    SNOW: What about the accusation that your country is a nation which supports and harbors terrorists?

    BROTHER BLOOD: Those days are over, Bethany. Our former president, whom I always resisted, is dead. Our new president wants strong links with Western democracy. We believe only in peace and I wish Zandia to take its place among the free nations of this world. I have come here seeking recognition for our country and our church. You see, we have long been persecuted because our beliefs are different. Some of your people fear us for no reason. Indeed, we have reports that a vigilante group of supposed superheroes wishes to terminate us.

    SNOW: Brother Blood, surely that's only paranoia. Our people are tolerant.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I would hope so, Bethany. But I fear my reports are true. And should they come, we will, of course, have to show them the strength of our convictions...


    CYBORG: I ain't seen jack get done all this time Dick's been running the show. I say we give Wally his shot.

    KORY: No! Dick is a good man! He deserves our support!

    GRAYSON: So, assuming Wally and I vote for ourselves, it's up to Raven. So, Raven... who's going to lead the Teen Titans?


    A MAN in a trenchcoat approaches Blood.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Can I help you, my child?

    MAN: You can die.

    He throws away his trenchcoat, revealing DEATHSTROKE.

    DEATHSTROKE: The Flash sends his regards.

    He shoves an UZI into Brother Blood's chest and pulls the trigger, emptying a full clip into his heart. Brother Blood shudders as the bullets rip through him, blood spurting out. He turns his gaze upwards as he bleeds out.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Forgive him, Trigon, he knows not what he does.

    He collapses. Cardinal Syn checks Blood's pulse as Deathstroke makes his escape.

    CARDINAL SYN: He's dead! They've killed Brother Blood! The Titans have killed our savior!


    RAVEN: Nightwing.

    Wally does a double-take.

    WALLY: What was that?

    RAVEN: Wally cannot be allowed to take command of this team.

    DONNA: Well, there we have it. Dick retains leadership. Better luck next time, Wally.

    Wally stands.

    WALLY: Well, if that's the will of the council, I guess I'll just pack it in and go have sex with your ex-girlfriend. Oh, by the way, Dick, if you're ever bored, ask Kory to tell you about the time she asked for my help to break you and Barbara up so that she could have you all to yourself. And while you're having that particular bedtime story read to you, ask yourself this. "Did he wait until I fell in love with Kory and slept with her, just so he could spring that little tidbit on me when it would hurt the most, all because he didn't get what he wanted?" And the answer would be yes. Have a nice day and remember... tis better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. Peace, I'm out.

    He walks out. Stunned silence.

    BEAST BOY: Daaaaaaaaamn.


    Bethany Snow, visibly shaken, speaks to her news camera.

    SNOW: Just now, an assassin working for the Teen Titans has attacked and killed religious leader Brother Blood. Countries across the world are shocked by the criminal action and have stated they will welcome Blood's churches and disciplines into their lands. As church leader Cardinal Syn stated, "In death, Brother Blood has achieved what he sought in life. His beliefs will flourish in countries all across the free world."


    Grayson is packing his things as Kory walks in.

    KORY: I believe that was what you Earthers would refer to as a "scorched earth policy."

    GRAYSON: How does someone get like that? How can someone act that way? Do you know?

    KORY: I guess they just keep getting hurt until they decide not to let themselves get hurt anymore. (beat) Dick, why are you packing?

    GRAYSON: Because I'm out. When I joined this team, it wasn't supposed to be a family. Not again. It wasn't supposed to be personal. But it is. And I'm out.

    KORY: What's so bad about being a family?

    GRAYSON: Families break, Kory. Families break.

    KORY: Not this one.

    GRAYSON: Yes, this one. Forty-three percent of the team thinks I can't cut it as leader. I'm still in the big seat by a margin of one. I am my father's son. And Batman works alone.

    KORY: You don't have to be Batman! What about us?

    GRAYSON: I can't see you anymore. You lied to me. I thought I could trust you and you played me.

    KORY: Didn't last night mean anything to you?

    GRAYSON: Yeah. You were a pretty good ****. (points) There's the door.


    Flash is alone, slicing an apple up with a switchblade.

    FLASH: Trouble in paradise, Kory?

    Kory steps out of the shadows, hands blazing.

    KORY: Why do you have this... COMPULSION to bring everyone down to your level?

    FLASH: I wouldn't call it a compulsion. More like a hobby...

    She moves to punch him. He catches it.

    FLASH: Easy darling. Unlike Dick, I don't like it rough.

    He shoves her away, takes a file out of his pocket.

    FLASH: Her name was Catalina Flores, alias Tarantula. That's what you came here for, right? The one who soured him on people. The reason he has a crying fit during or after... no, we humans do not do that naturally. It's all right here, in this file.

    He slides it across the table to her.

    FLASH: (more of a vitrolic '**** you' than a request) READ IT.

    Kory picks it up, but doesn't open it.

    FLASH: You wanna know what the twisted part is? I think he still loves her. I really do. Well, gotta go. Any messages you'd like me to pass along to your fellow ex-Nightwing gal?


    Senator Hardy leads a committee.

    HARDY: And all opposed?

    No one says anything.

    HARDY: It's settled then. The Zandian government is authorized to capture and extradite the Teen Titans to their soil to try them for the murder of Brother Blood.


    Wally walks in, slowly. A vague sense of danger about the place.

    WALLY: Barbara?

    Barbara rolls forward.

    BARBARA: Wally, we need to talk.

    WALLY: About what?

    BARBARA: Us.

    WALLY: I'm not going to like this, am I?

    BARBARA: No. Wally, that night was... magical and fun and everything it should have been. But it was never meant to last.

    WALLY: What are you talking about? I love you.

    BARBARA: No, you don't. You think you do, but you don't. You're infatuated with me because I'm new and I'm not Linda and I used to be Dick's. And I went along with it because I was weak. But I won't allow myself to make that kind of mistake again. I won't allow myself to come between two people who are meant to be together.

    WALLY: Do you like being miserable? Is that it? Are you some kind of sadomasochist?

    BARBARA: I used to be Batgirl.

    WALLY: ...so? What does that have to do with anything?

    BARBARA: Hear me out. I used to be Batgirl. I wore a big yellow bat on my chest and ran around in a cape and high heels. I thought I would live forever. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of people very happy. And when I flew with Robin, I thought I was in paradise. But you know what paradise is? It's a lie, a fantasy we create about people and places as we'd like them to be. You know what truth is? It's that ring you can't bear to take off, it's that woman you fought with yesterday, the same one you're going to be sleeping next to tonight. That's truth. That's love. Wally, look into your heart. Look deep. You still care for Linda... don't you?

    An ARROW flies towards Wally. Wally shifts into Flash-time. Instead of grabbing it, he DEFLECTS IT into a wall. A moment later, it ELECTRIFICES.

    WALLY: Cute trick. But I know how it's done.

    GREEN ARROW steps out of the shadows, one arrow nocked.

    GREEN ARROW: Dead or alive, I'm bringing you in.

    WALLY: This about those unpaid parking tickets?

    GREEN ARROW: You read the paper today?

    WALLY: Yeah. I really can't believe that Nick and Jessica broke up. I mean, I thought they were in love. Really makes you think, doesn't it?

    Green Arrow holds up an evening edition of the Daily Planet. "Brother Blood Assassinated" in Moon Landing font size.

    WALLY: I know this is going to sound cliched, but I'm innocent.

    GREEN ARROW: And I don't suppose you know who did.

    WALLY: Have you tried checking out the one-armed man?

    GREEN ARROW: As of this moment, the Titans are disbanded. No doubt some of you will be facing criminal prosecution.

    WALLY: Aww, can't you let us off with a warning?

    GREEN ARROW: No warnings. You've been on double secret probation. All five of you.

    WALLY: Five?

    GREEN ARROW: Yes. You, Nightwing, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Wonder Girl. Not that your "Starfire" is much better...

    WALLY: Then what was Raven doing on the Watchtower?

    GREEN ARROW: Raven was on the Watchtower? When?

    WALLY: Don't you know, you invited... oh God. Oh Jesus God... I've gotta stop it.

    GLASS BREAKS. Wally turns to look. A pane of the clockface has shattered, a jagged bullethole torn through it. Then he looks down.

    BARBARA: Oh, Wally...

    Through the clockface. Of Wally as he holds the DEFORMED SLUG up. Mouths "looking for this?" He gives the sniper the finger, then twists the ring on his middle finger. He reappears as the Flash right in front of the sniper, his chest embelm filling the scope.


    Flash spins the SNIPER around by the collar, holding him over the ledge.

    FLASH: Feel free to ask me about the horse you rode in on as well.



    Barbara looks at him.

    BARBARA: I have no idea what Black Canary sees in you.


    Dark storm clouds, heavy with rain, begin to blot out the sun. DEATHSTROKE stands in the shade.

    DEATHSTROKE: Hmm. Storm's coming.

    He walks towards the door.

    DEATHSTROKE: (singing) I want to be an Airborne Ranger
    Livin' a life of sex and danger


    DEATHSTROKE: Well C-130 rolling down the strip
    Takin' off just like a rocket ship
    Grab your weapon and grab your pack
    clip the static line and it's out the back


    Deathstroke walks through the deserted lobby.

    DEATHSTROKE: Now if my chute don't open wide
    I've got a second one by my side
    If my secondary don't open true
    Well look out ground 'cause I'm coming through

    He presses the elevator call button. The elevator doors open. He steps inside and presses UP.

    DEATHSTROKE: If I die in a combat zone
    you can box me up and send me home
    pin my metals upon my chest
    And tell my momma I did my best!


    Grayson sits outside the clocktower, writing a LOVE LETTER on a bench. Flash appears next to him.

    GRAYSON: What do you want you son of a...

    And Flash THROWS A PUNCH! Which stops a foot to Grayson's right. He opens his fist, revealing the BULLET HE CAUGHT. He throws it back the way it came and we hear a scream offscreen.

    FLASH: They're making their move, Dick. They're making their move right now. (beat) Climb on my back.

    GRAYSON: What?

    FLASH: No time to argue! We have to get there as quickly as possible!

    Grayson gingerly climbs on.

    FLASH: Do me a favor. When you tell this story to your kids, leave this part out.

    GRAYSON: Absolutely.

    They go.


    Kory wipes a tear away. It's thick, yellow, and syrupy. She goes to a sink to wash it off. Looks at herself in the mirror. As befits her emotional state, her skin has become a bit grayer; her hair has lost some of its luster. She gives herself a weak smile and turns on the water. Washes the tear off. Turns the water off. Turns on the warm water. Runs her hand under it. Turns it off. Turns on the cold water. Runs her hand under it.

    KORY: Hunh.

    She looks up. DEATHSTROKE is standing right behind her. Quick as lightning, he reaches out and SNAPS HER NECK. Shoves her head forward, shattering the mirror with her face. She falls and doesn't move. He looks down at her corpse.

    DEATHSTROKE: Never killed an alien before. Thought it would feel different.


    Flash practically throws Grayson off him. Grayson begins to strip down to his Nightwing duds.

    GRAYSON: (into wrist mike) Wonder Girl, Cyborg, come in! Anybody! Beast Boy, Raven? Does anyone read me? (pleading) Starfire.

    FLASH: I think we're the only two left.

    GRAYSON: (slipping on mask) No, no, Kory's still at the Tower. No way they can get to her there.

    FLASH: They must be jamming us somehow. Some kind of jamming signal around the Tower...

    NIGHTWING: To keep us from warning them!

    Nightwing punches his passcode into the door.

    COMPUTER: (V.O.) User already logged in.

    FLASH: What the hell does that mean?

    NIGHTWING: Means someone's already used my passcode. They're inside the Tower!

    Flash punches in his passcode as Nightwing steps back.

    FLASH: Looks like you were right.

    CLOSE ON NIGHTWING as he draws a KNIFE from his glove.

    FLASH: (O.S.) We have got a traitor.

    Nightwing raises the knife high, about to plunge it into Flash's back...

    NIGHTWING: Not anymore.

    The door slides open, revealing Cyborg... his sonic cannon aimed straight at them.

    Next: Treason
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    Oh, man, you BETTER have more coming REAL soon.
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    Oh Zev, you master of suspense, you.
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    A team of heavily-armed ZANDIAN MERCENARIES sit in the back. CARDINAL SYN, their leader, leans over the pilot.

    CARDINAL SYN: Set a course for the Tower. Kill everything.


    The Chinook flies through the gathering storm... a squadron of HARRIER JETS, bristling with missiles, behind it.


    Cyborg lowers the cannon.

    CYBORG: Geez, way to sneak up on a guy! I nearly killed you. (beat) Dick, what's with the knife?

    Nightwing returns the knife to his glove.

    FLASH: You were going to stab me in the back!

    NIGHTWING: We don't have time for this. Move out.

    Nightwing walks into the Tower.

    FLASH: (to Cyborg) He was going to stab me!


    Flash, Nightwing, and Cyborg walk through the lobby, Cyborg sweeping the area with his cannon SWAT-style.

    FLASH: (re: sweeping) Could you stop that!? You're making me nervous.

    NIGHTWING: The Tower's been compromised. Cyborg, get the Star Slider ready. We're leaving this base in five minutes. If you run into Raven, do not engage.

    CYBORG: "Engage"?

    FLASH: She's the traitor, Vic.

    CYBORG: No way, that's impossible.

    NIGHTWING: It's the truth. Deal with it and move on.

    FLASH: See if you can find Gar and Donna. We need this locked down.

    NIGHTWING: I'll get Kory.

    FLASH: I'll come with.

    NIGHTWING: I don't need your help.

    FLASH: You think I'm letting you out of sight? Until this is over, I'm not trusting anyone.

    NIGHTWING: Lead the way then.

    Flash starts for the elevator. After a moment, he drops back next to Nightwing. Side by side, they step into it.


    Flash and Nightwing ride up in silence.

    FLASH: You ever worry about dying before you get even?

    NIGHTWING: All the time.


    FLASH: If I don't make it out of this, tell Linda I love her.


    NIGHTWING: Only if you promise to tell Kory for me.


    Flash runs from door to door, checking each empty room. Nightwing walks cautiously towards Kory's room, Birdarang at the ready. He sees a thin BLOOD TRAIL running out the door.

    NIGHTWING: Kory?

    FLASH: (O.S.) Dick... I think you should come see this. Better... hurry.


    Nightwing pushes past Flash to see KORY, her body propped up mock-crucifixion style over the conference table and pin-cushioned with a dozen mirror shards. On the wall behind her, someone has spray-painted a message:


    He runs to her, begins pulling her down. So distraught is Nightwing that he doesn't notice DEATHSTROKE watching them. But Flash does.

    FLASH: You son of a *****. You take one of mine, I'm taking one of yours!

    Deathstroke holds up a detonater.

    DEATHSTROKE: They were never yours to begin with.

    He presses the trigger. An EXPLOSIVE goes off under the T-shaped table. Flash tackles Nightwing out of the way as shrapnel goes flying.

    FLASH: Your table is broken.

    He stands up.

    FLASH: Yo, Mr. "I Make Stabby," let's go!

    DEATHSTROKE: My fight's not with you.

    He throws a DISC at Flash. Flash catches it. On the disc, an LED COUNTER counts down from TWO.

    FLASH: Oh ****!

    He runs out, leaving Deathstroke and Nightwing alone. Nightwing cradles Kory in his arms.

    NIGHTWING: Why? (louder, with growing conviction) Why? WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME!?

    DEATHSTROKE: I don't know, Dick. Maybe my Uncle Artie used to get drunk and make me sit on his lap. Maybe my pregnant wife was killed by a drunk driver and I've had a death wish ever since. Or maybe I was never cursed by the gods or struck by a glowing meteorite or mutated by a secret government experiment. Maybe I just like having money so that I can eat the best food, wear the best clothes, and hire ten-thousand-dollars-a-night escort girls every evening because that way I'm in control, that way I'm never at someone else's mercy, THAT WAY... I never have to feel alone. And maybe I need a way to make that money. And maybe... doing this is easy. And fun. And cool.


    DEATHSTROKE: You don't know what hate is. But that's alright, little bird...

    He quick-draws a sidearm and SHOOTS NIGHTWING THROUGH THE HEART.

    DEATHSTROKE: I'll teach you.


    Flash runs the grenade onto the roof. Only it's not a grenade anymore, it's a basketball-sized EXPLOSION, slowly expanding. He has to "hot potato" it from hand to hand. He kicks it off the roof like a soccer ball and it explodes in the distance.


    Then he sees the incoming squad of fighter jets.

    FLASH: Oh... ****.

    His earpiece rings.

    FLASH: Yeah?

    BEAST BOY: (filtered) Wally? What the hell's going on? One minute it's all good, next it's Waco goddamn Texas! I'm all alone and I think we're under attack!

    FLASH: It's alright. Listen, is Raven with you?

    BEAST BOY: (filtered) No, I already said I'm alone! What the hell is going on!?

    FLASH: No time to get into it. I need you to activate the automated defense systems.

    BEAST BOY: (filtered) What?

    FLASH: I walked you through it, remember? Just go to the computer room and press the green button.

    BEAST BOY: (filtered) I thought you said to never, ever press the green button!

    FLASH: Why would we even have a green button if we're NEVER going to push it? You're only meant to press it once and this is that time!


    Deathstroke walks towards the dead Nightwing, spinning his gun around.

    DEATHSTROKE: Too bad, kid. With a little more training, you could've been a worthy opponent. Guess now we'll never know what might have been.



    NIGHTWING: Kevlar, *******. I learn from my mistakes.

    He launches himself at Deathstroke, wrapping his hands around Slade's throat.

    NIGHTWING: This is twice now you've taken away people I've cared for. You WON'T do it a third time.

    DEATHSTROKE: I haven't made you angry, have I?

    He gets a knee up between them, pushes Nightwing away. Nightwing turns his backward momentum into a roundhouse kick, knocking Deathstroke for a loop.

    NIGHTWING: You killed my parents.

    DEATHSTROKE: I've killed a lot of men's parents.

    He goes for his sword. Nightwing chops him below the armpit, jolting his heart.

    DEATHSTROKE: Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    NIGHTWING: Sometimes worse things happen to bad people.

    He double-palm-strikes Deathstroke into a wall.


    Beast Boy is just outside the computer room when he hears footsteps running by him. He turns, but no one's there.

    BEAST BOY: Donna?

    He looks back to the computer room. The footsteps are growing quieter in the distance. If he doesn't act now, he'll lose them.

    He turns away from the door and runs after the footsteps.


    Donna runs in, checks the door.

    RAVEN: What is it?

    DONNA: We have to leave, right now. Zandia's attacking.

    RAVEN: Already?

    She stands.

    RAVEN: We have to warn the others.

    DONNA: We can't. There's a traitor among us.

    RAVEN: What? Who?

    Donna suddenly punches Raven out.

    DONNA: Me.


    Flash comes down the stairs to see CYBORG running out.

    CYBORG: Star Slider's fueled and ready to go...


    He zooms over to Cyborg and tackles him to the ground as a BARRAGE OF MISSILES crash through the windows. They stream overhead, contrails singeing the two heroes.




    An explosion sends Deathstroke and Nightwing flying.


    Flash rolls to his feet.

    FLASH: I told that damn kid to have the shields up!

    CYBORG: I'm fine, thanks. Where's Kory?

    FLASH: She didn't make it.

    CYBORG: Didn't make it? What the hell do you mean, didn't...

    Nightwing and Deathstroke crash through windows and fall into the atrium. Nightwing fires a grappling hook up into the ceiling, it narrowly misses the SKYLIGHT. He grabs Deathstroke and swings him towards the side of the atrium. Deathstroke headbutts him and twists them around, causing Nightwing to take the brunt of the impact. He kicks off the wall and Nightwing falls.

    Nightwing hitches his arms to his sides then SPREADS THEM, unfurling WINGS BUILT INTO HIS COSTUME. He glides towards the safety of a lower floor when DEATHSTROKE drops down on him. They crash into the common room, ripping Nightwing's wings apart in the rough landing.


    Beast Boy runs onto the roof, sees the CHINOOK has landed. Donna is climbing onboard, Raven in her arms.

    BEAST BOY: Donna? Donna, what the hell's going on? Who are these guys?

    SOLDIERS disembark from the Chinook. Take aim at him.

    DONNA: Sorry lover. But I think we should just be friends.

    She blows him a kiss as the soldiers OPEN FIRE.


    Nightwing and Deathstroke are back to back, a wall in between them. Very John Woo. Deathstroke plants another clip in his machine pistol, Nightwing unfurls more Birdarangs.

    DEATHSTROKE: About your parents, I’m really sorry about any distress that caused you. If I knew you were going to take it so personal, I would’ve made sure to kill you as well.

    They come out. Nightwing throws a Birdarang into Deathstroke’s chest. Deathstroke unloads a clip into Nightwing’s chest, the bullets ripping away at Nightwing’s body glove to reveal the Kevlar chest armor underneath. Nightwing recovers from the barrage to throw another Birdarang. It knocks the gun out of Deathstroke's hand and embeds itself in the far wall.

    DEATHSTROKE: Your girlfriend, however, doing her was fun. Hell, I’d do it again for free, just to watch her expression change. You could really tell, looking into her eyes, that she was wondering why you weren’t there to save her.

    Nightwing roars with sheer hate and rushes Deathstroke.

    NIGHTWING: I’m going to kill you! Then I’m going to cook you and I’m going to ****ing eat you!

    DEATHSTROKE: Now that’s the spirit!


    The side of the T begins to tilt and SAG precariously due to the damage caused by the missile attack!


    Linda holds a hand to her heart as she sees smoke billowing from the Tower in the distance.

    LINDA: Wally...


    The floor is now at a 45 degree angle, changing the fight dramatically. Nightwing and Deathstroke end up clinging to the legs of a bolted-down table as they trade kicks. The OVEN rips free from the gravity, letting gas leak out, and wedges itself against the refridgerator. Deathstroke lets go, skydives down the corridor. Grabs his gun (hanging by the trigger guard from a Birdarang) and uses it to shoot a circle in the window. He breaks through and lands on a small hovering passenger plane.

    DEATHSTROKE: Goodbye, Nightwing.

    He fires a shot through the window. Nightwing shoots a grappling hook through the door and reels himself back into the atrium as the bullet strikes the gas line, causing another explosion.


    The side of the T begins to BREAK OFF! Flames roar out the windows.


    Deathstroke swings into the jet via a sidedoor. WINTERGREEN is piloting. Deathstroke pulls the Birdarang out of his chest with an accompanying spurt of blood and tosses it aside.


    In the background, we see the the jets circling around for another pass. Nightwing pulls himself up as Flash and Cyborg run to him.

    FLASH: I think we're the only ones left.

    NIGHTWING: Beast Boy?

    FLASH: Can't raise him. That missile attack...



    KORY: (O.S.) Dick, where are you?

    The voice is coming from inside the damaged side, which is already starting to tip more.

    NIGHTWING: I'm going back in there.

    He grabs a FIRE AX from the wall.

    NIGHTWING: Buy me the time.

    He runs into the flames.

    CYBORG: Uh, Flash?

    The jets are roaring towards them.

    FLASH: I'll take care of them. You get the others out of here.

    CYBORG: It's too far to jump!

    FLASH: Who said anything about jumping?

    The jets FIRE. Fourteen missiles rock towards their target.

    FLASH: Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

    He runs for the blown-open windows and JUMPS OUT...


    To use the missiles as STEPPING STONES, leaping from one to the next, his weight diverting them upwards. He reaches the lead jet and baseball slides down the nose, kicking through the windshield.

    FLASH: Suffering from premature ejection?

    He presses the eject button. The pilot shoots out and Flash takes his seat.

    FLASH: Happens to a lot of guys.


    Fires started by the explosions are GUTTING the building. Nightwing runs through, using his acrobatics ability to avoid any flames.

    NIGHTWING: (shouting) Kory, where are you?

    KORY: (O.S.) Up here!

    Nightwing charges up the stairwell.


    And nearly falls. The steps have been heavily damaged. No way he can make it up there.

    NIGHTWING: Alright then, plan B.


    Nightwing clambers onto the top of the car. He grabs one cable and, using the ax, SEVERS IT below his handhold. The elevator car falls, PULLING HIM UPWARDS.

    After a few stories, he sinks the ax, point-first, into the wall. Lets go and swings off it onto a doorway. He begins to pry the doors open as the whiplashing elevator cable HITS THE CEILING. Which begins to CRUMBLE. A small bit of grit falls on Nightwing's shoulder. He looks up and sees an avalanche of debris heading towards him. He grabs the ax and throws himself inside.


    Metal GROANS as the floor creaks to even more of an incline. Nightwing braces himself. Ahead is the assembly room. But between him and the door is a gaping HOLE in the floor. It's too big to jump. He starts running. He's gonna jump it.

    He doesn't quite make it... but he does hit the floor BELOW the barracks. Which begins CRUMBLING UNDER HIM. He scrambles his way to the door and looks back at the abyss he narrowly dodged.

    NIGHTWING: (incredulous) OSHA signed off on this!?


    Nightwing kicks in the door. It's an inferno.

    KORY: (O.S.) Hello? Is anyone around? I'm in quite a bit of pain.

    The voice is coming from directly overhead.

    NIGHTWING: Hang on, I'm coming to get you!

    Nightwing climbs onto the bed and starts whacking upwards with his ax, attacking the plaster overhead. But he's not doing it fast enough. He coughs as the fire spreads through the room. Finally, he pulls a BIRDARANG out of his boot. Presses a button. It begins BEEPING, a red LED light on it blinking on and off. An EXPLOSIVE BIRDARANG.

    NIGHTWING: Kory, cover your face!

    He stakes it into the ceiling and jumps down, rolling under the bed. The beeping becomes faster, more higher-pitched. BOOOM!


    Nightwing pulls himself up through the hole he just made. Looks back. His LEG IS ON FIRE. He kicks at it, putting it out. Turns around. KORY is pinned under a large piece of debris, her head twisted around 180 degrees.

    KORY: (re: neck) This is distinctly uncomfortable.

    Nightwing tries lifting the debris, can't budge it. He starts chopping at it with the ax. Chunks of plaster fly away as the ax bites at it again and again. Finally, half of the debris falls off. Nightwing levers his ax under the portion still trapping Kory, heaves up on it... and turning the debris over!

    KORY: I knew you'd come.

    He picks her up.

    NIGHTWING: C'mon. We're getting you out of here.

    KORY: Are they going to help?

    Nightwing turns. Out the window we see the JETS INCOMING, about to finish them off. Nightwing knows they're done. No last-minute escapes this time.

    NIGHTWING: Kory, whatever afterlife you Tamaranians believe in... I hope I'm right there with you.

    He embraces her in a soulful kiss as FLASH'S HIJACKED PLANE zooms right past them, flying straight at the ZANDIAN JETS!



    The jets are forced to scatter as Flash meets them HEAD-ON! Flash CLIPS ONE, which goes spiralling into the sea. But his jet is crippled. It flies towards Central City, trailing black smoke.


    NIGHTWING: He couldn't have done that BEFORE the declaration of undying love?


    Flash wrestles with the stick, managing to avoid any buildings. He's headed for a crash landing on Main Street.

    FLASH: ...I hate flying.

    He crashes, the jet roaring down the street. Cars swerve out of the way as the underbelly of the jet kicks up sparks. In FLASH-TIME, Flash jumps out of the jet. It's headed for a PETROL TRUCK at the end of the street. He runs to the truck. The driver's trapped inside. And the jet's skidding towards him as Mach 5.

    He tries the door. Locked.

    The jet's fifty feet away.

    With his elbow he SHATTERS THE WINDOW.

    Forty feet away.

    Flash reaches in. Unlocks the door.

    Thirty feet away.

    The driver's seatbelt won't unbuckle. Flash pulls at it.

    Twenty feet away.

    Straining with all his might, he RIPS the damn thing right out of the chair.

    Ten feet away.

    He grabs the driver, slings him over his shoulder, and RUNS.

    The jet COLLIDES with the petrol truck, ushering in THE MOTHER OF ALL EXPLOSIONS. A huge fireball rises into the sky as metal rains down. The Flash picks himself up off the driver.

    FLASH: (to driver) Think we should exchange insurance information?

    He blurs back towards the Tower.


    The skylight IMPLODES as soldiers slide down on zip-lines, guns blazing. Cyborg returns fire with his sonic cannon. The hit soldiers hang limply from their harnesses, unconscious. But there are too many of them. Cyborg is driven backwards, into another room.

    SOLDIER: Come on! We've got 'em cornered!

    They land and stream after the fugitive.


    The damaged side of the cross RIPS FREE, a gap yawning between it and the main building. Trapping Nightwing on the side about to fall. Kory, in his arms, reaches up weakly to stroke his face.

    KORY: You can't make it. Not with my weight. Put me down. You can't carry me over that.

    Next: Escape
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    The damaged side of the cross RIPS FREE, a gap yawning between it and the main building. Trapping Nightwing on the side about to fall. Kory, in his arms, reaches up weakly to stroke his face.

    KORY: You can't make it. Not with my weight. Put me down. You can't carry me over that.

    NIGHTWING: Yes I can.

    KORY: You'll fall.

    NIGHTWING: I won't fall. I was Robin. Being Robin gave me magic. Robins fly.

    He jumps across as the whole thing falls off...




    He throws Kory onto safe ground, but doesn't make it himself. And as he falls backwards... A GREEN HAND CATCHES HIM. Pulls him back. BEAST BOY. Suit ripped, bleeding from multiple cuts, but alive.

    BEAST BOY: Donna... Donna took Raven and she left with those men...

    Behind him, a SOLDIER is taking aim.

    BEAST BOY: Why would she do that?

    FLASH grabs the soldier just as he fires, causing the shot to go wild. He wraps the soldier's own zipline around his neck.

    FLASH: Choke on this.

    He throws the soldier off the side of the building. A second wave of soldiers are rappeling down the zip-lines.

    Nightwing shoves Kory into Beast Boy's arms and draws two Birdarangs. He jumps off into space, a Birdarang in each hand. He throws one to either side, severing two of the trooper's grapple lines. Grabs onto a cluster of rappeling troopers. Begins beating the **** out of them, clambering over their bodies and the ropes like a spider monkey. Binding them with their own rope in some cases. Generally kicking ass.


    The soldiers have surrounded the door Cyborg ducked into, all weapons trained on it.

    SOLDIER: We've got him now!

    A HIGH-PITCHED KEENING starts to build up.

    SOLDIER 2: What is that?

    The STAR SLIDER crashes through the wall, Cyborg at the wheel, scattering the soldiers like ten-pins! He comes to a rough stop in front of the other Titans.

    CYBORG: Nightwing, get over here! I don't know how to steer this thing.

    They all clamber into the Star Slider.


    The Star Slider bursts out of Titan Tower.


    Deathstroke, in the co-pilot's seat, barks orders into the radio.

    DEATHSTROKE: Leave the tower, go after the... whatever it is! I want them brought down!


    The ship makes a beeline for Central City, the Leer Jet right on its tail.

    FLASH: (riding shotgun) Think you can shake him?

    NIGHTWING: (shaking his head) Maybe if I had more than one Birdarang left... (then) Take the controls.

    FLASH: Where the hell are you going? We're in a combat situation, this team needs you!

    NIGHTWING: Deathstroke has to pay. How do you expect me to let him get away with what he's done?

    FLASH: Discipline.

    NIGHTWING: ...**** discipline.

    He draws his last Birdarang and JUMPS off the Star Slider. Shocked beat.

    FLASH: Always with the dramatics.


    Nightwing lands on the nose of the plane. Deathstroke empties a clip through the windshield. Nightwing jumps to the side, is caught in the wash of the JET ENGINE. He's sucked towards the turbine, but does a BUTTERFLY SPLIT, his feet catching the cowling of the turbine. He handsprings off the turbine and through the plane's door!


    The door reseals itself as Deathstroke jumps out of his seat. He opens fire on Nightwing, who throws a Birdarang and jumps behind a seat. Deathstroke dodges and the Birdarang hits the controls. The jet goes up into a steep climb, sending Nightwing and Deathstroke plummeting towards the back of the cabin.


    Flash flies the Star Slider through the urban canyons of the concrete jungle of the mixed metaphor.

    CYBORG: Who is driving? Oh my God, Flash is driving! How can that be?

    In the back, Beast Boy consoles to Kory.

    KORY: First, you're going to have to pull the glass out of me.

    BEAST BOY: What? I don't know if I can do this!

    KORY: If you don't, I'll just get someone else to do it... and then I'll kick your ass!

    Beast Boy begins pulling the mirror shards out. Behind them, the JETS fly in. Flash spots them over his shoulder.

    FLASH: Time to play offense.

    Flash presses a button on the Star Slider. It comes to a dead stop. The jets shoot past it. Flash locks onto them.

    FLASH: I have you now!

    He presses another button. Futuristic WINDSHIELD WIPERS turn on.

    FLASH: Oops.

    CYBORG: Activate weapons!

    COMPUTER: Weapons-lock is active.

    FLASH: Where's the override, the override!?

    The jets have circled back around. Flash presses a button. The AFTERBURNERS come on. They rocket past the jets, TEARING THROUGH ONE like it was made out of tissue paper (don't worry folks, A-Team mortality is fully in effect. We see the pilot deploy a parachute in the background). Flash, G-forces tearing at his face, shuts the afterburner off and returns to normal thrusters.

    CYBORG: Check your blind spots! Check your blind spots!

    FLASH: We are FLYING! What are we going to hit?

    Flash accidentally fishtails through the corner of the building. Debris crushes a hot dog stand.

    FLASH: Sorry! (to Titans) It's my first flying car.


    The flight has leveled off. Nightwing and Deathstroke trade blows, the cramped compartment leaving them little room for manuevering. It's head-to-head, toe-to-toe back-and-forth.

    DEATHSTROKE: Admit it! I'm the best you've ever fought with!

    NIGHTWING: As a murderer you're most impressive. But as a human being, you're pathetic.

    The controls malfunctioning, shooting sparks again. The plane goes into a ROLL. Deathstroke and Nightwing tumble 360 degrees over the cabin, punching and kneeing each other.


    Flash puts the Star Slider into a dive, pulling up when they're barely above traffic.

    FLASH: We're going in, we're going in full throttle! That oughta keep those fighters off our backs!

    He makes a narrow turn, ducks under an overpass. Meanwhile, Beast Boy is twisting Kory's neck back to its normal position.

    KORY: Good, good! Another few degrees... (SNAP!) Much better. I can feel my toes!


    Donna affixes an AMAZONIAN COLLAR to Raven.

    DONNA: Let's see you teleport out of that.

    FIGHTER PILOT: (filtered) Your eminence, the Titans have merged with civilian traffic. We can't open fire without risking civilian casualties.

    DONNA: Your orders were to destroy the Titans by any means necessary. By any means necessary means BY ANY MEANS ****ING NECESSARY! TAKE THEM OUT!


    The Harriers open fire with their 20mm nose cannons. Flash dodges the Star Slider from side to side as the bullets tear through cars and foot traffic.

    FLASH: Sons of *****es!

    He pulls up as the Harriers FIRE MISSILES. Cyborg deploys his sonic cannon and BLASTS THE MISSILES OUT OF THE SKY!

    FLASH: Cyborg, that computer in your head got a translation program?

    CYBORG: Yeah!

    FLASH: Use it! I want to know what all these buttons do!

    CYBORG: Any priorities?

    FLASH: Yeah. Which one will blow up the most bad guys?

    Cyborg climbs into the gunner's seat and looks at the console, his robotic eye rotating...


    The plane begins to climb higher, causing the two combatants to slide down the aisle. Deathstroke shoves his legs out, wedging himself against the seats, and grabs Nightwing in a chokehold.

    DEATHSTROKE: Just give up, willya? You're outta your league here. There's no shame in being beaten by me. Happens to damn near everyone.

    Nightwing sees the Birdarang that DEATHSTROKE PULLED OUT OF HIS CHEST sliding down the floor towards them.

    NIGHTWING: I hope you'll enjoy your victory with one goddamn eye!

    DEATHSTROKE: What kind of zinger is that? You think I'd forgotten about my injury?

    Nightwing CATCHES the Birdarang.

    NIGHTWING: No. I was just reminding you.

    He stabs the Birdarang backwards into Deathstroke's empty eye socket. Deathstroke SCREAMS as Nightwing rips it free and throws the Birdarang through a WINDOW. The cabin depressurizes and Nightwing is SUCKED OUT INTO SPACE!


    Nightwing falls. A long way down.

    NIGHTWING: All outta grappling lines... wings decommissioned... this could be a problem.


    The jets are still on the Star Slider's trail, streams of TRACER FIRE lighting up the night.

    FLASH: Vic, this crate have ANY weapons?

    CYBORG: Yeah! Just need to find the arming codes.

    FLASH: Never mind!

    He speeds them towards an ABANDONED BUILDING.

    CYBORG: Umm... Flash? We can't take a hit like that.

    FLASH: I'm aware of that, Cyborg.

    CYBORG: If we crash into that, we're all dead.

    FLASH: Well aware of it. See, I think I've finally got a feel for this thing. See?

    The abandoned building looming large in front of them, he points them out.

    FLASH: Gyroscopic manuevering thrusters, rear propulsion, afterburners...


    FLASH: Yup... but not today.

    At the last possible moment he pulls back HARD on the manuevering thrusters. The Star Slider, still travelling forwards, tips upwards. The jets are still following close behind. Flash hits the afterburners. The Star Slider ROCKETS UPWARDS, narrowly clearing the roof of the building. The fighters have no such luck. They CRASH into the abandoned building, wiping themselves out.

    FLASH: What'd I tell you?

    NIGHTWING: (filtered) Can I get a little assistance here? Because I can't fly. At all.

    Flash banks the Star Slider.


    The Star Slider passes the falling Nightwing. Beast Boy JUMPS OUT and turns into a PTERODACTYL! He dives, wings close to his sides, as Nightwing continues to fall.

    NIGHTWING: Gar. Nice to see you, all things considered.

    Beast Boy's talons grip him by the shoulders and PULL UP just before he can become street pizza. That's when the LEER JET flies towards them. Beast Boy flaps with all his strength, but the Leer Jet is rapidly gaining on them, turbines whirring with deadly force. Nightwing is pulled backwards by the suction, his feet inches away from the blades...

    When two ENERGY PROJECTILES slam into the midsection of the Leer Jet, BLOWING IT APART!


    Cyborg looks up from the console.

    CYBORG: Found the missiles!

    Beast Boy drops Nightwing onto the hood of the Star Slider.

    NIGHTWING: Move over, I'm driving.

    FLASH: But you make such a good hood ornament.


    The Chinook lands next to the wreckage of the Leer Jet. Deathstroke and Wintergreen have survived with minor injuries.

    Deathstroke walks up to Donna. Raven hangs limp from her arms. Like a surrealistic nightmare wedding. Donna kisses him passionately.

    DEATHSTROKE: Contract fulfilled.


    The Star Slider lands, far away from the city. It's starting to rain, a titanic downpour that's been long threatened. The team watches, horrified, as Titan Tower burns in the distance.


    Fires explode out the windows, out of control. From helicopters and boats, people take pictures and tape the event with camcorders. A series of shots inside the Tower as it burns.

    NIGHTWING: (V.O.) "These are the times that try men's souls."


    The heritage of the past team, the new achievements, the trophies of the life the Titans have built... they all burn.

    NIGHTWING: (V.O.) "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."


    The fallen debris from one side of the cross. Cardinal Syn steps through the wreckage. Picks up a cracked picture of WALLY AND LINDA.

    NIGHTWING: (V.O.) "Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."


    The fire burns through the rec room. Flaming debris floats in the pool. The holograms go on the fritz.

    NIGHTWING: (V.O.) "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value."


    The computers spark and overload as the fire consumes them.

    NIGHTWING: (V.O.) "Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."


    The second half of the cross, unbalanced, rips off and falls to the ground. It shatters against the earth, sliding into the ocean.

    NIGHTWING: (V.O.) Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776.


    The five survivors, temporarily safe, watch in awe and grief as their home dies in the ominous sky beyond. On each face, the light left by the Tower flickers, then at last, is gone. Nightwing watches with hollowed eyes.

    NIGHTWING: My God... how did it come to this?

    FLASH: You tell me.

    Nightwing turns to Flash as if noticing him for the first time.

    NIGHTWING: Thanks for buying me some time back there. Couldn't have done it without you.

    FLASH: That's what I keep telling you. We need to talk.


    Flash leads Nightwing away from the team as the rain turns the ground to mud.

    FLASH: You see Nightwing, we're in a war. And your ignorance of that has endangered this team for the last time.

    NIGHTWING: What are you talking about?

    FLASH: I fancy myself a student of history. You ever hear of civis Romanus? “I am a citizen of Rome.” A Roman could go where he pleased, protected only by his nationality. No one would dare harm him because of the inevitability of Rome's swift and decisive response. You see where I'm going with this, right? We must make the retaliation so horrific that it becomes unthinkable to attack in the first place. And now Zandia's blown up our home. Our HOME, Grayson! You can imagine the consequences. Here's a hint: KA-BOOM! (beat, calms) I wish it could be otherwise. Well, actually I don't.

    NIGHTWING: You must know that I won't allow you to go through with it.

    FLASH: I know you won't. Which brings us to now. You know, we're not so different, you and I. Well, we are, but my point is this...

    He suddenly attacks Nightwing. Punches him in the stomach. Nightwing doubles over.

    FLASH: Yeah, I know. All that kung-fu crap doesn't do jack against a nice slug in the gut.

    He wraps his arm around Nightwing's neck, putting him ina chokehold.

    FLASH: Shhh. Shh. Don't fight it. This is how the world is, Dick.

    Nightwing throws his head back, catching Flash in the nose. Elbows him in the gut and breaks free!

    FLASH: Let me guess, deja vu? Tarantula told me what happened between you two. I mean... YOU! Of all people! And by a woman, no less! I'd laugh if it weren't so pathetic. Oh, what the hell? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Kory stands on weak legs.

    KORY: What's happening? What's going on? Dick!

    She tries to go after him. Cyborg grabs her arm.

    KORY: What's the meaning of this?

    CYBORG: Don't make this any harder than it has to be.

    She tries to move past him, but Beast Boy steps in front of her and shakes his head.


    Nightwing and Flash circle each other.

    NIGHTWING: Why are you doing this?

    FLASH: I am who I am… because someone has to be. Don't blame me, Nightwing. I'm just living up to my potential. I was given these powers for a reason. To lead, to fight crime, to battle evil. You got in the way. I told you, Dick. You don't want me for an enemy. You didn't listen. You and me, no powers? No contest. But it did drum up sympathy. You and me, with powers? Let's find out. You see, I can look at the big picture. But this wasn't personal until you got between me and my wife... Linda is the big picture, you idiot. I would do anything for her. You shouldn't have gotten in my way.

    Nightwing charges him. Flash blinks out of the way.

    FLASH: Ola!

    He kicks Nightwing's knee in.

    FLASH: Doesn't feel good, DOES IT!?

    Nightwing falls to his knees.

    NIGHTWING: How can you be so cruel?

    FLASH: (genuinely confused) How can you NOT BE!?

    Flash slugs him across the chin, sending him to the ground.

    FLASH: You could've had an important voice in the new order... second only to my own! But you had to let your ego get in the way. Your arrogance, your pride, brought this upon you, not me. I offered you the hand of friendship and you spat in my face.

    He begins mercilessly kicking Nightwing. We hear ribs buckle and crack.

    FLASH: I suppose I should salute you as a worthy adversary or something, but the truth is I really do hate your guts.

    He kicks Nightwing once more for good measure. Then kneels down and pulls Nightwing's head up by the hair.

    FLASH: I just wanted you to know that I always was the best. You really are one dumb pathetic orphan.

    Flash raises his fist one last time... Nightwing looks up at him through a shattered face. Flash rips Nightwing's mask off, lets go, stands.

    FLASH: Not so pretty now, are you? It didn’t have to be like this. Then again, maybe it did.

    He stomps on Nightwing one last time, further soiling him, then walks away.


    Flash walks out of the clearing, signalling his posse to follow him. They walk away as Kory runs to Nightwing's side. Flash, Cyborg, and Beast Boy take off in the Star Slider. Kory cradles Nightwing in her arms.

    NIGHTWING: Take me home...


    Linda, rattled, her mascara running, dictates into a tape recorder. Her voice is choked with emotion.

    LINDA: And so, in a world in which faith and truth are often... no. Where faith and trust are often at a premium, we find against that the human need to believe has been betrayed. ..

    Behind her, the door creaks open. DONNA is staring at her.

    DONNA: Hello, Mrs. Park. You probably don't know me, but I work with your husband.

    She grabs Linda by the throat, hoists her off the ground.

    DONNA: How about a little girltalk?

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    Wally stands in the rain, looking at the statue of BARRY ALLEN.

    WALLY: Open war is upon us. The time to act is now. And I can't help but wonder what you would have done in such times.

    GARRICK: He'd have done as we have always done. He would fight because he knew in his heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And that there's purpose and worth to each and every life.

    Wally turns around. JAY GARRICK, the original Flash, is watching him from under an umbrella.

    WALLY: Quick said that when I called upon the speedists of the Mercury Order, you would be ready to assist me. Well, that time has come.

    GARRICK: The great battle is not yet upon us. This is not the appointed time.

    WALLY: Listen, baldie, I need an army and you're it! Tell these people we're moving out!

    GARRICK: You can threaten me all you like, but your destiny and that of the Order lie elsewhere... for now at least.

    WALLY: I don't believe in destiny.

    GARRICK: You should... you're destined to.


    Flash returns to the Star Slider. Cyborg rubs his temples.

    CYBORG: God, this headache...

    FLASH: On to Plan B. We'll take out the Brotherhood's suppliers and financiers. That oughta throw a monkey wrench into his plans. Then we'll work out way up the food chain one fish at a time until we hook the big one.

    CYBORG: Guys... I think Raven did something to me...

    Flash and Beast Boy turn to him.

    CYBORG: I remember being in love... I remember loving her... but now it's fading, like an old dream... I think she made me love her.

    Alice Cooper's "School's Out" starts up as he looks plaintively at them.

    BEAST BOY: Wally... what do we do now? Where do we go from here?

    FLASH: I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.

    Start montage.


    Flash runs from door to door, unlocking all of them. The freed children stream out.


    Cyborg rips the gas oven out of the wall. Sets a lit lighter on the nearby counter as the gas leaks out.


    Flash, Cyborg, and the children walk away from the building as it EXPLODES.


    The Titans enter. The BANK MANAGER hits the alarm. The vault starts to close. Flash zooms over to it and wedges it open with a chair.

    FLASH: We only take the Brotherhood's money.


    Beast Boy, as a cockroach, discovers the cache. He runs back into the wall, then comes back as a DUNG BEETLE pushing a SMOK GRENADE. Beast Boy turns into a rat and pulls the pin.


    FIREFIGHTERS break into the cache, answering a smoke alarm. They see the weapons.


    Flash drives a MACK TRUCK through the wall.


    A FREIGHTER sinks in the background as the Titans ride off in a motorboat.


    As Cyborg and Beast Boy brood in the background, Wally watches the TV.

    ASIAN REPORTER: It's been two days since the destruction of Titan Tower during the Titans' flight from prosecution and the Flash's reign of terror continues. In the last six hours alone, twenty-two Brotherhood-owned facilities have been shut down. Already, the Flash and his cohorts have caused over six hundred million dollars' worth of property damage. Yesterday, the Flash made this broadcast from several live TV shows... simultaneously.

    FLASH: (on TV) Certain unnamed parties have attacked our home. They have sown the wind and now they will reap the whirlwind. You know who you are. We're coming for you. Gentlemen, now is the time to walk in fear one of another.

    WALLY: They didn't catch my best angle. It's a strange experience, knowing you'll be remembered in the annals of history as a monster. (beat) Quite... liberating, really.

    ASIAN REPORTER: In other news, the President has signed a non-aggression treaty with Zandia, saying he has finally secured peace for our...

    Wally mutes the TV.

    CYBORG: Thought you said we were going to have the guv'mint's backing on this.

    WALLY: After we got framed for killing Blood? It'd be political suicide. Besides which, the invasion was predicated on going into battle with us as support. Us being fugitives, that's not likely to happen anytime soon. It's back to the way things were meant to be. Push comes to shove, all us freaks have is each other.


    Grayson awakens. He's stripped to the waist, lying on a medical table, his wounds bandaged.

    BATMAN: (O.S.) The girl brought you here.

    Grayson sits up painfully. Batman sits at his computer, typing.

    GRAYSON: Her name is Kory.

    BATMAN: Yes, I know. She's upstairs. Alfred's trying to teach her proper dining etiquette.

    Grayson gets to his feet.

    GRAYSON: Yeah, that sounds like him.

    BATMAN: I took the liberty of flushing the nanites out of your system as soon as they finished repairing you. Continuous exposure to Brainiac technology is dangerous and stupid, even if it did heal the damage that Deathstroke did.

    GRAYSON: It wasn't Deathstroke. It was Flash.

    Batman grunts.

    GRAYSON: Guess this just confirms your suspicions.

    BATMAN: It does. You've got a handle on things. I'm proud of you.

    GRAYSON: ...could you repeat that, I think Flash must've hit me harder than I thought.

    BATMAN: Even with your headquarters compromised, you evacuated with no casualties. The team's still together.

    GRAYSON: Yeah, under Flash's command. I lost control.

    BATMAN: You didn't lose it. It was taken from you.

    GRAYSON: What difference does that make?

    Batman turns to look at him.

    BATMAN: It means you can take it back. That's what wearing the mantle of the Bat is all about. I taught you that.

    GRAYSON: You taught me that I was worth less to you than the Mission. That everything was worth less to you than the Mission. That's why you fired me, wasn't it?

    Batman stands, strides towards him.

    BATMAN: You reached an age where you couldn't be Robin anymore. A distance grew between us. I left many things unsaid. I handled it all wrong. But that's the way it always is, isn't it?

    GRAYSON: I don't know what you mean. The way what always is?

    BATMAN: Between fathers and sons.

    GRAYSON: You're not my father. You never even knew my father. You left Gotham in the hands of Jean-Paul, remember? You hardly knew him. And what you did know should have made it very clear he wasn't fit for the job.

    BATMAN: There wasn't time.

    GRAYSON: No time to pick up a phone? No time to call me?

    BATMAN: It wasn't that easy, you know it wasn't. I didn't know your situation. All I knew was that you were working through some problems. You still are.

    GRAYSON: Yeah. "Problems."

    He turns away from Batman.

    GRAYSON: And I thought there was one guy who'd have faith in me. But when it comes down to the test, you picked somebody else to succeed you. A stranger.

    BATMAN: I assumed you wanted to get out from under my shadow. Make a name for yourself. You've done that. Created a life. Fought your own battles. I didn't have the right to call you back.

    GRAYSON: The right? I'd die for you, Bruce.

    BATMAN: But I couldn't ask you to. I didn't know how to...

    He stops. Takes off his mask.

    BRUCE: You're better than me, Dick.

    GRAYSON: What did you say?

    BRUCE: I let this mask take over my identity. I am Batman. I always will be. I've left myself nothing else. Robin became an extension of who you are. Nightwing even more so. For me the mantle of the Bat has became a hiding place.

    GRAYSON: Bruce...

    BRUCE: No regrets. I'd make the sacrifice all over again. In a heartbeat.

    GRAYSON: (shakes head) I'm not worthy of it. I'm not fit to bear your mantle. I'm not a good person.

    BRUCE: I know you. You're a good man.

    GRAYSON: No. I'm not. Flash was right about me. I'm a hypocrite. I'm a monster. And as soon as I capture Tarantula, I'm turning myself in.

    BRUCE: Flash already arrested Tarantula.

    Grayson processes that for a beat. Then EXPLODES. Sweeps the chemicals off the crime lab. Throws a barbell through a display case. Bruce watches serenely as Grayson goes nuts. And at the end of the fit, Grayson stands in the midst of the destruction.

    GRAYSON: Is there nothing he can't take from me!?

    BRUCE: There's me.

    He hands Grayson a piece of paper.

    BRUCE: With that in mind, I had the document you're holding drafted up. It's just a... formality. A gesture. Symbolic. You don't have to sign it. If you think it's frivolous or... disrespectful to the memory of your parents, I'll understand. It doesn't really change anything. It's just the only way I... the only way I could think of to convey that...

    Grayson signs it.

    GRAYSON: I get it. And I'd be happy to be your son.

    ALFRED: (O.S.) I don't suppose my telling you that you're in no condition to fight any world-shaking battles would preclude you from partaking in your next foolhardy adventure, Master Dick?

    Grayson looks up as Kory and Alfred walk down the stairs.

    GRAYSON: (brightening) 'Fraid not, Alfie. (to Batman) You know, Justice League's declared all the Titans persona non grata. They're gonna freak when they hear you helped me.

    BRUCE: Good. Let them "freak."

    He begins to walk away.

    BRUCE: If you want to borrow the Batwing, keys are in the ignition. Come along, Alfred.

    ALFRED: Very good, sir.

    He turns back to Grayson briefly before departing.

    ALFRED: If I may be so bold, do try and hold on to Miss Koriand'r. It would be most unbecoming of a gentleman to hurt such a pleasant young woman.

    He and Bruce leave Dick and Kory alone. Kory hands him a small handkerchief.

    KORY: Alfred gave it to me. I told him how ladies used to give them to knights before they rode into battle. I think you could use one.

    GRAYSON: Thanks. I, uh... I have something I need to say.

    KORY: So do I. You go first.

    GRAYSON: Before I met you, I was dead inside. But when I'm with you, I feel alive.

    Kory shakes her head.

    KORY: Listen to me, Dick. You treat me like I'm stupid. But I'm not. I'm as well-educated as anyone here. It's just your Earth customs that I can never fathom. If you love someone on Tamaran, you live for them and they for you.

    GRAYSON: You're right, Kory... I do treat you all wrong. And I'm sorry for that. But understand our customs... sometimes when things are going wrong we prefer to be left alone.

    KORY: That's silly. When things are going wrong is exactly when one needs help.

    GRAYSON: Except I never know how to ask for it.

    KORY: With me, you don't have to.

    She kisses him.

    KORY: Dick?

    GRAYSON: Yeah Kory?

    KORY: I think you should fire Alfred.

    GRAYSON: Why's that?

    KORY: (re: Dick's mess) He isn't going a very good job of keeping things clean.

    And Grayson just has to laugh.


    Racine is sitting in tanning bed when Flash, Beast Boy, and Cyborg bust in.

    FLASH: Hey mister, can we have our ball back?

    Racine tries to get up, reaching for a nearby REVOLVER. Flash shoves the top of the tanning bed down on him and turns the UV on full.

    FLASH: Tell us everything you know or you'll get a real killer tan.

    RACINE: Blood has a message for you. Stop your attacks or Linda dies.

    FLASH: I don't negotiate with terrorists.

    RACINE: Look around! You are the terrorists!

    Flash lets Racine up, throws him against the wall. Picks up the revolver and empties it except for one bullet.

    CYBORG: What are you doing?

    FLASH: What does it look like I'm doing? (to Racine) Ever play Russian roulette single-player?

    He spins the cylinder, clicks it into place.

    FLASH: I'm going to give you to the count of six. One.

    He presses the barrel of the revolver against Racine's head and pulls the trigger. CLICK.

    RACINE: You won't do it. You don't have it in you.

    FLASH: Two.


    RACINE: You took the bullet out at superspeed, too fast for me to see.

    FLASH: Well, in about a minute we'll know for sure. Three.


    RACINE: Look, man... they don't tell me anything!

    FLASH: Too bad. Four.


    RACINE: I swear to God, I don't know anything!

    FLASH: I thought you swore to Trigon. Five.


    RACINE: You want money! I can get you money!

    FLASH: Six.

    NIGHTWING: (O.S.) Let him go.

    Flash turns. NIGHTWING stands in the shadows.

    FLASH: Well. They say those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Guess you're living proof of that.

    NIGHTWING: You're through, Flash.

    FLASH: I don't think so.

    He zooms forward, punching Nightwing... and his fist travels through Nightwing's chest.

    FLASH: A hologram?

    Nightwing steps out of the shadows, delivering a hard right to Flash's jaw.

    NIGHTWING: You wanted to be leader so much. So, what's your brilliant plan, el carbone?

    FLASH: Destroy everything with Brotherhood money on it, work my way up the food chain until I get to the head cheese.

    NIGHTWING: By then it will be far too late. Why take them apart piecemeal when you can go for the big kahuna?

    FLASH: What, all of a sudden you're Patton? Blow.

    NIGHTWING: You want to get Linda back, we need to attack Zandia.

    FLASH: Zandia? I may not know karate, but I know crazy, and attacking Blood in the lion's den is CRAZY, even for me.

    NIGHTWING: I have a plan. Now, are you willing to listen or are we going to have to whip 'em out and measure 'em to see who's in charge?

    FLASH: (beat) Five minutes. Speak your piece well, little man.

    NIGHTWING: You can't get to Blood from the bottom up. He's got a whole hierarchy in place to keep bodies between you and him. You'll never get to him in time.

    FLASH: Then what would you suggest?

    NIGHTWING: A direct attack on Zandia.

    FLASH: That's suicide, no frontal assault...

    NIGHTWING: Not a frontal assault. I have a plan. But you'll have to trust me. And the first step is regrouping.

    Silence. Long beat as Flash considers it. Flash's team look to him for guidance.

    FLASH: ...you heard the man.

    Nightwing walks out, Flash and the others following him.

    RACINE: There isn't even a bullet in that gun, is there?

    Flash turns around, SHOOTS HIM IN THE KNEE.

    FLASH: Now there isn't.

    As they walk away again...

    BEAST BOY: So, I guess that would be your parting shot, huh?

    FLASH: Ugh.

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    Excellent Batman stuff, by the way. Espically the "Let them 'freak'" line. :D
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    The Titans and the Birds of Prey are gathered around a holographic layout of Zandia. Nightwing gestures to it like a general with his troops.

    FLASH: (to Birds of Prey) Ladies, you sure you're up to this?

    HUNTRESS: Birds of Prey say they can do a job, they do it.

    BEAST BOY: Well, they refer to themselves in the third person, they must be up to the challenge.

    STARFIRE: Can we please focus on the task at hand?

    NIGHTWING: Alright, here's the plan. Myself and Flash will infiltrate the Temple. We'll use the cave system a few miles away. It's only marginally protected, an easy way in if we're up for a little spelunking.

    FLASH: Even so, we're going to have to knock around a few guards to get inside the perimeter. They'll notice them missing.

    NIGHTWING: That's why Cyborg and Starfire are going to provide a diversion.

    CYBORG: By which you mean...

    NIGHTWING: Violence, strong language, adult content, what have you.

    CYBORG: Got it.

    NIGHTWING: Beast Boy, you'll come with us. As soon as we get you two inside, we split up. Beast Boy, you free Raven. I'll take care of Deathstroke. Flash, you apologize to Linda and tell her you love her. Everyone got that?

    Everyone choruses their approval.

    NIGHTWING: There's a good chance some of us won't make it back from this one. Anyone wants to back out, no one will think any less of them.

    BLACK CANARY: With all due respect, 'Wing... this was never about what people thought about us.

    BEAST BOY: Actually, I think I have a dentist appointment...

    NIGHTWING: We leave in one hour. Anyone want to update their will, now's the time.

    GREEN ARROW: (O.S.) You're not going anywhere.

    The Titans turn. Green Arrow has appeared on a video monitor.

    GREEN ARROW: Who do you punk kids think you are!? We are the Justice League. We are older than you, wiser, more sophisticated. First, you will turn yourselves in. Second, you will apologize to the Zandian government for your spurious allegations. And then...

    Barbara twists a dial. The screen floods with static.

    BARBARA: Say again, Green Arrow, you're breaking up... we must have a bad connection.

    SNAPPER: Bad connection? I can hear you just fine...

    Nightwing rubs his gloves together in front of a microphone. Static over the loudspeakers.

    NIGHTWING: I'm sorry, Green Arrow, you're going to have to call us back.

    Nightwing pulls out a wire. The screen goes dead.

    FLASH: Never liked that guy. Called me a fascist. I thought I was a Pisces.


    Nightwing stocks up on Birdarangs, loading them into a rotating autoloader gauntlet built into his gloves. Barbara enters.

    BARBARA: Hey, former boy wonder.

    NIGHTWING: Hey Babs. (beat) I meant what I said back there. We're not all coming back from this one. You've got something to say, say it to me now.

    BARBARA: Do you love her?

    NIGHTWING: You go right for the throat, don't you?

    BARBARA: Do you?

    NIGHTWING: ...it's complicated. And you lost the right to ask that question a long time ago.

    BARBARA: I'm your friend, Dick.

    NIGHTWING: Are you? When it comes right down to it, who's side are you on, mine or Wally's?

    BARBARA: It's not about choosing sides.

    NIGHTWING: That's what I thought.

    He walks out.


    Outside, Nightwing runs into Flash. They stare at each other.

    NIGHTWING: (quiet) Did you tell Barbara?

    FLASH: Tell her what?

    NIGHTWING: About what happened to me.

    FLASH: Of course not. I'm not a total monster, despite what you may think.


    NIGHTWING: You took something from me I can never get back.

    FLASH: What can I say? It's the latest trend.

    Nightwing raises a fist.

    FLASH: Temper temper. Wouldn't want you to lose the team again now that you've gotten it back. Does it bother you that people like you will always need people like me to do your dirty work? Take your... my... our ex-girlfriend Barbara's father, for instance. The good ol' Commish needs Batman to take out his laundry. But who does Batman's dirty laundry? You? (beat) Why are you on this team, mein Freund?

    NIGHTWING: Maybe one day I'll tell you. But don't hold your breath.

    Starfire walks out from behind the corner, puts a hand to Nightwing's shoulder.

    STARFIRE: Come on. He's not worth it.

    She ushers Nightwing off.

    FLASH: (parting shot) See this grin? You will never be fast enough or smart enough or good enough to wipe this grin off my face.

    Starfire turns back to face him.

    FLASH: Let me guess. This is the part where you tell me that if I touch your boyfriend again, you'll kill me?

    Starfire punches him against a wall, cracking it. He falls out of frame, then raises a hand into frame.

    FLASH: That was my SECOND guess.


    Cyborg repairs his armor from damage he took in the escape.

    CYBORG: I still can't believe Donna was a traitor. There was just... no warning.

    Starfire lifts up a large piece of metal, hands it to him. He uses it to replace his chestplate.

    STARFIRE: She did say she killed someone.

    CYBORG: And you didn't think to share this with the rest of the class?

    STARFIRE: I thought it was an Earth thing.


    Wally is on the phone.

    WALLY: Hey, mom, dad. I don't know when you're going to get this, but I just wanted to say, ah... that I love you and I'm sorry for giving you so much static over the years. I'm going to do something... something I hope you'll understand I have to do. But, uh... I want you to try and be proud of me, alright? I'm doing the right thing.

    Wally's father picks up.

    RUDY: (filtered) Hello, Wally? Are you still there? Are you in some kind of trouble?

    Wally hardens.

    WALLY: Nothing I can't handle.

    Courage leaving him, he hangs up.


    Barbara makes some last-minute preparations on her computer. Dinah pulls on her fishnet stockings.

    BARBARA: World could end in a wee span. Shouldn't you be out somewhere partying like Helena?

    DINAH: If these are the last few hours of my life, I'd like to spend them with my best friend.

    She lays a hand on Barbara's shoulder. Dinah squeezes it.

    BARBARA: Thanks for always being there.

    DINAH: Thanks for always coming to me.


    Kory and Grayson lie together on the bed in a post-coital tangle, artfully intertwined with the sheets, exhausted and happy.

    KORY: I believe it is now customary on your world to ask "what are you thinking about?"

    GRAYSON: You don't want to know.

    KORY: If I did not want to know, I would not ask the question.

    GRAYSON: Kory, have you ever been afraid... like, really afraid... that you're going to die?

    KORY: You're not going to die.

    GRAYSON: Why so sure?

    KORY: Because then you'd leave me alone. You're too nice a guy to leave me alone.

    GRAYSON: What about you, what are you thinking?

    KORY: I am trying to remember the last time I have been this happy... and failing.

    GRAYSON: Happy? We could die in the next half hour.

    KORY: Yes. But for now we are alive. (beat) Sing me something.

    GRAYSON: What?

    KORY: I don't know, one of your Earth songs.

    GRAYSON: I don't know any songs.

    KORY: You have to know some. Sing me the first thing that comes to mind.

    A mischevious smile breaks out on Grayson's face.

    GRAYSON: Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
    Gonna grab some afternoon delight
    My motto's always been 'when it's right, it's right'

    Kory giggles. Slides her head down against his chest and gracefully rests on his lap.

    GRAYSON: Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?
    When everything's a little clearer in the light of day
    And we know the night is always gonna be there any way


    Flash stares out at the first star in the night sky, nursing a brewski. His legs dangle off the side of the Clocktower.

    FLASH: Don't you worry, Linda. I'm coming for you. Everything's going to go back to the way it should be. Just you wait. I'll save you... just like I always do. Just like I always will. And then we'll see if you can save me.

    Beast Boy joins him.

    BEAST BOY: She never loved me, did she?

    FLASH: That seems like a distinct probablitity at this junction, yeah. I should've seen it coming. Donna Troy... Trojan horse.

    BEAST BOY: What do I do?

    FLASH: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to find that Gloria Steinem-wannabe ***** and I'm going to kick her ass back to hell or Lilith Fair, whichever's closer. You wanna help?

    Beast Boy nods. Flash hands him a switchblade.

    FLASH: For when the time comes.

    Cyborg walks up to them, sits down. Flash passes him the beer.

    CYBORG: Did I ever tell you guys the story of my brother Bill?

    Beast Boy shakes his head no.

    CYBORG: He was a priest. He quit. You know why? I was mugged. Guy shot me, right through the heart. They tell me I was medically dead for three minutes in that alley. Then I just got up and walked out. Miracle, right? Bro didn't see it that way. He wondered what kind of god would let that much pain and suffering happen to his baby bro. Had a crisis of faith. I caused my brother to lose his faith. That's an unforgivable sin, when you think about it.

    He gets up.

    CYBORG: Something I gotta get cleared before we go on with this. (to Wally) Do me a favor. Watch the little guy, willya? Make sure he doesn't jump over the side... leastways, not without turning into a cat first or... something.


    Cyborg walks through the empty church, wearing his trenchcoat and hat disguise. The wise old PASTOR looks up from his copy of Nextwave.

    PASTOR: Can I help you, my son?

    CYBORG: It's... personal.

    PASTOR: Shouldn't you be wrapped around the television set, waiting for Brother Blood to make his reappearance?

    CYBORG: I could say the same of you.

    PASTOR: Nah. I'm too old to start on a new faith. Besides, never liked that Brother Blood guy. He's named Blood, after all. (beat) My son, whatever your troubles, I'm sure you'll find them lessened if you turn them over to God.

    WALLY: (O.S.) I'll go first.

    Wally walks down the aisle.

    WALLY: See, I'm about to go into battle against a cult with delusions of world domination to save my estranged wife, who hates me because I cheated on her with the ex-girlfriend of the guy who's leading us into battle. I've been framed for crimes I didn't commit and now I'm on the run for crimes I DID commit. Oh, and the cult? They've got the world's top assassin in their ranks as well as one of our own who turned against us. And if we lose the battle? It's quite possible the entire world could cease to exist.

    PASTOR: ...you cheated on your wife? That's pretty dickish of you.

    WALLY: Yes, I am aware of that.

    PASTOR: Five Hail Marys.

    WALLY: Thanks.

    Wally goes to the font, crosses himself with holy water in the background.

    WALLY: I know the three things necessary to live and die happily. I know how great my sin and misery are. I know how I am delivered from all my sin and misery. Lastly, I know how to be thankful to God for such deliverance. And fourth, I know eighties supergroup A-Ha could rock the hell out when they wanted to.

    Over that, Cyborg is talking with the Pastor.

    CYBORG: And now I don't know how I feel about her. I mean, I can remember being in love with her, I just can't... I still have feelings for her.

    PASTOR: ...to think I used to dread the days people asked why bad things happened to good people.

    CYBORG: Yeah, I'm not too clear on that either.

    PASTOR: All I can tell you is that faith will find a way.

    Wally walks up to Cyborg.

    WALLY: C'mon, it's time. We're needed.

    CYBORG: Thought you came here for confession.

    WALLY: I did. If there is a God, I'd rather be square with him then not. Unless of course the Buddhists are right about that whole karma thing, then I'm pretty much screwed.

    Cyborg is already starting down the aisle. Wally hangs back to confer with the Pastor a moment.

    WALLY: Speaking of which, padre, me and God aren't exactly on speaking terms. But if He does requests... Do me a favor. Pass along a little message to the big guy. I don't care what happens to me. But Linda doesn't deserve this. Just tell Him to let her get through this. Please.


    Once again, Cultists use torches to light pool of oils contained in cavities at the top of the chamber. The flaming oil flows down chutes and channels cleverly cut into the cliffs on either side of the chamber. The flaming oil ignites larger pools in huge hollowed out chambers within the walls... carved into the shape of SKULLS.

    A narrow rock bridge extends from the main area into a natural amphitheater, the bottom a pool of boiling blood, fed from drippings from the stalactites above. In the center of the amphitheater, at the end of the bridge, is a giant four-eyed skull carved from onyx, suspended from the ceiling by giant metal chains. LINDA is bound on top of the skull, her arms tied crucifixtion style to the HORNS.

    A NOOSE is being adjusted around her neck by DONNA TROY. The rope is tied to one of giant chains. Donna is dressed all in black like a widow at a funeral, a white bridal veil covering her face. Army boots cover her feet and she has on black lipstick.

    DONNA: Don't worry, hun, we don't require a virgin sacrifice. To answer your questions, yes, you are going to die, and no, that dress does not make your ass look fat. You'd tell me if this was too tight, right? If you think about it, I'm doing you a favor by not letting you get old. Well, oldER. Menopause, plastic surgery to conform to artifical standards of beauty, the ever-sagging bosom... how come on men it's love handles and on women it's just fat?

    LINDA: Why are you going this?

    Donna gets out a Post-It note, begins writing on it in slow, languid calligraphy.

    DONNA: (with a big sigh of relief) THANK YOU. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. You have NO idea how long I've been waiting for someone to ask me that. Every night I practice my villain monologue in the mirror. Okay, are you ready? Listening? If you space out, I'll cut your **** off. Okay, here goes... Basically, I'm sick of it all. The lies, the recriminations, the petty power plays... it's all so high school. Who's pairing up with who, what trouble is Homer Simpson going to get into this week, which team's going to the Superbowl. It's all so meaningless. I mean, there are orphans starving in Africa right now and people are more concerned with not getting enough butter on their popcorn. So forgive me if I want to show people how utterly meaningless they are by wiping them all off the face of the planet. Planet's full of idiots, love. Reality TV shows, boy bands, Shrek, Adam Sandler movies, adaptations of Alan Moore graphic novels... then I was shown a better way. Zeus came to me in a dream. He made me feel so alive... he told me what I had to do. This is a quest, a holy war. And in war there are always casualties.

    She sticks the Post-It on Linda's forehead. It reads "Expose The Horror."

    LINDA: (interrupting) So, basically... because you're a cooze.

    DONNA: Let's think about that word. Cooze. The most unique and beautiful part of the female form and what does the patriarchy do with it? Turn it into a swear word.

    LINDA: Alright, I'm sorry. You're not a cooze, you're a ********. Hell, I'm all about equality, you're an *******.

    DONNA: I think I finally know what Wally sees in you. C'mon, Linda! You're a smart lady, as far as enslaved housewive sows go. How many people alive today do you think are actively contributing to the betterment of society and not just mindlessly consuming? A percent of a percent, if you're optimistic? The sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, jingoistic drones have got to do. Unfortunately, eons of male-dominated dogma aren't so easily wiped out. It's seeped out of Western culture and into our DNA, like toxic waste into groundwater. I don't want to reform the status quo, I want to destroy it. And when Trigon's wiped away you and everyone you've ever loved, everyone you've ever known... we'll rebuild a paradise with myself as Eve. And I'm going to eat all the ****ing apples I want.

    LINDA: And you'll build your paradise on top of the graves of a couple billion people.

    DONNA: Can't make a omelet without breaking a few eggs. Progress always has a price, dearie. The Great Leap Forward, Manifest Destiny... you know how many Native American bones you walk on everytime you buy a Slurpee?

    LINDA: You know your name? Because it's not Donna Troy. It's Donna Evans. You grew up in Arizona. Your father, Terry Evans, and your brother abused you as a child.

    DONNA: Shut up.

    LINDA: Your mother found out about it. She burned the house down. The men in your family were killed. She was sent to prison, you were shuffled from foster home to foster home, always blaming the men... the men who molested you, the men who took your mother away...

    DONNA: That's not true! I am Donna Troy, apprentice to Princess Diane!

    LINDA: At eighteen, you were put out on the street. You joined up with Wonder Woman's circle, seeing and turned their ideology into your own twisted personal beliefs. But you were a metahuman. Your powers manifested themselves, shattering your mind! You came to believe you had been granted power by Zeus.

    DONNA: It's the truth!

    LINDA: No. Listen, it's not your fault. You're mentally unbalanced, but it's not too late. You can stop this.

    DONNA: And what? Be like you? A **** to someone like Wally West? Thanks, but no thanks.

    LINDA: Wally may not be perfect... alright, he's a long way from perfect. He's quick to anger, slow to apologize, stubborn, rude, he likes to prank call teen suicide hotlines, and at times he's a complete and utter idiot... but he's my idiot.

    DONNA: How touching. Maybe I'll kill him last.

    LINDA: (dead serious) You lay one finger on him and I will end you, skank.

    DONNA: (re: noose) That's gonna be hard to do what with how you're accessorizing now, *****.

    She kisses Linda on the cheek, leaving a black lipstick smear.

    DONNA: Remember, dying's easy, comedy is hard.

    She takes off Linda's wedding ring, sticks it in her pocket.

    DONNA: I'll hang onto this for you. Now, let's get you out of the way. After all, we wouldn't want to steal facetime from our big star.

    The skull begins to lower out of view.

    LINDA: Dear Christ, the world is going to end because of some teen angst bull****!

    Next: Resurrection
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    Our guys have reunited, now all in costume.

    BARBARA: Guys, take a look at this.

    She presses a button and the footage on her screen spreads to all of them. The Titans are surrounded by images of Bethany Snow in the Citadel.

    SNOW: This is Bethany Snow reporting live from the Church of Brother Blood where officials are about to make an important announcement. Let us go to Cardinal Syn.

    Behind her, we see Cardinal Syn take the pulpit.

    CARDINAL SYN: Believers, unbelievers, disbelievers! All of you are welcome here this most holy of nights! For we are about to see the true power of God brought to our chosen world! Brother Blood rose to greatness seven hundred years ago and for seven centuries he has lived and taught of love and peace! A nation of peasants, Zandia grew to greatness until today it stands a powerful nation against nations! The United Nations courts us! America trembles in fear of us! But our enemies murdered our savior! Now observe! Their agent, the Judas who stained his hands with blood, has repented and become a true believer! Such is the power of Blood!

    DEATHSTROKE and WONDER GIRL step forward from the throngs of Cultists.

    DEATHSTROKE: Our first lord taught us to love our enemies and now Brother Blood has taught his enemies to love us. This is not a message for America alone but for all the world. We preach worldly love, not only for those who believe in the power of Brother Blood, but especially for those who do not. Let all the world benefit from his word. All glory to Brother Blood!

    WONDER GIRL: Our words are being communicated through the miracle of modern science. But the words themselves speak of thoughts first uttered thousands of years ago. And the miracle we are here to witness is a miracle that has only happened once... two thousands years ago. Friends and enemies, we need you. Wherever you are, reach out to us. Believe in us because if you do, you will see the power of your belief. Our whole church publicly places its fate in your hands. The world witnessed the death of Brother Blood three nights ago. Tonight, if you believe with us, Brother Blood shall be reborn and live again! None is god except Trigon; Brother Blood is the Messenger of Trigon.

    CARDINAL SYN: This will be a live resurrection shown to all across the world on your television sets. In mere hours, you will believe in us or we will cease to be. Our faith is on the line, our hopes are made public. We are no church which promises you things that cannot be touched, which preaches faith in an irritatingly ethereal god. No, this god you can see and touch. You will see our miracle happen before your eyes! Brother Blood will be reborn! He will move throughout the world! His church doors will open the very moment his corpse sparks with life! But you are the key!

    Wonder Girl and Cardinal Syn play off each other like co-hosts of an infomercial.

    WONDER GIRL: Believer and non-believers, believe in us now! If we fail to do as we say, tomorrow you will laugh at us and our name will be forever mocked. But if we are right... if you believe in us, if you pray with us, if you join with us, you will be part of the miracle. You cannot lose. Only we can by losing your faith. Indulge us... believe in us. You ask yourselves why? Why spend the time? Why sit before us? Why believe in us? Because in this day there is nothing else to believe. The family splinters and falls apark, the heroes are corrupt and venal...

    Flash and Nightwing exchange a glance.

    WONDER GIRL: Hell, there aren't any more heroes! The world teeters on the brink of destruction from man-made epidemics and weapons of mass destruction. The soul is lost. The happiness we all felt as children is gone. Truly the end is nigh because hope is gone.

    CARDINAL SYN: But we offer you that hope for something better and we ask no money. We ask for no pledge of fortunes. We do not ask for your children. We ask only for you to believe. And we only ask you to believe for one night. Nothing more. Is possible eternal happiness worth one night of faith? The answer is painfully clear.

    WONDER GIRL: The answer is yes! Shout it out for the world to hear! Yes! Show us your faith and it will be rewarded! YES!! And you will be rewarded, not after you die and your body lies in the ground, but tonight! THIS VERY NIGHT!

    CARDINAL SYN: We need you to make this miracle happen! Governments cannot help you! Money cannot help you! The Titans cannot help you! We don't ask for your soul, just your prayers. BELIEVE IN BROTHER BLOOD! Sit quietly with your family and quietly repeat time and time again "Brother Blood is good! All praise to Brother Blood!"

    As the cultists continue to chant in the background, the camera returns to Bethany Snow.

    SNOW: "Brother Blood is good. All praise to Brother Blood." That is what Cardinal Syn, along with former enemy Wonder Girl and reformed assassin Deathstroke have requested and I, an objective reporter, have to ask... why not?

    FLASH: They're flaunting their power. Daring us to stop them. Only question is, we gonna take that dare?

    NIGHTWING: Someone once told me that warriors don't back down from fights, not when an innocent life hangs in the balance.

    Beast Boy rubs his temples.

    CYBORG: You alright?

    BEAST BOY: Head hurts... feels like a voice.

    There's a loud SCREECHING coming from outside.

    NIGHTWING: What the hell is that?

    HUNTRESS: You think they found us?

    They open the windows. BIRDS are flocking past the windows, all in the same direction. Ravens, pigeons, eagles, gulls, condors, every sort of bird in the city is headed off to sea. So many birds they blot out the sun.

    As one, the group begins moaning and falling to the ground. Barbara is the only one not affected.

    STARFIRE: My father... my father used to me as bargaining chip for peace. In the end, he loved the people more than he loved me. My life was worth less to him than the status quo. I saw him fight for liberty, for freedom, for justice... just not for me.

    FLASH: You think you have it bad? Barry gave me this responsibility and dropped dead before he could show me how to use it. And I've been picking up the pieces ever since.

    CYBORG: Oh, you have it so great. I never asked to be reborn as this clockwork monstrosity. I wanted to die with my friends, but instead my father used me for this sick experiment!

    BARBARA: Umm, guys? What the hell is wrong with you guys?

    The effect intensifies. They curl up into fetal positions.

    NIGHTWING: Never be good enough... never be good enough for him...

    HUNTRESS: Why don't I feel any better? I avenged you...

    BEAST BOY: I'll be good! I promise I'll be good!

    BLACK CANARY: Hatred...

    Just as suddenly as it began, the effect ends. They stand.

    FLASH: What... the ****... was that?

    CYBORG: It's Raven. That was a call for help. We have to go get her...

    FLASH: Why? Why would she make us feel that way about our father figures?

    NIGHTWING: Because her father is coming for her. Trigon. Somewhere in that obscenity of a church they're holding Raven. We can do this because we can do anything when we want to. And by God, I've never wanted to do anything more than this. Let's get our girl back.

    To punctuate his point, Nightwing punches his hand (ala Burt Ward).

    FLASH: You show that open hand what's what.


    Medieval style dungeons that would make the Spanish Inquistion sit up and say "whoa." RAVEN is tied to a pole, Salem style, her hood pulled back. Her features have become more drawn and angular since we last saw her.

    RAVEN: It has begun.

    She looks up.

    RAVEN: You!

    The man himself, BROTHER BLOOD, hale and healthy, stands in front of her, having a mic attached to his collar by an aide.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. And soon, your father shall see to it that death holds no dominion over me.

    RAVEN: If Trigon is my father, what does that make you? The midwife?

    BROTHER BLOOD: How droll. The Titans have rubbed off on you. Filling your head with their heathen nonsense. I don't suppose you'll be able to appreciate the honor of dying for Trigon.

    RAVEN: You who have none speak of honor? You, who sacrificed your own sister for power... to give birth to me. But before you could kill her and cut me out of her womb, the priests of Azarath took her. So you made it look as if you had killed her for being an adulteress. And when I was born from your sister's womb, I took a measure of Trigon's power with me.

    BROTHER BLOOD: And that darkness has been within you ever since. Truly, is that what you wished for? If you had stayed with me, you would have been a princess. You would have your innocence. You would have known not want nor sorrow.

    RAVEN: Until the day you sacrified me.

    BROTHER BLOOD: That day is today. Nothing can change destiny, dear niece. And when the combined bloodline of myself and Trigon dies so that the dark lord may enter our dimension, I shall have dominion over this paltry sphere to do with as I see fit!

    RAVEN: You are a fool, Brother Blood. Trigon does not share power with any, least of all a pathetic conman like you.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I am an exceptional conman!

    RACINE, on one crutch to support his injured legs, open a briefcase. Inside is an ornate DAGGER.

    BROTHER BLOOD: The blade once pierced the side of Christ, so you know it's quality workmanship. The Prophecy says that it will be used to bring about the rise of Trigon, but damned if I can figure it out. Don't worry, though. You will tell me how to summon him.

    RAVEN: I'll never help you.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You say that now. But when the prayers of billions of people flood into me, we'll see how long you resist. Even as a petty conman, my empathic abilities made me special. When I, infused with power, turn them on you... I will learn everything I want to know. Everything.

    RAVEN: (sarcastic) You have a writer's gift for imagination.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You think you can stop me? You think ANYONE can stop me? You nonbelivers never will. You're conflicted. You lack conviction. You lack will. You don't even believe in the same things. That makes you weak.

    RAVEN: I... I believe...

    BROTHER BLOOD: What? What's that now?

    RAVEN: I believe in my friends. They're coming for me.


    The Slider follows the birds towards Zandia at full burn, its wake kicking up watersprouts behind it. Inside, Cyborg powers up his sonic cannon.

    CYBORG: I believe in humanity. My humanity is more powerful than the machine.

    Nightwing sets his jaw with determination.

    NIGHTWING: I believe in justice. The just cannot coexist with the unjust.

    Kory takes Nightwing's hand.

    KORY: I believe in love. Love makes this my new home. My home is worth fighting for.

    In the backseat, Flash pulls off a glove. Looks at his wedding ring.

    FLASH: I believe in Linda. Linda makes me whole.

    Next to him, no one notices Beast Boy brooding.

    BEAST BOY: I believe in revenge. Revenge will make everything better.


    Huntress and Black Canary parachute down. They land and begin to hide their chutes.

    BLACK CANARY: You didn't... hear anything, when that psychic wave hit us, did you?

    HUNTRESS: No, I didn't. And neither did you.

    Black Canary ponders the meaning of "avenge."

    BLACK CANARY: Are you a killer, Helena?

    HUNTRESS: I am what I am... because someone has to be. Let's get to work.


    A VOICE comes over the radio.

    ZANDIAN AIR FORCE: Unidentified aircraft, you are in restricted airspace. Please show us your authorization.

    Flash picks up a duffel bag.

    NIGHTWING: Where are you going?

    Flash shows him what's in the duffel bag. Plastic explosives. A lot of plastic explosives.

    FLASH: To show them our authorization.

    He smiles grimly.

    FLASH: Man overboard.

    And jumps off.

    Ahead of them, the coastline of Zandia suddenly LIGHTS UP with explosions, a red blur preceding them.


    Far above the Cultists, near the top, we see a TIER built into one massive, hollowed-out stalactite. A CATWALK runs through it, one end extending into a side cavern that runs back down to the Temple proper, the other going to the "VIP suites" where Blood lives. Brother Blood is having make-up applied to him, talking to Deathstroke.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You sure you want a straight fee rather than a percentage of the take?

    DEATHSTROKE: I know your kind of bookkeeping. Your accountants are terminators too.

    Cardinal Syn runs up.

    CARDINAL SYN: My lord, our radar installations have just been bombed. We've lost all detection capability.

    BROTHER BLOOD: We have company.

    He turns to Deathstroke.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Take care of our guests, oh cyclopean one. See that some harm comes to them.

    DEATHSTROKE: With pleasure.

    BROTHER BLOOD: (to Syn) Call Sister Donna. Tell her to bring the Raven up here. It's time we finished this.


    The Star Slider hovers above the ground. Beast Boy and Nightwing jump off to meet with Flash. The sky above is black with crows. Thousands of them swirling madly about, filling the heavens with their KEENING WAILS.

    STARFIRE: You had better not die.

    NIGHTWING: (smiling) Or else what?

    STARFIRE: I will find you and give you pain.

    NIGHTWING: But... I'll be dead.

    STARFIRE: That won't stop me.

    Beast Boy and Cyborg do a soul brother handshake.

    CYBORG: Hey, Gar, try not to get yourself killed, man.

    BEAST BOY: I won't if you won't.

    FLASH: What, nobody wishes me good luck? Figures.

    STARFIRE: (to Nightwing) If you survive, I promise to give you a "Anchorman."

    She flies off with Cyborg.

    FLASH: Well, she's assimilating nicely.

    NIGHTWING: Beast Boy, scout ahead. If you see Donna, do not engage. You're gonna have to keep your emotions in check for this one.

    Beast Boy turns into a snake and slithers off.

    FLASH: Well, you'd know all about repressing emotions.

    NIGHTWING: I know about control. Something you sorely lack.

    FLASH: Barbara didn't seem to mind my lack of control...

    NIGHTWING: Keep mouthing off and I will show you just how important control is... by illustrating exactly what the lack of it looks like.


    A trio of WOULD-BE REVOLUTIONARIES sit in the dark.

    REVOLUTIONARY 1: Brother Blood's reign must come to an end! The torture, the forced labor camps, the taxes... they must come to a stop!

    BLACK CANARY: (O.S.) So you say you want a revolution?

    BLACK CANARY and HUNTRESS strut in.

    REVOLUTIONARY 2: Who... who are you?

    HUNTRESS: The answer to your prayers.

    BLACK CANARY: Wake everyone up. We're hitting Blood. Now.

    REVOLUTIONARY 1: Impossible! We don't have nearly enough men...

    BLACK CANARY: Those forced labor camps, they keep political dissidents there? Make them work?

    REVOLUTIONARY 2: Yes, but...

    HUNTRESS: Strapping young men...

    BLACK CANARY: With ready access to power tools...

    BIRDS OF PREY: You thinking what I'm thinking?

    They turn to the Revolutionaries.

    HUNTRESS: Show us where these camps are... and get ready for a long-awaited reunion.


    Flash and Nightwing watch a GUARD from the shadows.

    NIGHTWING: (sotto) I'll take him.

    FLASH: (sotto) What are you going to do, read him your Livejournal poetry? I'll take him.

    NIGHTWING: (sotto) Fine, we'll do it together.

    They jump out. Nightwing doubles the Guard over with a punch. Flash kicks him in the face. The Guard falls towards a STALAGMITE, about to be impaled. Flash and Nightwing reach out at the same time, grabbing him by his shirt and stopping his fall. They look at each other. THEY BOTH THOUGHT THE OTHER WAS GOING TO LET HIM DIE.

    FLASH: That was weird.

    NIGHTWING: Yeah.

    They sneak onwards through the caves leading to the Temple.

    FLASH: It’s quiet.

    NIGHTWING: Yeah… a little too quiet.

    They come upon some more guards. Flash takes one out by tackling him so fast his rifle is left hanging in mid-air like something out of a cartoon. Nightwing moves it, snatching the rifle and using it like a baseball bat to take out the second guard. The entire attack took place within seconds and was as soundless as the grave.

    FLASH: That was easy.

    NIGHTWING: Yeah… a little too easy.

    They meet up with Beast Boy.

    NIGHTWING: Hey, it’s Beast Boy!

    FLASH: Yeah… a little too Beast Boy.

    NIGHTWING: What the hell does that mean?

    FLASH: ...I don't know.

    BEAST BOY: I think I found a way in, right through the dungeons.

    NIGHTWING: There's no guard posted?

    BEAST BOY: Oh, there's a guard posted... and I think you're going to like this part.


    The CONFESSOR (read: torturer), one of Brother Blood's high-ranking goons, reads a magazine.

    CONFESSOR: Everyone else gets to watch the glorious becoming while Rabdul has to guard the dungeons and for no overtime. Some day they won't have Rabdul to kick around anymore...

    A BIRDARANG flies into his head, knocking him down.

    NIGHTWING: That day is today.

    Nightwing, Beast Boy, and Flash charge in. They tie him down in his own chair, next to a table full of nasty-looking instruments.

    FLASH: Where's Blood, where's Raven, and where's Linda Park?

    CONFESSOR: Go to hell!

    Beast Boy looks around.

    BEAST BOY: Wouldn't be a long trip.

    FLASH: Listen up, prickmaster, the woman I love is in danger, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and in general I'm feeling really pissed-off. So trust me, this is not a road you want to go down.

    CONFESSOR: I will die before I betray Brother Blood!

    FLASH: No, you'll die after. If you're lucky.

    Flash looks over his tools.

    BEAST BOY: You know how to use any of those?

    FLASH: (sarcastic) Yeah, I have extensive experience from my time in the Republican Guard.

    He pulls his gloves taut...

    FLASH: But don't worry, I'm a fast learner.

    And picks up a dirty set of hedge clippers.

    FLASH: I have an appreciation for the classics, don't you? Listen up, flatface, I'm going to skip the pleasantries and go straight to the main event. That means permanent damage. I will remove parts of your body and believe me, they will be things you will miss.

    Nightwing raises a hand to his earpiece.

    STARFIRE: (filtered) This is Starfire. Cyborg and I are in position.

    NIGHTWING: Confirmed.

    FLASH: (background) I'll start at the knuckles and work my way up...

    Dick looks at the Confessor, about to be tortured by his own instruments.

    NIGHTWING: Hey Kory, remember when you asked me about the definition of irony?

    STARFIRE: (filtered) What?

    NIGHTWING: Nothing. Later.

    He steps forward just before Flash can get started.

    NIGHTWING: We don't have time for this.

    He pulls a glove off.

    FLASH: What are you going to do, fingerprint him into talking?

    Nightwing drives two fingers of his bare hand deep into the Confessor's throat. Blood seeps out around his fingers.

    NIGHTWING: Listen up, because I'm only going to say this once. There is an infinitesimal gap between my fingers. Inside that gap is your jugular vein. If you do not tell me everything I want to know, I will clip that vein with my very finely manicured fingers and you will bleed out in about twenty seconds. I know you're damn ready to kill for your beliefs... but are you willing to die for them?

    CONFESSOR: I'll... I'll tell you anything you want to know!

    NIGHTWING: I know you will. Now... where is Deathstroke?

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    What else can I say but "KEEP GOING OR I'LL START TAKING HOSTAGES!!!"? :D
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    Inside an armory filled with weapons and suits of armor, Slade Wilson meditates. Wintergreen dresses him like a samurai about to go into battle.

    SLADE: Come on, little bird. Come out to play.



    Right outside Deathstroke's front door. Two GUARDS are at the ready. Suddenly, a JUMPLINE wraps around the first's neck and jerks him upwards. His partner turns around, sees that the other man has seemingly vanished. He looks up to see Nightwing descending towards him on the jumpline upside-down. The guard is literally tackled into the ground. Nightwing stands.

    NIGHTWING: Nightwing, in position.

    FLASH: (filtered) Don't forget to say over, over.


    DONNA and a cadre of ARMED TROOPS are escorting Raven to Brother Blood. Flash and Beast Boy tail them.

    FLASH: (into radio) Flash and BB, in position.


    Starfire pilots the Star Slider as Cyborg readies his sonic cannon.

    STARFIRE: We await the word.


    Nightwing crouches about ten meters from the front door, holding a Birdarang.

    NIGHTWING: Titans...


    Flash runs past the troops at superspeed, the only sign of his presense a slight breeze. Donna looks about as her hair flutters in the wind.

    DONNA: The name of that wind wasn't Mariah.


    Starfire revs the engine.


    Beast Boy, flanking the troops, draws Flash's switchblade. The suspicious troops turn on their rifle-mounted flashlights. They shine them upward. One turns up FLASH'S FOOT.


    Nightwing throws it, scoring a direct hit on... the doorbell.


    He breaks into a sprint.


    The Star Slider takes off like a shot, right at the Hub.


    The flashlight beams settle on Flash, standing with his arms crossed cockily.

    FLASH: Donna. Fancy running into you here.

    DONNA: Kill him!

    They open fire. Flash speeds forward, dancing between the bullets, taking out the guards in the strobe-light of muzzle flares. Beast Boy creeps towards Donna, holding the knife up. Flash smashes a guard's faceplate with his knee.

    FLASH: What are you waiting for? TAKE HER!

    Donna turns around. Sees Beast Boy. He hesitates.

    DONNA: Are you going to kill me, Gar? After all we've shared? After all we've been through... together?

    They circle each other.

    BEAST BOY: Donna, I know this isn't you! You're better than this! Whatever's making you do this, fight it!

    Flash finishes off the last of the soldiers and checks on Raven.

    FLASH: You alright, sister?

    RAVEN: No turning back now... NO TURNING BACK!

    FLASH: Yeah, I'm fine too, thanks for asking.

    He turns his attention to Donna. They've circled so that Beast Boy is inbetween Donna and Flash.

    FLASH: It's alright Gar. Step out of the way. I'll handle it.

    DONNA: Don't listen to him, Gar. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about anyone.

    FLASH: She's a traitor. She can't be trusted. Move.

    DONNA: Please, Gar. Protect me. Keep me safe...

    Beast Boy turns on Flash.

    BEAST BOY: I can't let you hurt her.

    DONNA grabs Beast Boy from behind.

    DONNA: Stand down or I'll snap his neck!


    Wintergreen, answering the doorbell, looks through the peephole to see...

    NIGHTWING coming right at him, jumping into a DROPKICK...

    The door explodes off its hinges, falling on Wintergreen. Nightwing is here.


    Deathstroke stands, drawing his jian. He takes out his second blade and throws it to Nightwing.

    DEATHSTROKE: Little bird... let's end this.


    Inside the military base built atop the underground Temple, Cardinal Syn looks at a read-out.

    CARDINAL SYN: I don't care if they blew up our radar, find them!

    SOLDIER: Sire, I have them!

    CARDINAL SYN: Where?

    The Zandian soldier points out the window. The Star Slider is coming RIGHT AT THEM!


    Starfire's finger hovers over the trigger.

    STARFIRE: Tamaran sends its regards, blackguard!

    She fires.


    The bunker SHUDDERS under the impact.

    CARDINAL SYN: Get our forces in the air! I want them out of my sky! The ritual must not be interrupted!


    The Star Slider flies over the Hub and CYBORG jumps out. He LANDS on the roof... and THROUGH IT!


    Cyborg LANDS, his impact creating a huge crater. And moments later walks out of the giant dustcloud stirred up by the impact, unharmed. He sweeps the area with his sonic cannon.


    Flash looks for an opening in Donna's armor.

    DONNA: Don't try it. You're not fast enough to get to me before I snap his spine like a twig. I have the speed of Hermes himself!

    FLASH: I sense penis envy.

    DONNA: You won't anger me into making a misstep. I kept my cool serving with your sexist, racist ass all these months, you won't provoke me now.

    FLASH: Did I mention that the Susan B. Anthony coin was USELESS at vending machines?

    BEAST BOY: Flash, you don't let her kill me!

    FLASH: Working on it, Gar.

    DONNA: C'mon, Wally, this is a good deal. Sacrifice one scared little boy to get me, then save Raven and avert the apocalypse. Or could it be you're more than teammates. Oh. Oh, my. Is there some kind of mentor-student relationship here? Is that it, Gar? What is he, older brother? Surrogate father? Well, either way, hardly relevant. What IS relevant is what greenjeans is to you, Wally. Your legacy? The little brother you never had? Is he someone you're willing to sacrifice for the common good?

    FLASH: Let him go, Donna, and I'll go easy on you. Best deal I can offer.

    DONNA: I've got a better one. You stand down in five seconds or I end him. Five seconds, that's an eternity to a speedster like you, isn't it? Gonna be hard to think up a torture to match that. Five. Four.

    BEAST BOY: Flash!

    FLASH: I'm thinking!

    DONNA: Three. Two.

    BEAST BOY: Wally!


    He sags, shoulders slumping.

    FLASH: Just... don't hurt him.

    Behind Flash, the soldiers are recovering. Donna smiles.

    FLASH: This isn't over.

    DONNA: You're right. It's just beginning.

    The butt of a rifle smashes into Flash's skull.


    The Star Slider strafes the Hub again, AA GUNS returning fire.


    Deathstroke stands before Nightwing, waiting, sword in hand. He extends it, touching the tip to the floor. A challenge. Opera music playing in the background to let us know This Is It.

    The two warriors, swords in position, move forward. Closer and closer to each, one baby step at a time, waiting to see who will rattle. Their grips on their swords’ handles. Their feet moving closer. Their eyes. The tips of their blades. As the operatic music builds to a crescendo, we cut back and forth between close-ups of the two men that get closer and closer until we reach the climax.

    They swing at the same time. Their blades clash in an explosive shower of sparks.

    The warriors stand their ground, striking and defending in a whirl of moves, never moving their feet. Gauging each other. When they stop, no one’s been touched. Deathstroke nods, pleased.

    DEATHSTROKE: Good. Very good indeed. You've truly learned to harness your hatred for me.

    CLANG! CLANG! They clash again and Deathstroke snap-kicks Nightwing in the face, pushing him back to swords-length.

    DEATHSTROKE: But you’re still only a boy.

    NIGHTWING: Shut up and fight.

    The two men, swords in attack position, stare across to each other as they prepare for the next attack.

    Now they begin to circle again.


    FLASH AND BEAST BOY are bound. Beast Boy wears a collar connected to a large mechanical apparatus. Everytime he tries to change form, he's SHOCKED back into humanity.

    BEAST BOY: Wally?

    FLASH: Yeah Gar?

    BEAST BOY: I'm really sorry for putting a ho before a bro.

    FLASH: Don't worry. You can make it up to me later. Much.

    BEAST BOY: Wally, what she said... about you being some sort of surrogate father for me...

    FLASH: Gar, now is not the time to go all chick-flick on me.

    CAMERA TRACKS UPWARDS, through the rock and the boiling blood, to...


    A THOUSANDS-STRONG army of Cultists is gathered, heads bowed reverently in anticipation. Several cameras film everything for posterity.

    SNOW: Bethany Snow, live from Zandia. I've been selected to handle full coverage of today's events for all three networks as well as WUBS and I have to tell you it's a privilege. The atmosphere here is hushed and expectant as Cardinal Syn steps forward. We are all waiting for a miracle. Welcome, welcome all of you... to the Church of Blood!


    RUDY AND MARY WEST, Wally's parents and bastions of privileged white liberal guilt, are part of the enthralled masses lumbering towards a BROTHERHOOD CHURCH. If it's true, if it's really true... the thought burns in each of their souls as they crowd the doors of the cathedral in silence.

    MARY: Are you sure about this?

    RUDY: Are you kidding? This is exactly why it's so important to keep an open mind! Let's see what happens.

    MARY: I hope the Flash doesn't try to cause a disturbance. What uncaring parents could've raised such a monster, I'll never know.


    Even TRENT, our old stoner buddy, has gone sober long enough to check out the commotion.

    TRENT: Dude, resurrection on live TV... awesome! Totally awesome!


    Cardinal Syn steps forward, playing to the cameras.

    CARDINAL SYN: You have been called as witnesses by the faith in your souls! Witnesses to the promised resurrection of the hope of the world! We have asked for your prayers and you have given them freely. In this most desperate hour for our world, he returns! You will see it! You will make it happen!


    Donna and Brother Blood enter, smirking at the still-struggling heroes.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Ah, the Flash. Or should I say "Wally West"? We have such history together, you and I.

    FLASH: Ummm, Blood... you do know I'm just going to break free and kill you, right?

    BROTHER BLOOD: I think not. You see, not only are those manacles vibrating, but they're both vibrating at different frequencies.

    DONNA: Nightwing throught that would make it impossible to escape. I agree with him. He also designed that restraint for Gar Logan.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Where is the trust, I ask you?

    Now sneering with superiority, he towers over Flash.

    BROTHER BLOOD: All over my country, they whisper it. "Freedom, freedom. The Flash will bring us freedom." So softly, as if were a fragile thing.

    FLASH: It is. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

    BROTHER BLOOD: So tell me, how will you give them freedom? Under the heel of your yellow boot?

    FLASH: I'm not going to give them anything. They're going to take it. From you.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Big words from the world's largest terrorist.

    FLASH: The largest? I don't know about that. I don't know if I'm even in the top twenty.


    BROTHER BLOOD: Looks like the people want blood.

    FLASH: (smiling grimly) They'll get it.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You pathetic fool, you just don't understand. I can feel their faith in me rising, I can feel ultimate power at my grasp! It surges through me, charging my very blood with energy! (beat) Well, that's my cue. (crosses fingers) Wish me luck.

    FLASH: (nastily) Break a leg.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Sister Donna, watch them. If they try to escape, kill them.

    He walks for the door.

    BROTHER BLOOD: (singing) It's the way we feel tonight
    as if it's all unreal
    all right.
    My love
    won't you come back to our love?

    For some reason, that agitates Flash more than any prior threat.

    FLASH: Hey, where'd you hear that song?

    BROTHER BLOOD: You know I'll react to -
    The blood that moves my body now covers the ground.
    The blood that moves the body
    the blood that moves the body.



    As the crowd chants, Cardinal Syn clandestinely presses a BUTTON on his wrist. A HOLOGRAPHIC LIGHTSHOW starts up.

    CARDINAL SYN: You have waited, you have prayed, now you have given yourself to the Church of Blood in this great moment... and in return, witness the miracle of life reborn! See the resurrection! Before your eyes with your holy souls as witnesses, he is born again! This is no story, no mere fable, this is real! Are you ready, believers? He is ready for you!


    Flash redoubles his efforts against the bonds as Donna toys with him.

    DONNA: And for what has this all been around? Your crusade, I mean. You brought the bomber to justice. The men who supplied him, Brother Blood killed them for insubordination months ago. There's no connection between the bombing and Brother Blood. None whatsoever. Even if there was, killing him wouldn't bring the victims back. Who were they to you, anyway? Who was among their number that meant so much to you? A friend? A brother? A lover?

    FLASH: Actually... I didn't know any of them. Not a one.

    Donna laughs out loud.

    WONDER GIRL: How American of you. Western hypocrisy at its finest! You're willing to die for the memories of complete strangers, but are unwilling to help the bum living on the street corner. So why, Wally West? Why go through all this?

    FLASH: To stop it from ever happening again.

    He surges forward, vibrating with all his might. The manacles hold him fast.

    DONNA: Don't you see? I have to kill you... and all the others as well. Forming the Titans was a masterstroke. An entire generation of aberrations grouped together. Easy pickings.

    BEAST BOY: Aberrations?

    DONNA: Superheroes. They challenge the gods themselves, demanding to be worshipped, vindicated, put up on a pedestal. Can't you see? It's blasphemy. And blasphemy must be punished. The real Titans aren't pleased with what we do in their name. They tell me so. Any questions?

    FLASH: Yeah... are you on the rag or something? Listen, Donna, I'll make you a deal. You let me see Linda... and I'll leave you the use of your legs.

    DONNA: Linda? Wally, Wally, Wally... Linda's dead.

    Flash grows deadly quiet. She holds up her hand, showing off LINDA'S WEDDING RING.

    DONNA: Finders keepers.

    FLASH: (quiet) It's cold in here...

    She leans in close, faux-passionate.

    DONNA: I killed her myself. Any other questions?

    Flash looks up at her for the first time.

    FLASH: Just one... these manacles keep me from phasing out by matching the frequency I vibrate at, right?

    WONDER GIRL: Yeah. Genius, isn't it?

    FLASH: Sure. But here's the question... what happens if I vibrate at two frequences simultaneously?

    He does so, appearing to vibrate in TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS at once. The strain nearly tears him apart; he coughs up blood. But he drops, lands in a crouch. Stands up. Wipes the blood off.

    FLASH: Lucy, you some 'splaining to do.

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    Cyborg continues fighting against the overwhelming Zandian hordes. Their bullets chisel away at his flesh, revealing the robotics underneath.

    ZANDIAN: You dare defile the Church of Blood at our holiest moment!?

    CYBORG: Give me a break! The last holy moment Blood had was eating Swiss cheese!

    A FLAME THROWER licks at him, further burning away his skin.

    CYBORG: You can’t kill me, *****es!


    An AA GUN scores a direct hit on the Star Slider. The blast slams Starfire's head against the cockpit. The Slider goes into a steep NOSEDIVE.


    Deathstroke and Nightwing hang onto tapestries, running along the wall and slashing at each other. Nightwing throws his sword, cutting off Deathstroke's tapesty. Deathstroke falls. Nightwing lets go of his tapestry, lands on Deathstroke, bounces off, hits the ground running, grabs his sword before it can hit the ground.

    He advances, parries, his sword CLANGING and SINGING like a blacksmith's hammer on sheet metal. Cut, thrust, block, diagonal downward slashes. The moves come faster. Deathstroke DUCKS, barely avoiding being decapitated. Nightwing's sword cuts right through a column instead. Deathstroke retaliates. Nightwing locks swords with him. For a moment, the two warriors are nose to nose. Then Nightwing twists his sword free, wedging it between Deathstroke's mask and face like a crowbar. The mask POPS OFF!

    NIGHTWING: Your face has haunted my nightmares for as long as I can remember.

    SLADE: How appropriate then, that it will be the last thing you see before you embrace oblivion!


    BROTHER BLOOD appears as the lightshow dies down.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Because of you, my followers, I am reborn! I stand before you more powerful than ever. Purer than ever! Let this be a day of celebration until the end of time, for today I have been chosen! Brought back to life because you need me! Because the world needs me! You have seen the signs! You have seen me conquer death itself! You have seen my rebith! You have seen a miracle in your own time, not in a dusty unread book! You have watched it happen in your own home! With life, all is possible! That is the revelation. With Blood, all is possible. That is the revelation. DO YOU BELIEVE?


    Flash and Donna trade blows. Her speed and strength make her more than a match for him. He keeps coming, exploiting all the openings, raining down blows wherever there's a chink in the armor. It doesn't even slow her down. She *****-SLAPS him across the room. He flies past the chained Beast Boy. Donna stalks towards him, holding up his switchblade.

    DONNA: You meant to kill me with this?

    FLASH: That was the general idea. Of course, you...

    She STABS him in the stomach. He falls backwards, the hilt protruding from his body.

    DONNA: It looks as if I'll outlive you. And your wife. And even Dick... my dear Nightwing. I loved him, you know. Back when he was Robin. Still do, in fact. But I kill everyone I love. It's my gift to them. Whereas some women give their loves a child, the ultimate affirmation of life... I give death. Does that make me more of a man than you?

    FLASH: Wonder Girl, for once in your psycho hose beast existence... shut it.

    He pulls the knife out of himself and throws it at Wonder Girl.

    It misses by a mile.

    DONNA: Nice shot.

    FLASH: Gar certainly thinks so.

    The knife has cut Gar's "leash." While Donna's distracted, Flash gets her in a chokehold. Beast Boy picks up the switchblade.

    FLASH: Do her! Come on, do her!

    BEAST BOY: No. No way, man. I can't. I can't do it.

    FLASH: Listen to me, you little ****! I've put a lot of effort into molding you into a hero. Are you really going to ***** out on me just because some ***** hurt your feelings? Now you're going to take this ****ing knife and you are going to stab her right in her ugly black ***** heart. You got that?

    BEAST BOY: Y-yeah...

    FLASH: GOOD. Do it! Kill the *****!

    DONNA: Don't do it, Gar. Please...

    FLASH: Don't listen to her! Finish it!

    DONNA: Please, Gar... I love you.

    Beast Boy stabs her in the heart. Flash lets go of her and she slumps to the ground. Flash pulls Linda's ring off her fingers.

    FLASH: ****ing *****.

    Beast Boy looks down at the slowly spreading pool of blood.

    BEAST BOY: Oh God, I just killed my girlfriend...

    FLASH: And your archnemesis.

    BEAST BOY: Same difference.

    FLASH: Hey, don't worry about it, these things happen. You'll thank me later. I'll leave you two alone now.

    He scrambles off. Beast Boy crumbles by Wonder Girl, totally worn out.


    The Star Slider CRASHES into the ground, billowing thick black smoke. PAN UP to reveal Starfire hovering above, hands glowing with STARBOLTS.


    In the background, Cyborg continues his rampage as a Zandian COLONEL barks orders into his radio.

    COLONEL: Where are my reinforcements!? WHERE ARE MY TANKS!?


    The Zandian Army stands stockstill.

    SOLDIER: That could be a problem, sir...

    REVERSE ANGLE shows us a vast mob of Zandian peasants, all armed with various makeshift weapons. Huntress and Black Canary at the forefront, ready for a fight.

    HUNTRESS: You've got your singing voice ready?

    BLACK CANARY: You've got your explosive bolts?

    HUNTRESS: Let's stick it to the Man.


    Brother Blood's rant grows more fervent, stirring the crazed mob to new heights.

    BROTHER BLOOD: With Blood, all is possible! The Earth was troubled, but no more! I have returned to cure all ills! Together we shall change the world! Your leaders do not know the way, for they are mortal! You have seen me conquer death! I know the way! I shall lead you to a better world! FOLLOW ME! BELIEVE! I KNOW THE PATH! I KNOW THE WAY! I AM YOUR HOPE! Your leaders are as lost children compared to me! They have no answers, no solutions, but I know the way! I have the power to make this a millenium of perfection! Join me in the millenium of Blood and mankind will find true peace and happiness at last! I call you into the streets, brothers! I call you as witnesses to my rebirth and as supporters in my triupmh! You have seen the revelation... LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!


    Converts to Blood's cause flood the streets, chanting his name. They have found each other in the streets, found comfort in each others' beliefs, found strength in numbers. Across the globe, they are marching on the cities, on the capitals. They demand change. They demand Blood.


    The crowd spills out into the streets.


    Tarantula looks out the window of her jail cell as a mob of Blood's new followers march past.


    BROTHER BLOOD: Those who defy us will perish as unbelievers should! Their era is over and ours begins! Arise! Let the earth shake and the heavens tremble with our voice! Let the name of Brother Blood usher in a new dominion over all the earth!

    And a FORCE runs through the crowd, parting them like the Red Sea, uprooting everything in its way like so much chaff. The force crosses the rock bridge and arrives in the amphitheatre, empty except for Blood and Cardinal Syn. THE FLASH.

    FLASH: I don't think so.


    FLASH: Blood... hey, I just noticed. Both our names have five letters in them. Weird, huh?

    BROTHER BLOOD: You killed me once! Do you think you will be allowed to do so again!? Belivers, you must be louder, stronger, more fervent! You must give me your strength!

    FLASH: Well, actually I was framed that first time, but this is...

    BROTHER BLOOD: It's alright, you can stop now. I turned the cameras off. This charade has run its course.

    FLASH: That so?

    BROTHER BLOOD: Oh yes. I have the belief of billions instilled in me. They will conquer the world in my name... and with the power of Trigon added to my own, I will become a god. But I'm being a poor host. Welcome to my humble home. Behold the source of my power. Here in this cavern is everything i need, everything that has kept me young for a hundred years. The belief of my worshippers feed my soul, bolsters my power... but one thing more is needed for my formidable powers to reach their greatest. You Titans have provided me with that missing ingredient. Look below you, Flash. There boils the blood of my enemy. Blood gained over seven hundred years. Blood provides life, blood provides power... and with power, there is no limit to what I can do! And now I have a new morsel of lifeblood to add to all the others who have opposed me...

    He gestures to Cardinal Syn. Syn presses another button. Behind Blood, the skull rises. LINDA perched precariously on top of it.


    BROTHER BLOOD: You see, Titan, I feed upon the blood of my enemies! Their strengths become mine! One by one, you, and your friends, shall perish knowing that your powers will soon belong to Brother Blood!


    Slade and Nightwing face each other, swords raised, eyes locked, their stances frozen. Like classic samurai.

    Whoever moves first, loses.

    Beat. MOVING IN on both men, CIRCLING around them. Slow the heart. Slow the breath. Find the opening.

    SLADE: Why are you so obsessed with me?

    NIGHTWING: I told you. You killed my family.

    SLADE: You have NO idea how LITTLE that narrows it down!

    Nightwing rips his mask off. Slade's remaining eye widens in recognition.

    SLADE: Oh, this is RICH! You're that kid from the circus. I MADE you!

    GRAYSON: Batman made me the man I am today.

    SLADE: No, no, it was me. He may have trained you, but I gave you the rage, the will to succeed, to survive! And look where it's gotten you! Your hate has brought you far in the world. It's forged you, sharpened you, hardened you, made you strong! I don't have anything more to teach you about hate. You've learned it all so well. (proudly) I'm a father!

    Grayson quivers with rage

    GRAYSON: This time I'm taking your other eye!


    Flash stares down Blood. Cardinal Syn has made his way onto the skull, standing over the prone Linda.

    FLASH: Let her go. She has nothing to do with this.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I disagree. All nonbelievers are enemies of Trigon and thus subject to immediate excommunication.

    FLASH: *****, I will excommunicate your head up your ass!

    A moment... then Blood CHUCKLES.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You amuse me, Flash. You've been a worthy opponent. Were it my fate to die at your hands, I'd be honored. Unfortunately for you, my destiny lies elsewhere.

    FLASH: Whatever, pops. Now order your goon to get his filthy hands off my wife or I will smack your bishop.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You cease to amuse.

    FLASH: I wasn't joking.

    BROTHER BLOOD: God, you still don't GET IT, do you? Think about it, Wally. Think about why you hate me so much... when we're two of a kind.

    FLASH: I'm nothing like you.


    Deathstroke easily dodges a clumsy thrust.

    SLADE: I didn't say we were alike, I said we were a pair. Two sides of the same coin, split, right down the middle.


    Brother Blood levitates up to join Linda.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You said it yourself, Wally. "We always hate in others what we see in ourselves." You're just like me. You've gathered followers, just as I did. You crave power, just as I do. You can see as well as I can.

    He strokes Linda's face.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You can feel everything I feel. In fact, you feel exactly what I feel. Don't you?

    FLASH: What did I just say re: filthy hands and my wife?

    BROTHER BLOOD: Have you ever thought about it? The Bloods and the Flashes, two proud lineages stretching back generations. One surfacing just as the other. Think about it, Flash. Your true name, Moonchild Wallace West... would you like to know what my real name was, before I changed it?

    He takes out his wallet, shows Flash a driver's license. SEBASTIAN WALLACE.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Who did you think they named you after?


    Slade and Grayson lock swords.

    SLADE: Way I see it, you have two choices...

    GRAYSON: Kicking your ass and kicking your ass REALLY HARD?

    SLADE: Kill or be killed. This isn't some barroom brawl. This is to the death! Destroy me and take my place! Let the Deathstroke legacy live on in you! A young, vital man for an old, withered corpse. A fair trade.

    GRAYSON: I'll never become you!

    SLADE: Oh?

    Slade lashes out with a stiff finger, JABBING Grayson in the right eye! Grayson screams as blood pours out. Then sees his reflection in a metal surface.

    GRAYSON: (low, trying to convince himself) It'll heal, it'll heal...

    SLADE: You want to defeat me, Grayson, you have to become me. It's your destiny.


    FLASH: No. That's not true. I don't believe that. I refuse to believe that!

    BROTHER BLOOD: Grow up, kid! Wake up and smell the coffee! Do you really think two burn-out hippies could produce a badass like you? Conqueror's blood flows through your veins... and in the end, blood is all that matters. (beat) You have your mother's eyes.

    LINDA: Don't listen to him, Wally!

    BROTHER BLOOD: Join me. Together we can bring about the rise of Trigon and turn this world into a utopia! (nodding to Linda) And the two of you can be together forever.

    FLASH: A utopia populated by our slaves? No thanks.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You're not listening to me. You don't have a choice in the matter. It's your destiny.

    FLASH: I make my own destiny. And just for the record... my father's name wasn't Blood, it was Barry. Barry Allen. I've been many things in my life. Not all of them good. But I'm still the Flash. And I am not afraid.

    BROTHER BLOOD: That will change. Kill her.

    Cardinal Syn pushes Linda off the skull as Brother Blood levitates upwards. We shift into FLASH-TIME as Flash runs forward, only for Cardinal Syn, ALSO IN FLASH-TIME, to jump down from the skull in front of him. Flash runs into Cardinal Syn, bounces off him. Linda is slooooooooooooowly falling, the rope growing taut, soon to BREAK HER NECK.

    Flash looks up at Cardinal Syn (who throws a bottle of VELOCITY-9 aside). Looks UP, up, up, to be more precise.

    FLASH: You ain’t that big. You just tall, is all.


    Slade attacks, lunging at Grayson with his sword. But Grayson anticipates his move and sidesteps, gashing Slade across the shoulder, temporarily incapacitating his right arm. Slade spins, tosses the sword into his left hand, and continues fighting. Their sword clash. Slade drives Grayson against the wall. But Grayson kicks his legs out and Slade goes down. Grayson slashes him across the leg. Slade staggers against the wall, unable to stand.

    SLADE: Go on! Kill me! Become your father's son.

    GRAYSON: No. My father showed me a better way.

    SLADE: As you wish.

    He presses a small SWITCH on the hilt of his jian. Grayson's sword EXPLODES in his hands like a flashbang grenade. While Grayson's stunned, the was-playing-possum Slade swings his jian.

    Close-up of the tip of a blade slicing open skin, about a quarter of an inch. It looks like a scalpel cut. No blood, just skin separating.

    They part. A single drop of crimson blood dangles from the tip of Slade's sword.

    BLOOD begins to projectile spray out of the slice in GRAYSON’S NECK. The blood does not exit as liquid but as a FINE RED MIST, like that of an aerosol can. We can even hear the slight SPRAY WHISTLE. Grayson, feeling nothing, turns his eyes towards the sound of the spray and sees the blood escaping him like air from a balloon. He lifts his free hand and places it in the path of the spray. His palm is instantly BATHED IN RED.

    He presses the hand against the wound, stopping the bleeding. Grayson looks into Slade’s eyes. He no longer has enough life to stand up. He falls to his knees in front of Slade.

    SLADE: Give my regards to your parents, darlin'.

    And that's when STARFIRE flies in.

    STARFIRE: Nightwing! Dick... not you too...

    SLADE: (smiling) My condolences to the widow.
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    Flash rushes Cardinal Syn again. Since they're both in Flash-Time, it's a toss-up. Except Cardinal Syn is much bigger and much meaner. He elbows Flash in the face, throws him to the side.

    CARDINAL SYN: Stay down.

    Flash gets up. Cardinal Syn punches him to the ground.

    CARDINAL SYN: I said stay down!

    FLASH: Sorry, I don't speak ******.

    He looks past Syn. The noose around Linda's neck has almost snapped taut. Cardinal Syn kicks him in the ribs. Flash grabs some sand off the ground and THROWS IT IN SYN'S FACE! As Syn stumbles around blindly, Flash throws a wicked right. Cardinal Syn catches Flash's fist. SQUEEZES until blood wells up between his fingers. Then slings Flash against a stalagmite with BONE CRACKING force. Flash collapses, barely able to raise his head.

    Cardinal Syn draws a knife.

    CARDINAL SYN: You should've stayed down.

    Flash feels the skin of his right arm pulsing under the costume...

    CARDINAL SYN: But don't worry, you'll join your woman soon enough.

    He digs his fingers into the sleeve and rips the costume off his arm, leaving it bare. It's entirely energy. Cardinal Syn's eyes widen.

    FLASH: This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me.

    He shoves his lightning hand into Cardinal Syn's chest. Cardinal Syn lets the knife slip through his fingers as he's INFUSED with potential energy. Flash pulls his arm free as Cardinal Syn trembles, paralyzed, afraid to move. Flash throws a punch with his other hand, stops it an inch from Cardinal Syn's face.

    FLASH: Before you die, I just wanted to remind you that the good guys always win. Even in Zandia.

    He TAPS Syn with his finger. As soon as he's touched, Cardinal Syn FLIES BACKWARDS at lightspeed, slamming into the rock wall with a nasty crunch.

    FLASH: Looks like the end for Cardinal Syn.

    He turns around to see that the noose is just snapping taut. In a splitsecond, he picks up Syn's knife and THROWS IT, cutting the noose at the last possible second.

    In real-time, Linda continues to fall. Flash catches her and pulls her up.

    LINDA: What happened to the big guy?

    FLASH: He felt the need for speed.

    Flash sees the thousands of cultists about to charge.

    FLASH: Get behind me.


    Slade buries his jian in the ground, motions for Starfire to bring it. They battle, merciless hand-to-hand combat. Slade evading her blows. She's stronger, but he's faster. Slade steps back, a lull in the fighting.

    SLADE: Surrender.

    STARFIRE: One trained by the Warlords of Okaara NEVER surrenders, especially not to one as worthless as you!

    She lunges. Slade steps to the side, grabbing another SWORD from the wall. The lunge goes past him. Slade strikes, as he had planned, attacking sideways with the sword from behind his back, stabbing Starfire deeply in the side. She skids to a stop, rolling into a wall. Slade places his sword to his hip scabbard and picks up his jian. Holds it high like an executioner's ax... exactly like he killed General Zahl.

    DEATHSTROKE: You're all alone now. Time to join your friends.

    He brings the sword down... but it's BLOCKED by another blade. Deathstroke turns to see GRAYSON, a blood-soaked piece of cloth wrapped around his throat. KORY'S HANDKERCHIEF.

    GRAYSON: (raspy) She's never alone.

    He punches Deathstroke so hard it knocks him right off his feet. Turns to Starfire.

    GRAYSON: (re: bandage) Yes, this does sting a bit. Stay here, I'll handle this.


    Flash stands on the rock bridge. It's narrow enough that only about three people can cross side-to-side. If he allows them to spill out into the amphitheater, they'll overwhelm him. His arms and legs are a lightning-fast blur of kicks and punches as he knocks the stream of Cultists off the bridge and into the drink.

    FLASH: Linda, I'm sorry... I've made so many mistakes, but you were never one of them. And the fact that I'm in the process of effecting a daring rescue for you should be counted in my favor...

    LINDA: It won't.

    CULTIST: Flash, it seems to me like you have intimacy issues...

    FLASH: Shut up, what do you know? You're a henchman! (knocks him off the bridge) Linda, it was just one night...

    LINDA: You can live a lifetime in one night! Why can't you be sensitive like you used to be!? Remember when you baked me that pasta...

    FLASH: I didn't bake it! I bought it from someone at the last minute!

    LINDA: Why would you do something like that!?

    FLASH: Because I knew how important introducing your parents to me was to you and how you wanted everything to go smoothly!

    Linda melts. Flash sees an opening.

    FLASH: I couldn't help myself... I'm only a man...

    He stops, recognizing the words from long ago. Straightens. And in an instant, the boy becomes a man.

    FLASH: No. It was my choice. I could've chosen not to at any time, but I didn't. I was weak and stupid and I didn't know the value of what I had until I lost it.

    LINDA: I'm not lost if you aren't.


    Brother Blood levitates up to the hollow stalactite. He faces Raven.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Last chance. Tell me how to summon Trigon.

    RAVEN: Go to hell.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Why do that... when I can bring hell here?

    He pours HOLYFIRE into Raven. Her skin turns red, she grows a second set of eyes in her forehead. Becoming like TRIGON.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Tell me the words! Tell me!

    RAVEN: Please, don't make me do this! You don't know what you're unleashing!

    BROTHER BLOOD: Tell me!

    RAVEN: Gone, gone, this worthless pawn... to raise the demon... Trigon.


    From space, we see the oceans of the earth TURN TO BLOOD.


    BLOOD SHOWERS DOWN from the skies, drenching the combatants. The cultists love it, thrusting their heads back, mouths open wide to receive the crimson offering.

    HUNTRESS: Oh God... we're too late.


    The Dagger LEAPS INTO THE AIR, spinning around frantically like an iron filling near a lodestone. Burning symbols slash the air, like living serpents of fire. Veins swell in Brother Blood's neck, his face distorted by ecstasy and pain. The PORTAL opens, like a bloodstain spreading over reality. Brother Blood looks at it in a religious rapture.



    Beast Boy weeps over Donna's body.

    BEAST BOY: Oh God... what have I done?

    Donna's eyes suddenly SNAP OPEN! She grabs Beast Boy by the throat.

    DONNA: Stop whining, you pathetic little momma's boy!

    She throws him through the air. He slams into the wall. The cave RATTLES with the force of the impact.

    BEAST BOY: Donna? Why? What did Brother Blood do to you? C'mon, don't let him control you! You can fight him!

    DONNA: No one controls me. Not anymore. Not Slade, not Blood, and certainly not you. I do what I want...

    She picks him up by the throat, throws him into another wall. Bits of loose grit are shaken loose by the impact.

    DONNA: And right now I wanna watch you die.

    Beast Boy stands, one eye swollen and black.

    BEAST BOY: Don't say that! We've been teammates! We've been more then teammates!

    DONNA: Idiot, we've been nothing. It's all been an act! Every bit of it, especially the sex. Gar, that was the biggest act of all. It made me gag letting you touch me.

    BEAST BOY: (low and threatening) Shut up...

    DONNA: You like knowing that, Gar?


    He turns into a BEAR, SMACKS her into the wall!

    BEAST BOY: Go to hell!

    DONNA: Just got back. And I've got to admit, I liked what I saw.


    Brother Blood stands in front of the Portal, tears of joy running down his face. Through the portal we see TRIGON APPROACHING.

    RAVEN: Trigon, go back! You'll face resistance here unlike any you've ever encountered before!


    RAVEN: But this world isn't like the others you've conquered! We won't cater to your mad whims!


    RAVEN: There are others! They will fight you!


    RAVEN: Father, you mustn't! With all the power at your command, for once can't you rise above your lusts and show compassion?

    TRIGON'S FACE looms large in the Portal.


    BROTHER BLOOD: My lord, tell me how you finish opening the portal! Tell me how to let you bring about the kingdom of heaven.


    The Dagger stops spinning.


    The Dagger is pulled to Blood's hand. He stalks towards Raven.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Finis Dierum.

    CYBORG: (O.S.) Yo, creep!

    Brother Blood turns. CYBORG, severely battle-damaged, is aiming his sonic cannon square at Blood. His armor is dented and ragged, his flesh burnt away except for his face. But he's still alive.

    CYBORG: Stay away from my girl.

    The blast takes Brother Blood square in the chest, blowing him off the stalactite with the force of a hurricane. Cyborg rushes to free Raven.

    RAVEN: It's too late... it's too late...

    CYBORG: It's not too late, you're gonna be okay.

    RAVEN: The Portal is already open. Something will get through.

    CYBORG: Then we'll find a way to close it.

    RAVEN: I've already found a way.

    CYBORG: Then spill, girl!

    RAVEN: Kill me.


    Beast Boy and Donna, both covered in blood and insane with bloodlust, tear into each other.

    BEAST BOY: I don't know what I did to make you hate me, but I wish I'd done it ten times worse!

    He's shifting so fast that his animal forms are melding, the head of a tiger, the tail of a scorpion, the claws of a raptor. His inner demons given form, insane nonsenical obscenities. Their hands wrap around each others' throat as they careen off the walls. Stalactites fall and smash open on the floor, dislodged by their battle.


    Cyborg shakes his head, servos ratcheting and failing.

    CYBORG: No. I can't do that. I won't.

    RAVEN: It's the only way! This has to be done. You said once that you would die for me... well, now I'm asking you to help me do the same.

    CYBORG: I can't... I can't kill the woman I love.

    RAVEN: You don't love me. I cast a spell on you. I tricked you into thinking you had those feelings. The truest hate always stems from the truest love. I did it so you would have the will to do your duty when the time came. You're angry, Victor. You will always be angry because you will always be a freak. DO IT!


    RAVEN: If you don't do it I'll make you go back! I'll make you go back to being my *****-whipped cabana boy! Is that what you want? You kill me... or I'll make you my slave.

    Cyborg aims the sonic cannon at her head.

    CYBORG: God forgive me...


    Donna body-slams Beast Boy to the ground with bone-crunching force. We hear his spine snap. He reverts back to his human form. Donna stares down at him, triumphant... as the reliquary CAVES IN ON THEM.

    Next: Sacrifice
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    Damn. You just love torturing us with cliffhangers, don't you?
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    Yup. If only I'd been born eighty years earlier, I could make a living writing movie serials... only with, ya know, lots of angst and sex and violence.
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    Cyborg is about to fire when Brother Blood comes from behind, his hand chopping through Cyborg's head. The machine half is ripped apart. Cyborg falls.

    BROTHER BLOOD: God doesn't love you. God doesn't love any of you. But God loves Raven. Can't you tell?


    Flash wades through the mob of Cultists storming the bridge. They're slowly but steadily wearing him down. A punch slips through. Another. Another. He falls back, bleeding, despairing. He screams, fists raised to the sky, then brings them down on the bridge, vibrating it. Several Cultists fall into the blood.

    BROTHER BLOOD: (V.O.) Trigon never set out to create a paradise. Why would a perfect god set out to do such a thing and fail? No, the world was always meant to be this way. Savage. Cruel. No beauty, just ugliness and efficiency. Look into your heart, Flash. You know it to be true.

    Flash looks back at Linda, who searches Cardinal Syn's body for weapons. She looks up at him, offers a terse smile.

    FLASH: (mouths) You are my salvation.

    He turns backs to the horde, walks towards them.

    RAVEN: (V.O.) Your crusade will end in fire.

    FLASH: Then bring it on. BRING IT ALL ON!

    Flash takes on a half-dozen of them at once, stunning one of the Cultists, using him as a human shield, TOSSING him aside to trip up another on-rushing pair.


    Brother Blood picks Cyborg up by the throat.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Bow in my presense, you soulless shell!

    With that, he BITES into Cyborg's human cheek.


    BROTHER BLOOD: (irrevocably insane) I have tasted his blood and now his strength is mine! There were many before me, many who led, who ordered our followers to carry out their every whim, but what they failed to do, what eventually destroyed them all, is that they never acted themselves! They never got their own hands dirty! You need to practice what you preach!

    Blood throws Cyborg to the ground.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Now, boy, if you will... pick up my knife and return it to me... so I can kill your little girlfriend.


    Slade is standing on a table, duelling with Grayson. Grayson kneels down, slices through a table leg. The table shifts and Slade falls to the ground. Grayson brings his sword down on Slade, but the assassin is already rolling out of the way. The blade kicks up sparks where it hits the floor. Grayson SOCCER-KICKS Slade so hard it lifts him off the ground. Slade falls back down onto a display case, brings his fists down on the glass. Shatters it and extracts a HALBERT (an axlike blade and a steel spike mounted on the end of a long shaft).

    He uses it to knock Grayson's sword away, then STABS HIM IN THE SHOULDER with the point, lifts him up, and runs towards a wall, intent on literally pinning Grayson to it. Grayson grabs the halbert shaft, pulls himself away from it. Blood flows from the newly-opened wound. He kicks backwards, against the wall Slade was going to impale him to. Slade stumbles backwards as Grayson slides down the halbert like it was a firepole, KICKING Slade in the face. He follows through by wrenching the halbert from Slade's grasp and SLAPPING HIM with the flat of the heavy metal ax.

    Slade falls back, face broken from the blow, and makes a run for it, up a STAIRCASE cut into the stone of the cavern.


    It winds up and around the natural contours of the caverns. Slade hides behind a corner. As soon as Grayson turns it, Slade KICKS HIM OFF THE STAIRCASE. Grayson flies back, smacking against the opposite wall, and FALLS towards a STREAM OF LAVA. Grayson uses his halbert to arrest his descent, bracing it so he brakes over a stream of lava. He dangles from the wedged-in halbert. Above him, Slade pulls two GRENADES from his bandolier.

    SLADE: Enough of this.

    He pops the pins and DROPS THEM after Grayson. Grayson swings back and forth on the halbert like it was a TRAPEZE, jumps off it just as the grenades fall past him. The grenades explode, knocking the halbert upwards. Slade catches it as Grayson pulls himself back up onto the staircase. Slade swings at him. Grayson somersaults over him, swipes Deathstroke's second sword from its sheath. Deathstroke turns around, swinging his halbert. Grayson hooks his sword beneath it, FLIPPING it from Slade's hands, then THRUSTS THE SWORD THROUGH SLADE'S GUT, IMPALING HIM!

    Slade draws his jian and tries to bring it down on Grayson, but the hero catches it at the hilt.

    Grayson, his face bisected by the blade. One side, a wounded eye crying blood. The other, an ice-cold blue eye.

    Grayson's thumb finds the SWITCH on Slade's hilt.

    GRAYSON: For my family.

    He toggles it. The sword EXPLODES in Slade's gut!

    Slade stumbles backwards, DISEMBOWELED. He drops his jian. It clangs off the staircase and falls into the lava. Slade holds his hands over his stomach and stumbles up the staircase. Grayson follows him, relentless.


    Cyborg, on his hands and knees, picks up the Dagger as Brother Blood circles him.

    BROTHER BLOOD: That's a good little infidel. Now, hand it over so that I can, at long last, complete the ceremony.

    Cyborg presents the Dagger to Blood. Blood steps forward to claim it.


    At that, Cyborg STABS THE DAGGER INTO BROTHER BLOOD'S HEART! Blood HOWLS in agony as Cyborg fights his way to his feet.

    CYBORG: Not while I still stand. And if I fall, the Flash and Nightwing will fight you. And if they fall, Beast Boy and Starfire will fight you. And if they fall, ordinary men and women, all over the world, will rise and oppose you. You. Will. Never. Win. No one believes in you. They're just a little impressed by your parlor tricks.


    Barbara reaches for the Big Red Button.

    BARBARA: Here goes everything.


    Every TELEVISION goes to static. Every radio and loudspeaker emits a PIERCING WHINE. Everyone holds their ears. Suddenly, it STOPS. Every TV, even the Time Square Jumbotron, shows the FUNERARY MASK OF THE ORACLE. Barbara's voice, electronically distorted, translated into each countries' native tongue, rings out.

    BARBARA: (filtered) People of the world, you're being duped! What kind of god gives us brains but demands we don't question? What kind of god rewards the slaughter of innocent men and women? What kind of god!? None that deserves our worship!


    Brother Blood rips off Cyborg's arm.


    CYBORG: You... you know how sick I am of punks trying to rip me apart? Here's a new safety feature. Right-forearm... DETONATE.

    Brother Blood looks down at the amputated limb in his hands as it begins BEEPING.

    BROTHER BLOOD: What's this?

    The arm EXPLODES in his hands. The smoke clears. Brother Blood is still standing.

    BROTHER BLOOD: That's all you have to stop me? A little heat and light?


    Leslie sets down a Molotov cocktail, reacting to Barbara's message.

    LESLIE: She's right! She's right!

    The spell is broken. All over the world, people start coming to their senses.


    Brother Blood, his powers waning, looks at the cuts caused by Cyborg's bomb as BLOOD STARTS POURING OUT OF THEM.

    BROTHER BLOOD: No! I don't bleed! I never bleed! I AM BROTHER BLOOD!

    He draws the Dagger out of himself, starts towards Raven.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I must have your blood! I must have ALL of your blood...

    Raven's eyes glow red. Brother Blood freezes in his tracks.

    RAVEN: The dead have names. The dead have voices. And the dead are very, very angry with YOU.

    RAVEN-SHAPED SHADOWS pour out of Raven's cloak, swirling around Brother Blood like vultures circling a kill. He looks around, confused.

    BROTHER BLOOD: What trickery is this!?

    The shadows rush Brother Blood, wrapping around him with telekinetic force. It's a feeding frenzy. He kicks and screams as he's lifted into the air, bleeding and mangled... Raven smiles sinisterly.

    RAVEN: Did you think the Daughter of Trigon would be entirely defenseless?

    Brother Blood is thrown screaming into the PORTAL. His scream trails off before being cut off abruptly.

    Raven turns back to Cyborg.

    RAVEN: Guess I'm gonna get kicked out of the pacifists' club.

    CYBORG: Or at least politely asked to leave.

    ZOOM OUT, to the one end of the catwalk that bisects the Tier...


    Slade stumbles onto the catwalk, holding his guts in with one hand. With the other, he draws a GUN. Turns around to aim it at Grayson, who stops momentarily.

    GRAYSON: You think you're going to kill me with a gun?

    SLADE: Kill you? Why should I kill you... when I can kill those you love?

    With that, he shifts his aim downwards and FIRES... at LINDA.


    Grayson moves in, kicking the gun away from him. They grapple...


    Flash hears Grayson's shout, turns. He sees the bullet. He moves for Linda, racing the bullet. He's just about to reach her, the bullet inches away...

    Flash tackles Linda, pulling her into Flash-time just like the time he first confessed his love for her, the bullet continuing on its path ahead of them, blood covering it. One of them's been hit and hit bad. Linda looks down, touches a splatter of blood on her blouse. Then reaches out to the splatter's source... the EXIT WOUND in Flash's chest.

    LINDA: Oh... Wally...

    FLASH: It's done...

    LINDA: What's done?

    FLASH: The greatest life anyone ever had.

    Linda's eyes widen with understanding.

    LINDA: No. NO!

    FLASH: Linda, you don't understand...

    Flash's eyes are glowing yellow.

    FLASH: I can see. This is what I was born for. It's okay. It's really... okay. Listen. I used to think that I owed everything to Barry. But that's not true. You believed in me when no one else did... and that's what gave me the courage to make this life great.

    He hands her back her wedding ring. Presses it into her palm... along with his Flash ring.

    FLASH: You're my power, Linda. You always were.

    They embrace.

    FLASH: Never forget me. Because if I thought you would, I could never leave.

    They break. Flash slips his cowl off.

    WALLY: Remember me... like this. I have to go now. Stay out of trouble. I won't be there to save you anymore. Sleep sound tonight.

    He starts walking away. She holds onto his hand... as it slowly slips out of hers... leaving her clutching the Flash ring like a life preserver.

    Wally speeds into the cultists. Sending them flying like so much chaff. But they begin to slow him down. Pile onto him. Crushing him underneath until the pile of cultists is SCATTERED by a bolt of lightning! Wally stands, skin electric.


    Cyborg and Raven look down.

    CYBORG: What's he doing?

    RAVEN: ...Something wonderful.


    THE SPEED FORCE begins acting through Wally. Lightning wrecks his body. The transformation is painful. And then Wally starts singing.

    WALLY: (weakly) Ground Control to Major Tom
    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

    His voice wavers as a JOLT OF ELECTRICITY causes him to fall to the ground in pain. Linda bites her lip and reaches out to him in sympathy.

    WALLY: Ground Control to Major Tom
    Commencing countdown, engines on
    Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

    Then he stands up straight and keeps walking, now BELTING OUT the tune.

    WALLY: This is Major Tom to Ground Control!
    I’m stepping through the door
    And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
    And the stars look very different today!

    He walks towards the hordes, blinking in and out so fast he's like a strobe light. Each time he blinks, a Cultist is thrown aside seconds before they touch him. Like an invisible force is guarding him.

    WALLY: For here
    Am I sitting in a tin can
    Far above the world
    Planet Earth is blue
    And there’s nothing I can do

    He falls to his knees, clutching his chest in pain.

    WALLY: Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles
    I’m feeling very still
    And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
    Tell my wife I love her very much... she knows!
    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Ah, to hell with it.

    He spreads his arm and the Speed Force EXPLODES out of him. STREAMS OF LIGHT pour out of his eyes and mouth as his entire body transmutes itself into what can only be described as brilliantly-glowing ELECTRIFIED LIGHT! The power spreads outwards in a tremendous ring, blasting all the Cultists backwards. Then the lightning storm ends and Wally is GONE. Only the smoking empty costume is left. Linda bursts into tears.


    Slade is choking Grayson, bending him over a railing.

    SLADE: Did you really think a mere child could beat me!?

    Grayson wraps one leg around a loose length of cable.

    GRAYSON: A child? No... a Teen Titan.

    He stops fighting Slade, instead KICKING Slade's legs out from under him. Both go over the edge! Grayson hangs upside-down from the cable, grabbing Slade by one hand. Just like back in the circus.

    SLADE: Do it! Let go! Kill me! You know I have it coming!

    Grayson's face hardens.

    GRAYSON: This is from a kid I used to know.

    His free hand lances out, BURSTING SLADE'S GOOD EYE.

    GRAYSON: And this is from the man he's become.

    He pulls Slade back up. They stand on the catwalk. Slade is beaten. Grayson looks down at the beaten wreck. He's a pathetic old man. Shakes his head.

    GRAYSON: You're not worth it. You never were. You stop being a child when you put away your boogeyman. For me, today is that day.

    He walks over Slade, moving towards Raven and Cyborg on the Tier. Behind him, Slade rises. Draws his trusty DERRINGER. Aims it at Grayson. Grayson hears the click as it's armed.

    SLADE: Let me guess. This is the part where you feel all noble because you let me live, but then I pull a weapon and force you to kill me, therefore sating your bloodlust while still keeping your hands clean.

    Nightwing surrenpidiously draws a Birdarang. On it, a RED LED LIGHT BLINKS ON AND OFF...

    SLADE: Let me save you the trouble.

    He positions the barrel under his chin, pointed upwards, and SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE HEAD. His body goes limp and slips over the railing.


    Slade's body plummets downward into the chasm, finally crashing into the boiling blood. His corpse bobs up seconds later, floating lifelessly.


    Cyborg and Raven look down at Slade's grisly fate as Grayson staggers up to them.

    RAVEN: He took the easy way out.

    GRAYSON: I thought he took the Hemingway out.

    Raven actually chuckles, relieved that it's over, when a BOLT OF HOLYFIRE BLASTS THROUGH HER CHEST!


    BROTHER BLOOD stands in the Portal, smiling. Grayson draws his explosive Birdarang and THROWS IT. Blood bats it aside dismissively.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Is that the best you've got?

    That's when he sees a LIGHT coming down the other end of the catwalk. THE FLASH. Now pure energy. He blinks in and out as he runs. Inside one of the blinks, he's not just one man, he's an entire MARATHON of runners. Flash rams into Blood like a stampede. Whispers in his ear...

    FLASH: The price is right.

    As they're both carried into the portal. Looks back to see GRAYSON.

    FLASH: Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something.

    LIGHTNING explodes out of his hands, closing the Portal once and for all. Grayson turns back to the mortally wounded Raven. Cyborg holds her.

    CYBORG: No, no, no... no more death, please...

    RAVEN: I never... never had a real family... but if I did... I wish they were like you guys.

    She closes her eyes. Cyborg holds her closer.

    CYBORG: God, you're not talking but I know you're here, so I'm gonna talk, and you can listen. I never asked you for anything before and I never wanted to come to you like this, but don't take Raven away from me. God, I don't wanna be empty inside anymore. (beat) Azarath... Metrion... Zinthos.

    And Raven's wounds close. Cyborg falls over like a lump of lead. Raven's eyes open.

    CYBORG: Don't you remember? We were gonna save the world...

    The light goes out of his eye.

    RAVEN: No! Victor... not for me. Not for me.

    Next: Picking Up The Pieces
  21. MaskedManJRK Registered

    Nov 14, 2005
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    Wait, did Cyborg die? The "light goes out of his eye" line is very vague.
  22. Zev Registered

    Oct 21, 2003
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    Yes, he sacrified his own life force to bring Raven back. Combine that with the fact that most of his remaining flesh was burned away in the fight and he's not getting back up anytime soon.
  23. MaskedManJRK Registered

    Nov 14, 2005
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    The black guy always dies first in those situations. :o :(
  24. Zev Registered

    Oct 21, 2003
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    Raven, Grayson, and Kory walk up to the weeping Linda. Kory holds a hand over the wound in her side.

    GRAYSON: Are you gonna be okay?

    LINDA: Yeah... yeah, I'll be just fine.

    KORY: We'll... we'll all be here if you need anything.

    LINDA: "We'll all"? Kory, half your team is gone. It's over. There are no more Titans.

    Flash walks up, his suit undamaged.

    FLASH: Hey guys. Why so tense?

    Linda embraces him.

    GRAYSON: We thought you were dead!

    FLASH: Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated.

    LINDA: But... I saw you go into the Speed Force.

    FLASH: I came back. C'mon, we have to find Beast Boy.

    GRAYSON: Cyborg is...

    FLASH: Yeah, I know.


    The four run in to see the cave-in.

    GRAYSON: Jesus... you're sure he's there?

    FLASH: That's where I last saw him.

    GRAYSON: Everyone, start digging.


    RACINE rummages through Deathstroke's SAFE, shoving piles of money into his suitcase.

    RACINE: I'll move to France, they love me there! Hell, it worked for Roman Polanski! Who knows, in ten years maybe I'll stage a comeback, play a villain in an indie film.

    Linda walks in.

    LINDA: Hey Julian.

    Racine turns.

    RACINE: What, it's you? Oh... haha... sorry about the whole... if I had any idea... I am shocked and appalled at the lengths to which Brother Blood deceived me, but I intend to fully...

    Linda grabs him by the collar.

    RACINE: Not the face!

    LINDA: Alright.

    She kicks the actor in the balls, then hauls him up by the hair.

    LINDA: Remember when I said I wouldn't hit you in the face?

    RACINE: (high-pitched) Yeah?

    LINDA: I lied.

    She punches Racine in the face.

    RACINE: You broke my nose! I'm going to need surgery! This face made me number twenty on People's Top Fifty Sexiest Men!

    LINDA: I thought it was twenty-seven.

    Racine explodes.

    RACINE: IT'S A ****ING POPULARITY CONTEST! No goddamn WAY Johnny Depp is more attractive than me, the little seppo.

    He faints.


    The remaining Titans tear away at the debris.

    GRAYSON: So, what'd you see?

    FLASH: Nothing. Last thing I remember I was running into the portal, next thing I know I'm here. This is no good, I'll go to the other side, work my way through there.

    He speeds off.

    GRAYSON: Flash, wait!

    KORY: (O.S.) Dick!

    Grayson runs over to her. She's uncovered Beast Boy. He's not moving. Grayson checks his pulse.

    KORY: Is he...

    Beast Boy's body is limp, his eyes blank, green giving way to a caucasian pallor...

    GRAYSON: He's not breathing.

    Kory's face falls. Now, with the battle over, at long last she has time to grieve for everything. And this is the straw the broke the camel's back.

    Beast Boy is dead.

    But Grayson is not going to lose two team members in the same day. Not now, not ever. He tilts Beast Boy's head back to unblock the air way and breathes into Beast Boy's mouth. Nothing. Grayson starts compressions, clinically, detached... the way Batman trained him to react to death.

    GRAYSON: C'mon kid, work with me here...

    Kory just stands there, helpless. Grayson puts his ears to Beast Boy's mouth. NOTHING. Tilts Beast Boy's head back, breathes in to it. Back to compressions... his resolve breaking down, he's just an inch away from losing it and he will not let himself do that, not while someone's life is in the balance..

    Kory breaks into sobs beside him.

    GRAYSON: Don't you die on me, you little snot. Don't even think about it!

    Kory struggles to choke back her tears.

    KORY: Dick, I have seen death many times. It is here.

    GRAYSON: Don't say that!

    Grayson slams his closed fist into Beast Boy's chest. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN.

    GRAYSON: He's not going to die here. His life's not going to be for nothing! He's going to live on! He's going to make a difference! He's going to be somebody!

    While this has been happening, Raven has been coming to terms, reining her emotions in. She bends down to close Beast Boy's eyes. Grayson slaps her hand away, desperate, and props Beast Boy up. The boy is limp as a broken doll.

    GRAYSON: Raven, help him!

    RAVEN: I can't. He's too far gone.

    GRAYSON: No! I won't accept that!

    He redoubles his efforts.

    GRAYSON: C'mon, kid! C'mon!

    Raven pulls him away.

    RAVEN: He's gone. He's gone.

    Grayson pulls away from her. Puts his ear to Beast Boy's mouth, checking for breath. Waiting for something, anything. Silence.

    And we just sit there for an excruiatingly long moment. Long enough to know that Beast Boy's gone.

    Kory gently puts her hand on Grayson's shoulder.

    KORY: Dick...

    Grayson's eyes are full of defeat. They harden with resolve and he hits Beast Boy's chest again.

    GRAYSON: Come on! Give me something! Anything!

    His shouts die down. All sound leaves the scene as he continues to perform his fruitless task. Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" carries us into the next scene.


    Flash pulls away a large rock, revealing Donna... who MOANS. She's STILL ALIVE. Flash clamps a hand over her mouth, then looks around. No one. He takes the hand away.

    DONNA: Oh God, what have I done...? I've been so foolish...

    FLASH: Shhh... It's alright now.

    He vibrates his hand and plunges it into her chest. Her eyes widen.

    DONNA: You fool! Don't you get it? From within he destroys!

    Flash smiles.

    FLASH: I know.


    FLASH: What a surprise... you're heartless.

    Flash senses someone watching him. He turns around, sees Grayson staring at him, horror-struck. Flash drops the heart with a "plop," holds a bloody finger to his lips. Shhh.


    Wally, Grayson, Raven, and Kory carry Gar's coffin to his grave. Grayson has medical tape and gauze covering his injured eye.


    The PASTOR stands over it.

    PASTOR: Garfield Logan is dead and try as I will, there is precious little I can say. I have spoken to you and you have told me he was loved. Completely. Without reservation. That is his epitaph. I can add no more. But he has taken others with him whom you loved as deeply. You said Cyborg gave his life so that Raven could live on. These days, so many turn from strife and struggle, reluctant to become involved. But for you the idea of saving others, even at the cost of your own lives, is never questioned. And because of you, our lives go on, and our fragile world still thrives. I speak to you in hope that you never forsake hope. For it is when the darkness blankets all that light must be sought. Because there must always be hope. There must always be caring. There must always be love. So, we come here in sadness but when we leave we must know that some good came from it. We must think of our lost friends, but know that they will never truly be lost, not while they are remembered. Remembere dfor the good they did, the hopes they held, and dreams they dared dream. They join the pantheon of heroes who have given of themselves, who have reached high and touched the stars, who have embraced the final gory. And meanwhile, we hear on earth must gon go and pray when our end comes, as it must, that we have earned the right to rejoin them in that Valhalla.


    Grayson stands to give the eulogy.

    GRAYSON: I'd like to thank Pastor Perez for speaking so eloquently on our friend's behalf. It's funny, our name. Some people wanted it to just be the Titans. They said "If we call ourselves the Teen Titans, everyone will focus on how young we are." But that's the point, really. We're not titans. We're human. We're young. We make mistakes. But we learn from them. That's the one power we share. And even though the world seems unfair for taking someone like Gar away from us... it gave him to us in the first place... it gave him friends who loved him... and it gave him the chance to be a hero. I don't know how this is all going to end... but I'd like to think, a lifetime from now, when we're all dust, when the words I've spoken here are long-forgotten... people will look back and see Gar as the truest definition of a Teen Titan. And as a true friend. He wrote something, in his journal, before he left us... that I think would give us all some perspective on his life.

    He takes out a small book from his pocket. Opens it.

    GRAYSON: "I can't believe it. I'm a bona fide, honest-to-God superhero. Got myself a costume and everything. They call me Beast Boy now. Did I tell you about them? My new friends, the other Titans. Nightwing's our leader. He seems like a cool guy, he just never really asserts himself. But I know he has it in him to be great."

    Wally looks away.

    GRAYSON: "The Flash is our most famous member. He isn't stuck-up or conceited like you'd think. He's been a real friend to most of us, helping us through this adjustment period. He seems really intent on watching out for us."

    Kory pushes her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose.

    GRAYSON: "Kory is a little off - she's an alien, what do you expect? - but it's like she just doesn't understand how not to have fun. She brings joy everywhere she goes and I keep thinking, if she can go through what she's been through and still be that way, maybe there's hope for me too."

    Raven pulls her hood back.

    GRAYSON: "Raven is really, really scary." That's all it says.

    Raven pulls her hood up.

    GRAYSON: "Cyborg is just a cool guy. He's my best friend and I already know I'll never meet another guy like him. I wish I had a friend like him when I was a kid. As for Donna Troy, she is something else. She's just plain fun and cute and... well, I better stop before I embarrass myself. If anybody reads this, I'll just d--" Skipping ahead. "No matter what the future brings with this crew, I can't believe how lucky I am. I'm part of something big here. I'm Garfield Logan and I'm a Teen Titan."


    Wally and Grayson stand at the edge of the graveyard. Wally smokes a cigarette.

    GRAYSON: Didn't see Linda with the mourners.

    WALLY: Yeah, she... couldn't make it. We're, uh, working through some issues right now.

    GRAYSON: Jesus, Wally, how'd it come to this?

    WALLY: **** happens, Dick. Water's wet, the ocean is blue, women have secrets, and **** happens.

    GRAYSON: Wally? I'm sorry.

    He walks away. As several POLICE CARS pull up.

    WALLY: You told them.

    GRAYSON: Can't let you get away with it. Not anymore.

    WALLY: Not here, Dick. Please.

    GRAYSON: Don't fight them, Wally.

    The cops are coming.

    WALLY: You really think I'll stay buried? You need me, Dick. Sooner or later, you'll need my help. It's only a matter of time.

    GRAYSON: You might be right. But until then, you're under arrest for murder.


    Green Arrow is on monitor duty when the screen lights up. NIGHTWING is talking directly to camera. As he talks, we move in on the screen until it has no boundaries.

    NIGHTWING: We need to talk. From day one, you people have bullied us, lied to us, pushed us around, and tried to tell us how to think and how to live our lives. Those days are over. People say that war is hell, and it's true. But peace can be even worse, when it's bought with compromise. Evil cannot not satisfied, it will have to be fought. If not by you, then by your children... that's us. In a perfect world, Gar and Vic would not have had to lay down their lives. But this is not a perfect world. And if children are required to take a stand against evil, that's what we'll do. That's what humanity does, it meets the challenges brought against it. Damn you for letting our innocence be taken like this. And damn us for letting it go so readily.

    He reaches for camera. SCREEN DISSOLVES TO BLACK.

  25. MaskedManJRK Registered

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    HOLY S**T.


    Awesome! :D

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