The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 5

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I rather doubt Jim Lee has ever used more than one model of each gender.
I really don't understand how people keep saying Ryan Gosling would make a good Batman. Have any of you heard him speak? Or even worse, yell? Yeah, yeah, "It's an actor's job to change their voice/look to suit the character they're playing", but we've seen that Ryan cannot do a Batman-esque voice. It's med-high pitched and it cracks quite often.

Looking like Batman in one thing, but sounding like Batman is a whole other thing that is just as important.
Nnnthatsch whrutt the shoundmickshingrr shforr...
Exactly. We just finished with one crap-sounding Batman, I don't want another. I want to finally see a live action actor pull off a voice similar to Kevin Conroy's or Bruce Greenwood's. Aggressive, human, understandable, and badass.
Watching The Killing.

Yeah, I'm back on the Joel Kinnaman train.


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Time to raid AMC.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Joel Kinnaman
Alfred Pennyworth: Charles Dance
James Gordon: Bryan Cranston
Lucius Fox: Giancarlo Esposito
Leslie Thompkins: Hellen Mirren
Harvey Bullock: Dean Norris
Renee Montoya: Marisol Nichols
Sarah Essen: Piper Perabo
Time to raid Game of Thrones.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Richard Madden
Alfred Pennyworth: Liam Cunningham
James Gordon: Iain Glen
Leslie Thompkins: Michelle Fairley
Harvey Bullock: Mark Addy
The Joker: Iwan Rheon
The Riddler: Harry Lloyd
The Scarecrow: Mackenzie Crook
Mister Freeze: Charles Dance
Two-Face: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
The Penguin: David Bradley
Bane: Jason Momoa
Talia al Ghul: Lena Headey
Ra's al Ghul: Sean Bean

Edit: Screw it.
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I just need Matt Bomer.

Potentially alongside Henry Cavill.


Yes, Miles Fisher looks just like Bale and the face morphed, he can be Bruce.
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Matt Bomer has the look and acting chops. he's in my top 3 now:

1 - Richard Madden
2 - Matt Bomer
3 - Luke Evans

Jon Hamm was a favorite of mine but i think he's too old now
tom hardy as batman this would be interresting i trolling no joking....since inception i thought of him as batman and or james bond...even if he was bane we have seen him fo ra glimpse without the mask people wont even notice that this is the same guy.i mean the ones who arent into these movies so much as we are...
Reposting my favorite Batman cast -

Lars Von Trier's Batman!

Alexander Skarsgård - Batman
Udo Kier - Alfred Pennyworth
Stellan Skarsgård - Commissioner Gordon
Isaac De Bankole - Lucius Fox
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Catwoman
Willem Dafoe - The Joker
Jeremy Davies - The Riddler
Kirsten Dunst - Poison Ivy
Peter Stormare - Mr. Freeze
Zeljko Ivanek - The Scarecrow
Shia LaBeouf - Robin
Well that may be one of your problems. You are going by pictures. I have yet to see a performance from Ryan Gosling that convinces me he could pull off Batman. Even when he is playing a badass in a film. Like I said I like Gosling and he is a talented actor...but just because an actor is talented doesn't mean they are the right fit for every character. Not saying I would roll my eyes and throw my hands in the air if he was in fact the next Batman. I would hope I was wrong and he surprises me with an excellent portrayal of the character.

And what I'm looking for in an actor? Well I personally think Michael Fassbender would be amazing as Batman but that's just me. He's a little too old though at this point sadly. They are probably going to be looking for someone around Cavill's age.
No im not just looking at pictures. I think his performance in Drive and from what ive seen of him in Only God Forgives footage, he would play it well. But yes the voice is the only thing holding him back in my opinion, that part could turn out great..a good transformation, or horrible because he simply can't pull it off.

Fassbender was always my number 1 choice but I gave up because of the Magneto thing. I also don't remember him pulling off a perfect American accent, maybe im right or my mind is blank at the moment.

Fass just turned 36, that wouldn't be a problem because Cavill is portraying a 33 year old Clark in Man Of Steel. They could always act as if Fass is a couple years younger than his actual age.
A new name: Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry on GOT. He kind of resembles a young Christian Bale in some pictures.
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