The Dark Knight The first anual Joker makeup competition!


Human beanjuice
Jun 11, 2007
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k, i had this idea earlier today and i got the ok by hunter rider,so im gonna hold a competition for the best joker makeup. if you are interested post in here and tomorrow ill set everything up
ok so your in? save your pics for later i just wanna see whos interested right now
We already tried it, we had a makeup/costume competition in the bat-world forum.
Sure - I will :woot: It'll be a while before I do it, though - I want to assemble more of the costume first :ninja:
k tomorrow ill set up the poll and ill pm you guysto let you know to send in yoru pics
I'm definately in, just need to buy my make up and hair dye. anywhere decent online where i can get the make up from?
Hopefully this'll be running for a while (until May or June, maybe?) so that those of us who aren't yet prepared can get our pics in with everyone else - that way no one's left out.
i agree with you battousai. i'd like to atleast have my coat, shirt, tie, and vest ready before hand........although thats pretty much the whole thing so pants would probably be done by then aswell.

next weekend ill be dying my coat i think. if not i can just do close ups with my classic joker costume from halloween.
I'd like to be in, but I wasn't planning on dressing like the Joker until Halloween.

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