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The Hype Mole Mission 12: Knowledge is Power

I'm going to be in class all day tomorrow. So can we please find out tonight, in case it is me and then I don't have to stress tomorrow.
Don't worry, squirrel. its less then half-an-hour away from the morning. :cwink:
The final clue will be pm'ed to the remaining two players now. If you get it...then celebrate, if you don't then you are gone.
Well that was fun. I knew I would get booted when the site crashed for me and I couldn't get on.
The Last Son and The-Dark-Knight are the final two. Good game Squirrel...you played a good one:up:
Is the thread being popped up tonight then chase?
Yeah I guess...might as well. I will send voting pm's out to you 13 tomorrow evening.

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