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The Hype Scavenger Hunt


Mar 29, 2006
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Merk Productions presents:

The Hype Scavenger Hunt!

Approved by Dew K. Mosi

This idea has been flowing in my head for quite some time and I think it's time to unleash it. The game will have you the Hypers looking for certain things I tell you, examples: someone's avatar/who does the avatar belong to, quotes, long lost threads, whichever team who posts the item first, wins and continues, the other team loses. There will be teams of either two or three, depending on how many people join.

You have to enlist yourself, the search will begin as soon as I get enough people.

So far

Captain BluTac
I say wait until Matt can get his game going. We dont need to many games at once :o
Sounds fun.:up:

How long would you say we have to look for something? Cuz I do have a life outside the Hype.
Good job you're hosting because you wouldn't be able to find much with your hat over your eyes :o
I'm gonna post a list of who's down at the moment. :up:
If you pulled that f'n cap up, you'd be able to see that I've just said okay! :cmad:


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