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The Incredible Hulk: "begging for his life"...(wtf???)

Mistress Gluon said:
In Annihilation, they make several references to Stardust being a "she".

As for Firelord, he's at the top of the low teir. The top teir is obviously Red Shift and the Silver Surfer, where the others (all fire based I'm obliged to point out) can't do the same things that they could. Granted, none of them can do the same things at the next. But you're correct, the sheer magnitude of Fire-Lords power is nowhere what it SHOULD be.

Fallen One, Invisble Man, Morg and Surfer are top tier.

Surfer removed Red Shifts Swords.

You really haven't been reading comics long, have you been reading long?

- Whirly
I've been reading comics long (30+ years), but I never read those stories. I've never even heard of a herald named Invisible Man...

Much as I love the Silver Surfer, I always found his books boring, so I guess I missed out on all the herald info.

EDIT: okay, Invisible Man = Johnny Storm having Invisible Woman's powers over in Waid's FF arc, right?

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