The Last Legion

Lord Blackbolt

Sep 25, 2002
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I just saw this movie on DVD....I had no idea they even released this thing in Theaters.

Anyway...I suprisingly enjoyed the movie. It kinda feels like a prequel to that Clive Owen King Arthur movie....only I kinda thought this movie handled the material better than that movie. Merlin here and the origins of Excalibur are more realistic, with a slight touch of fantasy.

A couple of downsides...Colin Firth seems really Mis-casted as the Roman badass warrior. And the kid that played young Uther Pendragon was horrible I thought.

On the plus side...Kevin McKidd of Rome and JourneyMan fame...he was awesome I thought. He was menacing and badass evil. He gets my vote for being Thor.
I saw it in the theater and while some parts were Hollywood cheese, I really enjoyed it. Loved the ending when
Ben Kingsly's character turned out to be Merlin. :D
Not me. I wasn't even thinking King Aurther until I saw him toss the sword. :)
oh...maybe I was ruined by the trailer. I knew going in it was going to be about King Arthur
I just watched this today....pretty damn good. A bunch of really good fights....Colin Firth was better than I expected as an action actor....Aishwarya Rai was unbelievably beautiful and real good in the action scenes.

I actually think I liked it better than Owens "King Arthur".

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