The new Batman villains NOT seen in Nolan's trilogy?


Oct 9, 2010
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Let's look at Batman's rogue gallery and the villains Christopher Nolan didn't bother using who are more, let's say, "fantastical" than the vision Nolan had gone for. Now, let's ask ourselves, could the new series of Batman films, probably at least three films, deal with those villains and not touch any of the villains Nolan used?

I mean, I am not saying this in a biased viewpoint but the notion of villains like Mr. Freeze, Riddler, Dr. Strange, Ventriloquist or even Man-Bat(who I would LOVE to see) that haven't been used and have never been given the time of day to show what they can truly be(even though I loved Carrey's performance as Riddler) and they alone could carry their own trilogy without even having to use the guys that some fans would feel is necessary such as Joker or to an extent, Two-Face.

What do you guys think? I myself would be fine with that idea of using new villains not seen in Nolan's trilogy as it'll give the new series of films something more and new to help those films as well.
I'm dying to see The Penguin again. A more traditional gentleman type Penguin, not a deformed freak type Penguin.
Oh, definitely. Penguin is someone that I thought could fit into Nolan's universe because you don't have to go to a deformed freak type of Penguin. Arkham City did it magnificently except for the bottle stuck in his eye socket.

And I think even with guys like Killer Croc or Clayface, you could still have those "real" villains like Penguin or Hugo Strange.
I like to Mr Freeze and Ivy though Uma THurman was great but the film s.... You know tHat.

If not then I would like to see Man-Bat, Killer Croc etc...

Note: I would like to see Scarecrow done again I feel he wasn't used to his potenial especially in TDK.
I'd like them to use new villains but I feel like Joker is a must. I really want to see a good live action version of Mr Freeze and Riddler.
Aside from a better Mr. Freeze, the one villain I've wanted to see in the films for a long time is Harley Quinn. I feel that, if they do the Joker again, adding Harley would develop his character in a way that's really interesting. After all, we haven't seen a character like Harley at all in the films so far.
-Black Mask(Roman)
-Harley Quinn
-Dr.Hugo Strange
-Killer Croc
-Man Bat
-Red Hood
-Solomon Grundy
-White Knight

Villains used in the original series before Nolan's But this time done comic accurately..

-The Penguin(A weapons dealer&mobster who owns a nightclub and just happens to be short&ugly)

-The Riddler
-Mr Freeze
Given how I said that any "new" Batman series should be closer to BTAS in tone, I think they SHOULD focus on more of the science-fictiony villains, with classics like Joker and Two-Face as well (but not right away- Ledger and Eckhart are too fresh).
The Joker needs to eventually be in the series. It's inevitable. He's one of the great villains. Still, there has to be a balance between new and old. The public wants to see grudge matches and returning characters they're familiar with. Batman Begins was less popular than the Dark Knight partially because no one knew who Ra's al Ghul or Scarecrow was. I think, if they do the whole two villains per film thing, they introduce one new villain and one old one. For example, the first film could be the Riddler with, say, Killer Croc. Or they'll have the Joker with Harley Quinn.

Introducing new elements gradually that way, I think, will help ween the public into these new characters.
Penguin definitely.

Mr. Freeze.

Id bet good money we'll get Riddler in whatever comes next
Man-Bat, Penguin, Black Mask, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Riddler
Batman has such a magnificent rogues gallery that I could so see the new films take on other villains that Nolan didn't even use and still be amazing without villains like Joker or Catwoman.
I'd like to see:
Riddler (my favorite Batman villain)
Poison Ivy
Killer Croc
It's time to give Harley Quinn her film debut. :D
She's so popular now, given her inclusion in the Arkham games, I see her being one of the top contenders to be in the next series.
I don't know if you can do a whole new franchise series without Joker or Catwoman. They're both incredibly important to the character and his iconography. I even think Two-Face is a better villain than Catwoman, but you can do a whole series without touching Dent (whose arc will be hard to top in TDK), but Selina Kyle feels almost crucial to the character's iconography. And of course, Joker is the yin to his yang. They're two sides of the same coin and he'll have to return in any interpretation of the character.

As for villains I'd like to see, I would totally like to see Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy to be done right and as effectively redeemed as Two-Face and Bane were (though NEVER in the same movie again). I also would be open to a radically different interpretation of Scarecrow. I like Cillian Murphy, but his version is kind of a putz and doesn't begin to explore the psychological horror he can inflict on Bruce Wayne.

Some originals we haven't seen that could be great are Harley Quinn, the Mad Hatter or Clayface. All though Clayface will have to be dramatically different from SM3's Sandman which may prove difficult, same with the Man-Bat and Killer Croc characters after TASM did the Lizard. Penguin and Black Mask are okay, but they're basically just your typical mobsters except with comic book gimmicks (and who can top what Burton did with the Penguin?).

Still, the hardest thing for a reboot to do will be to top the level of vision and quality in the current films.
Still, the hardest thing for a reboot to do will be to top the level of vision and quality in the current films.

When it comes to topping what Nolan has will take a miracle, imo. It's not just CBMs, it's more. Warner Brothers shouldn't want to just go by with the minimal but try to excel on what Nolan captured and push those limits.
I'd like to see Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze done over. Joker and Catwoman could easily be reinterpreted. The Phantasm could be an intriguing character to introduce as well.

Rather than try to top Nolan's work, the reboot should look at the Hush graphic novel as inspiration for its version of Gotham. That's the one thing I like about Hush other than the set up. The more outlandish rogues should be utilized, and the response to their presence should be...realistic...I guess that's the word I'm looking for? Plausible might be a better way to describe it.
The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man is a fine example of plausible reasoning to use the more un-realistic villains in giving some kind of reasoning of how they can be real. Something that was poorly done with Freeze and Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin.
I'd like to see Clayface, old school Basil Carlo Clayface to save the CGI, and probably the extra large version screaming DOOOOHHH, plus I think I'd like to see that one done on his own instead of using his motif for another villain like they did with Joker in TDK, the make-up and a knife
I never even considered the Phantasm before. I dunno, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to use her yet. It might be really good idea, but there are other villains who deserve attention first, like Harley Quinn, Clayface, etc.

Characters like Killer Crock can be muscle for bigger villains, a lot like Scarecrow's role in BB. Still, I'd love to see Poison Ivy given dues. Another thing is, if they do these films beyond a trilogy, some more grudge matches would be nice.
Mr. Freeze, my favorite Batman villain(Two-Face being my second). I loved his interpretation on Batman:The Animated Series and wish to see his tragic story of trying to save Nora on the big screen. Plus Mr. Freeze looks awesome when done right.

There just better not be any "Let's kick some ice" lines! ;)

I'd also love to see Killer Croc(yeah I like Reptile villains :p) and Poison Ivy. Batman has a fantastic rouges gallery.
I think we'll see Riddler, Black Mask, Penguin, maybe even Freeze and Strange before they take another shot at Joker and Catwoman.

Right now, I'd say we'll see Joker in the third film of the new franchise. Theyll build up to him like theyre doing with Goblin in the new Spiderman trilogy.By that time itll be over a decade since TDK.
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I think we'll see Riddler, Black Mask, Penguin, maybe even Freeze and Strange before they take another shot at Joker and Catwoman.

Right now, I'd say we'll see Joker in the third film of the new franchise. Theyll build up to him like theyre doing with Goblin in the new Spiderman trilogy.By that time itll be over a decade since TDK.

I figure we may see the Joker sooner than that. I think they might make it so the Joker can appear in multiple Batman films, maybe to stretch out the marketability of the series. Hopefully with Quinn to make him more dynamic.

As for Catwoman, I dunno. I can see them reusing her. She's been in every continuity of the character along with the Joker so far. People love her, and there is so much they can do with her in each continuity.

...but yeah, the first reboot film will probably use an original character.
Wonder if Hugo Strange shows up in the next series will create his giant mutates
Personally, the villains I'd use are:

Film 1- Black Mask, Oswald Cobblepot, Tony Zucco.

Film 2- Hush, Riddler, Professor Pyg.

Film 3- Dr Hurt, Joker, various villains in cameos from Arkham.

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