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Mar 24, 2004
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Latino Review says Brandon Routh is Superman
Thank f****ing God it's not JC!!!!!!!!!!!!

So wishing this is true.
After rumor upon rumor posted online about Warner Bros.’ reintroduction of the next “Superman” movie franchise, and just who will be playing the part of the Man of Steel himself, LatinoReview can now put to rest the biggest rumor of all… Just who is “Superman”?

Director Bryan Singer had recently mentioned to AICN that he is committed to casting an unknown. Thanks to our same source 'Anonymous,' who has given us the ‘firsts’ on castings on Fantastic Four, and Batman Begins, we now have info on Superman.

The man who Singer has picked to play Clark Kent/Superman is none other than a relatively unknown actor by the name of Brandon Routh (Seen here in the photo to the right dressed in his own Superman outfit on Halloween last year).

Brandon's name has appeared on the web as being a possible contender a few month’s ago, but most recently appeared on this Iowa based TV website. Click HERE for that.

According to stats posted at IMDB, Brandon ‘B.J.’ Routh stands at 6’ 2” and just days ago celebrated his 25th Birthday on October 9th. Sadly, this is the same day that “our” Superman Christopher Reeve died so recently. And Routh was born in Iowa, which is the same state that George Reeves was born, the original silver screen Superman star.

Routh had some bit parts in television roles on “One Life to Live,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Will & Grace,” and “Cold Case,” and recently wrapped his first film role in an indie titled “Deadly,” starring alongside Laura Prepon, Misha Collins, and Tess Harper. The actor’s next role will have him undoubtedly put to the test as he has some very big red boots to fill.

And as for Bryan Singer, come June 2006, he will have to make all Superman Fans believe that this kid from Iowa can fly. But if you can recall back when Singer was just starting the now hugely successful “X-Men” movie franchise, he had bet the farm on a then relatively unknown Aussie named Hugh.

Official announcement is forthcoming but you can take this scoop to the bank, Brandon James Routh is Superman!!!

And don’t even bother e-mailing me for any more possible castings or storyline revelations. I don’t want my ass thrown into the Phantom Zone.
IT is Batgirl said:
Thank f****ing God it's not JC!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's very mature Batgirl...:rolleyes::D

Can this be confirmed?
He is not a terrible choice, but there are so many others who are MUCH better choices!
Pickle-El said:
If this is true......I don't mind....

Same here. In fact, I was a supporter of Routh when his name came up a long time ago.
Here is my Brandon Routh manip I made a while back:

Good thing I've only seen him on "Cold Case."

p.s. I left a message at his official forum regarding this news. I wonder how/if he will reply.
Yep read that as well, just as i was going to disconnect from the net, i said stuff it nothing new on Superherohype so i just said i check Latinoreview before i go offline and wham.

Must say it's best Superman is an unknown, allmost had to be in my books.

Now they need to cast the rest of them, Lois Lane must go to Rose Byrne.
Lex Luthor not sure i heard names such as Vin Diesel, Bruce Willlis, Billy Zane not sure really.

I like to see Adrian Brody as Jimmy allmost a perfect.

Lets get this thing cause as much as i love Batman and i do, Superman must get made and it's in good hands of Singer.
If he is the guy, then definitely Rose Byrne for Lois Lane, and Zane for Lex.

I still think this image is pretty good. He has a mature-looking face. Eerie resemblance to Reeve (RIP).
IT is Batgirl said:

I still think this image is pretty good. He has a mature-looking face. Eerie resemblance to Reeve (RIP).

Well, Scott did say "a combination of Reeve and the comics..."
People said the guy wasn't even an actor, but Routh is.
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