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The Official Fan Art Thread!


Sep 22, 2004
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This is my Tarentino inspired Ghost Rider Poster
I had to use a Drawing for obvious reasons.


I did an elektra and a couple BB one simular to it.
That looks damn sweet. One that would go nicely with it would be Blaze standing on the other side, halfed like that. Then you can put them together to make one whole being.

Great stuff! *right click, save as*
I like it. The red was a nice touch.

It'would be cool to see a poster with just the blazing skull on it, with a black backround. That'd be a sweet teaser poster. :up: :ghost:
This is my first time doing this, so bear with me:
This thread is dedicated to FAN ART. That could mean concept drawing that you (the poster) drew, or pictures that have been photo-maniped (when they come out). So, let's see what you guys have to offer!
This is a great idea. I hope people post their work here.

There was a user here one time named Grendal or something like that. He had some great work but I can't seem to find the threads that he started... or him in the members lists. Crazy. I think I saved some of his work though. I'll look for it.
I hope we get someone over here that can do some Fan Art for us. It seems they are over in the Superman boards nowadays.
Thanks for the compliments, guys!

Yeah MarvelMovies, see if you can get that art here. I'm sure fellow Hypers are gonna want to see other people interpretation of their favorite flaming skull!
Pehaps we can get this merged into the official fan art thread...

Wanted to bump it for those who haven't seen it anyway.
Yeah, those are cool pics by ghrendal. Thanks for finding them.

This sounds like fun, I might have some GR drawings to share with you guys. Do you guys want them to be from the movie, or the comic?
Preferably film, but comic would be cool, too.
I want to see anything and everything that you have related to Ghost Rider. Bring it on! Post it here and it'll be admired by all... and saved to my special Ghost Rider folder of fun.

Hurry. Post now. NOW!

BTW, www.imageshack.us is fantastic if you have nowhere else to upload.
I found this piece of art on a nic cage fan site

I have a lot of fan art saved in my Ghost Rider folder that I don't really want to post because I"m not sure where it came from. I'm hoping that someday, they'll post it themselves here.
MarvelMovies said:
Awesome art FH (that you found anyways)


Can you post the art so we can see it anyways?


Okay... if you really wanna. I'm not sure how much of this you've seen already, but I'll post it all anyway.

Oh, did you get the email I sent you MM? It had a bunch of product pics in it...
WARNING: Very long post with lots of pics....

NOTE: If this art happens to be yours, please claim it. We like to give credit where credit is due. I just wish that I had of notated who owned what when I found them. The flames have singed my brain.







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