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The Official Iceman/Shawn Ashmore X3 Thread


Jan 8, 2005
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This is where you can come to discuss all topics related to Iceman in X3.
Oh thats what I thought I was just afraid that there wasn't a ! so I was just wondering. BTW Who is your first?
Wolverine has always been first, followed by Iceman,Angel,and Beast.
How about you?
I don't know my Favorites are all of them. And at different times I like different ones better but Iceman was the one that got me started on comics. But Iceman I think has always been on top. But I like flying and people that fly alot. So I was on wikpedia today reading about iceman. They say he has yet to fully manifest his full power. So I thought it would be awesome if he could fly that would be the ultimate cool. And I figured it out. If he attempted to propel moisture in the ground directly below him he would in turn repel himself in to the air. If he continued to repeat this process he could maintain a particular altitude. I know I sound crazy but what do you think?
here's to hoping he's more


and less

I should have set up this thread. :( I guess I have to cope with the Beast and Sentinel threads. :)
There is a beast thread? BTW I have also so made a iceman thread in the x men comics section.
i hope that iceman will finally "ice up" and i also want him to be more funny like his comics version instead of serious and uptight.
What do you think about my way for him to fly?
Torched said:
What do you think about my way for him to fly?

We're having a hard enough time getting Storm off the ground! I've no knowledge of Iceman flying, so best keep that to your personal fantasies. He could rise on a column of ice, or maybe slide on one if it was strong enough, but no flying for Iceman. It just sounds silly.
No offense(ce?) to Icefans, but I kinda hope he gets the Axe in X3 instead of Cyclops if someone's gotta go. :(

Though definitely not before he Ices up and goes nut with his powers. I just hope they handle the ice ramps and bridges realistically. I'd have a bit of a problem buying it if he just ascended on a column up from the ground. His powers should be like a rollercoaster, following the laws of inertia, momentum and friction. Yeah, I wanna see loops and twists and turns and sudden dives but if a ramp goes on for too long, he's gotta put some support columns on it or else it'll crash and fall to the ground. And it SHOULD break and fall to the ground at least once or twice, particularly during a learning session. He should also slip and slide off of one, creating another while he's falling to land on. A bit like that time sPider-Man chased the criminal down on his webs for the first time. A visual sPectacle of a learning experience.

The beauty is that if Iceman ices up to do this, it'll be more believeable seeing a CG character on a CG obstacle course of sorts than a CG flesh and blood Bobby.

Oh. And none of that evaporating Ice crap from the Incredibles. It'd be nice to see Xavier to congratulate Bobby on the use of his new powers only to follow it up with, "Now whose going to clean up all this broken ice and pay for the property damage?"
I really hated how they ripped off Iceman in the Incredibles with the use of those ice bridges.I can already hear Ebert now reviewing X3 saying how Iceman is the same thing as the guy from the Incredibles.Stupid critics...
no, stupid Ebert. he also said Sue Storm had similar powers to Storm...yeah...right...
BT18 said:
here's to hoping he's more

One of my hopes for this movie is to see this happen. That would be so cool..
newwaveboy87 said:
no, stupid Ebert. he also said Sue Storm had similar powers to Storm...yeah...right...
Did he SEE either movie?
He was probably thrown off by some of the electrical currents that came from Sue's forcefield... :rolleyes: It was still one of the several bad analogies made by Ebert..


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