The Official Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Picture, News and Information Thread!

I don't mean to offend any Spiderman fans or get the Spidy nation riled up but Dead Mans Chest has passed Spiderman and taken the 6th all time spot at 407 million dollars domestically.

Dead Mans chest is the only movie other then Shrek 2 that has done this and thats to Over take spiderman 1. No on probably thaught that Pirates 2 a middle trilogy movie could domestically pass Harry Potter, all Rings movies 4 out of five Star Wars films and both Spidermans.
cmill216 said:
Interesting statistic, though:

Spider-Man tickets sold: 69,604,542

POTC 2 tickets sold (through 8/21): 62,686,649

My point was that Dead Mans chest has surpassed Spiderman 1. Thatw as the entire point. Not anything about tickets sold. But the fact Jack Sparrow has dethrowned Spiderman in Opening day and weekend and now domestically. Except for your tickets figures. I am just happy some other movie has surpassed Spiderman. Happy days are here again. Also know this they are not quite done with the tickets sold yet.
Movie prices are rising every year. How long will it take for movies to make 200 or 300 million if movies tickets cost $20.00?
All right so I finally saw this film, my opinion? It was mediocre fodder made for money... Don't get me wrong it was very well made and the performances were decent, and they really did try... But the fact of the matter is, they were stretching what should of been the first act into a full movie so they could make tons of money, even the action scenes felt too long. Everything done in this movie in terms of character was done in the first one, and for hte most part it just had me saying... how can they be going over this crap again? However the parts with Will Turner and his father are good. In the end, I am excited for the next one because that seems to have a decent story. Like this entire movie really should of been the first act for the next film, seriously cut out all the crappy characterization and what you have? Just island hopping...

However, just like Superman Returns or any other movie with a fanbase, if it's made half-way decent I can understand how you could like it, because I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't enjoy it. The effects are good and the performances are entertaining. However as a film, it's just not that great :(

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