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Dressed up Spidey?

I don't like that picture. I'm going to have nightmares.

His name is, "Mr. Spidey".
its Tuxedo Spider Rofl, looks tho to be petes normal clothes but i cant tell the image isnt that great, either way sweet find
So you had to post it, it gives me the creeps.
Yeah, you said it creeped you out so I just had to.:D
If he was dressed klike that in the elevator scene it could have been at least a little funny.
I think I read somewhere that when he stops the robbers on the way to see MJ's play, he is in such a hurry that after he takes their car he grabs his clothes and is getting dressed with his mask still on. It's not in the novelization so don't remember where I read this..
Yeah it goes better at the car chase scene then with the Planitary Party, it would have been funny if that scene was acutally in the movie...:O

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