The "Past and Present" Thread


Feb 23, 2005
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Post one of your first ever drawings, then post one of your most recent drawings! show just HOW MUCH you've improved! if you want you could get one of your first drawings and try to draw the same picture now but with all your current drawing skills!

Start Postin' People! :D :D :D
sounds like a cool idea, i'll have to look and see if i can find something for this.
Yeah, I'm going to get in on this as soon as I can. cool idea:up:
I started a thread like this not too long ago.. it didn't last long, lol


I was thinking of starting a thread like this...looks like I'm gonna have to dig some old stuff up. I'm working on one but it's not quite done yet.
I did this one about a year ago

And I did this one recently.
Awesome art psycho! that looks so cool!!! great shading too! i like that it has it's own style to it! keep up the good work!
Thanks a lot G-man, yeah I have been kinda settling in that particular style lately and improving myself within it.

I know I still have along way to go in improving my art and I am gettin better, but for me, seeing that comparison makes it all worth while and I know that if I try to keep learning, studying and drawing. I maybe, just maybe might have glimmer of hope for the big leagues someday. I am only 16 and a half years old so I have some time.
Finally done this's a redo I didn't like the original

Here's the old one

Here's the new...I like it better, but still not sure about her face and neck but at least she doesn't look quite like the giraffe she was


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