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Transformers The Prime/Sam Friendship Apprecation Thread!


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Dec 1, 2004
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Yes I am a fan of there friendship. I'm a fan of BB/Sams too, but I also really enjoyed the Prime/Sam scenes. When Prime caught Sam from falling that was great. I hope we get more of there friendship in the sequal. Any one else enjoy the scenes they had together?
I did enjoy them a lot actually, the scene in particular that you mentioned were Prime catches Sam when he is falling. I love all of their scene's together in the final battle also. "Sam, i owe you my life..." Imagine being told that by Optimus Prime!
You have to wonder if that was forshadowing on the writers part some how for the upcoming sequals. I sure hope not, any ways glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys there friendship. Yah the finale battle, Prime really does seem to care a lot about him. Wonder who cares more for Sam BB or Prime?
I'd say probably BB, because Optimus care's for all of humanity, and all sentient life, were as BB just has a very close relationship with Sam and Mikaela.

I did love the tender moments between Sam and Optimus Prime in the final battle though, they added a lot of emotion and it gave a nice break in the action, you can see by the end Optimus really respects Sam for his efforts to protect the cube also.

When Prime says in his closing voice-over "I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there''s more to them than meets the eye......" I believe he is talking mostly about Sam.
The friendship between Optimus and Sam was indeed great in the movie, though i felt it overshadowed the friendship between Bumblebee and Sam sometimes.

I actually thought Jazz's concern for Bumblebee was rather touching in a couple of scene's after BB's capture also, its a shame we never got to see more of that friendship.
^Agreed about Jazz, he is the only one who mentions Bumblebee after he is captured (Prime mentions him AFTER Jazz does). And that was another awesome thing Jazz did in the movie. God i wish he was coming back, he was awesome in TF 1.

I dont feel tha Prime and Sam's friendship overshadowed that of BB and Sam, though, it was just that, in the final battle BB was out of it, and Prime was fighting for Sam, as BB wouldnt have stood a chance against Megatron.
^If the rumours are true of Jazz's return in the sequel, then we will hopefully get to know more about him and his role in the group, he definately cared for his soldiers, sometimes even more so than Optimus!
^True, he showed more concern for BB than Optimus did, yet Optimus was 100% accurate in his caring more for humans. Though Jazz also put himself on the line for humans when Megatron showed up at the final battle, his made sure Megatron attacked him rather than the humans, an awesome scene, one of my favourites.

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